Highway Patrol

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Max saw the sirens in his rear view mirror as he hurtled down the highway. Being the coward he was, his gut lurched as he pulled over. A large figure opened the driver’s door of the cop car and slowly began to stroll towards Max. His cheeks went pink as a black paw tapped on the window almost shattering it.

“Going a little fast there buddy.”

Max went puce.

The cop must have been around 6″6 inches tall and built like a bodybuilder, he looked at Max’s bright red complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes and began to think of a new solution to the speeding fine he was about to hand out. Max stared at the bulge in the officers crotch wondering if he had stuffed an entire fruit bowl down there.

“Now I could give you a speeding fine… Or we could come to another conclusion.”

“E-erm Ok.”

Max felt a moist sensation in his underwear as the giant of a man opened the passenger door at the back and got in.

“Climb over buddy.”

Max hopped over the seats into the back as the officer stroked his leg.

“It’s a quiet little stretch of road Bayan Escort Gaziantep down here, we should be fine.”

Max knew what role he would be playing tonight and began to kiss the officers neck. The officer ran his hand over Max’s little bulge as he fiddled with the front of his jeans. The officer took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a body carved from coal black stone, rippling as it sensed its prey.

Max stroked the officer’s body like a girl, admiring its power. With one strong pull the officer pulled off Max’s jeans followed by his t-shirt to reveal a porcelain skinny torso and feminine backside.

“What is that?”

The officer laughed at Max’s tiny three inch penis as Max drew a deep breath.

“What is that?!”

Max’s hands had found the officers trousers and what appeared to be a baseball bat shoved down the leg. The officer took off his trousers as the two men were now completely naked.

Max pursed his pretty pink lips and wrapped them around the thick 11 inch python as best he could as it throbbed and leapt around of its own accord. The officer let out a moan as Max licked the pre-cum off the officer’s penis. He easily lifted Max and bent him over his lap as he spanked him before putting his thick black finger to his mouth and inserting it into Max.

Max squealed like a girl and began to take more and more of the officer down his throat as the officer pistoned 3 fingers in and out of Max. The officer tensed up as a wave of testosterone surged through his body.

“Time to pay your fine pretty boy.”

The officer grabbed Max by the hips and thrust him between the two front seats. Max shook his ass like a girl at the officer anticipating what was to come. The officer grabbed his enormous manhood and gently put the purple tip on Max’s rosy red entrance. He pushed gently as Max gently moaned. 1 inches, 2 inches 3 inches… Until Max had 9 inches of the black monster in his boy pussy.

“Hold on tight pretty boy.”

The officer began to thrust himself in and out of Max into his stomach as Max’s sphincter acted as a ribbed pleasure tool for the burly officer.

Max grabbed the gear stick and began to scream in a high pitched tone as the officer spanked his lilywhite ass hard leaving a big red paw print.

“Harder daddy.”

Max yelped as clear fluid started to spurt from his tiny penis and his ass contracted. His first girly orgasm from this man. The officer grabbed Max’s neck as the car shook violently.

“Ok baby here we go.” The officer’s thrust got deeper and shorter as his grip on Max’s hips almost broke them.


Max’s insides looked like someone had poured a pint of milk in as the officer continued to groan in pleasure shooting his load deep inside Max.

The officer stayed in his dominant position trying to recover as Max caught a glimpse of his bright red face in the mirror.

“We’re even now baby.”

The officer put on his clothes and gave Max his number.

“You ever want to speed again, I work this stretch most nights.”

The officer went back to his car as Max felt the officer’s love sloshing around inside him and wondered if the man was so fertile he might be pregnant.

His hands shook on the steering wheel as he drove off into the jet black night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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