Golf Competition

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Went with 3 friends to a golf competition and at the ninth hole there were waiters and waitresses taking orders for drinks — very civilised. We were doing quite well in the game and placed our order which was brought to us as we finished the eighteenth. The waitress was gorgeous, dressed almost as they should be, plain black dress. Our only complaint was that it wasn’t short enough; still she looked good and we all flirted with her. “You’ll have to come and celebrate with us when we’ve won.” All we got was a smile but as she walked away there was a definite swing to her hips that wasn’t there before. Could our luck be in we wondered.

As it turns out we didn’t win so headed to the bar to drown our sorrows and there was our girl serving behind the bar and her tits looked even better so the flirting started all over again, each one of us hoping we might get some action at the disco and buffet later.

We’d got a couple of rooms for the night and went up to shower and change out of our golf stuff and returned for the food and drink. I think Tom noticed her first, sitting in the conservatory. She’d also changed for the evening now wearing a very short tight black dress with hardly any back to it and she looked fucking gorgeous. Tom made the first move and went to her and asked if she was still working. Apparently she wasn’t and then accepted his offer of a drink. He came back to us at the bar and told us she wasn’t working and would be staying for the disco. Our hopes were rising and we sent Tom back to chat her up and ply her with drink in the hope that we might all get a piece of the action or at least that Escort Bayan Gaziantep Tom would.

We watched him return and she stood up to talk to him and we all gasped, the bitch not only had a backless dress, there was very little of the front either, v cut right down to her belly button, how the fuck did she keep her tits in there. Tom obviously made some comment about it and got a coy smile and then asked her if his friends (us) could join them. She gave Tom a look that gave us all hope as he waved us over to them. Her name was Hayley and she was here alone working and her husband would be picking her up later. Shit, that brought us all down to earth, she’d got no wedding ring on and we’d assumed she was single. She obviously saw our faces drop and smiled and gave us all that look that suggested there might be something on offer later.

So we sat chatting, 4 of us with eyes glued either to her chest or thighs and she was lapping it up, leaning forward occasionally but never revealing a nipple or crossing her legs but never letting the skirt high enough for a glimpse of panties. We were all getting hot under the collar but kept plying her with drink and chatting generally until the disco started up. Tom got her up first and not only was she a looker, she could move as well and loved the looks and attention she got from all the men there together with plenty of frowns from the women, especially wives.

We were all getting horny and she must have felt our hard cocks pressing against her whenever we had a slow dance. Eventually she said she had to go to the ladies and quick thinking Tom said she could use our bathroom as it would be much better than a public toilet. She agreed and Tom took her. We soon followed, deciding we’d chance our luck now once she was in our room. We gave them a minute to get in and her into the bathroom and crept in and Tom gave us a nod that she was in the bathroom, so we all stood there waiting for her to come out. When she did she saw the 4 of us standing there and a smile came over her face and she asked what was happening.

“We thought we’d have our own party up here, much more private.”

“And what do I get out of all this partying? Most waitresses get a good tip if the service is good.”

We looked at each other and I said “you can count on a good tip from us”.

With that she pushed her dress off one shoulder revealing a gorgeous right tit and then the other shoulder and shrugged it off. She’d obviously taken off any sticky bits that had been keeping her tits covered as the dress then fell to the floor and not only sticky bits, the bitch had no panties on either. We stood there mesmerised for a good few seconds gazing at her gorgeous body, fairly big firm tits, a bit plump round the middle but a nice trimmed dark haired pussy. “What are you waiting for boys am I the only one to get naked?” I reacted first and stepped towards her, one hand behind her head the other to her pussy and kissed her getting a good feel. She opened her legs slightly so I could slip a finger through and tease my way through the hair to her lips.

Meanwhile the other 3 had stripped off and now there were hands everywhere, feeling tits and bum while I kept on her pussy. Then she broke off, pushed us away and lay on the bed, flat on her back: “who’s first then boys, who’s going to dip their cock in the honey pot first?” Shit she was horny and Tom reacted first kneeling on the bed and parting her thighs. “I could do with a bit of loosening up first Tom” she said as she pushed him down until it was clear she wanted some tonguing. Tom didn’t disappoint and was soon lapping away at her and getting her hips thrusting against him. Then there was a groan and Tom came up with juice running down his chin. “OK Tom, let’s do it.” She spread her thighs and bent her knees giving us all a good view of her puffy pussy lips gaping and ready for a cock. Tom was in and fucking her in no time, hard and fast as if his life depended on a quick cum. As soon as he finished he got off and Bob took his place, no need for anymore foreplay, it was guide it in and fuck her.

It wasn’t long before he blew his load as well and pulled out to give Fred a go. I was standing at the side watching all this stroking my cock slowly when she looked at me and motioned me closer and with Fred slamming into her cunt she turned her head and took my cock in her mouth, using her tongue expertly getting me even harder. Fred wasn’t long in coming and then it was my turn. By this time her cunt was dripping spunk and she was a bit loose so I turned her on to her knees and went at it from behind, holding her hips as I drove into her. Oh fuck she was good, I could feel her pussy muscles trying to milk me dry. Tom and Bob were either side of the bed and commented on her tits swinging about and then grabbed hold of them, giving them a good feel as I fucked her. Then I was there, blowing my load deep inside her, what a glorious fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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