Kelli Gets Even Ch. 4

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Kelli smiled to herself as she leapt out of bed. Thursday already… she’d gotten even with 3 of the five, only 2 left… and then graduation on Saturday and she’d be away from them forever. She had a decided bounce in her step as she headed for the shower….

Tonight it was Holli’s turn to pay. This one was especially delicious… Holli was getting married on Sunday, and tonight was her bachelorette party, early because of graduation on Saturday. Kelli’s mouth twisted in an evil grin as she remembered what Holli did to her, and how much Holli deserved what she was going to get.

Kelli got melancholy as she remembered Chris, her boyfriend for 2 years, her longest relationship to date. They had something special… best friends, and the best sex she’d ever had in her life. He didn’t even rush to get into bed with her, but waited until she was ready… definitely a class act. After about a year and a half, Kelli became friends with Holli, and the three of them started spending time together. It was fun… Kelli trusted Holli and Chris implicitly, and there were no problems.

It all came crashing down one Friday. Kelli had been in class all day, and was to meet Chris at his dorm at 7pm. When she arrived, he wasn’t there. She waited for a while, then got pissed off and went home. She had a message on her machine from Holli to come over that evening at 9pm, so she changed into non-date clothes and wandered over to Holli’s sorority house.

When Kelli got there, she went straight up to Holli’s room to complain about how Chris had treated her. When she knocked on the door, she heard a muffled exclamation from within the room… then Holli opened the door and stood in front of Kelli, her hands on her hips. Dressed only in a thong, her chest heaving with her deep breaths, Holli just looked at Kelli. Kelli’s jaw dropped, and she muttered something unintelligible… then she looked beyond Holli and her heart dropped as well. On the bed, tied to it with silk scarves, in fact, was her beloved Chris… with one of Holli’s sorority sisters deep-throating his cock and another one riding his face and moaning with pleasure. He couldn’t even know she was watching him, he was so involved with the girls. Kelli looked at Holli who grinned at her and started to massage her bare breasts in front of Kelli. “He really wanted something exciting, Kel… so we gave it to him. It’s not your fault that you’re not hot enough….” Then Holli pushed Kelli’s stunned form out the door and closed it in her face, locking it with an audible click.

To this day, Kelli was unsure of how she made it home that night. Chris tried to apologize, saying that Holli tricked him into it, but Kelli wasn’t having any of it. She spent months in mourning before meeting Adam, her current boyfriend, and had never forgiven Holli for doing that to her; the two hadn’t spoken since.

But they did have some mutual acquaintances, which was how Kelli found out about the bachelorette party tonight. The wedding party and a bunch of friends were going to a local bar that featured male strippers on Thursday nights, which worked out perfectly as far as Kelli was concerned. She had to dip into her savings to set up tonight’s fireworks, but it was worth it to get back at Holli once and for all.

Kelli waded through her classes with no problem, and got to the bar around 6pm, an hour before they opened. As agreed, the video equipment and private room she had requested were in place; all of her plans were going well, with only one more little detail left to take care of.

With a quick check to make sure she had brought the money with her, she wandered back into the small “backstage” area. Going through a door marked “private” allowed her into the dressing room. Kelli had some trouble breathing as she took in the 6 members of the male stripper group. They ranged from 5-6 to 6′ tall, all of them in excellent shape, in various states of dress from fully clothed to one man in just a thong-like thing that left nothing to the imagination. She coughed once and stepped forward through the men, letting her fingers run playfully across their bare skin.

Kelli had dressed to impress; her lithe form was covered in black leather, from her boots to her tight pants to the leather jacket she wore on top of a white tshirt, obviously braless. A Beylikdüzü escort vision in black, with blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders, she didn’t have to do much to gather the attention of all the men in the room. They all came towards her, forming a circle around her.

“Now, gentlemen, I need you to do me a favor. It’ll be a good favor, and you’ll enjoy doing it.” The men chuckled and leered at her.

One of them asked “And what do we get for doing you this favor?.” Kelli chuckled and motioned them all in tight around her, and began to explain the whole thing to them….. After 10 minutes the men were laughing as well; Kelli handed them each a hundred dollar bill and left the room, high fiving a couple of the guys as she went. Everything was set… she just had to get into costume, and headed into the ladies room to do so.

20 minutes later she walked out a completely different person; her own boyfriend wouldn’t recognize her. Heavy makeup darkened her pale features; a wig changed her hair completely; very high heels gave her several extra inches of height, and some strategic padding visually added 20 pounds to her weight. Her breasts were tightly wrapped, making them look much smaller. A fake accent finished off the transformation, and she stepped out onto the floor to wait tables for the evening, a privilege she had purchased from the bar’s owner.

The bachelorette party came in around nine o’clock, right about the time Kelli was getting tired of waiting tables. Her spirits rose as the girls walked in… she went over and took their orders, seating them near the stage. Seven of Holli’s best friends had joined her for the evening’s debauchery… Kelli laughed as she thought how little they knew of the extent that debauchery would reach. After getting their drinks, she stopped by a small table out of sight of the bar and got a small bottle out of her purse. Tapping a small amount of powder out of the bottle, she put a small amount in each glass, then tucked the vial into a pocket and delivered the drinks. It went on like that for the next two hours… Kelli spiking each drink she delivered to the bachelorette party, the girls getting drunker and drunker. When the men came onstage to strip, Kelli saw the results of her machinations… the girls’ eyes got glassy with desire, it was all they could do not to jump on stage and ravage the dancers right there.

Kelli’s earlier efforts had guaranteed the dancers would focus on Holli and her party; she was not disappointed. They did a great job, waving their barely covered body parts right in the girls’ faces, generally turning them on. Kelli almost laughed out loud as she saw the girls get hotter and hotter… the ecstasy she had put in their drinks had done its magic, just like it was supposed to.

Kelli left the floor and resumed her normal appearance, nodding to the manager and running upstairs. When she got there she switched on the video equipment and started recording pictures of an empty room in the back of the bar.

Kelli allowed her mind to wander as she waited on the next phase of the plan. She wandered around the room, reveling in the feel of the leather on her lower body. Impulsively she pulled off her jacket and stripped off the tshirt; putting the jacket back on, she was now totally encased in leather. She zipped up the jacket to maximize the feeling, then sat down on a chair as she saw the girls enter the room on the video monitors.

This was a more elaborate setup than usual… Kelli had several cameras, each going to a separate tape deck. She would put them together into one tape later. The women milled around the room uncertainly, then a waitress came in with several bottles of champagne; Kelli had spiked them earlier in the day as well. While she was changing, the manager had informed the bachelorette party that Greg, Holli’s fiancee, had reserved them a private room and some bubbly, and had escorted them in there.

One of the girls wandered to the corner of the room and turned on the jukebox. All of them started dancing to the music and just basically being rowdy. Kelli slipped on some earphones to make sure the sound was coming through… it was perfect. Kelli left the earphones on and continued to watch.

After several minutes, the dancers came in dressed in their street Beylikdüzü escort clothes, all 6 of them. They were offered and accepted champagne, and generally chatted with the girls, who were feeling incredibly hot and bothered by this point, especially Holli, who had been getting double doses of the drug all evening.

As expected, the ladies started cheering for the men to strip for them again. According to plan, they agreed to, but only if all of the women present would strip down as well. After much negotiating, the men agreed to strip down to their underwear if 3 women of their choice did so as well. The women agreed, and the men chose Susan, Karen, and Sandra, seemingly at random, from the crowd of women. Then the men decided they didn’t want to do it unless the women removed the clothes from the men, and vice versa, again according to plan. So, after more negotiation, it was decided that it was only fair if Holli got to remove 3 of the men’s clothes, while the other women shared the other 3 men; then each man would get to participate in stripping the 3 women. The drug was now actively at work on the women, who could think of nothing other than getting the men naked.

So they got down to it. The women stripped the men down first, taking off their clothes with a heavy hand, grabbing numerous feels of the men’s muscles. Susan, Karen, and Sandra were awarded the job of taking off the last layer, stripping the men’s boxers off to reveal their thongs. Each did so slowly and teasingly, getting a good feel of the men’s packages as they did so. Finally all six men were standing in their too-tight thongs which left little to the imagination, aroused from the declothing, the women standing there drooling at them. Even Kelli had to concentrate to slow her breathing; the men were beautiful, glistening with masculinity, enough to make any girl’s knees weak. Shivering involuntarily in her leather sheath, Kelli watched the story unfold below.

Now it was the men’s turn to strip the women. They took the three they had chosen and lined them up in the center of the room, while the other women watched, cheering them on in a drunken roar, especially Holli. The men took their time, slithering the clothes off of the three women with as much contact as possible, leaving the women standing in their bras and panties, trembling with desire, in the center of the room.

There was a pause, as if everyone was trying to decide what to do next. Kelli took a deep breath, feeling her hardened nipples press against the cold leather jacket, took a look at her watch, and hoped for the best.

It was Susan who broke first. Dropping to her knees in front of the man closest to her, she ripped off his thong and deep throated his cock in one swift movement, leaving him gasping in shock. She continued sucking him furiously, her hands on his bare ass pushing him deeply into her mouth, the drug that Kelli had given them finally taking effect.

Watching from her solitary perch above, Kelli moaned in a combination of excitement, anticipation, and desire from the scene below her. She glanced at her watch yet again, a worried look crossing her face, then returned her attention to the monitor.

Susan’s move had sent the entire room into a frenzy. The three women who had been in their underwear were now naked, one of them sharing the first man’s cock with susan, the other one on her back on a table being pumped relentlessly by one of the other strippers, her moans loud and completely uninhibited. The dressed women were ripping their own clothes from their bodies or being stripped by the male strippers, all of whom were now without clothes themselves. Only Holli stayed out of the action, watching with obvious desire from a corner of the room, but maintaining her commitment to her fiancee’ even in the face of the orgy unfolding in front of her.

Kelli virtually howled in frustration as she saw Holli standing off to the side of the action. So close, she thought, so close… how could Holli be resisting? Another glance at her watch showed less than five minutes until it would be too late for Kelli’s plan to succeed, maybe ten minutes if she was really lucky. She stood up and started to pace around the room angrily, powerless to change anything now that the plan had reached its denouement. Unable to Escort Beylikdüzü do anything else, she turned her eyes back to the monitor.

The room below had dissolved into chaos. Here there was a woman on her back, one man between her legs fucking her for all he was worth, another with his cock sunk deep between her lips while another woman stood over him, pressing his face to her dripping slit. Across the room, 3 women worked on one man, two sharing his cock while a third rode his face, crying out passionately as she came over and over. Next to them, a woman lay on her back on top of a table, passionately kissing another woman who lay on top of her, one of the strippers standing behind them both, fucking each of them in turn with his huge tool. Right in front of Holli, two of the strippers were sharing the final woman, one of them under her in a sixty-nine while the other slowly slid his engorged cock in and out of her gorgeous ass, leaving the woman moaning nonstop as she sucked for all she was worth.

Upstairs, the camera caught all of the action, and Kelli was getting so worked up she could barely stand it. 5 minutes, at the most, and this opportunity for revenge would be over, and there was nothing she could do about it. Realizing this, Kelli decided to make the most of it. Stripping off her leather pants and sitting down again, she began to pleasure herself, sliding long fingernails along her damp mound, her rock hard nipples pressed against the cold leather of the jacket exciting her all the more. It took less than a minute to bring herself to a shuddering orgasm… as she writhed in pleasure, Kelli took another look at the monitor, one last hope….

… and watched as the man being serviced by Susan and her friend exploded in their mouths, covering their lips and cheeks with a seemingly endless supply of thck white cum. His release triggered all 5 of the other men, who shot their loads onto and into the women over the next couple of minutes. Kelli watched, disappointed that her plan had failed, as each of the men moved away from their partners. Holli stood, trembling against the wall, untouched by the activity that had gone on so far. Kelli tasted defeat as she watched all of the participants look uncertainly at each other. Then Susan, who had started the whole thing, went up to one of the men and whispered in his ear. Each group broke into a little huddle, the men on one side of room and all of the women except Holli on the other side. Kelli watched in wonder at what was going on. Another glance at her watch showed that her time was up… any second now the plan would crumble.

Before Kelli’s disbelieving eyes, the women ran over and grabbed Holli, pulling her to the center of the room and wrestling her to the ground, giggling the whole time. As the men watched, their cocks stiffening to attention, the women held Holli down and pulled off her clothes. Susan grabbed a bottle of champagne and dumped it over Holli’s naked boday, causing Holli to gasp and everyone else to laugh… the women then all took a lick, tasting the champagne from Holli’s skin. They let her go then, and the 6 men stepped forward. Susan asked “Holli… do you want them?” Kelli almost screamed in pleasure as Holli nodded her assent and the men took up their positions around her, one sliding his cock between her lips, another deep into her pussy. Two of the men knelt beside her and now she had a stiff dick in each hand as well, and the men ran their hands over her body, one focusing on her breasts, the other on her clit, taking her deeper into ecstasy. The other two men stood above, jerking themselves off as they watched, waiting for their turns. Holli moaned as the men pleasured her, then cried out as the man in her mouth came, spraying her lips and her face as he pulled out. One of the standing men immediately took his place, straddling her face and ramming in and out of her mouth.

Just then the moment Kelli had been waiting for arrived. The door banged open and Holli’s fiancee’ walked in carrying flowers for his bride, to find her moaning in pleasure being serviced by 5 naked strippers. Kelli yelled out loud in victory as he turned and walked from the room; Holli never even saw that he was there. The bridesmaids looked at each other in horror, not knowing what to do.

Kelli switched off the monitor and left the tape deck recording, and got dressed. It was late, and she had things to set up for tomorrow. The last one. The girl she hated the most. It was going to be delicious. Kelli laughed out loud as she slipped out the back of the bar. Delicious.

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