Letting a Stranger in on the Fun Ch. 02

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After we get home Colton pulls me into the living room and sits me down onto the couch. I strip off my remaining clothes and we’re not even home for five minutes when there is a knock at the door. Excitement runs through me and Colton gets up to answer the door.

He opens the door open and a man I’ve never seen before walks in. Colton waves a hand toward the living room and says, “She’s right this way.”

The stranger walks into the living room followed closely by my husband. He looks at me and smiles. Colton crosses the room and sits in the chair across from me. The stranger unzips his pants and lets them fall to the floor. His cock falls out from the hole in his boxers. It was massive and not even hard yet. I can’t move, but the stranger most certainly can.

He pulls his boxers down ad discards his shoes and socks and walks the rest of the way toward me, naked from the waist down. He come straight for me and lifts me up to him, pressing me to his hard muscular chest. His hands go around my back and he reaches down and kisses me. He is aggressive with his tongue and I reach my arms around him. My hands reach to his ass, pulling them up under his shirt to feel his muscular back.

We don’t kiss long. I break with his mouth and for the first time take control. I drop to my knees and put his cock directly in front of my face. It is amazing. His cock is fully soft, but it is enormous. It is long and plump and his cockhead is distinct. I reach out with my mouth, bending it slightly to the side and coming up underneath him to get his cockhead of his cock in my mouth. I open wide and take only his cockhead in my mouth at first.

I reach around his waist and grab his ass cheeks with my hands, using it to guide him into my mouth. His cock starts to harden in my mouth and I push down, amazed at just how wide my mouth has to stretch to accommodate him. His cock feels amazing in my mouth.

As I continue to move up and down him, he continues to grow. His cock widens more and his cockhead grows even larger. I feel the veins of his cock bulge out and when I look into the stranger’s eyes, he smiles and I withdraw his cock from my mouth and take his balls into my mouth. The first moan escapes him.

He interrupts my sucking and turns me around and sit down onto the couch. I stand in front of him. He grabs my waist and pulls me close to him. His cock, hard and throbbing presses against my thighs. He reaches around putting his hands on my side and moves them up to my chest. He pushes up hard and rough, forcing my breast to be pushed up. Then he pulls down on my breasts, putting my hard nipples in his mouth. He moves from one to the other and as he does my eyes roll eryaman escort to the back of my head. The feeling is amazing. I can feel his hard cock pressing into my leg and I thank Colton silently.

He runs his hands to my shoulders then around my back, my nipple still in his mouth. With force he grabs my breasts and presses his face between them. I look down at his cock and with one movement I once again fall on my knees, pulling hard away from his face and hands. I grab his massive cock and bob my head up and down on it with force. His shaft pushes my lips apart, his cockhead thrust against the back of my throat and when I withdraw it from my mouth, his cockhead makes the long path back down my tongue until it pops out on my mouth.

I want him to cum so bad and feel it in my mouth. He interrupts me before I can get what I want. He pulls me up and stands up, twisting me around to push me onto the couch. I steal away a look at Colton and my husband sits there looking at me with a wicked grin.

The stranger drops to his knees and immediately he puts his face into my crotch. When his lips come in contact with me and his tongue hits my clit, I almost lose it. My body shivers. My nipples, already hard, seem to harden more and goose bumps cover my chest. This is even wilder than the stranger from earlier.

As he begins to lick at my pussy, my hands go to my chest and I instinctively grab and cup my chest, pinching and pulling at my nipples. When my back arches, my hands squeeze my breasts harder. I moan loudly and I grab his head, trying to force his entire head into my pussy as I cum. I scream and feel myself let out a huge squirt of cum onto his face. He continues to lick and another squirt comes out.

He pushes me back into the couch and he grabs my hips pullign me until my ass is barely hanging over the edge.

“I need you inside me,” I plea.

He smiles and lifts my legs by the underside on my ankles and I feel him push his cockhead against my pussy lips. They part and his cock pushes my opening apart. He doesn’t move anymore into me and he takes his cock with his hand and rubs his cockhead up and down my slit, driving me crazy.

Then suddenly and unexpectedly his massive cock pushes into me and I gasp. I feel like he is tearing my inside apart. I am left with wonder and amazement of his girth separating my inner wall. He stops and says, “Damn, you’re fucking tight.”

“And you’re fucking huge,” I reply.

He wraps my legs around his waist and smiles at me. With his hands now free, he leans down and grabs my breasts. He massages them with force, squeezing my nipples and rubbing them in circle. He takes my nipples in his hands eryaman escort bayan and lifts my breasts with them. He drops my breasts and pulls his body into mine. I scream as his entire cock goes the rest of the way inside me.

He begins to pull out of me slowly before pushing back in. Even the slightest movements send shocks through my spine. When he pumps me harder, waves of heat and pleasure shoot from my crotch and stomach. His pace quickens and with it my body moves with his thrusts. My breasts bounce all over the place. My body bucks and I cum again.

He fucks harder and m pussy is almost numb. I close my eyes and suddenly I feel his cockhead resting against my lips. I open my eyes and all I see are two balls in my face. As the stranger’s cock comes slamming back against me, my husband’s cock is forced into my mouth. The motion of his cock brings me into a rhythm of forcing Colton’s cock in and out of my mouth. The stranger soon fucks me to another orgasm.

When I am done squirting, he withdraws his cock and turns me over. Before I can do much of anything, the stranger puts his cock back against me and grabs my hips, guiding his cock into me. I am stretched out again, but he seems to get much deeper.

As I continue to be fucked from behind, Colton scoots beneath me to my pussy where the stranger’s cock is slamming in and out of me. In an instant the stranger pushes all the way in me and stops, and then I feel Colton’s tongue begin to flick my clit back and forth. The feeling puts me over the edge. I squirt into his mouth.

All of a sudden the stranger pulls out of me and says, “Turn around.”

I lift off Colton’s face, turn around and lower myself back onto his face. He reaches around my thighs and as he does, the stranger guides his cock to my face. I get his cockhead into my mouth right as he begins to cum. A stream of cum erupts from his cock and lands on my tongue. As his cock pushes into me, another surge of cum and then another leaves his cock.

His cum pools in my cheeks and gathers at the back of my mouth. I swallow and feel the thickness travel down my throat, but he continues to move in and out of my mouth, leaking cum. When he finally pulls out of my mouth, a stream of cum leaves as well, falling to my breasts. I scoop up his cum with my finger and put it in my mouth.

I am once again, horny as hell. I climb off Colton’s face and sit on his cock. He goes in with mo trouble and I begin to grind on top of him. In no time, his hands reach around me and begin massaging my chest. I feel my breasts squeezed and pinched and once again I am cumming.

The stranger slips into my ass and before I can resist, his cock escort eryaman is halfway in. Heat rushes through my ass, but in no time I relax and the pressure begins to be amazing. It is like their cocks are pressing my insides together and the combined feeling is much more intense. They eventually find a rhythm and my ass seems to loosen more and accept the stranger easier as he starts to fuck my ass harder.

They fuck me like this over the next few minutes and I feel myself fast approaching yet another orgasm, but before I can, I suddenly feel a wave of heat in my ass. The feeling catches me off guard and then the stranger groans and I know he has shot his load deep in my ass.

I feel myself squeeze Colton’s cock in my pussy as the orgasm washes over me. The stranger continues to fuck my ass hard and all of a sudden he pulls out of me. The instant he pulls out it feels odd and I can feel cum leaking from my asshole. I feel Colton grab my ass from below and he squeezes my ass cheeks together. He begins to fuck me harder and deeper to the point my pussy almost hurts. My breasts are sore from the bouncing and yet I continue to grind back. Finally, I am pushed forward and a set of hands grab my hips.

The stranger comes in contact with my ass and in one movement his entire cock pushes into me and I scream. I fall onto Colton and all attempts to grind him cease as the stranger begins to assault my ass once more. Colton wraps his arms around me and holds me still as the stranger continues his assault. Eventually me ass almost goes numb. His body slams into mine and finally I hear Colton grunt, “I’m cumming.”

I try to concentrate and feel his cum inside me, but I can’t. The heat increases and I feel myself getting wetter, but the force of the cock in my ass is about all I can manage to feel. When I feel him slam harder and then pause once he is all the way inside me, I know what to expect. He barely moves and for the second time he is unloading a torrent of cum into my bowels. I can feel his cock contract and expand as his hot cum shoots out into me.

He pulls out and I slip off Colton, collapsing onto the couch. I look at him as he stands with his cock glistening. He reaches down and kisses me. “Happy Anniversary,” he says before getting dressed and leaving.

I hear the door close and then I rub my hands over my body. I am soaked with sweat, dripping from my ass and pussy with streams of cum. I look over at Colton and he smiles big at me. “So how was it to have your fantasies come true?”

I breathe out a heavy sigh and say, “I never thought I’d get to. Just who were those guys anyway?”

My husband smiles at me and says, “I don’t know. I put out an ad and they responded. I never even got their names.”

I grin at him and then it hits me. “My gift is nowhere near as good as this,” I say.

Colton pulls my face in close to his. “Seeing you enjoy yourself is gift enough.” Then he kisses me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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