Lost Virginity!

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My affair with Joan and although I was 19 I still hadn’t let a man go ‘all the way’ with me and now I was in University was dating this man I’d met who I felt attracted to.

On a date we often petted and I’d let him fondle and suck my breasts. His hands would wander and he would try to get into my shorts or under my skirt, and as much as I liked it I always stopped him before he got near my private area. He would be quite hard and on occasion I’d feel his cock hard through his pants as he would press it against me when he could, and I loved the feeling of control it gave me. It did make me very horny as well and I loved the feeling, after our date I’d usually masturbate to give myself the relief I needed.

One night after we were at a movie we went parking as usual then we would get in the back seat of his car and began kissing and petting each other. Soon he had pushed my sweater and bra pushed up to free my tits and was soon licking and sucking them and I laid back enjoying his attentions. I admit to being turned on and after my affairs with Joan felt ‘ready’ and finally decided to ‘go all the way’ with him. Soon his hands moved down over my hips to my legs, I was wearing a pleated skirt so it was no trouble comment backlink for him to get his hands under it to caress my thighs and up feeling my pussy through the thin material of my panties.

I was wet and ready so when he went to pull my panties down I just lifted my hips and let him, and when they were below my knees lifted a leg to free my foot. So with one foot on the seat I was sort of scrunched against the door with my other foot on the floor and as he moved between my legs I reached down again and took hold of his cock. It was so stiff I loved the feel of it as I brought it to my pussy. I had gotten used to being teased there by Joan and always found it exciting, now I had a live warm stiff cock in my hand and rubbed the head against my pussy enjoying the feel of it, then let it slide into me and he started to stroke me.

I loved the feeling and automatically slid down more and was relaxed and enjoying it, when he suddenly without warning pulled out and squirted his cum all over my tummy. This annoyed me as I was really getting aroused and I wanted more. We stayed there and kissed and chatted for a while then after some time we tried again with the same result, although this comment backlink Botu time I asked him to hold it till I was ready. Again he shot his load long before I was ready and this time I masturbated to finish the job. He said something to me that I was to hear a lot of in the future, and that was ‘how good it was’ and, as enjoyable as it felt, I was disappointed at not getting an orgasm from it.

I discussed the experience with Joan later who suggested I should make him wear a condom, and telling me not to let him enter me until I was almost ready then she said I’d be better able to ‘match’ him. We tried it again a few times later with a similar result, and although it was better it was still not as satisfying as I’d have liked, if anything it made me appreciate what Joan did for me more.

After all I’d read about sex I was disappointed in penetration. I dated a couple of other men with similar results and finally had sex with one man who was good at controlling himself. He would spend more time with foreplay to bring me on, so sex with him got to be quite enjoyable.

also he was the first man to go down on me and give me head, he truly loved eating pussy, and I would comment backlink Programı suck his cock. Now that was something I really enjoy to bring me on is sucking a cock, I love the warmth and velvety feel of it and learned to really tease it with my tongue, as well as ‘deep throat’ it.

He taught me well and although I had trouble taking the cum in my mouth at first, I soon got used to it. Later I was to find that not too many men wanted to ‘go down’ and really give me a good time with their tongues as the porn I’d read led me to believe. It was hard to pin point what was wrong at first, then I realized one thing was the emotional exchange was missing, with men it was pure lust whereas with Joan it was love, to just hold hands or go for a nice walk was arousing in it’s intimacy.

When I was home from University I played with Joan when I could get the chance, as I found her loving in many ways to be more fulfilling. We would take our time to caress and please one another not just once or twice, but often quite a few times just for the sheer pleasure it gave us. I could quite easily have become a lesbian then I think, as I’ve found women to be more pleasing and considerate in so many ways, but I was young and arrogant enough to think I could change the way people reacted to me. When I was at university I thought I’d forget Joan and move on, but found that wasn’t as easy as I thought. She wrote me beautiful letters telling me how she missed me, and how much she adored me and I had to admit I missed her too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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