Hell at Work Ch. 1

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After seven years of being tortured at work daily by my boss you would think I would be use to it by now. Well I’m not and I guess I never will get use to showing my body to him and his business associates. The worst part is being told what to wear to work each day and knowing what he has planned when he tells me to wear the tight black mini dress with no panties like today. I know my body drives men wild after all I am five feet seven inches tall with 36D breast and weighing only 118lbs with curves in all the right places. My long blonde hair flows over my shoulders with gentle curls that accent my body perfectly and my brown eyes, well lets just say if I want to I can get what ever I want from most men with just a flutter.

Now that you know what I look like I guess its time to dress and head to work for another day of hell. It’s 7am and time to get started with the last work day for this week, that’s right T.G.I.F. and I can’t wait for this day to get over already. I wonder what the demands will be today? Will it be to take dictation with just him looking at my legs and pussy or maybe a business meeting with three or four of his best customers feeling my ass and pinching my nipples while I serve them coffee. Oh well enough guessing I need to get busy.

The shower feels so good as the hot water runs over my body, my hands caress my breast as I wash them paying special attention to my sensitive nipples, oh yes that feels so good… Mmmm. Slowly I work down my firm tummy, I slip one hand down between my legs allowing a single finger to slip through my pussy lips, it enters me just enough to send a chill through my body. Oh how I love to play with my pussy, it’s so smooth and soft to the touch and I keep it well trimmed so it’s more sensitive. I can make myself cum with a single finger in just a minute or two because I know where to touch I guess. I often wondered what it would be like to be with another woman, one day I’ll get the nerve to find out.

Lets see now, I better lotion up and use my best perfume today. Oh God why do I do this to myself? I should call in sick, that’s it I’ll call in sick and leave him holding the bag today, No I can’t do that! He will know I’m not sick and next week will be even rougher. Oh well I better get moving its quarter till eight and I still have to get dressed. After applying my make-up just right I start to put on my stockings and garter belt.

My legs do feel good and the silk stockings feel great against my skin, I look in the full-length mirror admiring myself, I do look hot with nothing on but the stockings and garters. Now do I wear a bra? Maybe a strapless one, Hum now that is sexy if I say so myself. I giggle like a schoolgirl while my fingers lightly touch my nipples making them stand out against the shear silk fabric of the bra. Yes this will do fine, now the dress, it’s a new one he hasn’t seen yet. It’s even hotter than the one he ordered me to wear last night when I left work. After all a girl has to have some say so in what she wears right?

After taking a few minutes to adjust everything just right I head down stairs to hail a cab. Standing close to the road I wave my hand at the cab closest to me, I noticed my dress rose up showing my garter, the cab almost hit another car trying to get to the curb for me. I laughed as he got out of the car and ran around opening the door for me. Now that was a first, a New York cabby opening the door for a lady.

I smiled at him as I slipped in the car exposing even more creamy leg than I should of, he just stood there starring, he shook his head as if to say damn what a sight before closing the door. Arriving at my building he jumped out and opened the door again, I smiled even more when he offered me his hand to help me from the car. I allowed my legs to open just enough to reward him for his effort by giving him a clear look at my bear pussy for just an instant before getting out. I asked him how much and he just said it’s already paid lady with a smile as big as the city itself.

I guess I made his day… Heehee. The doorman opened the door greeting me as he always does with a smile and a wink. I returned his smile and thanked him. The elevator had a line waiting and I was late, it took two runs before I could get on and now I was late, as soon as the door opened I shot out almost running down the hall towards my office hoping my boss hadn’t gotten in yet. I opened the door slowly and entered, he was standing there at the coffeepot and acted like I wasn’t there although I saw him peek over at me and a smile form across his lips when he saw the dress I had worn.

“Well now,” he said before taking a sip of his coffee, “That isn’t the dress I asked for is it?”

“No sir, the one you wanted was dirty, I was hoping this one Bycasino would be ok?”

With a frown he told me to walk around the room and let him see what it looks like. I slowly moved around the room making sure my hips swayed just right so the dress would flow with my body.

“Raise your arms over your head,” he said, a smile formed on his lips as he saw my garter show as my arms went up. “It’s not what I wanted but I have to say I like it better than the other one.”

He told me to get some coffee before informing me what he had planned for today. First we had a meeting with the C.E.O. of the company and after that he just said it will be a surprise. I loved it when we had the C.E.O. for meetings, he always acted like I was just like all the other assistants when he was here and he didn’t stair at me the way all the others did. I felt calm around him almost like a father figure if you know what I mean.

The meeting was scheduled for 10am sharp so I had to get things in order before the meeting started. I moved around the office like a cat, graceful and efficient. He keep looking at me while I worked which made me feel like I wasn’t doing something right. I stopped, turned around, and asked him if something was wrong?

“No everything is perfect, come over here.” He said

I moved slowly towards him stopping in front of his chair which he had swung around. I looked down at him sitting there looking straight at my thighs.

“Open your legs” he said before moving his hand up my thigh, caressing them softly as he moved up lightly touching my pubic hair. I felt a shiver run through me as his finger touched my slit and a finger entered me. My legs went weak as his digit opened my pussy lips and slipped inside with ease. I was wet, how dare my body betray me like that, I felt so used as he worked his finger deep inside me, my legs trembled as he worked it in and out in a rhythm that always made me cum so fast.

He knew exactly what to do to make my body respond to his demands and I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to and at that moment I didn’t. His finger started working its magic as my hips began to move to his rhythm, the juices began to flow down my leg as my orgasm started to rush through my body. Oh God the shame I felt as my body twitch and shook from his manipulation. My body went into another spasm as he drove another finger deep inside my cunt.

The knock on the door brought us back to reality and I almost ran across the room in fear we had been caught. My boss licked his fingers coolly as he got up like nothing had happened while I tried to straighten my cloths not to mention compose myself after two hard orgasms. As the door opened the C.E.O. stood with his hands on his hips as if to say what the hell is going on in there. Well if my face wasn’t already flush it was now as I felt the heat building in my face. Jim or should I say Mr. Jarrett smiled at him and motioned for him to come in.

“Your early I thought you said 10 am sharp,” Jim said with a sheepish grin.

“That’s right but I have to go to New York this afternoon so I needed to get this done earlier than I expected,” Mr. Johnson said glancing over in my direction.

“Good morning sir,” I said in my most business like voice. “Can I get you some coffee or anything else?”

“Yes some coffee would be nice and if you don’t mind Jim and I are going to get started on the proposal for the Lincoln account. We will need you to keep track of the figures when we get to them.”

“Yes sir I’ll just be a second with the coffee, you like it black right?” I asked even though I knew he did. He shook his head as he headed for the desk to start work. As I walked across the office Mr. Johnson looked around towards me smiling a devilish grin that almost stopped me in my tracks. He had never looked at me like that before, it was like he knew something. I smiled back thinking what is he grinning like that for? I placed the coffee on the desk and reached for a pad to take notes with when I noticed he was looking down my dress. My breast hung out of the low cut dress giving him an excellent view of half my breast, I reached up to cover myself.

“No need to block the scenery on my account” He said with an even bigger grin. “You’re a lucky man to have a woman as efficient and beautiful as Sue.”

“I know I am, a woman like her is a rare thing, not only is she the best assistant in the company she also does everything I ask without question.” Jim said with a smile.

“Now I find that hard to believe she does anything you say,” he said doubtingly. Jim just smiled and said “show Mr. Johnson your garter belt I think he would enjoy seeing more of your body.”

I looked over at Jim as my hand lowered to the hem of my dress, Bycasino giriş I was hoping he would stop me before my fingertips reached their destination. He just smiled as my dress began to rise slowly revealing more and more of my legs until the clasp of the garters came into view. I stopped for just a brief moment before inching the dress up, Mr. Johnson’s eye were riveted to my thigh as the top of the garter came into view. I was careful not to show to much because without panties on my well trimmed pussy might also be shown and I sure didn’t want that.

“Let him feel your soft creamy thigh and make sure he knows you don’t have panties on” Jim said sternly.

I moved close to Mr. Johnson my eyes never leaving Jim’s. I took a deep breath before pulling the dress up again, Mr. Johnson’s hand reached out slowly like he was afraid to touch me. His fingertip touched my inner thigh and I let out a soft moan as his hand slowly moved up towards my wet pussy. I fought the urge to run out of the office but I just couldn’t help myself I don’t know why I can’t say no to these men and then again do I really want them to stop is the real question.

His finger traced the outer portion of my pussy lips very lightly in a circular motion just grazing my hot flesh sending me into a state of need so deep I almost took his hand and rammed it into my wanting pussy. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand the teasing any long I felt his fingers open my swollen lips, spreading them just enough so he could see the hot pink inner walls of my pussy. Oh God how good it felt when he touched me, my whole body was on fire at that moment and Jim sat there with that sheepish grin on his face like he couldn’t wait till he gave the next order. After what seemed like an hour long wait his finger finally slipped into my wet hole sending an almost instant orgasm through my body, my hips seemed to have a life of their own as I started to grind into his finger wanting it deeper in me.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as he worked his long finger inside me working it deeper with each movement. I clenched my teeth as my body jerked under his manipulating finger, my hand went to my breast and start to caress them as he inserted another finger into my contracting pussy cannel. I was over the edge now as Jim watched me wither under Mr. Johnson’s touch before him.

“I think she need something a little bit more stimulating than your finger Frank,” Jim said before getting out of his chair and moving around the desk to my side. I felt his hand on my shoulder, then the straps of my dress move off my shoulders. The zipper made a sensual sound almost as it traveled down my back. The cool air hitting my skin brought goose bumps to my arms as the dress slipped from my body and gathered around Mr. Johnson’s arm. He didn’t seem to want to remove the two fingers he had plugged into me and I sure didn’t want him to at that moment either. I was just on the edge of another orgasm and this one was much stronger than the last one. I moaned loudly as it ripped through me, Jim tweaked my left nipple just at the right time to make me cry out in pleasure wanting them both to never stop.

“Fuck me please!” I heard my voice plead as the two men continued to ravage me with their expert hands. I couldn’t take this another second and reached for Jim’s cock behind me. He guided my hand to his hard cock while he kept massaging my breast and Mr. Johnson rammed another finger in me. I reached into Jim’s open trousers feeling his hard cock made me even hotter if that was possible. I pulled it free from its confines, I rubbed my fingertips across the head of his cock feeling the pre-cum oozing out from his excitement. My hand started stroking him slowly while my pussy was being attacked with even harder strokes that picked up speed making me whimper in lust for more.

“Fuck me now damn it” I hissed through clinched teeth. “I need a cock on me and I need it now,” I moaned from deep inside my being. I turned my head towards Jim and kissed him passionately, my tongue darted inside his mouth as out lips tried to eat each others face. I didn’t notice Mr. Johnson stand up and drop his pants, his fingers never stopped fucking me while he took them off until he had his hard cock pointing up at my waiting pussy. In one motion he entered me driving his cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy.

“Oh God Yes” I screamed as his long hard cock went tearing into me. His cock was long and fat and it filled me completely making me moan even louder as his cock head pushed against my cervix driving me into state of lust I have never seen before. I needed him in me hard and he complied by slamming his hard cock in me with a force so hard my toes almost left the floor. Jim bite my neck while his finger Bycasino güncel giriş pinched my nipple harder, I felt his cock slip from my grasp and I reached back for it trying to find it but to no avail. Jim moved from behind me, I turned to find him, I needed his touch, I wanted him close to me for reassurance.

It was just a second or two later that I felt myself being pulled down to the floor. Jim had me in his strong hands lowering me down slowly. Mr. Johnson’s cock kept pumping inside my hot pussy without missing a stroke. God this man could fuck is all I could think. Once on the floor my legs were bent back towards my head opening my pussy up for an attack like I could only dream about. He pumped so hard my ass moved across the carpet. Jim bent down and offered me his cock witch I gladly took into my mouth.

He held my head as he began to fuck my mouth making me take much more of his cock than I thought I could. His cock went down my throat until his pubic hair was tickling my nose. I was amazed at what I was doing, I had never been able to deep throat a cock of his size before. My moans only drove the two men to higher heights of desire as I felt my pussy convulsing around his cock as my orgasm took control of me. My hand grabbed Jim’s cock and I crammed it in my mouth, I want it all every last inch of his cock in my mouth like the cock that was buried inside my hungry pussy. I had never been this excited in my life. I wanted or should I say needed a cock to taste, to fuck me hard and not stop until I passed out from pure exhaustion.

I heard Jim gasp “I’m Cumming!” and Mr. Johnson moan “Me too!” I just moaned in agreement as another orgasm rocked my world harder than the ones before it had. I was lost in a world of lust and desire beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Jim pulled his cock free of my hungry mouth as he shot his load of hot cum across my breast. Mr. Johnson’s shot his hot load deep inside me and I felt ever last drop as he filled my pussy with his seed. I pulled Jim’s cock back to my mouth wanting to taste his cum as it dripped from the head of his cock. Mr. Johnson pulled his now limp cock out of my dripping pussy and I felt like something was missing from my being.

I reached down and stroked him while I sucked Jim’s cock back to life. I wasn’t ready to stop yet and I knew Jim was good for at least to orgasms. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth as I sucked him, he knew what I needed and he pulled free of my mouth moving around between my legs. I felt his cock slam into my cum filled pussy making a sloshing sound with every stroke. Mr. Johnson replaced Jim at my mouth and that’s when I saw his cock for the first time. It was huge, I tried to suck as much as I could but it was so fat all I could do is suck the bulb shaped head. He pushed his fat cock in side my mouth stretching my lips to the limits, I felt it move inch by inch inside my mouth fearing he would gage to death. I tried to push him back but he refused to move and kept fucking my mouth with his monster cock.

“Suck it all baby” he said as he fed his cock to me, Jim started to fuck my pussy harder and harder making me cum with a gut wrenching orgasm. My hips raised to meet his thrust, I moaned around the cock crammed in my mouth while his cock reamed my hot pussy.

I must have relaxed my mouth during the orgasm because the next thing I knew I had his balls slapping my chin. I could feel his cock down my throat and my hands on his ass pulling him deeper into my mouth. I couldn’t believe I had that thing all the way down my throat. I went wild sucking him harder while he pumped my mouth with deep long thrust. He would pull his cock out till just the head was in my mouth and I would pull him back till his balls slapped my chin. Oh god was I over the edge or what? I couldn’t stand it any long, I could feel my body starting to explode into multiple orgasms, I don’t remember much of what happened for the next few minutes but from what those two said I sucked them both dry. I laid there naked feeling the cum drip from my poor sore pussy.

Frank and Jim sat there watching me with smiles so big you would think they just won the lottery. They both were dressed and started talking about something, I couldn’t hear what was said but from the looks they both kept giving me it had something to do with me you can bet on that. After a few minutes they shook hands and Frank, “oh I was told I could call him Frank now in private” left the office giving my nipple one more pinch before walking out.

Jim sat in his big leather chair just smiling, he leaned way back then said in a very low voice ” come over here and clean my cock up and then you can have the rest of the day off.” He paused for a moment like he was in deep thought “Monday wear that cute little white skirt with the low cut blouse I like so much.” Wouldn’t you know he has something planned that day, too.

Oh well I guess hell isn’t that bad after all and if you want to know what happens on Monday you will have to wait till chapter 2…

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