Golden , the Three Behrs

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The Story of Golden, the Girl with Bleached-blond Dreadlocks, and the Three Behrs


There once was a young woman called Golden. She wore dreadlocks. She was often called “Goldenlocks” because she had bleached her dreadlocks blond, and because it was too good a chance for people with droll senses of humour to miss since everyone knew the story of Goldilocks since nursery school. Golden had bleached her locks because she had heard that blonds had more fun; and believe me, she was a good time girl, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, Golden lived in a pleasant little rural community along the North Coast of Jamaica. It was pleasant because it was densely wooded with ferns, mahogany, lignum vitae, bamboo and coconut palms among many other plants and small animals and birds; and the land was also well watered with streams and rivers. It was really good eco-tourism country and not being far from Ocho Rios, a lot of tourists came to Golden’ village. Some of these people even chose to stay in the area and either bought or built holiday homes so that they could return as many times as they chose.

Among those persons who decided to stay were the three brothers; reputedly the sons of a German industrial family. It was rumoured that the Behrs had made their money in logging in South America in the fifties and sixties and in pulp and paper in Canada in the seventies and eighties, and that they had decided to spend some of it in the Caribbean right there in Golden’ village. They brought in architects from Kingston and overseas and built what could only be called a mansion by the standards of the entire parish of St. Ann.

As it turned out, these men liked the friendly, uncomplicated people who lived around them in general, but they really liked the sexy Jamaican women with their tits and asses to die for! They seemed like really nice men, so when several young women began to disappear, no one suspected that they had anything to do with it.

Life is funny, you know; if you’re a bad person you sometimes bring down bad juju on yourself and Golden was not only a good-time girl, she was also a thief; a very bad thing. In some circles they might have called her a “hustler” or a “grifter” or con artist; but the truth was that she took things that belonged to other people, so that she could finance her lifestyle.

Obviously, the three Behrs caught her attention. They weren’t bad looking men; they were her type, in fact: tall, well-toned, rangy and bearded. She would have sworn that they all swam competitively in a previous life. They were obviously very comfortable financially if their BMW sport cars, frequent parties for two hundred people and their yacht were any indication; and they obviously had a thing for sexy black women. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! They were winners in her book, and she decided to get to know them better to see if any of them was looking for a wife…or a good time; whichever came more easily.

So, Golden went to introduce herself to the three Behrs. She drove the Opel Insignia, a German-made car designed to impress the brothers with her patriotism for Germany and open-mindedness, that she borrowed, to their home and, the gate being open, she went right up the driveway to the house. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have watched enough tv to know that if you see a large, deserted, OPEN empty house, it is not a good idea to go in; something scary is always there waiting for you. Sadly, Golden has had far more of a life than I do, and so, since she has not had to sit at home watching tv for entertainment, she has not learned this lesson.

So she went in and saw, after rifling through the brothers’ papers and the photographs in their bedrooms that the Behrs were not only gay; they were gay with each other! Golden smiled nastily to herself. She wouldn’t mind a lavender marriage with one of these handsome brothers just so long as they maintained her in the style in which she intended to become accustomed. She decided to wait for them and to tell them right away what the terms guaranteeing her silence would be.

So, while awaiting them she sat down to help herself to some food that she saw in their kitchen. At the table she saw what looked like bowls of porridge. She was curiously touched to think that the boys were sticking to the things that their mama taught them — at least in some respects. She tasted the porridge in the first bowl, the one nearest her as she came in through the door.

“This porridge isn’t bad!” she exclaimed. “It is a little too hot and a lot too sweet for me, but beggars can’t be choosers. If I marry this brother I will have to tell him to cut back on the sugar though. I don’t want us to develop diabetes.”

She couldn’t understand why she felt like taking her blouse off after having eaten the bowl of porridge but she didn’t question it. She figured that it was because she was excited at the possibility of having someone take care of her. How lucky could she get? Having a man in her life tuzla ukraynalı escort who could cook so well!

She really felt good though, and fought the impulse to unbutton her blouse! She felt that this would not be the best light in which to meet her future husband. True she was in great shape, but she wanted the luxury of deciding for herself, and not to have them decide her fate for her.

So, she tasted the porridge from the second bowl; the one in the middle of the kitchen counter, right under the window.

“I wonder why this porridge is so cold,” she mused. “It must be because it is right in front of the window. What a nice view of the garden though!”

The flavour was also spectacular, and she decided to ask them to tell her the secret of the spices that they used. She felt that it would be a great start to forming her own catering business once the marriage dissolved as she was sure it would after she took the man for half of his estate. She lost herself in planning for this entrepreneurial venture to the point that she did not realise when it was that she opened all of her buttons and slipped off her blouse and bra, exposing her ripe breasts to the empty room.

She shrugged, when she noticed, and decided that she could always slip her blouse back on again once she heard someone coming. She tasted the last bowl of porridge and its spices burst onto her taste buds. It was divine! It was the best of all if that could be believed.

“Ahhh, this porridge is perfectly right,” she said happily and she ate it all up. “This boy really knows how to cook. I’ll have to see which of the brothers he is! He’s definitely the front runner at the moment!

She felt an orgasmic sensation of wellbeing when she was done eating; her world a kaleidoscope of delightful feelings. She shrugged off her shorts and pulling her panties to the side quickly, her fingers fumbled for her own wet cunt. Golden pushed two, then three fingers into her hot honey pot and played with herself until she was a slurping, moaning mess. She was at it for several minutes, but try as she might, she could not bring herself off. She was very miserable, but thought that she would be able to do something about her horniness when she got home to her collection of toys after meeting with the Behr brothers.

Golden waited and waited for the three men, but they did not return home that morning. She grew tired of waiting for them and decided to watch some television. So, she walked into the spacious living room where she saw three chairs placed in front of a 64″ Plasma tv. She sat in the first chair, the one in the middle, to rest her feet.

“This chair is far too big!” she exclaimed as she fell backward into its sumptuous deep leather seats, her legs flying up in the air.

The next thing that she knew, however, was that she felt her legs trapped and held open by metallic restraints and a pink-coloured silicone vibrator emerged from the chair and tickled the wet seat of the panties that she was still wearing. Given that she had just been trying to bring herself off without success she did not mind being stimulated in this way at first. She knew that she would have to figure out how to release her legs from the chair after the Rock Box-like machine did its job; but she felt that she could wait until after her orgasm to do that.

The machine tickled Golden’s cunt until she wanted to scream with distraction. She squirmed trying to get more stimulation so that she could cum. It did not work and she spent another ten minutes being denied her now very much desired orgasm. She even burst into tears and begged the empty room for relief, but none came.

Then, without warning, the chair released the woman. She was quite sweat-drenched and limp, but still, she had no orgasm. It was the first time that she thought that it might be best if she left the Behr’s home since she had to admit that it was a little weird what she was experiencing there, but as she passed the mirror in the entrance to the hall on her way through the door she saw her own reflection.

Even if she said so herself, she had never looked lovelier! She had that flush to her skin as if she had just had an earth-shattering orgasm, even though, frustratingly, this was not true. She hesitated. Perhaps it would be best to meet the brothers after all; for how could they resist her?

So she sat gingerly in the second chair. Again, this one grabbed her; but this time it forced her head back and inflated a pillow behind her upper back, causing her chest to thrust out. Golden did not want to find out what would happen next so she struggled to free herself. It was a futile struggle to be sure, and so before she knew it she was being spanked, repeatedly and hard, on her nipples by a device that looked a bit like a fly swatter.

“Gosh! What the hell is wrong with this chair?” she whined.

She did not manage to free herself and so she had to endure another ten minutes of tuzla rus escort torture while sitting on the second chair. As before, the chair let her go after a while, and Golden decided that she had had enough of this kinky house.

She decided to leave in a hurry, but she was so disoriented that in leaving, she tripped over her own feet and fell, smack into the last and smallest chair. She ended up straddling the chair and was frightened when it began to move with her as she tried in vain to get up.

Before she knew what was happening she found herself impaled on the dildo that was built into the chair! It emerged slowly from the seat and was about 8 inches long and fairly thick. Under other circumstances, Golden would have loved to have been impaled by something so large, but today was not proving to be ordinary.

“What is this?” she squealed. “Is this what they call a My Diletto chair? Shit! Someone in Jamaica has one of these? This must be a new automatic model.”

Golden knew the drill by now. She doubted that she would be allowed to cum and that she had about ten minutes of sexual torture to endure. She resolved to leave the house as soon as her ten minutes were up. She did not think that she wanted anything to do with these men since they were obviously freaks, and so best left alone.

Golden was exhausted by the time the machine was done with her. She decided to get out of the house as soon as possible and go home! Of course you know what happened though. The brothers chose that moment to come back and so they caught Golden in their home. They noticed in an instant that she had rifled through the photographs of them that were left on the table the evening before. They noticed immediately that she had eaten their food and they smelled her frustrated arousal.

The three brothers smirked nastily at each other. They had just caught themselves another nosey girl. They moved toward the girl and one of them put his hand over her mouth to stifle her scream. It was the last thing that she remembered before she felt a finger pressed to the back of her neck and she saw the world fade to black.

Golden awakened to find herself lying on a large bed in a room that she had not explored during her earlier tour of the house since it had been obvious that no one slept there. It was a very hard bed and she struggled to find a more comfortable position. It surprised her that she seemed not to be restrained in any way though she recognised almost immediately that she was as naked as the day that she was born. Wide awake now, she struggled to a seated position and looked around for her clothes. Not surprisingly, they were nowhere to be found.

Golden began to think the worst. She wondered what the men were planning to do to her. She did not think that they would forgive her for having seen their photographs and she felt that the fact that they had knocked her out and stripped her meant that they were very serious about hurting her. She did not think that it would be a good idea to try to bargain. She had heard that that sort of thing only annoyed people like these.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs and looked for something to cover herself. She had just dragged the sheet from the bed and wrapped it around herself when the door burst open. She recognised one of the brothers and it occurred to her how much bigger than she he really was; the man did not even fear that she could attack him successfully.

“So, Golden,” the man said, surprisingly gently. “Why did you come to our home this morning?”

“I wanted to invite you gentlemen to a party,” she lied.

“Ah well, obviously we have declined your kind invitation, but we’ll have a party right her with you,” he said ominously.

He stepped aside and indicated to Golden by a polite wave of his hand that she should precede him out of the room. She decided that it would be a futile effort to try to escape while upstairs, so she did as indicated without a fuss. She glanced at the man as she passed him and noticed the tenting in his jeans. Ordinarily, this would have been flattering, but under the circumstances she was not comforted at all.

He escorted Golden to another room on the second floor in which his brothers were waiting for them. The men smiled at the woman graciously, and she actually entertained the hope that she would be able to leave without being hurt.

“Welcome to our home, Golden Day!” one of the brothers said. “You have a lovely name to match your lovely body!”

Golden blanched at that. She was wearing the sheet and so felt clothed, but the man’s comment reminded her that they had removed her clothes.

“Please let me go! I won’t tell anybody anything! I promise!” she found herself whining.

The brothers only stared at her. One of them rolled his eyes and another sighed.

“Of course you realise that that can’t happen now, Golden. You have just told us that you find us strange enough to possibly merit telling escort bayan someone about your encounter with us here.”

Golden lost it. She tried to make a run for it. She tried to fight her way out of the door so that she could make a dash for the stairs. She screamed, kicked and punched at the men! It made no difference to them. One of the brothers lifted her as if she weighed nothing and it occurred to Golden that under normal circumstances she might have enjoyed being in his arms like this. Of course, as she had reflected before, this was not normal!

“Now, now, my dear,” said the brother who had come for her in the room earlier. “Enough of that! You have to stay here with us and help us with our work until we decide that it is time for you to leave.”

So he mentioned leaving, not dying. For that, Golden was glad. He had said also that she would help them with their work and that piqued her curiosity. She wondered if they would be angry if she asked about the spices in the porridge. She decided against saying too much, however, and promised herself that she would just look for her earliest opportunity to escape.

“Where are my clothes; and what sort of work do you do?” the woman found herself blurting.

“We make and sell adult pleasure toys! A few of our products have been fairly successful and we are thinking of branching out,” the brother who had come to her first explained. “I know that you have tried some of our new products this morning. What did you think?”

“So you’re not German industrialists?”

“What? Of course not!” the brother whom she met first exclaimed. “Where do these rumours begin?” he turned to his brothers.

“Wait! You created those chairs?” Golden interrupted him.

“Yes, and that cereal that you ate. It was good, no?” he said proudly.

“It was very good and I honestly don’t mind helping you to develop that formula; I think you have a winner there; but I have to insist that you give me back my clothes!” she said remembering suddenly that she was still clad only in a sheet.

The brothers looked at each other as if considering the request. The brother who came for her, apparently their leader, opened his mouth to say something, but Golden cut him off.

“Look, I don’t really know what kind of people you are, but if you want me to be a test subject for your machines then I will help you. I can tell you what’s wrong with those chairs that you have downstairs and I can probably tell you where you’re going wrong with that breakfast cereal if I can taste some more. Tell me, what else do you have here? I saw from your photographs that you seem to be testing your products on each other. That has to stop. You have a vested interest in them working so you are not the best people to judge them fairly.”

The brothers just stared at her. She saw the lead brother look at her wonderingly.

“Take those chairs for instance; the big leather one in the middle just threw me down and almost swallowed me whole. That was not a nice experience. It would have been better if I had been lowered into a reclining position more gently. That way when the chair began to frig me I would have spent time revelling in that experience rather than in wondering how I am going to escape the chair.”

“Our BDSM customers…”

“Gentlemen, gentlemen! That’s a relatively small niche market. Don’t get me wrong, the chair has potential you know, you just need to make it more appealing to a wider audience. Perhaps you could put settings on the chair…From “Vanilla Delights” to “BDSM Masters”. It would be like those vibrating beds at the spa. As it is there now I was on it for ten minutes and I didn’t cum even once!”

“We have vibrating beds,” one of the other brothers said.

“I’m sure you do,” Golden said turning to regard him speculatively. He was incredibly attractive!

She turned back to the most talkative brother after a while.

“Look, I’m sure that we can work out a business arrangement here. You know my name, I still think of you as ‘The Three Behrs’.”

The brothers chuckled. It was obvious that they had heard that joke before, but they seemed impressed with Golden’s analysis of their product. Golden heard them whispering to each other. They knew that that chair was not ready for the market, but they had not been able to figure out what was wrong until Golden had pointed it out and then, of course, it seemed obvious.

“Okay,” said the most talkative brother. “We’ll give you three per cent of the profit on any item that you help us to bring to market.”

“Three per cent? Are you kidding me? I want 25% of the profits on anything that I help with!”

“But we’ve already done all the work!”

“And you haven’t taken it to market. You have 100% of nothing. I’m thinking that 75% of a lot is a lot better.”

The chatty brother opened his mouth to say something else, but again, Golden cut in.

“Take it or leave it guys.”

For a tense moment, it looked as if they would reject Golden’s offer, but they didn’t. The man offered her his hand.

“I’m Karl, and these are my brothers, Richard and Otto. You drive a hard bargain, but perhaps we can work together, Ms. Day.”

“Great! Now show me the other things that you have.”

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