Game Night

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The doorbell rang, Rebecca was just finished getting “ready,” so she yelled out that she would get it and so Eric could continue cooking. Rebecca finished pulling her hair up into a ponytail before she opened the door.

Jade showed up to the house with a few bottles of chilled wine, Rebecca greeted her with a smile and a hug.

“It’s one of my favorites,” Jade said. “It doesn’t taste like alcohol or fermented grapes, so it’s more like white grape juice. It’s still pretty strong, but you can’t taste it.”

Eric had been busy all day, getting ready for the evening’s meal for the three of them. He had already mixed a homemade Cesar salad, marinated chicken breasts, and prepped some vegies. The veggies were already grilled, and the chicken was almost finished. While Jade and Rebecca watched Eric grill from the kitchen, they talked.

They decided to play some games instead of watching movies, which would have been the norm.

The first game they played while they ate. It was a trivia video game Eric had found which ended up being pretty fun. It was a 2 player game, so they decided to be “boys versus girls,” which was unfair for Eric, but he didn’t mind, he knew that he was going to lose in almost all categories except “movies.”

“This wine is good,” Rebecca remarked, finishing off her first glass.

“It’s one of my favorites,” Jade said. “It’s a German Riesling.”

“Oh, then it is one of Rebecca’s, too,” Eric said, laughing.

“Oh, God,” Rebecca said.

“What…?” Jade asked.

Eric told Jade the story of Rebecca while they were in Germany. Jade didn’t know that they were there and wanted to know all about Germany. Eric and Rebecca took turns telling her about it while Jade and Rebecca finished beating Eric at the trivia game. Rebecca and Jade continued to talk while Eric cleaned up from supper.

When Eric joined them, they were discussing what game to play next. Eric suggested a card game that was easy to learn. Rebecca suggest Scrabble, one of her favorites. While they were thinking about what to play next, Eric put on some music.

“Do you know what I have never played, but have always wanted to?” Jade asked.

“Hhmmm?” Rebecca asked.

“Well, don’t laugh, because it’s a little childish, or immature sounding,” Jade said.

“Okay,” Rebecca and Eric said at the same time.

“I would like to play ‘truth or dare’,” Jade said.

Eric smiled. But when Jade frowned, thinking he was smiling at her suggestion, he explained that as wild as his high school days were, he hadn’t played it either, but Rebecca had. He then started explaining what he knew about her experience. Rebecca interrupted and explained it better.

“Well, since you are the expert, how are we going to do this?” Eric asked Rebecca.

“I guess we ask questions and make dares,” Rebecca said, half sarcastically.

“Do we go around in a circle and ask each other, or spin a bottle or something?” Eric asked

“No, that’s ‘spin the bottle,” Jade said, laughing. “I think that we should split up into teams, ‘boys against girls’ again.”

Rebecca and Eric agreed. Jade and Rebecca sat on one couch and Eric the other.

“What do we do if someone doesn’t want to answer a question?” Eric asked.

“We make them do a dare,” Rebecca said.

“Well, what if they don’t want to do the dare?” Jade asked.

“Hhmm, I don’t know,” Rebecca said.

“What if we make them drink a glass of wine?” Eric suggested. Rebecca and Jade agreed.

“Who goes first?” Jade asked.

“I think that you should,” Rebecca said. “It was your idea to play.”

“Oh, I have a question,” Jade said.

“Okay, go ahead,” Rebecca said. Jade asked Eric “truth or dare,” and he chose “truth.”

“Where is the craziest place you have had sex?” Jade asked.

“Hhmm,” Eric thought. “Once, after a date, the person that I was with asked to drive to her old high school. I think it was a weekend, but I can’t remember. I don’t remember if anyone was in the parking lot, but I think it was almost empty. Anyhow, we park next to an out building in the parking lot out front and she climbed into the back seat and told me to come back with her. We had sex in the back of the vehicle- with her on top- in broad daylight, in her old high school parking lot.”

“Nice,” Jade said.

“That sounds familiar,” Rebecca said, smiling.

“Well, it was your idea to go your old school,” Eric said, pointing at Rebecca. Jade laughed at the two of them.

“Okay, truth or dare?” Eric asked.

“Truth,” Rebecca and Jade said at the same time.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Eric asked. He knew Rebecca’s answer, but wanted to know Jade’s. They both looked at each other.

“Dare,” Jade said.

“Hhmm, okay,” Eric said. “I dare you to take turns giving me a back rub. I worked pretty hard yesterday and really need one.”

“Okay, how long?” Jade asked. When she asked. Eric noticed that the music changed songs.

“How about for one song worth,” Eric said.

“Do you mind if we take turns giving each other a back rub?” Jade asked. “I had a hard shift yesterday, too.”

“I don’t mind,” Eric said.

Rebecca messaged Eric’s back while Jade messaged hers. When the song was over, they turned kocaeli escort around and Eric was messaging Rebecca’s back and she was messaging Jade’s. Then the third song came one and Jade messaged Eric’s back and Rebecca messaged Jade’s. That way, Eric had his back messaged the most, for all three songs. No one said much, except if Eric was pressing too hard, or to focus more on different areas. It was good for them all.

“Truth or dare?” Jade asked.

“Truth,” Eric said.

“Let me have this one,” Rebecca said.

“Uh-oh,” Eric said.

“How often do you masturbate and what do you do to help you ‘get into the mood’?” Rebecca asked.

“Hhmm,” Eric said. Rebecca and Jade thought that he might take a dare.

“Okay,” Eric said. “I like to masturbate about every other day, on average. I usually do it to help put myself to sleep.”

“Like a night cap?” Jade asked, laughing a little.

“More like a night wank,” Rebecca said, joining in the laughing. “What gets you in the mood for taking care of yourself?”

“I always fantasize about you,” Eric said. “You know that.”

“Always?” Rebecca asked.

“Yes, and I also like to read Literotica,” Eric said.

“Do you watch things as well?” Rebecca asked.

“Sometimes, on very rare occasions, when I want to get off quick.” Eric said, truthfully.

“Watch what?” Jade asked.

“Aren’t I only supposed to only have to answer one question, not fifty,” Eric said.

“I think you might want to answer her question,” Rebecca said.

“I always go to the same ones when I watch things.” Eric said. “Either lesbian or threesome. I also have a personal requirement that one of the women in the video has to have dark hair so I can think of her as being Rebecca.”

“But, you have always fantasized about Rebecca? Jade asked. “Whether it was reading about a woman or watching her, you always thought of at least one of them as being her?”

“Yes,” Eric said.

“Just not always by herself, though.” Jade said.

“Well, not always…” Eric said. “But she has always been in my fantasies. Always”

“Hhmm, okay,” Jade said. “I’m done. Do you want to ask anything else Rebecca?”

“Nope, I’m done for now,” Rebecca said. “Besides, it’s stuff that I already knew. I just like seeing him squirm.”

“Thanks for letting me off the hook,” Eric said. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Rebecca and Jade said together.

“Have you ever masturbated to the thought of another woman, and if so, what were the circumstances leading up to it?” Eric asked.

Rebecca and Jade looked at one another. For a second Eric thought that they were going to choose the first dare of the evening.

“I’ve got this one first,” Jade said. “I went out on a friend date with someone, one day. There was nothing overtly sexual about it, we were just hanging out, having lunch and shopping. We didn’t do anything, either. It was just how the day went, being close, talking, showing off close to each other. We didn’t share the same dressing room, but I wouldn’t have minded. There were subtle little things that slowly tuned me on. For instance, when I showed her something on my phone, she leaned into me and I could feel her breast against my arm. And when she handed me her phone to show me something, our hands touched and we seemed to linger our touch a couple of seconds longer than normal. Also, when we were trying of clothes, seeing her turn around and model them for me was another thing as well. When we were in the dressing room, just knowing that we were getting undressed at the same time, both of us in only our bras and panties, was also a turn on. We hugged before we left, and it was more like we were pressing our bodies against each other instead of a friendly hug. Nothing was said, and neither of us let our hands wonder or anything like that. But, when I got home, I was in the shower- feeling warm, relaxed, and was thinking of her- and it got me very horny. I masturbated against the shower wall while thinking of her.”

Rebecca just smiled while listening to her.

Eric was focused on Jade, seemingly trying to picture the story in his head. Rebecca was looking at Jade, too, only slightly quizzically. Jade just stared straight ahead, not looking at either.

“That sounds familiar,” Rebecca said. Getting the attention of both Eric and Jade.

“I also went out with a friend of mine. We had a great time, talking and laughing. When we had lunch, she shared some of her food with me, which I found to be a little flirtatious. And, no, we didn’t have sex.” This she directed at Eric.

“But, there was some playful touching. Nothing overt, but hands touching hands and occasional body contact. It was nice. We did some shopping, and we also hugged before leaving. It was a pleasant, lingering hug. I could feel how warm she was and how good she smelt. When I got home, I used the shower head to take care of myself while I thought of her.”

“Wow. That’s hot,” Eric said.

“Yeah, you are right, that does sound familiar.” Jade said. “Your turn: truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Eric said.

“Hhmm, let’s see,” Rebecca said, looking at Jade. “I know. I dare you to run around the house. In just your underwear.”

“No problem,” Eric said, stripping down to kocaeli escort bayan his boxer briefs. He headed out the door, his hard on pointing the way out the door, while the Rebecca and Jade laughed. They laughed when they heard car driving up to turn around in the drive next door. They laughed even harder when they saw it was a police vehicle.

Eric came back in the house a little winded and he no longer sported his hard on. He did, however, sit down without putting back on his clothes.

“Think that was funny?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” both Rebecca and Jade said, laughing. They didn’t tell him it was a police vehicle that turned around.

“I think it was funny, too,” Eric said, laughing as well. “Okay, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Rebecca said.

“Dare,” Jade said at the same time. “It’s only fair, he did.”

“I don’t feel like running outside in my underwear, it’s chilly,” Rebecca said.

“Well, what’s it going to be?” Eric asked. “I promise that I won’t make you run outside in your underwear. I won’t even make you go outside at all.”

“Hhhmm. Okay, dare,” Rebecca said, conceding to Jade.

“Well, since I am in my underwear, it is only fair you should be as well. I dare you to take off each other’s clothes, down to your underwear,” Eric said.

Rebecca and Jade looked at each other for a little bit, not moving, before looking at Eric. He didn’t think that they would. In fact he was sure they would choose to drink a glass of wine instead.

“I’m pretty buzzed,” Rebecca said. “I don’t want another drink.”

She reached out and grabbed ahold of Jade’s shirt and lifted it over her head, leaving Jade’s black cotton bra untouched. She then unbuttoned Jade’s pants and pulled down the zipper, revealing matching black cotton panties. Jade wriggled her hips as Rebecca slid her pants down, then lifted each leg to step out of her pants. Eric looked at Rebecca and saw her looking up and down Jade’s near naked body. Rebecca lifted her arms and Jade slid her hands under her shirt, and then slid her hands up, focusing more feeling her way up Rebecca’s smooth skin than she did on sliding off her shirt. Jade unbuttoned and unzipped Rebecca’s pants and felt her way down her legs the same way, concentrating on her hands feeling bare legs instead of just tugging off pants. Rebecca’s matching white cotton bra and panties contrasting Jade’s. Both of them looked stunning, with their dark hair their near nakedness.

“Like what you see?” Rebecca asked, looking down at Eric’s hard on which suddenly returned. Jade just smiled.

“Of course,” Eric said. “Do you even have to ask?”

“No, I didn’t.” Rebecca said. “But I do have to ask – truth or dare?”

“I am starting to like dares,” Eric said. “So, dare.”

“What do we want him to do now?” Jade asked. The music switched from a commercial to a song with a dance beat. Rebecca came up with an idea.

“I dare you to dance to this song,” Rebecca said. “Now.”

Eric tried not to disappoint the two women. He bumped and ground into the air, put his hands behind his head and gyrated his hips. His cock bounced in his underwear, still semi hard as he put on a show, slowly becoming hard the longer he danced. When the song was over, Rebecca didn’t know whether to laugh or be impressed. If she laughed, it would bruise his ego, so she went over to him and hugged him and told him that he did a nice job. The effect was immediate, she felt him stiffen against her.

“That was pretty good,” Jade said, smiling. Her eyes flitted down when Rebecca stepped away from hugging Eric.

“Thanks,” Eric said, holding her. “Now, truth or dare?”

Rebecca and Jade looked at each other.

“Well, since it seems like everyone is liking ‘dares’ so much…” Rebecca said. “Truth.”

“What?” Jade asked. “I thought that you said…”

“I was just kidding,” Rebecca said. “Dare.”

“Hhmm, what to do, what to do?” Eric asked. “I didn’t think you would choose dare.”

Rebecca and Jade just looked at him, waiting. Just then, a slow song started playing.

“Oh, good,” Eric said. “I dare you two to slow dance together.”

“Oh, god,” Rebecca said, but still stood up. Jade followed.

Eric only expected an “at a distance” slow dance, but was in for a surprise. Rebecca wrapped her arms around Jade’s neck. Jade wrapped her arms around Rebecca’s waist and back, stood cheek-to-cheek with Rebecca, pressing their bodies together. As they danced, they moved their hips in slow rhythm to the music, each mirroring the other. They slowly encircled one another, feeling each other’s smooth skin — legs rubbing against legs, hands gliding across soft flesh, breasts pressing against breasts — all while connected in the slow rhythm of the music. As the song ended, and the next, more rhythmic song started, they stopped moving. Rebecca sighed, and they held onto one other for a couple more moments before stepping back from each other. Sitting back down on the couch, they both looked at Eric. Rebecca let out a little laugh at how hard he was.

“That was…” Eric said, searching. “Wow.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Rebecca said.

“Of course he liked it,” Jade said, smiling.

“Okay Eric,” Rebecca said. “Truth or dare?”

“Uh, dare, of course,” izmit escort Eric said.

Rebecca and Jade looked at each other again.

“I would like you watch you two kiss and make out,” Jade said. “Is that alright?”

“Of course it is,” Rebecca said. “Eric, I dare you to make out with me. For one song’s worth.”

Rebecca went over to the couch Eric was sitting on, straddled his lap, and looked down into his face. He was turned on, and she was also getting turned on by this game. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back. While they kissed, Rebecca let her hands roam to the places she liked to touch on him, his muscular back and arms, the feel of the short hair on the back of his head, his legs and ass. Eric moved his hands up and down her sides, barely touching the sides of her breasts, up and down her back with one hand, as he held onto her ass with the other. Rebecca could feel his cock pressing against the outside of her and she wanted to pull it out and shove into in her pussy, but restrained herself. Instead, she rubbed against it with her crotch, their sex only separated by the thin material of their underwear. She kept kissing him, tongue against tongue, kiss after kiss, while she humped against the hardness encased in his underwear. Eric thrust up against Rebecca’s crotch, trying to press hard into her panties. Rebecca sucked on Eric’s neck and humped against his body. She noticed movement behind her and looked back at Jade. Jade’s hand was rubbing against the outside of her black panties, while she watched them. Rebecca humped up and down on Eric’s bulge to the up and down movement of Jade’s hand. When Jade rubbed herself fast, Rebecca humped fast, when Jade went slow and hard, Rebecca slowed down and pressed herself hard and slow against Eric’s cock. It was feeling good- really good, and Rebecca was very turned on when all of the sudden Eric stopped her.

“What’s the matter? Too much?” Rebecca asked.

“Nope, I let you go too long already,” Eric said.

“What do you mean?” Rebecca asked.

“I let two songs go by,” Eric said with a smile. “Or, should I say you let two songs go by, since it was your dare…”

“Whateva’,” Rebecca said, smiling.

“Do you want to keep playing this game?” Eric asked.

“Of course,” Rebecca said. “It’s fun.”

“Okay, I do too. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t the only one,” Eric said.

Jade agreed as well. Eric asked “truth or dare,” which, of course, “dare” was the chosen answer.

“I dare you two to make out for two songs,” Eric said.

“Really, Eric?” Rebecca asked.

“Well…” Eric said, hesitantly.

“I’m not even sure that she…” Rebecca started, but was interrupted by Jade.

“I don’t mind,” Jade said. “Besides, it’s only fair. I watched you two make out.”

“Really?” Rebecca asked gently, looking at Jade.

“Yeah, I think it might be fun,” Jade said. “And, you two looked so hot together that I want do something also…”

“If you are okay with it, then I’m okay with it,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca walked back to the couch that Jade was sitting on, and sat beside her. They just looked at each other for a couple of seconds, smiling. Eric wondered if they were actually going to go through with it, or if they were going to back out and choose to drink a glass of wine instead. When the current song ended, and the next on began, Rebecca leaned her head towards Jade, and Jade towards her, they touched their lips together. It was a soft, light kiss at first — just two lips touching. But as they continued to lay light, little kisses on each other’s lips, one after another, their passions took over. Rebecca opened her lips when she felt Jade’s tongue press between them. Rebecca pressed her tongue back against Jade’s. They let their tongues come together and started exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Connecting together in soft lips and tongues felt surprisingly natural, yet forbidden and sexy. They both put a hand to each’s face and hair, moaning softly before pressing their tongues deeper. They slowly let their hands roam across each other’s flesh with soft touching and gentle caressing while continuing to letting their tongues explore one another’s mouths. The more they kissed, the more turned on they became- they became hungry for each other and their kissing grew in intensity and breathing grew more ragged. Their light and gentle touching soon turned into grabbing and holding, and they pressed their bodies as close to each other as they could while sitting next to each other- but it still wasn’t enough. Rebecca used her body weight to press Jade onto the couch, and Jade fell willingly. While they continued to kiss, Jade moved one of her legs from under Rebecca, spreading herself, and Rebecca lay fully on top of her. Jade then wrapped her legs around Rebecca’s back, holding onto her with them. Rebecca slowly ground her crotch down into Jade’s as they kissed and Jade humped up against her. Rebecca pulled a hand up and grabbed ahold of Jade’s breast as she ground her pussy against Jade’s pussy, separated only by the soft cotton of their panties. Jade grabbed ahold of Rebecca’s ass and held onto her, trying to grind even harder against her. They went slow and hard, slowly building up rhythm and tempo. It still wasn’t enough, they both wanted more, and they were both thrusting faster and harder against each other, but they were soon interrupted by Eric’s voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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