Good Morning

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She’s caught between that delicious state of sleep and wakefulness. She burrows down deeper into the blankets, a contented smile upon her face. Her fingers brush against soft hair that bristles beneath her fingertips in a quest to find the softer skin beneath. A rumble comes from beside her, but it is just incorporated into her dream.

Fingertips slide slowly over her neck. She smiles, arching to the contact. Shifting in bed, he moves above her and kisses her nape. Tracing her skin with his tongue, his lips find her jaw, working his way along it to behind her ear. He knows that her most sensitive spots are connected to her jaw and ear.

Moaning softly, she turns over, her neck still arching under his tender ministrations. She feels the warm blankets being displaced, and groans at the loss of them… until she feels his hot hands sliding over her torso. Her body shifts towards him, her groan of disappointment turning into one of delight. Her eyes flutter a bit, but only the early morning glowing sun filters through her lashes. She wants to only be able to feel, and the sunny glow adds to the glow inside her from his touch.

He gently strokes over her stomach, enjoying the feeling of her soft, warm skin. Slipping his head beneath the blankets, he kisses her from her belly button up to the freckle between her breasts. Her hands thread through his hair, and he can tell by her restless body that she wants him as much as he wants her. Kissing her chest, his fingers slide over her breasts, cupping them. His fingertips circle around her nipples, bringing another moan from her lips. Her hips arch in anticipation, grinding their lower bodies together in sweet agony. His thumbs rasp over her taut nipples, and her body arches again as a louder moan escapes. He brings his mouth down, sucking her nipple deeply into his mouth. His other hand slowly plucks the ark izle at her other nipple, feeling them both harden completely from his attention.

Sliding his hand over her side, over her thigh, circling into her inner thigh, he feels her heat and wetness even before his hand finds her. He can feel how much she wants him, and it strikes awe into him. That she could want him so quickly, so completely, feeds his desire for her.

He cups her pussy, letting her feel his large hand covering her. He gently rubs, circling, applying pressure with his palm but not penetrating her. He knows that she loves to be teased… she had blushingly confessed to it one night while he had tortured her with his playful hands. He remembered her flushed face, her eyes glowing with excitement as he slid his hand into her jeans, touching her through her panties. She had had to answer his questions truthfully and completely in order for him to keep touching her… She had been mad with desire for him, and blushingly told him that she loved to be teased. That was what got her wet so quickly… she had always anticipated lots of touching and exploring…

He slid his finger across her slit, opening her but not penetrating. Her body arched frantically, her fingers clenching against his shoulders. He rested his finger there, surrounded by each lip of her pussy. He was hard, and made sure that she was achingly aware of it pressed against her thigh. Her moans pierced the air almost continuously… he loved it that she was so vocal. He slid his cock over her thigh as he plunged his finger inside. She moaned louder, taking on a throatier appeal. He could feel her wetness, her pussy tightening around him as he pushed deeply. He felt swept away with her starting to cum beneath him.

She had been as taut as a wound spring, and as soon the catch izle as she felt him slide inside, she was lost. Her insides clenched as her mind found paradise. Recovering, at first she did not feel him moving down…

Seeing her cum had been his undoing. He had to feel her, taste her. His finger still buried deep inside, he opened her to his gaze. Bending his head, he slid his tongue across her clit.

Her eyes flew open as she felt his tongue penetrate her. She gazed down, seeing his head working between her spread thighs. Her body arched, grinding against him in ecstasy. His tongue replaced his finger as he slid into her deeply. The sight, the sounds, the feelings were too much… she flew apart a second time, going even higher then the last.

He felt her cumming around his tongue and was surprised… how could she be doing that already? Then he smiled, and enjoyed the ride.

She was gasping for air when she could clearly think again. She wanted him so badly, and she had to have him. She needed to feel him in her. Drawing him up, she kissed him deeply, turning him over and straddling him. Her hands roamed over his body, worshipping him as her mouth and tongue sought to have all of him. Nibbling at his jaw… sucking his bottom lip into her mouth and rasping her tongue over it… kissing her way down his neck… making his nipples taut with her fingers and then sucking them into her mouth… trailing kisses over his stomach… He was arching and gasping himself when she took him completely into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as he nearly arched off of the bed and moaned her name…

She gazed up at him as she sucked and licked him. She loved to go down on him… it turned her on to see him bathed in pleasure… pleasure that she was giving him. She loved all parts of it… the chemistry of death izle the sight of him ensconced in his own pleasure, the taste of him in her mouth, the distinctive scent of him that was so familiar to her now. She loved how he tried to restrain himself from pumping to fast… mmm, although that felt so good, too. She remembered a time when she had pounced him right as he came in the door. He hadn’t even shut the door completely to the cool autumn air before she had undone his pants and taken him into her mouth. He had forgotten all restraint then… he had fucked her mouth as hard as he could, and she had loved every second of it. He had looked down at her full lips surrounding his cock… but the sight of her touching herself at the same time had been his undoing…

She swirled her tongue around his head, then reluctantly left his cock. She wanted to feel him in her. She kissed him deeply, her pussy taunting him by sliding over his hard cock as she rocked against him gently. They both groaned as they felt the tip of his cock part her. Gasping, she gently kissed him as she looked into his eyes. He was flushed with desire, and kissed her deeply as he slid into her. They both moaned at the feeling of his cock being enveloped by her tight, hot, wet pussy. The sweet agony intensified as he nudged her pelvic bone, slid through the tightest part, and then was completely inside of her. Joined as one, they started the ancient rhythm that brought them together. Murmured words were spoken, gentle kisses and caresses, and feelings of love shared. The gentle feelings intensified, and they could not get enough of each other. Straining, sliding, groaning, clutching and caressing… hot wet kisses over their bodies wherever they could reach… panting sounds filled the air… tension filled their bodies… nearly there… one desperate kiss before being hurdled through the air into oblivion.

Sweaty sated body upon sweaty sated body, they share lingering kisses. Side by side, she caresses his shoulder and arm, kissing the rounded muscle softly. He leans over, kissing her neck. He looks at her with a wry grin on his face, telling her, “Good morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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