Katie , Stephanie

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Big Tits

I just had the best sex with two of the hottest ladies I have met, but I’m getting ahead of myself. My name’s Pane and I’m just your average Joe Schmo. I’ve got brown hair and eyes. I’m also on the short side and my cock is 7 and half inches, I don’t think I’m hung but I’ve been told that I’m the biggest they’ve ever had. As I said I just had incredible sex, so where should I start.

Katie and Stephanie are waitresses at the restaurant that I work at. They are both young and tight. Steph is dark tanned, brown hair, tall and 19. Katie is short, sorta tan, blond, and 18. Ever since they started working there every guy has been lusting after them and I was no exception. Now I’m pretty outgoing so I was pressing myself on them from the beginning. So when the two of them invited me to one of their parties I was all for it.

They told me to be at Katie’s house at 8 o’clock, I was there ten minutes early. Steph opened the door wearing the hottest outfit, the top was Beylikdüzü escort pretty much non-existent, showing off her 34C’s and her shorts were so short it was almost apparent that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. We entered Katie’s and I was starting to notice that no one else was there. Katie was in the living room wearing similar clothes as Steph. She was swaying to the music and Steph went right over to her and started to grind with her. As I was looking around and wondering, I had to ask. “Katie, where is everyone else?”

“Oh, Pane, we only invited you.” Katie replied.

That’s when it hit me that I was in for a real good time.

“So it’s just us.” Steph chimed in.

“Yeah, so just use your imagination, Pane.” Katie added.

That’s exactly what I did, but those two didn’t let me get to far before the real excitement began. Steph came over and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I ever received. Katie then came over and started on me too. Beylikdüzü escort Then they kissed each other rubbing one another’s bodies. I was getting totally turned on. Next thing I knew I was watching Steph eat out Katie. They were both moaning and writhing on the floor. It was time that I got in on this. I undressed myself and moved around to Katie’s backside. Steph noticed me there and took up my cock in one swallow. I couldn’t believe how sweet her mouth was plus she was moaning from what Katie was doing to her southern regions. After what seemed like forever Steph released me and put my dick to Katie’s hole. I started to enter her when I felt some resistance. Then it hit me Katie was a virgin. I almost blew my load right there, but held out to give this little vixen the best time of her life.

After a half hour Katie screamed out that she was going to cum. When she did it squirted out like a fire hose and landed all over Steph’s face and my cock. She plopped Escort Beylikdüzü off turned around and started to swallow my cock. I couldn’t believe how horny this girl was.

“Do Steph now. Steph you gotta get that monster inside you.”

“Well it’s about time you horny slut.”

With that I plunged my still hard cock into Steph steaming cunt. I was surprised that I was lasting this long. Steph and I moved into almost every position imaginable. Katie was in the corner with three of her fingers up inside herself. As I had Steph on her back Katie came over and lowered her cunt to Steph’s mouth and Steph wasted no time.

Three hours later, after fucking the girls several times each it was time I blew my load. I called both the girls back over to my manhood and started to jack off really fast. Finally after a few seconds I let my cum go over both of their faces. Those two cum hungry sluts ate my cum like there was no tomorrow. We all laid down where we were and fell asleep. So like I said, it was the best sex of my life. About an hour later I woke up with two mouths going up and down my shaft desperately trying to get it hard again, but that story is for another time….

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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