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It was an ad in the Daily News that caught my eye, “Escorts for Exclusive Clientele, Earning potential unlimited. Riviera Escorts is hiring. If you are attractive, outgoing, willing to travel, and discreet, give us a call at 555-1069.” I had been working as a cocktail waitress for the past five years. The money was pretty good, but the job was never going to put me on Easy Street. I had to deal with a lot of creeps too. I called the number, told the girl who answered a little bit about myself, and arranged to meet a guy named BJ at a restaurant the following day.

When I got to work that night, I showed the ad to my co-worker, Elena. She was in her early 40s and had been around a lot more than me. She got right to the point.

“You know this is prostitution don’t you?”

That caught me off guard. I blushed and replied, “No, I talked to the guy. He said I’d be just going to dinner and parties with rich guys who needed a date for the evening. He said these guys are willing to pay big bucks, like $600 per hour just for company.”

Elena laughed, “No mija, for that kind of money they want to fuck. You be careful with those people.”

Her warning worried me. That night I slept very little. I thought about just blowing it off, but heck, if I didn’t like it, I could always just walk away. I was really curious, and even the thought of selling my body to a complete stranger sort of turned me on. I had always been sexually active, and I frequently dated customers I met on the job. A lot of those turned out to be just one night stands, and that was okay…my point being I was giving it up, but I didn’t get paid. Why not use what I had? With that issue resolved in my mind, I drifted off and got a couple hours of fitful sleep.

I woke up late and rushed to get ready. My hair was still wet from the shower when I got in my car to drive to our meeting. I got to the restaurant 15 minutes early and asked for a booth toward the rear of the place. The joint was relatively empty, and I was wondering if the guy was going to make it. It was now 20 minutes past the time he said he’d be there. Maybe he saw me come in and didn’t like me. I was getting ready to leave when a guy who was sitting at the breakfast counter came over to my table.

“Excuse me, but you must be Emma. I’m BJ, and pardon me for not coming right over, but I always like to watch a prospective employee for a few minutes…you know, see how they look, act, and interact a bit. It saves on the awkwardness if I decide I can’t use someone, and I hope you don’t mind.”

He certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. He was in his mid thirties, average height, and very lean. He had jet black shoulder length hair and a goatee. He reminded me of a guy who played the villain in one of the “hostage taker movies” I saw a while ago. He ordered breakfast for me, and while we ate, I told him my life story.

He was a good listener and asked me a lot of questions. He was especially interested in the fact that I had been married and divorced twice and I was only 26.

I told him that it was probably me being unable to commit to being married. I had been madly in love with both of my husbands, and they were good guys. The problem was that once we became legal, I would start having regrets, and that led to infidelity. I was not ready to settle down.

He then told me about the Riviera Escort Service clientele. He said he had professional athletes, entertainers, actors, wealthy businessmen, and even some politicians. He cautioned me that if I were to be hired, I had to respect my clients’ privacy and never disclose who I had been with.

Finally he got around to talking about sex. He told me I was an independent contractor, and he showed me an agreement I would have to sign promising I would not engage in prostitution. But he added that what I did on my own was my business. He asked me if I was sexually active, and I assured him I was and that I liked it. He asked me about going with men who were different races, and I said that being Asian, I preferred men who were from a different race. There was a shortage of Asian mardin escort males in our part of Southern California, and if I held out for Asian males, I’d never get out. He specifically asked me about being with African American men, and I admitted that would be a first for me, but I was willing to give that a try. Secretly, I had always been attracted to black men, and now perhaps I’d get a chance to see what that “big black cock” stuff was all about.

He caught me totally off guard when he asked if I was bi-sexual and followed that up with, “When was the last time you made love to another woman?”

I was going to deny everything, but he had a hypnotic way of putting me at ease, and my history of sex with girlfriends came pouring out. I did consider myself somewhat bi-sexual, and I had been seduced a few times…mostly out of curiosity. I did have one girlfriend who was married to one of my Ex’s friends, and when the guys were away on military duty we would play…a lot. I think she might have been totally lesbo. I told him I had only been with other Asian girls, and while I was not a lesbian, I was mildly interested in experiencing sex with a black woman.

We chatted for almost two hours and were getting the “stink eye” from the waitress when BJ asked me if I wanted to come to the “phase 2 interview” at his house. I followed him in my car to the Desert Moon Country Club where he had a nice house on the golf course. He led me inside and introduced me to his partner. Richard was very outgoing and friendly, and he immediately put me at ease. He was kind of short and a little overweight. His hair looked like it have been permed, and I thought he might be Jewish. We had a drink together at the bar while Richard filled out a biographical sheet on me.

He asked me my race, and I told him Filipino. He remarked that he remembered a Filipino girl winning Miss Universe, and I told him that several had won over the years. He asked me my height, and I told him I was 5 feet tall.

He smiled and asked, “Are you sure it’s not more like 4’10”?

I just shrugged and smiled.

After the paperwork was completed BJ tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Okay, you’re hired, and I’m your first client.” He handed me two $100 bills and said, “Richard will tell you what to do. Just go in the bedroom with him.”

Richard took me by the hand and led me to the master bedroom.

“Okay, here’s the deal. Strip down to your underwear.”

Without questioning, I slipped off my jeans and unbuttoned my blouse while Richard watched in silence. I stood before him with my hands at my sides, trembling slightly with one foot crossed over the other. I was thankful that it was Richard who watched me undress, but even so, I was a little humiliated.

He put his hands on my shoulders and asked, “Are you sure you still want to do this Emma? It’s not too late to back out.”

I assured him I was okay, and I asked him what was going to happen.

“We want to see how you are with a stranger. If you okay it, BJ and me are going to have sex with you, and we will be grading you on your eagerness and ability. No whips or chains, but we are going to give you a pretty good session. There’s a bathroom over there if you need to use it to freshen up a bit. When you’re ready, just come out and we’ll guide you through it. We want this to be fun for you, and regardless of how this goes, the $200 is yours.

He gave me a peck on the cheek and left me alone. I went into the bathroom and peed. Then I washed myself in the bathtub. Before I walked out, I checked myself out in the mirror. I hadn’t expected this, and my pubic hair had not been trimmed in some time. I brushed it out, took a breath, and walked into the living room, completely naked.

Richard let out a spontaneous “Wow,” and BJ whispered, “Fantastic.”

A coffee table in the center of the living room had been draped with blankets and a quilt and Richard helped me lay down on my back. He extended my arms over my head, spread my legs, and began dictating into a tape van escort recorder.

Emma is a 26 year old Filipino woman, 5 feet tall, approximate weight is 100 lbs., black hair, brown eyes, olive complexion, no noticeable marks scars or tattoos. Her breasts are a B cup, maybe 34?” “She nods,’Yes,’ She is natural with no enhancements. Her nipples are dark brown, unpierced, and capable of becoming fully erect, their present state now. Her arreolas are slightly less than one inch in diameter and the nipples protrude significantly…very nice.”

BJ then put his hand on my thigh and stroked me, barely brushing against my pussy.

Richard commented, “Emma seems to enjoy being touched in a manner of foreplay. She has opened her legs more and more, revealing a thick hairy bush…

BJ then instructed me to roll on to my stomach. Richard continued his narrative, “Emma’s muscle tone is excellent. Her buttocks and thighs show no excessive fat or cellulite. She has small feet, maybe size six and she has a nice pedicure. The soles of her feet are very light colored in contrast to her complexion. Our clients who appreciate a woman’s foot will enjoy her.”

Richard then said, “Okay Honey, get up,on all fours, like doggy style.”

I did as I was told, but BJ wasn’t happy. “Emma, show us your sex…present yourself.”

I spread my knees as wide as I could, and cocked my hips in an inviting manner, fully exposing my anus and genitals. The narrative continued.

“Emma’s anus has a very dark pigmentation…almost black compared to her complexion. Her inner and outer labia are also very dark and thick pubic hair covers her pubis, outer labia, and rings her anus.”

The men put me on my back again, and BJ moved his hand to my belly and rubbed me in a circular motion for a moment before fondling my breasts, first one, then the other.

I responded and Richard again remarked, “When her breasts are touched, she arches her back and moans, while again spreading her legs wider. She seems to have has a natural sexual urge.”

BJ cupped his hand over my vulva and massaged me, and began sucking my nipples. I was moaning now, “Fuck me, fuck me now, please fuck me.”

Richard tried to sound impassive, but stammered, “Emma is working her pelvis in response to manual stimulation to her vagina and oral stimulation to her nipples. Her tester has exposed her clitoris, and it is relatively large in comparison to other women. The tester has indicated she seems ready to fully engage. I am getting undressed and will use my mouth on her genitals to prepare her for intercourse. The tester will check her oral sex ability.”

I lay there panting and watched as the men stripped. BJ was wearing a robe, and when he dropped it, I let out a gasp. For an average sized guy, he was a stallion. His testicles were like eggs, and his uncircumcised cock was at least ten, maybe eleven inches. Unconsciously, I put my hand between my legs and began to masturbate. Richard was smiling at my reaction to BJ, and when he took of his underwear I could see he was much smaller…maybe seven inches, curved upward, and cut, with a purple head, but he had a “fat boy,” a nice thick cock, fun to fuck.

BJ knelt by my head and offered me his cock. As I took him in my mouth, he told Richard, “Get her ready for me. I can’t wait to fuck that hole.”

Richard was skilled. He moved my hand away and went to work. He knew just how to tease a clitoris with that tongue, and occasionally probed my anus. It was hard for me to concentrate on giving BJ his blow job with the delicious things Richard was doing to me with that mouth. I was losing it fast, and I stopped sucking BJ’s cock when my first orgasm, a cramping spasm that caused me to claw the blankets and cry out, engulfed me.

Richard paused when I finished bucking, and moved out of the way. BJ pulled my hips to the edge of the table and held me open, kissing my feet, as he positioned himself for entry. I held my breath as BJ put his cock into me thrusting in an inch at a time until he was fully seated. ankara escort Then he started to move. I had fucked men with big cocks before, but with BJ, it was different. He was a master cocksman. I loved the way he held my ass like he was steering me through some kind of obstacle course. The shape and curve of that magnificent penis was hitting my g-spot just right.

While BJ fucked me, Richard was kissing me, fondling my breasts and talking to me softly. He told me I was fabulous and he asked me if he could have my pussy when BJ finished with me. I couldn’t speak though…could only nod, “Yes,” as another orgasm washed over me. I was still cuming when BJ began to ejaculate…I didn’t think that phallus of his would ever stop throbbing as he filled me with his seeds.

He pulled out of me as his erection subsided and Richard was right there with his fresh cock. As he pushed “fat boy” into my fresh fucked cunt, he remarked, “The French call this ‘Fucking the buttered bun.'” After a few strokes, he pushed me up to the center of the coffee table and lay on top of me, giving me a nice basic missionary style fucking. Richard was a tender lover, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him, holding him tight as I moved my pussy with his driving cock. I was close to my third climax when Richard spermed me. I was fucking him like crazy now, not about to let him go before he satisfied me, and that third one was the most intense of all. I dug my nails into his flesh as I came, and when I finally released him, he just collapsed on top of me panting. After a few minutes, he rolled off and just lay there on the floor, sweating and breathing hard.

BJ helped me up from the table and took me into the bathroom. He had run a hot bath for me and sat me down in it. He put his hand between my legs, feeling my vagina and asked,

“Are you okay Emma? We didn’t hurt you did we?”

I was laying back in the water, totally relaxed and smiling, “No, you didn’t hurt me. That was wonderful. You were wonderful. So did I get the job?”

BJ laughed, “Yeah, you did pretty good on your practical. I think you are going to be rich. In fact, you are probably going to end up running off with one of my customers…you’re that good.”

BJ soaped me up between my legs and asked me to get on my knees and show my ass. About this time, Richard came in and asked BJ, “What did she say?”

I turned to him,” What did I say about what?”

BJ laughed, “We were wondering if you do anal.” He traced a circle around my butthole with his soapy finger, and was about to push it in me when I sat back down.

“No, I’ve tried that…don’t enjoy it.”

Richard said, “Yeah, that’s cool, but I could show you a few things if you let me. I think you could be taught to enjoy it, but that’s up to you. You need to know there’s a lot of money in that little “musty hole” of yours.

I was non-commital, “Well, maybe…we’ll see. I trust you.

Richard replied, “Okay, with your permission, let me show you a little trick.”

He put me back on my knees with my ass up and coated his finger with KY jelly. “Now I’m going to slowly push my finger up you ass. As I do, try to push me out, like you’re trying to fart.”

I prepared myself and when I felt his finger on my anus, I pushed and he entered me all the way.

“Man, you are tight back there. How did that feel?”

“yeah, that was okay. Now what?”

“Now when I pull out, you try to hold me in, then push me out when I push back into you…we’ll go slow.”

Richard finger fucked my ass for several minutes, and I got to where I had my timing down just right. Of course BJ had to try me too. He wasn’t nearly as gentle as Richard. We finished our “ass play,” and I whispered to Richard that when I was ready to give it up, he could take me. That fucker BJ was just too big.

I finished my bath, and we had a few drinks and ended up in bed for the night. The men took turns napping and fucking me. It seemed every time I was able to doze off, I’d be awakened by a hard cock, and it kept on until the men couldn’t perform, and my pussy was swollen and sore. I couldn’t wait for my first real client. For better or for worse, I was now a call girl.

The author would like to hear from readers as to positive or critical feedback and whether there is any interest in further development of this character. Thanks, John Carbo

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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