I Didn’t Want It To End, Not Ever

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I had scored the winning goal and the team were all made up. What a cheer they gave me as I entered the changing room. I was patted and slapped on the back by everyone and the coach stood in front of me as I stripped off ready for the showers.

“Be sure to get to the bar in plenty of time tonight. We’ll have a blast,” he said as he looked me up and down. That always made me blush ‘cos although I had a decent bod his gaze was always so forthright and piercing. He seemed to linger on my cock longer than was “normal” for a straight guy with kids.

“Ok coach” I replied. “I’m in the mood to let my hair down a bit. See you there,” and I made to push past him using my towel to cover my nudity.

He slapped my bum playfully as I passed and the guys all laughed but what they didn’t see was his hand slowly rub up and down my crack. He leant in close and whispered “Be sure to wear that sexy black jock. It really turns me on.”

I turned my 6′ frame to retort, but he had already moved off and was by the door ready to leave. He winked as I caught his eye and I decided that it was his attempt at humour.

I reached the shower and suffered some good natured teasing from the lads. They were all about my age, 25 or so and like me, fit and healthy. We worked out twice a week and weights had developed our bodies to get them toned and muscled. It was no surprise that I had to run the gauntlet of a good spanking as I tried to escape and dry off. They flicked their towels and hit my bum as I ran out to get dry.

Dave came over to me wrapped in his towel and wanted to know what Coach had said. I tried not to look down at his cock. It was tenting his towel and I was sure it was growing stiffer. What a hunk.

“He was just mucking about trying to be funny I think. Making suggestions as to what I should wear.”

“Well you look good in anything. Go as you are,” he laughed. “He’ll really get off on that. You’ve got a really good bod Andy, you know that.” He looked me over as he said this and a wicked smile appeared on his lips.

“Well it’s jeans and a shirt for me. No surprises whatever,” I said as I pulled on a pair of Calvin hipsters over my tight black jock and then buttoned a long sleeved shirt. Yes I didn’t know why but I’d done as coach had asked (or ordered). Force of habit I suppose.

“Come on you lot. I’m buying,” said Dave as he hurried out, now completely dressed in tight fitting jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, open at the front to show off his firm , hairy chest.

I wasn’t too far behind him but when I got to the bar I saw he was deep in conversation with coach who had his arm around his shoulders.

“Hey Andy, come on lets celebrate. What are you having,” said Dave. They moved apart and as I stood between them at the bar I could feel them move together as though I was the filling in a human sandwich. They both put their arms on my shoulder and leant their weight on me. They smelt good and a young barman quickly got us all a drink. He smiled and winked at me. Perhaps he knew how embarassed I was, having all this attention.

The other guys had joined us and were pushing and jostling against us as we tried to hold our positions at the bar. I would normally have moved away but coach and Dave kept their arm around me and I finished my pint and had another.

After the fourth I was beginning to feel very “relaxed” and didn’t mind Coach and Dave resting on me and leaning in close istanbul travesti to talk. It was hard to hear above the noise at the bar and I had to lean my head close to theirs and more than once had felt a tickle on my earlobe as their lips had got so close.

Coach was looking at me with a funny gleam in his eye which I put down to the beer. We had now had six each and I had to take a leak. I backed away explaining where I was going and was surprised when they both joined me. We walked purposefully to the gents and they stood either side of me at the stalls.

I undid my belt and buttons and opened the front of my jeans. I wasn’t surprised to find I had a semi and rubbed it gently to get the piss flowing. I looked across at Dave and his cock was stiff and gushing out yellow acrid liquid for all it was worth. It was about seven inches and fat enought to need two hands to hold it.

Then I looked the other side and gasped at coach’s long, fat tool. He, like me, had let his jeans fall open around his firm thighs and he was now manipulating his dick with great enthusiasm.

He smiled again. “Glad to see you came dressed for the occasion” he said as he looked longingly at my tight black jock pulled up under my balls.

“Ever pissed through a stiff cock?” he murmered. “It’s the greatest feeling ever.” With that he released a gushing torrent of urine up the wall of the stalls in front of him and gasped with the pleasurable feeling he was experiencing.

“Here, let me,” he said as he grabbed my growing cock in his hand.

“Lets show this novice what real men do eh Dave,” and he began rubbing my quickly stiffening tool.

Dave placed a firm hand on my buttocks and stroked up and down, quickly sliding under the waist band of my jock and rubbing away at my virgin crack.

Mmmm. This was good and certainly different. My stiffened cock, engorged with blood and a full bladder was now ready to burst and I leaned back and started to piss all over the wall.

“That’s it Andy, Oh yes what a torrent,” said coach. He nuzzled into my neck and I could feel his hot breath on my ear. He bit it and made me gasp. Then he sucked on my neck and I felt his free hand on my chest pinching a nipple.

“Ohh, ohh,” I moaned and I felt a finger exploring my bum hole. Dave’s hand had a mind of it’s own it seemed and I felt it pushing and probing as first one finger then two, found the tight opening they sought.

“Agg, Ohh, easy Dave, easy,” I muttered before Coach’s hot lips covered my mouth and blocked off all sound. He forced his probing, hungry tongue into my mouth and fenced frantically with mine before attempting to suck all the juice from my body. Fuck, he was certainly wound up and I had gone with the moment and was now swept away by the ardent and forceful advances of these two masculine men. They certainly wanted what I had and I was certainly enjoying this!!

My cock had ceased it’s pouring and was still stiff and hard. Coach was obviously reluctant to let go and cotinued to rub it firmly with one hand while feeling me up with the other and kissing me rough and hard. Piss had splashed onto his hand and he lifted it to my mouth, drawing back his lips while he fed first one then two piss drenched fingers between my lips. I tasted them hesitantly then sucked hungrily as I became used to the astringent odour. They tasted good and coach sucked them too, then hungrily licked the last drops from istanbul travestileri my slim fingers, wrist and hand.

“Mmmm, Nothing better than a good “piss starter” before the main course,” he whispered in my ear.

Dave was still working on my hole and the sensation was setting my bum on fire. He had two fingers well placed inside me and must have coated them with something ‘cos they were moving about easily now, slipping and sliding in and out as he massaged my ring. He leant in close and kissed me hard, biting my bottom lip excitedly.

“You enjoying this, eh?” he chuckled. “Told you he’d like it coach. He’s a real slut boy at heart. I can always pick ’em out. Shy and polite but sneaking crafty glances while you’re changing or having a piss. Well he’s really gonna get the treatment now. You’d better relax and enjoy it Andy ‘cos there’s a lot more to come…or cum ” and he chuckled at his own joke.

“Come on then, Lets get back to the others,” coach said and he pulled away from me and dropped my cock. “Don’t bother to tuck that away,” he said, twanging my cock playfully. “We’ll be needing it soon enough.”

I was all confused and muddled and a thousand thoughts were racing at once. Why had Dave appeared to be my friend if he had just wanted my body? Where were we going now? How were coach and Dave connected? What would the other guys think when we showed up like this, wet with piss and stiff-cocked?

All these thoughts were a blur as we shuffled back into the bar area. The sight that met us was a great surprise to me if not to the other two. The lights were low with just a few candles and low set table lights illuminating the room. The team and “supporters”, all men, were in various states of undress with their arms draped over each other, hands and mouths hungrily exploring each other’s bodies.

“You got back just in time”, said Pete, the tall, good looking goalie. “Lets help you out of these things eh,” and he smiled as he undid my shirt buttons and ran his hands over my hairless firm pecs.

“Oh no you don’t”, said coach as he pushed Pete off me. “You form a queue. I’m first.” With that he pulled down my jeans and burying his face into my tight jock, took a deep breath in. “Mmm, lovely” he murmured and grabbed my still hard cock in his firm hand, and swallowed it right into the back of his throat. His slurping and moaning were quickly bringing me to the brink and before I knew it Pete was beside me again, breathing his alcoholic odour heavily on me as he said, “Well while he’s busy down there why don’t we ..” and he forced his tongue into my mouth hungrily.

“Mmnn Oh aghh mnn,” was all I managed to say in reply. Dave was behind me again, easing his well oiled fingers into my crack and rubbing for all he was worth. He pulled them out and lifted my shirt tail.

“Aggghhh. nnnoooo. ohhh” I moaned as I felt a stiff 7 inches forced into my tight hole. “agh Ow.” It hurt like hell, even after all the lubing up and massaging. I still had coach gnawing away on my boner cock and Pete sucking my face and pulling on my tits. Fuck, what was a man to do?

With one almighty movement I arched my back, stuck out my bum, sucked for all I was worth and abandoned myself to the pleasures of the moment. I felt wave after wave of pleasure flood my body as all three men realised I was close to cuming and renewed their efforts to pleasure me with extra vigour.

“AAGGGHHH, OOOOOHHHHH, travesti istanbul FFUUUCCCK!!!” I gasped as wave after wave of incredible pleasure filled my body and my cum erupted into coach’s waiting mouth.

“Ah,ah,ah,” I gasped as my climax slowed.

My ejeculation had brought off Dave and he was pumping the last of his seed into my virgin hole while coach slurped up the dribbles of cum off my round and glowing nob head.

“Man that was the best,” said Pete as he pulled away from my mouth. “You sure know how to kiss Andy.” Then he was gone, into the gloom of other bodies and their movements and murmerings.

“Wow,” said coach as he stood up in front of me. “That was some load of cum you shot. Wanna taste it?” and he pulled my mouth to his and slid his tongue around inside. Mm, Was that me? It tasted good.

Dave joined in the kiss too. Two wet and forceful tongues at once was nearly too much and I tried to pull away.

“Oh no you don’t. We’ve got big plans for you Andy, and it involves a lot of sharing so just you get used to it.”

I guess I would have to and once again I relaxed into the moment. Other guys had joined in now and I felt my remaining clothes being slowly stripped from my aching body until I was standing in the bar completely naked. My eyes were closed and hands explored my nakedness, moving sensitively over and round all the intimate and tender parts.

I raised my arms above my head and arched my back.

“You slut, you’re loving this,” I heard whispered in my right ear as another pair of lips nibbled and caressed my left.

It’s true I was and I pulled the mouth down onto mine, hungrily biting and sucking and sharing the firm tongue pushing down inside my throat.

Lips and teeth were now gently biting on each nipple and I felt warm, firm hands open my arse cheeks and a nose and tongue burrow inside to lap at my hole and suck up Dave’s juices mixed with my own. Perhaps it was Dave but I didn’t care who it was. I was in heaven and completely abandoned myslf to the sensuous feelings flooding my body. Nothing had ever felt so good and I was really tingling and alight, every nerve ending screaming with pleasure as these hard hands and biting mouths hungrily caressed my aching body.

I felt my balls being licked by another tongue and yet another was licking lightly around my big red knob end.

“MMmmmmmmmmm.” I let out a low moan from deep within my chest. “Oh guys, that is SSOOOO good,” I whispered through barely open lips.

All at once I felt myself gently lifted by this army of hard, muscled arms and hands, off the soft carpet and carried stomach up, for a few feet until I was gently lowered onto a hard, firm surface at table height. I realised it was the pool table I could feel on my back and moaned again as my legs were raised and fingers and tongues began to caress my inner thighs. I heard another body climb onto the table and through half opened eyes saw Joe, a big 6’4″ defender between my legs. He was tanned and toned with a mighty 8″ cock that I had often coveted in the shower and now arched out form his flat stomach.

He lifted both my legs over his shoulders and wriggled forward on the firm baize.

“I hope you’re ready for a hard ride, Andy, ‘cos I can’t wait no more,” he said. He pulled me even closer and angled my bum so that his stiff rod was pushing and poking at the entrance. Then he leaned forward and I felt it slide slowly in, greased by the cum and gunk of all that had gone before.

“Ohh fuck me Joe, ” I moaned as his rhythm built. He was pounding his big cock inside me and I was loving the gut-tearing pain of a really big man inside me. I didn’t want it to end, not ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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