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Twice a month since I am in sales I go to Pune that is about 100 miles from Bombay. I have been doing this for several years and since I stay in the same Taj hotel every time, the staff remembers me. Being a single unattached woman it helps that I am known, I suppose.

Anyway, the last few trips my boss has been threatening to come but on account of his busy schedule I have been unable to do so. I don’t deny that I have a terrible crush on him and I would die to make love to him. This time he says he will travel with me. When we get to the hotel the lobby is deserted and when I walked in I remembered the desk clerk from my last trip. His name was Sanjay and gets me checked in nice room overlooking the pool. My boss Shyam has the next suite.

He comes to my room for a drink and we chat about the sales meeting in the morning and he asks why I was still single. I tell him of my problems with my husband about how he brought another woman home that he wanted me to make love too. He looked palpably excited at my revelation as he shifted uncomfortably in the chair.

Just then Sanjay rang up from reception that Nita the hotel massage specialist was available in case I needed a back massage for my slip disc. I asked Shyam if he didn’t mind if I had my massage while we discussed the meeting in the morning. Nita rang the bell. I opened the door and greeted by Nita. She looked very sexy. Long thick black hair and very busty in her uniform.

She asked me to undress. I was suddenly aware that Shyam was in izmir escort the room but he made no move to leave. I shyly removed my sari and blouse and revealed the thick jungle of hair in my bushy armpits. Nita arched her bushy eyebrows at seeing my hairy underarms. My overflowing pussy hair was embarrassing me as it came into view and I dare not look at Shyam. Would hirsute body turn him off? Did hairy armpits and thick bushy pubic hair make me look repulsive to him?

Nita made me lie on my stomach but I was sure that my asshole hair would be visible and I wondered what Shyam was thinking. To my amazement I found him walking towards me and I swear I thought I saw a perceptible bulge in his trousers as my mouth was within licking distance of it.

Nita massaged my back and surprisingly touched my bushy armpit hair. I was sure she spent a few seconds caressing the silky hair of my hairy armpits each time she massaged my sides.

Suddenly she bent down and kissed my back. I was taken aback but then I noticed that Shyam though fully dressed had taken of Nita’s uniform and unhooked her bra. I turned around and saw the hairiest woman I had ever seen. Nita’s armpits were a virtual forest; jet-black hair was growing wild and her untrimmed bushy armpits looked very sexy. I then noticed Nita’s on the floor. She remembered how she had looked, and without thinking, picked up the panties. Her pubic forest was a mat of hair running from her navel down disappearing between her thighs. alsancak escort

Nita then unzipped Shyam and took out his long cock. The sight mesmerized me. She wrapped her hand around it, stroking him. He places his hands upon her ass. I can see the hairiest asshole I have ever seen. Black crinkly hair was growing up her arsehole. He gently pushes his cock enters her ass. Moaning at her tight hairy ass, he slams his cock deep into her. He takes a few deep breaths and slowly starts to move in and out of her ass. I look at the frenzy on Shyam’s face. His hairy chest making him look like a movie star. He big cock sliding in and out of Nita’s hairy ass. Getting use to the feel of him, she starts pushing back onto his cock. Reaching around her, he slides his fingers into her bushy armpits. I helplessly watch wanting a piece of the action. I am all wet and I slip my fingers into the thick mass of Nita’s bushy pubes. He hooks his hand into her bushy armpits as if holding on he hair in her hairy armpits and rides her. “Darling, I’m gonna deposit my cum in your hairy ass and then fuck your bushy armpits fill your hairy armpits with my cum. Your jet-black bushy armpits will become white when I cum in them ”

“Ohhhhh darling I am going to cum!! Bela lift up your arms I went to rub my dick in your bushy armpits.” I was taken aback. Here was my beloved boss wanting to cum in my bushy armpits. I took his prick from Nita’s ass and pressed in my sweaty bushy armpits. He kept pumping buca escort it as it slid in and out of my hairy underarms. He thrust hard and finally came all over my bushy armpits.

I then lick his cock and suck on it and slowly takes it all in. I suck hard and play with his balls I pulled him deeper into my mouth, pressing my lips tightly against him and sucking hard. The feel of his hard cock sliding between my lips and over my tongue had my pussy literally dripping again as I felt Nita’s tongue licking at my pussy muff. Shyam grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. He asked me to raise my arms and then told Nita to do the same. “Wow both of you are hairy bitches “ he shouted, “Look at your hairy underarms. Have you ever shaved your armpits I wish our movie stars had bushy armpits too” I was past caring at what he was saying as his warm cock was sliding in out of my mouth as I sucked him as fast as I could.

Shyam screams “I want to fuck you now” and pulls his cock from my mouth. He bends his knees and guides the bulging head of his enormous dong over my hairy slit. I grab his cock and, push the head into my opening and put into my hairy cunt as he thrusts hard his throbbing pole. I am ready to explode as Shyam put his head into Nita’s bushy armpits. My arms are tucked behind my head exposing my armpit fur too. Shyam continues to pound my bushy pussy, pulling his cock almost all the way out and slamming deep inside with each thrust. I have beginning to have multiple orgasms as Nita puts her warm mouth on my armpit jungle. She plays with the wild growth and tugs at the tufty jet-black hair of my bushy armpits. Juices are running down my thighs as he thrust harder sending me off on another wave of uncontrollable spasms. He cums inside me as I go into another bout of orgasmic pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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