Jacking Off for the First Time

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I always found this chapter of my life really hilarious and I sometimes shake my head in amusement in how dense and clueless I was during my younger years. I didn’t start masturbating regularly until I was late into my teen years. I grew up in a very conservative reservation in northern New Mexico, so I was on my own in self discovery and the ‘Birds and Bees”!

I remember waking up rather suddenly during a late spring morning and it was the first day of summer vacation. It was May of 1994 and I was nearing completion of my senior year in high school. My eyes snapped open and I stretched lazily. I noticed my morning wood was unusually harder and more intense, including my pulse was unusually elevated more as well. When I took my morning piss, it usually went away, but this was different, and my self discovery would change me forever! I had experienced orgasms before in my wet dreams going through puberty, losing both my straight and homosexual virginity I was pretty dense and absent minded, it had never dawned on me to ever self pleasure myself until that one fateful spring morning.

My morning erection finally subsided a little after having to sit on the toilet and aim my erection down to piss. I am forty years old and I miss my teen erections in where my circumcised erection would be standing straight up and staring at me when I stood naked in front of my mom’s full length mirror checking myself out. I was walking around an empty house and realized in it was only Wednesday and my parents had gone to work, with the rest of my siblings still going to class due to different schools. I Antep Bayan Escort laid back down on my bed and stretched lazily listening and enjoying a rare morning show from a popular rock station still in its infancy. My heart rate and my erection were unusually up more, and a delicious feeling in my balls and loins were asserting itself more and more. I finally decided to play with myself and I took off my running shorts and t-shirt. I was laying on my bed naked, and softly ran my fingers through my course and thick pubic hair. My balls and scrotum hung really low and heavy, and I softly played and felt them along with the long and straight pubic hair.

My cock was standing straight up once more and my circumcised head was staring at me, as I gently and firmly squeezed my shaft with a hand. I have always enjoyed looking at my mushroom head expand and grow when I did that! I instantly noticed I was leaking more and more of the slippery pre-cum and it felt incredible when I milked up my shaft and a huge bead would appear from my head slit to rub around my head with a finger. I let a hand run down my taint more to feel the hair growing there and my anal hair surrounding my once again tight button. My balls began to feel heavy with pressure and I was afraid of the blue balls and I hated in how the backed up pressure hurt my nuts. I was laying on my bed naked and I was playing with myself, contemplating with my clueless mind in how to relieve myself of this pressure. It finally hit me in how to relieve myself!

I have always heard from the guys and girls in teasing each other and myself in always jacking off, while being teased relentlessly by my older brother and girlfriend! I was still playing with myself, naked and extremely horny, on my bed when I suddenly remembered in the scenes of all the stolen porn I have ever seen. I had quickly noticed watching all the porn during my earlier years, that all the guys at the end of their scenes and sessions, they would suddenly take out their massive porn cocks from the girls they were impaling, and they would grab their erections with a hand and begin stroking quickly back and forth, or up and down. The male porn stars would be jacking off, start whimpering and thick, white fluid would shoot out of them, and during my own intimate times, the gay sex or getting a hand job, thick white and ropey fluid would erupt from my own cock! DUH!!

I anxiously get up from my bed and quickly walked naked to the bathroom to start the shower. I decided right that instant I was going to attempt to jack off in the shower and use lotion as a lubricant. I turned on the water and made it really warm. My cock head was dripping copious amounts of pre-cum as it was slowly dripping down in long strands, and pumped copious amounts of Vaseline Lotion on my right hand and stepped into the tub. I aimed the shower nozzle down and sat down at the top of the tub with my knees open. The water was really warm and it was already steaming up the mirrors and I began to sweat too, as I began stroking myself with my lubed up right hand for the first time in my life. I was stunned in not discovering this earlier in my life as I stroked a little faster, because my mushroom head felt exquisite with the self pleasure. I closed my eyes and leaned back a little, as I stroked faster and becoming more aroused from the wet, lubed up slapping and stroking sound of my slippery hand going up and down my wet and slick erection. I soaped up my left hand and continued stroking and I lifted up my legs to finger my own asshole. I sat up and saw my erection pulsing back and forth with my heartbeat and reached out to pump more lotion on my right hand.

I am eternally grateful in I was home alone when I experienced my first orgasm from masturbating! I sat there in the tub with the shower running, and I was stroking faster and faster. My right hand, slick with lotion, was loud going up and down my erect cock, with the wet and slippery slapping sound of skin being stroked. I suddenly began to feel my testicles were all of a sudden retreating up my body, then the exquisite, heavenly paradise of the familiar feeling of semen beginning to boil forward. My cock became incredibly more hard, with my cock head becoming more sensitive with pleasure, and I stroked faster. Finally, the backed up semen began to boil forward for the first time as a force of nature and I felt my eyes widen, and me knees bent up more from the sheer pleasure. I cried out loudly from the pleasure and surprise as the first jet of thick, white and ropey semen erupted out with surprising force and hit myself with the jet of semen on my neck!

The second powerful spurt landed on my chest and a weak third spurt oozed out thick semen and I kept stroking and milked myself until none came out. WOW! I sat there relaxed and exhausted from pleasuring myself for the first time and I was sweating and covered in my own cum. I scooped up a handful and examined it closer and smelled it! It was organic, clean and smelled like organic Clorox. I touched the tip of my tongue to my own cum and it was warm and a little tart. I slowly sat up and washed my pubic hair and normally showered, and I jacked off three more times that day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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