First Taste

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Peter was the love of my life, before I discovered his sister, Adrian.

It was all on accident, really. We had been going steady for a few weeks when she texted him that she was in town. We went out to eat at this cozy little brunch place in town. When I first saw her, I thought she was a guy. She was getting off her motor cycle across the parking lot, her leather jacket hiding the knock out figure that lay underneath. When she took off her helmet and shook out her long blonde hair, I felt my knees get weak and almost tripped over my heels.

Peter broke my fall, but he couldn’t catch the butterflies that had begun to flutter in my belly.

Brunch was awkward and uneventful, for Peter at least. As he got lost in the sound of his own voice I got lost in Adrian’s beauty. Her face was chiseled like a model’s, thin but not frail, eyes sunken in but with cerulean blue waiting to pop out and color my world. She had set her jacket on the back of her chair, and now I got to admire her perfect C cup breasts, just poking out over her push up camisole, waiting to be attended to.

The waiter brought us the check at the end, and Adrian swiped it up like it was free money. “I’m always happy to take care of my twin brother and his gorgeous girlfriend,” she said, “But perhaps Chelsea can return the favor sometime?”

My heart began to race, but I kept my cool. I offered to take her out to dinner later that week and get to know her a little better.

The days leading up to my dinner with Adrian passed by frighteningly slow. I was going to make a great friend with good taste, or at least I hoped she casino siteleri thought I tasted good. What’s gotten into me? I had never wanted to be with another woman before, and I knew that I liked penis very much. Hell, I didn’t even know if Adrian was into women. All I did know was that as the days kept creeping along, I kept creeping her facebook. Then one day I found the picture that changed everything: Adrian and another girl, kissing and holding each other.

Hopefully, I would be just as lucky.

We met up at a posh Italian restaurant at sun set. Adrian’s figure was hugged by a red halter dress and silver bangles cuffed her wrists. She asked me about my life, staring attentively as I answered and drank wine. After about my third glass, I got up the courage.

“So have you been in a relationship lately?”

She sighed, “Well, there was this one guy. He was really into, let’s just say he liked it a bit too hot for my taste. It didn’t last long,” my heart sunk into my chest, “but I did find some new things I liked, so it’s all good.” “Like what?” “Well, Chelsea I don’t know you very well. You might be put off by it.” “I don’t know, I teach high school so I’ve pretty much seen it all.”

I couldn’t help myself, looking down her bosom as I ended my sentence. She didn’t miss a beat, and her innocent smile became a sexy smirk.

“After dinner, let me show you.”

We went back to her apartment after our first meal was finished. We sat down on her plush sofa. There was an awkward silence, but then I could not hold in my desire any longer. I grabbed her head in my hands and canlı casino kissed her. She kissed me back, her tongue making its way past my glossed gates and into my mouth. We explored each other’s mouths for a good ten minutes before taking it into her bed room.

“Adrian, I’ve never done this with a woman before,” I said as she say me down. “Don’t worry, I was nervous when I first tried it too. Let’s just say it’s like being with a man who actually knows what you want.”

I nodded, and let her lay me back and pin me down with her embrace. She sat up and began to remove my blouse. Then she turned around and let me un-zip her dress. She turned around, and began making her way down my body. She began kissing my lips, her luscious pair making stops behind my ear and then at the nipples.

“Chelsea, how far do you want this to go?”

I thought for a moment. If Peter or my friends could see me now they would be disgusted. But seeing Adrian there, the way her body made me want her specific brand of loving quickly overtook any sort of regret I anticipated having.

“As far as you want me to go on you.”

Adrian took my suggestion and flipped over so that her beautiful pussy was above my head. She began to stroke my clit lightly, teasing me like I had never thought possible. She then lowered her sweet sex to my grateful lips, and I had my first taste of a woman.

It was odd at first, but then her scent overtook me like the scent of blood commands a vampire. I licked her and sucked her inside, gently biting and pulling her clit. Adrian moaned in bliss, and I took that as a cue kaçak casino to hold her thighs to my cheeks, going as deep into her as I could go. I felt her shudder and clamp onto my face, and for a moment I thought I was going to pass out, but then she slid over to the side.

I looked into her eyes, I had done my job. She kissed me passionately.

Baby, that was amazing. I’m afraid I was a bit too busy enjoying myself to return the favor, but let me make that up to you now. Close your eyes.

I obeyed, and felt her slide off the bed. I heard her walk over to a dresser and open a drawer. Oh how I wanted to peak, to see what little surprise she had in store for me.

“Open your eyes. Will this do the trick?”

I opened them to see the most beautiful woman in the world sporting a giant strap on.

“Before I was completely turned onto women I needed some, transitional consideration,” Adrian said. “So you are totally lesbian now?” “Yes, but you don’t have to decide just yet. I do want to pop your lesbian cherry though, so to speak.”

My sweet spot ached for the attention I had never known I needed.

“Make the decision for me.”

Adrian climbed back onto the bed, and set the plastic cock ready for entry. She pushed in gently at first, to make sure she didn’t hurt me, and then she began with a slow pulse, in and out, in and out. I wanted her to take it up a notch, so I sat up as she entered me and grabbed onto her. I began to dance on her lovely plastic pole, whither my body into life with her dance. I had never felt like this before.

Then she hit a button at the toy’s base, and a waterfall of cum slid down her toy as I shook in seizure-like orgasm.

We held onto each other for an hour afterwards, kissing and touching the areas of our mutual conquest. I could never go back to just fucking men after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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