Lights Dim

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After six hours of fighting against the guy who tried to molest my friend, I was finally discharged by the police and took her along the way.

“Thank you.” She hugged me from the behind.

“No problem.” I said as I whipped out the umbrella.

“It’s raining like there’s no tomorrow.” I looked up.

“Yeah.” She nodded.

“Give me a moment.” I gave her the umbrella and entered a store.

After 5 minutes I came back with two sandwiches.

“Here.” I took the umbrella from her and have her one sandwich.

“Thanks.” She took it with both hands.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

Her body was shaking as she said it.

“Don’t apologize.” I hugged her with one hand.

“That makes me want to apologize more… sorry!” She started tearing up.

I gave her some time to cry, until it seemed like she calmed down.

“Sorry.” She said in a timid way.

“We should return to the dorms now. They’re ten minutes away. We should get moving.” I patted her back.

After exactly ten minutes we arrived somewhat close to her dorm.

“My dorm is on the other side. You can have the umbrella.” I handed her the umbrella.

She timidly stayed silent looking down.

“Okay. I’ll take you home. It’s okay Hilda.” We walked again.

“Sorry.” She placed both her hands behind me.

“It’s okay.” I said.

After approximately seven minutes we had arrived, and the rain became a drizzle.

“Take care.” I said and was about to walk away.

“No. Please.” She grabbed me.

“Huh?” I looked at her.

“Come in. I have no one to give me comfort other than you.” Her eyes were about to tear.

“Okay.” I entered with her.

“I always felt a little scared being alone.” She said.

“And yet you came all the way here alone?” I sat next to her.

“My parents forced me into it. I’m just thankful that you’re here Nate.” She started crying again.

We sat for an hour, and she told me she’d take a shower.

“One of the lights don’t work.” She said.

“Damn. Bad luck.” I noticed Beylikdüzü escort that there’s barely any light coming out of her bathroom.

“Nate. Do you have clothes in your bag?” She asked.

“Yeah I do. But why?” I asked.

“Can you…” she tried speaking but her face was burning red.

“Are you okay?” I put down my phone.

“Can you… e-e-enter the b-bathroom.. with me.” She said very slowly and hesitantly.

‘Huh?!’ I said to myself as my dick woke up.

“What?” I managed to spell out.

“I’m scared.” She said looking unsure.

“You aren’t forced. I would just.. feel safe if you were.. next to me.” She said.

“Okay I’ll enter.” I patted her back and went to my bag.

Moments later, when I entered the bathroom I found Hilda wearing a swimsuit. But she still looked sexy.

(FYI: I had a hard on the whole time)

I felt myself stare whenever Hilda wasn’t looking my side, I was even at the verge of getting up and confess to Hilda that I want to do ‘something.’

But I was able to stop myself, moments before we were done, Hilda started staring at ME.

“It was hard before entered. And it still is.” Hilda came from behind me and grabbed my dick with one hand.

“Hey!” My back arced.

Even after my back arced, it seems like it had no effect, her hand was still grabbing my dick, all that did was allow her to place her breasts on my back.

“Why is it hard?” She whispered to me.

I took a moment to think.

“I’m not sexy. I’m ugly. Most people say I’m ugly. How are you hard?” She immediately added, getting a little louder as she spoke.

“Oh. Maybe it’s just the bathrooms smell.” She got up, and left the bathroom.

I left the bathroom and found her standing in front of her bed, was she crying? From happiness? Or was there a different reason?

I feel oblivious.

“It’s because you’re cute, beautiful, and a lovely person.” I hugged her from behind.

“What are you saying?” I could feel her on the verge of crying.

“The truth.” I took Beylikdüzü escort those few extra inches forward to make more skin contact.

Now she could feel my dick poking against her ass.

“When I was a kid. I used to have a crush on you. But people often judged me. Then it made it hard to imagine, me? Dating you? It. It was just not possible to imagine anymore.” She said.

“I too had a crush on you.” I assured her.

“But. Then. Why?” She seemed so confused.

“I thought you had no interests in this. So I wasn’t going to force you. I was willing to wait.” I assured her again.

Slowly I started stroking her with my right hand, but my left hand fell a little down, grabbing her breast in the same moment I kissed her on the neck.

“Nate. I love you.” She turned to kiss me on the lips.

Which for me, it caught me by surprise, I wanted to be the one to smooch her, but it seems like her smooching me had more positives.

This time, I could see her nipples stiff behind the fabric of her swim suit. Not to mention, she managed to arouse me more than I have ever been aroused.

She noticed this and then went to her closet.

I was breathing heavily, I was about to get some more from Hilda before she left her closet wearing some lingerie.

“This is my favorite bra. And this is my favorite panty. Please.” She sat on her bed.

I couldn’t help it, and so I instantly threw my underwear and jumped on bed.

Her lingerie for whatever reason, it had aroused me even more. Something about a black and white bra awakens something in me.

Without a moments hesitation my hands fell on her breasts, and I was giving her some pleasure. Mixing it up between smooches and pinches.

“It feels good.” She said before I let her ago.

I pulled her bra downward where it pushed her breasts up. Hilda looked very aroused, which aroused me more, so I instantly started licking Hilda’s beautiful breasts.

“Your breasts are cute.” I started licking her nipples.

While I was intensely going on her nipples, Escort Beylikdüzü my right hand unconsciously fell down and slipped under her panties, fingering her with three fingers.

It didn’t take a moment before Hilda let out a big moan and shooting her load.

“Enough.” She pushed me down.

“Let me repay you.” She started licking my dick.

I watched Hilda as she was licking my dick and sucking it. It didn’t take her a moment to realize that the tip was my most sensitive spot.

“Please feel good.” She said before suddenly caressing my balls and giving me quick deep throats.

I was enjoying the moment until time froze when I made eye contact with Hilda. It just felt so wrong, yet so right, my childhood friend, Hilda, was sucking me.

My hands swiftly pulled Hilda closer as I ejaculated my strongest ejaculation in my life.

“So much!” Hilda said after swallowing almost all of it.

“Even my breasts are covered with it.” She was breathing heavily.

“You were just that good.” I hugged her.

“Thank you.” She hugged me back.

After a moment, I kissed her on the lips, and made it clear that I want to have sex.

“I won’t do it with anyone else.” She lied on the ground.

“I trust you.” I lined my dick on her pussy.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“It’s my first time. But please. Do it the way you like it.” She said.

Quickly I felt the blood rush to my dick as I pushed it in as deep as I can.

I watched as Hilda’s face reactions were changing, she looked both beautiful and incredibly cute.

“I’ll start moving.” I inserted a finger inside her asshole.

“Ah!” Hilda was letting out a series of cute moans.

I kept going at it, watching her moan, watching her squirt, watching her feel powerless as I pushed my dick deeper and deeper each time.

“I’m about to cum!” I said.

“Really? Do it deep then.” Hilda stretched her ass even more.

“I’m going to cum!” I said as I grabbed her ass to make my dick stable inside her.

“HAAAH!” Hilda let out a big loud moan.

After that, I recalled going for a couple of more rounds before falling asleep on top of her.

“Please keep me safe from now on.” I heard her say.

“Yeah.” I cuddled with her and closed my eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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