Joining Ali and Violet

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“So, you two are L…” I began, speaking to the two women cuddled up together on a couch in front of me.

“Lovers?” Ali interrupted.

“Life Partners?” Violet countered, causing both to giggle.

“Lesbians?” I finally finished my question.

“Nope!” Ali said.

“Not at all,” Violet agreed.

“So you’re bisexual? But you’re in a committed relationship,” I ventured.

“Yes yes,” Ali nodded emphatically.

“We are committed…” Violet added.

“Well, it’s been fun talking with you girls but I should find my friends.” The truth was the party was packed with attractive women and while I found Ali and Violet amusing and cute enough, I had hopes of getting lucky that evening and two partnered women didn’t seem to be the right place to look.

“He’s not getting it,” Violet said to Ali.

“Nope, he’s not. Boys can be so dense,” Ali agreed.

“They can be cute when they’re dense,” Violet stated.

“Well this one would be cute no matter what,” Ali observed about me, resulting in emphatic nodding from her partner.

“What am I not getting?” I asked.

“Well let’s lay out the details,” Ali began.

“See if you can put two and two together to make three,” Violet continued, resulting in even more giggles.

“Ok, lay it out for me,” I said, frustrated at their antics, but my curiosity getting the better of me.

“We have both flirted with you, yes?” Ali asked. I nodded.

“And we’re not teases!” Violet stated emphatically.

“Nope, teases are bad!” Ali nodded in agreement.

“So we’re not lesbians, and we’re not teases, and we’re both flirting with you. You tell us what’s the most logical answer Mr. Man,” Violet stated.

“Um, you’re fighting over me?”

“We’d never fight over a guy!” Ali exclaimed.

“Yep, we know how to share,” Violet agreed.

The suggestion of sharing gave me my hint, and I decided to go for broke. “Are you both propositioning me? I mean, you know, together?”

“You mean threesome?” Violet asked.

“Menage-a-trois?” Ali added.

“Two chicks, one dick?” Violet topped her, and again they burst into laughter.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Ding ding ding!” Ali exclaimed.

“Give the man a prize!” Violet stated.

“Or two?” Ali asked.

“Or four?” Violet said, pushing her tits together under her low cut top for emphasis. I was a tad skeptical, but was willing to see if they were serious.

“Ok sure. But why? And why me?”

“Well you see, unfortunately boys seem to have a monopoly on all the dicks,” Violet began.

“Oh, give boys some credit Vi,” Ali countered. “I happen to think boys have quite lovely bodies. All hard and firm and strong with a bit of hair in all the right places.”

“Well yes, remember Ali that I too enjoy men sexually as well. I just don’t care to date them.”

“Yes, well, you know that I have dated boys. Although right now I’m all about dating a certain girl in the foreseeable future,” Ali said, nuzzling her nose against Violet’s cheek.

“So yes, as Violet was saying, we love each other but both like cock now and then. And we view it as a sort of community service to select one lucky and worthy guy every now and then to come soil our bed with his manliness.”

“It’s a lesbian outreach program,” Violet agreed with a surprisingly solemn nod.

“I thought you two weren’t lesbians?” I asked

“Yes, but lesbian outreach program has more punch than bisexual outreach, don’t you think? All straight men already love bi women!” Violet exclaimed.

Ali giggled. “So, yes or no? In or out? In and out perhaps?” Her pretty green eyes held my gaze.

“If you’re serious I’m in,” I said.

“Good. We’re all settled then?” Ali looked over at her partner in crime.

“A worthy specimen if ever there was,” Violet agreed. “Would you like to ride with us to our place?”

“That sounds great,” I said.

The girls each took one side of me and I walked out of the party with a woman on each arm. One of my buddies saw me on the way out and laughed. I don’t think he believed I was on my way to screw both women, but I was still a little skeptical myself.

To my disappointment Violet claimed the front seat in Ali’s small car, leaving me by myself in the cramped back. Still, I couldn’t blame Violet for wanting to be close to her girlfriend, and was willing to put up with some discomfort with the prospect of a threesome on the horizon.

“So, have you ever had two girls before at the same time?” Ali asked as she drove. “It’s ok if you haven’t, I just want to know how we should play this.”

“I haven’t, but I’ve certainly imagined it plenty of times. I came close once, but one of the girls chickened out at the last minute,” I told her.

“Ok, well I think we should start out with you watching Violet and I together, and then we’ll tell you when to join in,” Ali said. I was amazed how casually she was discussion sexual arrangements; in my experience many women had difficulty talking about preferences in far Beylikdüzü escort more mundane situations.

“So how many different guys have been lucky enough to have you both at once?” I asked them.

“We’ve been together almost nine months now,” Violet answered. “We started doing this a few months ago, so you’re the fourth guy.”

“Does it usually go well?” I asked. I actually found myself a little nervous. While I was usually sexually confident, I did find the prospect of a threesome a little intimidating, even if I knew they were really into each other so the burden wasn’t all on me.

“We’ve chosen carefully,” Ali said. “So far our luck has been good. Even the guys that weren’t as experienced in bed still were fun to play with.”

“Yes, the look on their little faces watching us play together is totally worth it!” Violet added. “Our last one was this cute little eighteen year-old. Kind of a scrawny guy, but so sweet. His eyes practically popped out of his head watching us play.”

“Well I’m sure seeing you two together is a thrill for any man,” I observed. “What about girls? Do you ever bring in a third?”

“No,” Ali stated. “Really, you’re here because you have a cock, something both of us lack. I think both of us would be far more jealous seeing the other with another woman.”

“I actually understand that. It’s like a straight guy who would love to see his girlfriend with another chick, but would hate it if she was with another dude,” I noted.

“Exactly,” Violet said.

“Well here we are. Home sweet home,” Ali said, pulling her car into the garage.

The apartment itself was small but cozy. Ali gave me a tour of the kitchen and living room. “There is beer and soda in the fridge, and we have cable. Make yourself comfy on the couch. Violet and I are going to go get ready, so you just wait here for us, m’kay?” she asked. Violet simply stood by her side, beaming.

I nodded, being perfectly willing to play by their rules to have the experience they were offering. The girls retreated to their bedroom and shut the door, leaving me to get a drink from the fridge and settle down on the worn sofa and watch television.

I discovered they subscribed to the Playboy channel. I surmised that two feminine bisexuals certainly could enjoy the images of mainstream female sexuality. It was showing a mediocre soft-core movie, but it was sexy enough to keep me aroused while I waited.

“Come, come,” Ali invited, opening the bedroom door only enough to call out her invitation. I got up and casually walked to the bedroom, not wanting to seem uncool or overeager.

When I entered the bedroom, I was treated to a lovely sight. The girls had changed into flimsy, lacy lingerie, red for Ali while Violet naturally wore lavender. They were short babydolls with matching g-string panties underneath. Dozens of candles provided the only light, but it was plenty sufficient to get an eyeful of their feminine forms. Both women were curvy very sexy.

Their bed was King sized and covered in dark blue patterned sheets. Ali gestured towards an office chair sitting next to a computer desk, which I sat down on. With a lustful grin the girls embraced tenderly and locked lips, kissing as much for my benefit as their own. Each caressed the other’s body tenderly as their tongues intertwined. I contented myself to simply watch the Sapphic display in front of me, although I was tempted to unzip my pants and stroke myself.

However I contented myself to simply enjoy the arousing sight before me, my sizable erection twitching inside my pants. Violet cupped Ali’s ass gently with her hand, squeezing it. Ali cooed and nibbled upon her partner’s neck, eliciting a gasp from Violet. Ali didn’t stop there, kissing further down to the swell of her girlfriend’s breasts. She nuzzled them affectionately, brushing her nose against them and placing tender kisses upon the soft, pale flesh.

Violet rolled onto her back and assumed a more passive role, enjoying the attention Ali was paying to her breasts. Ali cupped and squeezed them almost possessively though the thin fabric of the negligee. Her kisses became more passionate, and she pulled the cup down from one breast, exposing one of Violet’s pale pink nipples briefly before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

I had a great view of Ali’s ass wiggling in front of me as she suckled upon her partner’s tit. The lingerie bottom did nothing to conceal her ass. Not a single hair poked out from beneath her thong, and I imagined Ali would have to be almost completely shaved. I pictured her swollen pink pussy and had to adjust my erection within my pants.

Ali moved to Violet’s other nipple and gave it similar attention while Violet’s eyes met mine. Her eyes were half-closed, and a beautiful expression of lust was on her face. Upon making eye contact she smiled at me, perhaps remembering my presence and anticipating when I would join them in lovemaking.

Ali turned to me. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Ali slowly traced Beylikdüzü escort her fingertips across her lover’s breasts, displaying them for me. “I don’t know how I got so lucky to be with a woman like my Violet.” Ali lowered her mouth to kiss Violet tenderly on her lips. “Don’t you think she’s sexy?” she asked me.

“She’s very sexy,” I responded. “You both are.” I was amused that despite their brazen display, both women seemed to blush at my compliment.

“Let’s show him your tits, Ali,” Violet said, propping herself up and cupping one of Ali’s ample breasts. Ali’s lingerie provided a good bit of cleavage, and her chest was practically falling out of the delicate garment.

“Yes, lets” Ali agreed, gracefully sliding the straps off her shoulders. Violet completed the unveiling, sliding the fabric down and tucking it just below Ali’s chest.

They sat next to each other for a moment, smiling at me, arms draped casually against one another almost like two girls posing for a picture at a slumber party, only mostly undressed. I admired their lovely bodies. Physically the girls were quite similar, both pale brunettes with considerable curves. I couldn’t help but think that the lovemaking between them was almost a narcissistic experience at times.

“You two are absolutely stunning,” I told them.

“Well, you’ll be joining us soon, and be free to touch and explore everything you see. But for now we’re going to tease you a little longer,” Ali said to me. The women lay back down on their sides and kissed once more, casually allowing their passions to build.

Just watching and waiting was almost torturous despite the visual appeal of the two women together. I wanted to spring from my chair and seize them, taking them and making them my own. Still, I sat and waited, letting my eyes soak it all in.

Ali helped Violet remove her negligee, and Violet returned the favor. This left both girls in only their matching g-string panties. Now almost fully naked, the women pressed against each other once more, bare breasts touching bare breasts. For as long as they’d been in bed already, neither had touched the other’s pussy; they were taking their time and allowing their anticipation to build before moving on.

Ali whispered something to Violet, who glanced at me and nodded. Without saying a word the women broke their embrace and crawled towards me across the bed, side by side, in an almost predatory, cat-like manner. It was a sight to behold, especially given their impressive chests.

Ali reached me a moment sooner than her lover and slid her hand up my leg, between my thighs to my groin. I jumped visibly from the sudden contact. Ali slid her hand across the length of my cock through my pants and looked at me, eyes slightly wide. “Come, feel this Vi,” she said.

Violet had joined Ali sitting on the floor next to her and placed her own hand on the bulge in my pants. “Oh my!” she exclaimed. “He’s very…”

“Ready?” Ali said with a giggle. She tried to undo my pants but had difficulty with the snap.

I decided to help out and stood up, undoing my pants and sliding my pants and boxers down in one motion. My erection sprang out and stood proudly before the two women looking up at me from the floor. Ali’s face showed pure glee, while Violet had a look of awe.

Ali was the first to reach up and touch my cock. “You’re a big boy aren’t you?” she said more towards my cock than me. “What do you think, Vi?”

Violet mumbled something incomprehensible before saying “You sure know how to pick them, Ali.”

“Come, come, up closer to it. It won’t hurt you. Never seen one this size, have you?” Ali said to her lover.

“No…” Violet said, moving closer to my cock. “I thought that other guy, Jason, was quite big.”

Ali stroked my length slowly. “Yes, he was, long certainly. I think they’re about the same in that regard. But this one is as thick as Mr. Blue. Mr. Blue is a certain toy we sometimes play with,” she added for my benefit. “Do you want the first lick?” Ali asked, offering me to her lover. I didn’t say anything nor move, allowing the interaction to unfold below me.

Violet extended her tongue, sliding the tip of it from the base of my shaft slowly up to the sensitive spot below the head without breaking eye contact with Ali for a moment. Ali held my shaft for Violet, who continued bathing my cock with her tongue while staring at her lover.

For a moment I almost felt ignored, despite the attention my cock was receiving. I was a prop, a living sex toy. Violet wasn’t so much trying to please me as show off for her lover, demonstrate how wanton she could be. My feelings of neglect quickly disappeared when Ali’s tongue joined Violet’s, and I sighed contentedly. I marveled at the sight of the two women licking me, even if their attention was largely focused on each other.

“You want to suck on it while I suck on you?” Ali asked lustfully. Violet nodded. She took my thick shaft in her mouth, opening her jaw widely to accommodate me. Ali Escort Beylikdüzü kissed down Violet’s neck to her bare breasts. She suckled upon them tenderly, glancing up to watch Violet slide her lips up and down me slowly.

I fought the urge to erupt in Violet’s pretty mouth. I forced myself to enjoy the sensations without getting too worked up by the situation. I nearly lost it when Ali kissed her way down Violet’s tummy and pulled her tiny panty aside to give her tongue access to Violet’s fully shaven pussy.

Violet moaned with her mouth full of my cock as her feminine lover’s tongue made contact with her clit. She continued sucking on me, moving her mouth and hand together on my shaft as Ali licked her pussy. When Ali pulled Violet’s underwear off, Violet released my shaft and gasped out, “God baby, you’re the best!”

“Well you deserve the best,” Ali chuckled before moving her head back between Violet’s thighs. Violet closed her eyes and enjoyed the stimulation. She held my erection gently, but it was clear her attention was focused on Ali’s tongue.

I took the opportunity to play with Violet’s ample tits. She released my cock as I repositioned myself and ran my fingers across her soft, pale flesh. I lowered my mouth and took a firm pink nipple in my mouth. Glancing down, I saw that Ali was still feasting upon Violet. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Are you close, baby?” Ali whispered. Violet groaned unintelligibly and nodded affirmatively. “Do you want to feel him inside you? I want to watch you get off while getting fucked by a big cock!” Ali hissed.

Violet nodded tentatively; I think she would have been happy just to get off via Ali’s tongue. While I stripped off my remaining clothing, Ali quickly snagged a condom from the nightstand and ripped the package open, rolling the sheathe down my erection expertly.

Ali slid her body upwards, pressing her tits against my body. Ali pressed her lips against my ear and whispered, “Be gentle with her. She can handle it, but go slow. You can be rough with me later.” She kissed my cheek, and then lay down next to Violet.

Ali whispered something in the other woman’s ear while squeezing one of Violet’s breasts. Violet looked at me and nodded. Ali placed a hand on Violet’s thigh, encouraging her to spread her legs apart. I moved between them, aiming my erection at her obviously wet womanhood.

“You want it don’t you? You want his big cock?” Ali asked encouragingly. Violet nodded, staring at my cock. “Say it,” Ali encouraged her. “Tell the nice boy you want him to fuck you.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me, please,” Violet said, looking me in the eyes. Ali reached down and held my cock, helping to guide it into her lover’s pussy.

I sunk into Violet slowly, feeling her tight wetness resist my invasion. She was ready but tense. Ali cooed words of encouragement as I rocked back and forth, slipping myself deeper into her bit by bit.

“Oh god,” Violet moaned. “It’s… it’s too much.”

“Shhhh… You’ve had something just as big in you and liked it,” Ali said soothingly. She looked up at me and smiled, grateful I was being gentle with Violet.

Ali slipped her hand between Violet and me and rubbed the other woman’s clit in small circles. Violet closed her eyes and gasped. I felt her pussy relax noticeably, and with one last gentle push the last of me was finally inside her.

I didn’t trust much at first, simply rocking and letting Ali rub Violet’s clit with me inside her. It was having the intended effect. Violet’s breath was coming faster and her pale chest was flushing pink with arousal.

“Yes…. Yes…. Please fuck me,” Violet moaned. I slid my cock back a bit and drove forward, enjoying the sensation of her snug pussy around my cock. “Yes, like that!” Violet groaned. It was awkward thrusting into her with Ali’s hand there, but I knew it would help make it more pleasurable for Violet.

I didn’t rush myself, instead focusing on Violet’s pleasure. It paid off. Between my gentle thrusts and Ali’s fingers, I watched as Violet approached orgasms. Her moans became louder, her pussy warmer and wetter. She cried out, “Oh God!” and her pussy clenched me tightly. It pulsed and spasmed around me wonderfully. Ali slid her hand up Violet’s tummy, placing it against her cheek and kissing her lips tenderly.

Ali turned to me and smiled. “I’m impressed. Ready to fuck your second hot girl of the night?” she asked with a giggle. I nodded. Ali quickly stripped off her underwear and got on all fours next to Violet, wiggling her ass at me invitingly.

I reluctantly slid out of Violet and moved behind Ali. My cock was tremendously slick with Violet’s juices. I gripped Ali’s hips and moved forward. I slid into her easily between her wetness and the slickness of my cock and bottomed out quickly.

“Wow. God, that’s nice. Give me a second, ok?” Ali asked, her voice tense.

“You ok?” I asked her, concerned. Violet opened her eyes for the first time and studied her partner.

“I’m good, I’m good,” Ali responded. “I just haven’t been fucked in a while, not by a real cock. I like it hard and fast, but I just need to adjust.”

“Why don’t you let me be the man and take care of you?” I asked her, stroking her backside. “I know a thing or two about fucking women.”

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