Friends with Benefits

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I take my seat at the table and dig into my food, acknowledging the twins, Vivian and Zach, with a soft smile.

“Is it okay if Ryan stays for dinner?” I ask.

“You mean your boyfriend?” Zach teases.

“He’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a… friend.” I blush a little. Over the past couple of weeks, Ryan and I have been doing things that maybe are a little more than friendly. Okay, a lot.

Before they can send any more remarks, Ryan takes the seat next to me. “Hello there.”

“Hey.” I smile gently and continue eating.

And as soon as I’ve finished what’s in my mouth, his hand rests on my knee.

I don’t know what to make of the situation, so I just continue eating. His hand rubs my leg slowly, and when I look up at his face, I see the familiar soft smirk.

“Are you okay?” my younger sister asks, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Hm? Oh yeah, perfectly fine.” I hitch my breath as Ryan’s fingers tiptoe closer and closer towards my pussy.

“Okay then.” Viv smiles gently and continues eating.

I try to do the same thing, but Ryan is now stroking me through my underwear. I almost let out a moan right there, at the table.

Zach grins, flinging a frozen pea at Vivian, who laughs and throws a handful back at him. While I’m distracted with watching them, Ryan pulls my underwear to the Bayan Escort Gaziantep side and plunges his fingers in.

I gasp and almost fall off my chair, biting my lip to stop myself from moaning. Luckily, the siblings don’t notice.

He takes this as an opportunity to push his digits in and out, curling them in towards my stomach so that he hits my spot every time.

“You know what? I think I forgot to turn something off in my room.” I put my underwear back in place and straighten my skirt quickly, rushing upstairs.

Once I’m in the bedroom, I let out a small sigh of relief.

Suddenly, I feel someone coming up behind me, and as soon as I turn around, they smash their lips against mine.

I moan quietly at the taste of Ryan’s tongue, grabbing the back of his hair roughly. He pushes me on my bed and straddles me with his legs.

“You’re so fucking hot, my angel,” he groans, pulling off his clothes quickly. He rips open my blouse, buttons flying everywhere, before pushing down my skirt.

“Please, Daddy,” I whisper as his lips brush against my neck. “Fuck me.” I know he likes it when I call him that.

“I’ve got something else in mind.” He unhooks my bra and takes in a sharp breath, staring at my breasts before taking one into his mouth. I whine softly as his tongue circulates around my nipple, hardening it. Then the teeth, biting the flesh gently.

I moan out quietly, and he looks up at me and smirks.

Ryan kisses down my stomach before removing my underwear, then lies down on the bed. “Sit on my face.”

I don’t know what will happen if I do, but I have to be obedient. As soon as my ass is an inch from his nose, he pulls me down and slams his tongue inside of me.

I gasp and let out a loud moan, straddling the sides of his face with my legs. He slaps my ass, a warning. “No sounds from you,” he scolds. “If you stay silent from now on, you’ll get a reward. If not, you’ll be punished.”

I nod and let him do the work, grinding my hips around to force his tongue where I want it. He won’t go there, though, and I instinctively let out a pleading whine.

“I said no sounds.” He slaps my ass again, harder. I bite my lip and lean forwards, tilting my head in interest at his cock. Before he can do anything, I grab it in my hands and start stroking it up and down.

Ryan bucks his hips and groans. “Keep going,” he murmurs, using his tongue to play with my clit.

I jerk him off slowly, teasing him before going even faster. His groans bounce off the walls, turning me on more.

When his member starts pulsing, and I remember something I read online. I stop everything, making him edge. I’m scared as to what he’ll do next.

He groans and sighs in frustration of the sudden end, biting down on my clit hard. I scream and come all over his face.

“That was your punishment.” He sucks on my core gently, lapping up all of my fluids and slapping my asscheeks once more before letting me off.

“On your knees. You haven’t finished me off yet.” He strokes his length slowly.

I quickly do as I’m told, taking him in my mouth. He groans quietly and tangles his fingers in my hair. “That’s a good girl…”

I take it out with a soft pop, licking his shaft from base to tip slowly before putting it back in. “You like it when I suck your cock, Daddy?” I purr seductively, blinking up innocently at him.

“Yes, kitten, yes.” Ryan groans again and pulls on my hair a little, thrusting forwards. The tip presses against the back of my throat, and I hold it there for a while before pulling it back to a more comfortable position. My tongue swirls around the tip, and I feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. He’s close.

“Open your mouth, babygirl.”

I widen my mouth and let his warm fluids spill onto my tongue, looking up at him as he closes his eyes in ecstasy. He lets out a sigh of relief, and I swallow his sperm.

“Good girl.” Ryan pulls me up and kisses me roughly, pulling me into his lap. I smile against his lips and play with his soft dick boredly.

He winces and lets out a rough groan. “We should get back to dinner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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