Golden Lust Ch. 04

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Well Sunday has finally arrived. I was hoping to actually be able to enjoy at least one day to myself, maybe enjoy some gaming or just relax in peace and quiet for once. It’s just… my life has become anything but peaceful at moment.

Ever since that incident happened, when my big sister Samantha discovered my hidden fetish of seeing girls using the bathroom, via the pictures I keep on my cellphone, my life has completely changed & spiraled out of control… or rather it is my hormones that are continuously being manipulated & controlled, and it’s Samantha who is pulling all the strings.

Is that really a bad thing though? I mean ever since she’s learned about my fetish, she’s allowed me to put my face between her legs, and drink her warm precious liquids as she’s pissed right into my mouth. God I loved it so much every time she did that. It was great.

Wait, what am I thinking? This isn’t right. This is a terrible situation for me to be in. What makes things even worst, is that Samantha told our childhood friend Cindy who I’ve always liked about this hidden desire. She even formulated a plan to where Cindy would be able to watch her do it, as she pissed right into my mouth right in front of her to see. She saw me happily & obediently get down on my knees, crawl up between my sisters legs, and keep my mouth open and swallow over & over, as Samantha pissed her warm pussy water directly into my mouth. I can’t believe this is happening to me. Cindy even joined in the situation that took place with my sister, and called me over after Samantha had finished, to put my face between her legs, and drink her hot liquid straight from her pussy lips as well.

And what they both did with those bottles they both peed inside of… that was completely despicable. I actually drink that much of both of their hot piss down like that. I even belched out loud off of their piss from drinking so much it… damn it. This can’t continue any longer.

What does Cindy even think of me after all of that? She probably thinks I’m some weirdo or freak because of all this… but she did willingly join in right? Could it be that she thinks it’s not so bad for me to enjoy that sort of thing? I just hope she’ll still be my friend after all the events that’s taken place.

Now I am walking over to where Cindy is staying. I received a call from her earlier today, she sounded quite upset like something was really bothering her. She’s currently staying in a sorority house that is not too far away from Samantha’s and my apartment. It’s only about a 20 minute walk, and now the whole time I’m thinking of what I can possibly say to Cindy, when I finally see her in person once again. I just hope she’s not mad after the terrible things she’s seen me do. I just hope that… she still wants to be my friend after everything.

Strolling up the walkway to Cindy’s sorority house, I admire at how nice the place really is. Very clean looking, the environment in front of the house is very well-kept, the house is made of brick, with multiple large windows out front, as it appears to be a 2 story building. There are four large white columns which appear to be holding up what looks like a balcony in the front, harboring a nice large wooden door on the lower level.

I’m actually kind of surprised as to how quiet the area is. You’d figure a place as nice as this, there’d be lots of the girls here just hanging around. I walk up to the door gathering my thoughts, and push what appears to be a fancy designed golden-colored doorbell off to the left side of the door. I notice the classic chime of the doorbell ringing within the building, and then what appears to be footsteps running to the door. I take one last deep breath as I hear the sound of locks turning from within inside, the door opens immediately see Cindy quickly peering around, before opening it entirely.

“Cindy I…” are the only words that I’m able to say, before she jumps out at me and kisses me directly on the lips. She instantly gives a warm loving hug holding tightly on to me, though completely in disbelief towards her reaction my arms almost instinctively go around her as well.

“Hey you made it. Let’s go inside.” Cindy immediately tells me. Pulling me into the house with both of her hands, holding onto both of my own. Once both of us are inside the house, Cindy quickly locks the front door, and I instantly start marveling at what I see. The inside of the sorority house is immaculate. Clean wooden floors, a very large dinner table, very comfortable looking sofas & seating surrounding a large flat-screen TV, and a long winding staircase heading towards the upstairs.

I don’t have too long to look around, before Cindy starts guiding me upstairs. Slowly pulling me behind her heading directly towards the staircase, I no longer focus on the inside of the house, as I’m now completely entranced as to what is directly in front of me… or rather what isn’t. Cindy isn’t even wearing any pants, just a slightly long gray t-shirt & some white panties Bycasino of which I’m getting glances at, as her round butt swishes left in right mere inches from my face.

God I just want to bury my face in her butt I can’t help but think, suddenly Cindy stops causing my face to actually bump right into her bottom. Shocked, I instantly try to pull my face off her rear, but she just starts rubbing her ass left & right against my face, as if she’s letting me know she did this completely on purpose.

“Hnnnnnnn..” I moan out as she keeps wiping her panty-covered behind onto my face. I get little whiffs of her natural feminine fragrances over & over, as her musky pussy and ass scent through her underwear seeps into my nostrils. Her natural womanly fragrances completely entice my senses. I don’t want my face to leave her butt, as I notice I’m starting to grow an erection inside my pants from this. Cindy giggles out a little bit, and starts guiding me up the staircase again even further. Finally at the top of the staircase, there is a hallway with multiple doors on the left and the right.

Guiding me through the third door on the right, it’s apparent this must be the bedroom Cindy shares with another sorority member. It is definitely a girls bedroom, as it is quite clean & colorful in it’s splendor. Lots of bright colors of purple, light blue, and pink everywhere… I almost had to wipe my eyes, to take in everything I was seeing. It was then I noticed something was very wrong indeed. One of the beds looked as if it had caved in on it’s side, like someone had to of landed too hard onto it, causing it to sink in on it’s side.

“I don’t know what happened. I was just having fun. I was bouncing up and down on my bed, because I had the whole house all to myself for a change, and the bed just fell to the ground on it’s side.” Cindy told me.

“It’s OK I’m certain I can put it back together.” I reassured her. Walking over to Cindy’s bed, I get down on my knees and look underneath it. Sure enough a couple of the boards had slipped off alignment, and simply needed to be set back in placed. I heard Cindy giggling, I looked back at her to see what was up.

“You’ve got a cute butt.” She said while smiling at me. That actually made my heart jump a bit. I guess she’s not that freaked out as to what happened between her, Samantha, & I back at the apartment… thank goodness. I move her soft mattress and box spring off to the side a bit, giving me room enough to reach down & pick up the fallen base boards, and set them back into place. Putting Cindy’s bed back together, I make sure to push down on it, to make sure it’s fixed properly once again.

“Here you go. It’s all fixed.” I tell her, as Cindy’s face lights up with happiness.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much Dan!” Cindy exclaims. Walking over to her bed, she pushes down on it as to test it’s sturdiness. She looks somewhat unsure. Pressing down on it even more so, Cindy has an almost troubled expression.

“You know uh… there’s only one way, to know if it’s fixed for sure.” Cindy says. She then turns towards me, giving a downright seductive look, as she then walks slowly even closer. “But I think I know how we can do it.” she says directly in front of me.

“H-how?” I nervously respond. It was then it really set in with me. I was actually in the bedroom of the girl I had always liked my entire life. I muster a tiny, not fully-confident smile at her, Cindy then slides one of her hands into my pants, the other reaching upward towards the back of my head pulling it downwards towards her, pressing herself onto me while locking her lips onto my own.

My senses are completely overloaded, as her tongue starts dancing across my own. One of her hands is pulling on my cock over and over, her other hand is holding my head in position to where she can kiss me all she wants. The taste of her tongue and saliva in my mouth, my cock growing wildly in her grasp, it’s almost too much for me to handle. She then backs off of me leaving a long saliva strange from between our lips, still keeping her other hand inside of my pants.

“Mmmmm Samantha was right, you DO like it when a woman takes control.” Cindy says, never breaking eyes contact with me. “Your thing was jumping around like crazy… and it still is Danny.”

My face starts burning red with embarrassment, and my dick is throbbing rapidly inside of Cindy’s warm hand. I try to say something to her, but all I can do is look down and try to think of what to say to her.

“No… of course not… I-” is all that I can say before Cindy gently cuts me off.

“Yes you do, you REALLY get turned on, when a woman is in complete control over you. Don’t you Danny?” Cindy says again. Her words causes my cock to go even tighter in her hand. Telling the truth for me without me even having to admit it. I couldn’t lie in this position, I was so horny being controlled by Cindy in her own bedroom.

“Get down on your knees for me Danny.” Cindy tells Bycasino giriş me to do, she then slowly lets go of my throbbing penis & slides her hand from inside my pants. Knowing to myself I would do anything for Cindy, I just do as I’m told, and get down onto one of my knees on her floor.

“Both of them, you know that.” Cindy says to me, I instantly rush to get onto both of my knees in her bedroom, and I look up at her quietly completely under her spell.

“That was rude, you know better. Now apologize to me for that Danny.” Cindy says, I’m almost completely in a trance when she calls me “Danny”, it’s something only my SISTER usually says. Cindy’s words flow right through me, all I can do is happily be obedient towards her.

“I.. I’m sorry Cindy. I didn’t mean to be rude.” I say up toward her. My cock is throbbing along with my heartbeat.

“Every time us girls tell you to get down on your knees, you should get down on both of them without question always.” she says. She then walks right over to me, giving me quite a sight, as I can look directly up her shirt. Her white panties are in plain view, but what’s more I can see she isn’t wearing any kind of bra. My face is completely fixated on what I’m seeing, I nearly start to salivate looking at her from below.

“What are you looking at Danny?” Cindy asks. She then throws one of her legs over my shoulder. I can’t even speak as Cindy who’s always been so beautiful to me, is giving me the greatest view ever of her panties & her tits. I can see her pink nipples, and all I want to do is lick every inch of her.

“Is there anything you’d like to confess Danny?” Cindy asks me. “You’re in the perfect position to tell me right now. Is it true you’ve always liked me like Samantha said?” She then pushes her underwear even more into my face, causing my head to tilt back with each press against my face

My body & mind nearly go completely numb. I can’t even see anything but Cindy panties hitting me in the face. Her feminine fragrances bombarding my senses over and over, Cindy smells soooo good. I notice her panties feel slightly moist against my face, the aroma emitting from between her legs cause me to nearly lose control.

“What do you want to confess to me Danny?” Cindy says, as she then steps back from me, turns around, and bends over in front of me, reaching back pulling her butt open and closed in her underwear.

“YES IT’S TRUE! I’VE ALWAYS LIKED YOU CINDY! WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY GIRLFRIEND!?” I finally blurt out. Looking down in shame, unable to believe I finally confessed how I really felt about her all this time.

“Well I am a little older than you. Are you OK with that Danny?” she asked. Still rubbing her panties and behind right in front of my face.

“Yes, yes, GOD YES.” I respond. Licking my lips right afterward, staring at the entirety of her ass.

“If you want to be my boyfriend, you need to please me whenever and however I need it.” she ordered.

“I promise… I promise… I’ll do anything. I’ll always do my best to make you completely satisfied Cindy.” I affirm her, knowing I meant every single word of what I just said.

“Mmmmm I knew you would say that.” she responded. Cindy was in complete control the entire time, she was merely getting me to confess what she wanted to hear. Cindy then slowly starts pulling her panties downward. She get them down to around knees, she then places her hands up onto her thighs.

“Come here Danny… You need to lick your girlfriend’s ass.” Cindy commands.

My heart jumps for joy, as I quickly crawl over towards her. I can really smell the rich fragrances of Cindy’s pussy and her asshole without even burying my face in them, thick smelling and feminine, both her scents smell tart but better than any flower on earth to me.

I slowly & carefully run both my hands, from the bottom of her legs, up to her thighs & her soft cute butt. The feeling of her soft skin is incredible. I can hear Cindy slightly moaning, as I savor each moment she allows me to rub all over her behind.

“Now… Pull my ass open Danny! Do it for me right now!” Cindy commands. I instantly do as she says, taking my thumbs and placing them into the crack of her ass. I pull her butt open exposing her pink tucked-in asshole with the slightly brown off coloration of her ass crack. Her pussy is just as beautiful as I remember from that time in the apartment. Her natural blonde pubic hairs slightly covering the pink lips of her pussy. Her aroma even stronger, as both holes are completely exposed.

“What do you think of your girlfriend’s ass Danny? Does it smell good back there?” Cindy asks.

“God it’s fucking incredible Cindy. I love the way your ass looks & smells.” I tell her.

“That’s a good boyfriend. You need to lick them though. You need to always clean your girlfriend’s pussy and butt with your TONGUE. That’s what I want right now Danny.” she says without missing a beat. Cindy is in complete control, and she knows I’d do anything Bycasino güncel giriş she tells me to do.

“Y-yes… anytime. Anytime you need.” I agree. I slowly push my face completely in Cindy’s ass, My nose rubbing directly against her asshole. I couldn’t believe I was smelling Cindy’s ass directly. The tart smell of her butt had my mind absolutely spinning. It was dirty smelling but feminine. I knew it was her ass I was smelling, but I couldn’t be happier in this position. My mouth had direct access to her moist vaginal lips, my tongue was meticulously gliding up and down between them.

Up and down my tongue carefully traversed, each time nearing her clit, I made sure to lash out against it with my tongue. Making sure to keep her ass open, whenever my tongue made it to Cindy ass, I made sure to slip my tongue inside of her hole just a little. Cindy’s body was apparently agreeing with my technique, as her breaths became more and more frequent.

“Mmmmmm… does it taste good back there Danny? You like eating your girlfriend’s pussy & butt don’t you? She moaned out.

“Mm hmm.” is all I could respond. I continued going up and down the length of her pussy and her rump, my tongue and my mouth getting steadily wetter all over, from the mix of my spit and her natural juices spreading across my face. This taste mixed into my senses, Cindy’s tart asshole, her liquids slowly leaking from her vagina, I didn’t want to stop drinking and smelling her. I was hopelessly addicted to it.

“Oh my god… don’t stop… don’t STOP DANNY I’M GOING T-” Cindy started to scream out. Her ass started backing backwards over and over against my mouth. I took each thrust of her butt, and continued to lick everything she had back there. Her voice completely filled the room as her orgasm hit. I felt her entire body shaking, as I sipped and slowly licked up and down her calming nether regions. Still nursing on both of her private parts, the sounds of her moaning in delight was the most beautiful sounds I could have ever heard. I had pleased the girl I’ve always wanted, and now she’d let me eat her ass and her pussy whenever she needed.

“God that was good Danny. You will be eating me out a LOT from now on do you hear me?” Cindy stated.

“Anytime… Anytime you feel that you need it Cindy. I’ll glad clean your holes out for you.” I respond as obediently as possible.

“I… I think I need to pee though.” Cindy said. Her words shot completely through to my soul. I didn’t know how to respond to what she just said, I know I’d gladly accept that too if she were willing to give it to me.

“You need to drink it for me too. If you’re going to be my boyfriend from now on, you need to drink my pee anytime it needs to come out.” Cindy exclaimed. It didn’t even seem as if I had any say so in this matter. It’s true that I just ate her pussy and her butt, and even though… it’s my deepest rooted fetish, I should still be able to object to this… but I can’t say anything. I WANT to taste it again.

“Will you drink it again for me Danny? I remember how much you loved the taste of it it last time you did.” Cindy says.

Still looking at her beautiful ass, my shame is almost completely gone. I know if this persists & she talks about peeing just a little more, I’ll end up showing her how much I’d love to drink her piss, and swallow down as much as she can give me. Just… hopefully she doesn’t push this.

“Danny…? Please, I’ve really gotta pee right now. Will you help me let it out by drinking it for me? It’s a lot. I don’t think I can make it to the bathroom. I can feel it. It’s about to come out of my pussy.” Cindy said. Her words touched the inner most parts of me, all control and inhibition completely left my body after that.

“Please let me drink it Cindy. Please let me drink your piss for you. I don’t care if it’s hot. I love how it tastes soooo so much, I’ll drink every bit that comes out of you. I promise, I’ll always ALWAYS drink it down.” I pleaded. Cindy giggled out loud as she stood back up straight and turned to face me, she then instructed me to take off the jacket & shirt I was wearing. I did as I was told & took them both off, and handed them over to her as she told me.

“Pull my panties down for me Danny. I don’t want my undies to get all soggy.” she commanded while smiling. Fixing my gaze to Cindy’s panties down at her thighs, I reach out towards them and grip it at each side of the elastic band. I can feel Cindy’s gaze looking down upon me, as I pulled her panties down to her knees, and finally getting them to the floor.

I look back up at Cindy who is still smiling down at me, she then steps out of her underwear & walks over to her bed, still holding my shirt & jacket in both of her hands. She lays both of them down on top of her bed almost halfway up, spreading them out near each other. Cindy then proceeds to crawl up onto her bed, she then turns and places her butt onto my jacket, spreading her legs while staring at me.

“Come and get it Danny. Your girlfriend wants to give you her piss.” Cindy says to me seductively. I immediately crawl over to her getting between her legs, she then reaches down to her pussy with one of her hands, and spreads her lips open right in front of my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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