Corky and Billie Ch. 04

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Sunday, the day of the musical in which Billie’s best friend Marianne sang a solo, was a whirlwind of activity. There was little “time” for Corky to be alone with Billie, or talk to her privately. They had breakfast, went to church, attended the matinee, met Marianne, had a late family meal, and finally Billie’s parents drove them back to the city, saving them bus fare, and ensuring that Billie met her check in deadline at the nurses’ residence.

There was an interesting exchange after breakfast and before church. Corky and Billie were already dressed, and Mother and Daddy excused themselves to go upstairs and get ready. They were running late.

“Hey, Romeo, you took my panties last night,” Billie said coyly, once they were alone, “remember?”

“Oh, yes,” Corky replied, “I remember all right.”

“That was so sweet of you,” she continued, “but now I need them back.”

“I’m crushed,” Corky complained.

“Maybe you could have them another time,” Billie said, “but, how can I say this? Today I need them.”

“You mean you need them more than I do?” Corky inquired.

Giggling, Billie said, “If you weren’t blind, I would flash you right now.”

“You mean?” he asked.

“Want to peek?” she teased.

Corky went to her, and she quickly lifted her skirt up to her waist. He found her stocking clad legs, followed them upward, and sure enough, she was naked above their tops. He followed the sweep of her bare ass and hips up to the waistband inside her elevated skirt, then made a playful pass over her belly and pubic hair. At that point she firmly lowered the skirt, interrupting his scan.

“That’s enough for now!” she said, “We better not start something we won’t have time to finish!”

“Would you really rather go to church than get sexy?” Corky joked.

“No,” she said, “but I will anyway. Sometimes you got to do your duty first, and play later. And YOUR duty, sir, is to give me back my panties, right now! You don’t want me to go to church without my panties on, do you?”

“I wouldn’t mind. Do you think God would?” Corky asked.

“It’s not you or God I’m worried about,” she said, “it’s the horny old minister and all those choir boys full of hormones. And mother! She would KNOW, believe me!”

“Okay, okay, I give up,” Corky joked. “I’ll go get them”

Billie followed Corky to the guest room, and when he got the panties and offered them to her, she said, “Not so fast! You took them off of me last night, so I think you should put them back on me again. That would only be fair.”

“Oh, no!” Corky moaned, “Not another ‘lesson’ so early in the morning!”

“If you do it one foot at a time,” she hinted, “it’s easy, you’ll see.”

Corky studied the flimsy garment, and from the cut of its lower portion, figured out which was the front and which the back. There is more room in the back for her ass, he reasoned.

Billie slid out of her shoes as Corky squatted in front of her. She raised one foot, balancing with her hands on Corky’s head. He slipped the panties over her raised foot. She lowered it, raised the other, and he slipped them over that foot too. Then he grasped the waistband, and slid the panties snugly into place. Billie sighed with pleasure and approval as he gently stroked her panty covered pussy before finishing.

The interlude ended abruptly when Mother and Daddy descended the stairs, and the family left for church and the balance of the busy day.

At the matinee later, Corky admired Billie’s friend Marianne’s lovely voice. After the program, Billie found their way to Marianne, and introduced Corky. There were pleasantries and congratulations all around, and then Marianne said, “I hope Billie is being good to you. If she isn’t, you just let me know, all right?”

“That’s a deal,” Corky said. “But she’s been good to me so far. At least she was until this morning.”

“Oh?” Marianne asked, “Until this morning?”

Billie replied, “He’s just unhappy because I made him put my panties on before we went to church.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Marianne said. “You mean you actually wore her panties to church?”

“No, no,” Corky laughed, “she didn’t make me put them on myself.”

“I see! This gets more interesting by the minute!” Marianne said. “You two better tell me all about it or I’ll die!”

“Hey, don’t die,” Billie laughed, “it only seemed fair. After all, he took them off of me last night, so why shouldn’t he have to put them back on me this morning?”

“Oh my!” said Marianne. “We got to have another pajama party, girl, so you can fill me in!”

“That would be so fun!” Billie said, and they all three hugged and said their farewells.

Only twenty four hours earlier, hugging two such friendly girls at once would have terrified Corky, but now he was a new person. His recent intimacy with Billie encouraged him to compare the two, and the three-way hug was the perfect opportunity. If Billie was five foot three, Marianne must be maybe five foot five or six. She was also more slender urfa escort than Billie, slightly less bosomy than Billie with her gorgeous 36 C’s, and had longer hair that fell just below her shoulders. He had the sudden realization that if Marianne were a blonde, then these two lovelies could be an incarnation of his dream time playmates, and with that thought, he blushed. He would bet anything that she was a blonde.

While waiting for Billie’s father to arrive with the car, Corky said, “I guess you two really are bosom buddies, and share everything.”

“We’ve always been real close,” Billie replied, “and have always shared important things, boy things, girl things, and ‘boy and girl’ things too. Would it upset you if she and I shared about you and me?”

“No, of course not, that’s between you two,” Corky said, “but I’d just feel better if I knew what’s shared and what’s not.”

“When it comes to Marianne,” Billie replied, “the safest thing is just assume it’s shared. You two just have to get to know each other, and like each other, that’s all there is to it.”

“Let’s work on it,” Corky said, “I’m game if she is. She’s a blonde, right?”

“Are you sure you’re blind, you stinker?” Billie teased. “Have you been pulling my leg all this time?”

“No,” he laughed, “but if it would make you happy, …”

During the two day visit, Corky was constantly impressed with how easily Billie and her parents dealt with his blindness. Mother and Daddy took their cues from Billie, who was a model of acceptance and comfort. No indication of pity or over protectiveness, no morbid curiosity, no smarmy bullshit about being brave, no thinly disguised references to “God’s will,” etc. Corky found himself, if anything, even more comfortable with them than with his own family.

The drive back to the city was interesting too. Corky and Billie shared the back seat of the car, while Mother and Daddy shared the front with Daddy driving, Conversation was sporadic, occasionally “public” for all to hear, and occasionally “private” and spoken softly. They held hands, and Billie rested her head on Corky’s shoulder from time to time, but any further intimacy seemed unwise. Damn those rear view mirrors, anyway!

Whispering, Billie asked, “What were you going to do with my panties if you kept them?”

“I’m not sure,” Corky whispered in reply, “it was just a whim. I apologize.”

“You ‘college boys’ don’t have a trophy room or anything kinky like that?” she teased.

“Some might,” he replied, “but your panties are nobody’s business but mine, and yours, of course.”

“Would you keep them private?” she continued.

“Very private.” he replied.

“Would they make you think of me,” she asked, “and remind you to call me once in a while?”

“As if I’d need reminding,” he replied. “You gave me more than your panties last night, you showed me things I’ll always remember.”

“me too,” Billie whispered, “but we got more to give each other, and show each other, you know.”

“if we were truly alone,” he said, “I’d be up for a rerun right now, maybe with variations.”

“Always variations,” she replied. “One thing I want is some day to take you in my mouth when you are totally soft, not expecting it, and make you come alive right there, and just stay with you all the way.”

“Hold that thought,” Corky moaned, “because I sure will.”

“Look, William,” Mother said, “I think they’ve fallen asleep back there.”

“Now, Polly,” William replied, “you just help me keep an eye out for that route 20 intersection. It’s awful easy to miss, you know.”

It was two days later when Corky called. “Hi teacher, it’s me,” he said when Billie finally came to the phone.

“Corky!” she replied, “I thought it might be you. I’m so glad you called.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t?” Corky asked.

“Well, a girl just never knows these days,” she replied. “I guess you got home okay the other night?” she asked coyly, “with the present I gave you?”

“I still can’t believe you slipped your panties off right there on the porch while we were saying good night,” Corky admitted.

Billie giggled, and said, “You’d be surprised what goes on out there on the porch sometimes, or maybe you wouldn’t.”

“Nothing surprises me lately. Hey listen, Billie, I was hoping we could get together,” Corky suggested.

” “Me too,” she replied, “I might just have some terrific news.”

“That’s great, and I might just have some too. Tomorrow or Thursday?” Corky asked.

“Tomorrow is better, because it’s sooner,” Billie said. “Oh Corky, I miss you, damn it!”

“I miss you too, Billie,” Corky replied with some emotion.

Wednesday found them at Lum Fung’s, their favorite Chinese restaurant. “I think this is our booth,” Billie commented, “where we were the first time.”

“A lot has happened since then,” Corky said, “seems like.”

“To us, anyway,” Billie said. “So what’s this terrific news you have?”

“You first,” escort urfa Corky replied, “you have some news too, right?”

“Well,” she said, “it’s like this.”

Their lively exchange was hard to follow. They did not exactly both talk at the same time, but each had important news to share, and they took turns telling parts of their stories, until finally, each was fully told. What they told was this:

Corky visited the Dean of Students at the college about his dormitory arrangements. He explained that as a blind student, he had a great need for space and privacy. He had numerous machines to assist his studies, e.g. tape recorders, braille writers, Talking Book machine, and in addition his braille books were unusually bulky. Furthermore, he often worked with readers, who were fellow students hired by him, or who volunteered to read for him, and his dormitory room was the only place those sessions could conveniently take place. They could not read aloud in the library, for instance, and all his writing tools and recording devices were in his room. Corky explained that this meant that his room mate was put at a considerable inconvenience, and while Harry was a good sport and had not complained, he was nevertheless compelled to make himself scarce for Corky’s sake, and Corky felt bad about that.

The Dean was surprised to hear this, and was sympathetic to Corky’s plight. He suggested that Corky needed a different living arrangement than a shared dorm room, and suggested that he consider living instead in one of the units reserved for married students. They were in an apartment block on campus, but with individual entrances facing the adjoining city street. There was one unit available that was too small for a couple, particularly a couple with a child, or one on the way, and perhaps it would meet Corky’s needs. It was a two room apartment with a small kitchenette and bathroom, and if Corky could manage finding his way to and from the place, he could live there instead of the dormitory.

So, the bottom line, Corky would soon be moving into his own place!

Billie’s story involved Marianne’s Aunt Carolyn, only ten years her senior, a nurse herself, who was also Billie’s supervisor during her first year training at Willis hospital. It seems that Aunt Carolyn had taken a liking to Billie, since she was super serious about her studies, was racking up good grades and top evaluations, and anyway, she knew her through her niece, Marianne. It seemed that Aunt Carolyn was about to leave for a five day Pediatric Nursing conference in Boston, and asked Billie if she would look in on her apartment over the weekend, bring in the mail, make sure everything was okay, make it appear to be lived in for security reasons, and so on. Billie said she would love to, but she had already used up her once a month overnight, so the best she could do was bring in the mail. Aunt Carolyn, bless her, arranged for an extra overnight for Billie so she could stay at the apartment. In fact, Aunt Carolyn suggested that maybe Marianne’s parents would let her come down for the weekend too, so Billie wouldn’t have to be there alone.

So, the bottom line, Billie had another overnight Saturday, and a place to spend it with privacy, and maybe her best friend Marianne would be her only companion.

“Unless,” Billie said, “unless maybe you could get away too, and we could kind of keep house together this weekend? or, you know, whatever?”

“Wow, Billie! For sure!” Corky exclaimed. “The part about ‘whatever’ sounds great! Do you mean keep house for two, or for three?”

“Well it’s still iffy about Marianne, so let’s say it’s at least two, counting you, and maybe three, who knows?”

And suddenly the future seemed to open wide with possibilities. An un-chaperoned weekend with Billie, and soon afterward a place of his own where she might be persuaded to spend some “quality time.”

“Pretty soon,” Billie said with a giggle, “when you call me, or I call you, we’ll be able to say ‘How about it, baby, your place or mine?’ just like Humphrey Bogart.”

“That’s rich,” Corky replied. “You seem to be good at one nighters, and I seem to be good at long term stuff.”

Growing serious, Billie said, “Long term stuff could be a problem, you know.”

“How so?” Corky asked in alarm. “I never asked if there’s someone else.”

“No, no one else,” Billie replied, “but nursing has to come first for me, and there won’t be a lot of time to play, especially overnight. Before long you’ll want someone with more time for you.”

“we each have an important ‘front burner’ thing to do,” Corky said, “and it just has to be easier if we had each other to be a little crazy with, even if it’s only once in a while.”

“So every time,” Billie said coyly, “we’ll be absolutely starved and ravenous for touching, right?”

“We’ll never get tired of it,” Corky agreed, “the only thing is, … “

“Yes?” Billie prompted.

“I’m uncomfortable with some things being off limit,” urfa escort bayan he blurted.

“To tell you the truth,” Billie confessed, “I am too, I mean with you, especially if we’re talking long term, so let’s just play it by ear.”

By now they were holding hands across the table, and gripping each other firmly. After a moment of wordless sharing, Corky lightened the tone with his best Bogart imitation, “Well then, how about it, baby, your place or mine?”

Laughing, Billie replied, “Well answer me this, do you have a key yet?”

“Well no, not yet,” he replied, “it might be a couple of weeks until they get the place ready and I round up furniture for it.”

“Well then,” Billie continued, “it’s my place, because I already have a key and I’m not about to wait a couple of weeks to get my paws on you!”

When the waiter brought their check, Billie took it, saying, “This one is on me, you got it last time, remember?”

“Okay, thanks,” Corky said, “but I want to show you something with this Fortune Cookie before we leave. Tell me if you see what I see here.”

He Carefully tore open the paper that wrapped the Fortune Cookie, and holding the folded delicacy carefully by its two ends, pulled them apart snapping it cleanly in two. He pulled the paper message from the half to which it clung, slid it across the table for Billie to see, then placed the two halves of the broken cookie with their flattest surfaces down, and their pointed ends toward Billie.

“Tell me what you see here,” Corky asked.

“Well, let’s see,” Billie began, and considered for moment. “Oh, Corky! I see it too! They look like to little pussies, shaved clean, their lips all closed up tight! Makes you want to pet them, or lick them, or pry them open with your finger! That’s so naughty! I love it!”

While walking back later, hand in hand, intoxicated on each other and the future, they made their weekend plans. Billie had only from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. She suggested they make dinner and watch some videos, but she would have to pick things up at the store, so as not to dip into Aunt Carolyn’s supply.

“I never asked,” she said, “do you ever watch videos or go to the movies?”

“Sometimes,” Corky said, “some of them are easy to follow, but others are harder, unless I am with someone and I can ask questions.”

“Good,” she replied. “Marianne says her aunt has a really interesting collection of videos, so we won’t have to rent any.”

“Will we be seeing Marianne?” Corky asked.

“Could be,” Billie said evasively. After some moments of silence, she continued, “You know, that Fortune Cookie thing got me to thinking.”

“”You mean the twin pussy thing?” Corky asked.

“Yes, that’s a good one, the twin pussy thing. But I was thinking about us for the long term, you know?”

“Not sure I follow you,” Corky commented.

“Well, look, it’s like this. I’m still a little worried you’re going to need more than I can give you. Not that I wouldn’t want to or anything, but this nursing thing is a bitch on your love life, you know. So I was thinking, there’s only one person in the whole world that I wouldn’t be jealous of if you needed to, you know,. branch out or something? And if you did, she wouldn’t be jealous of my still being in the picture sometimes, too.”

“You’re talking about Marianne?” Corky suggested.

“Yeah, Marianne,” Billie acknowledged.

“You’re suggesting that you and Marianne might be a ‘twin pussy thing’ for me?” he asked incredulously.

“Does that upset you?” Billie asked with concern.

“No, it surprises me though,” he replied. “What does Marianne think about this?”

“I never said a word to her about it,” Billie said. “I just now thought of it. But I’m just saying, if it happened to go that way, it might be sort of like keeping it in the family.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Corky said, “if I ever can’t stand waiting for you, I’ll give Marianne a call.”

“Oh, Corky,” Billie said nervously, “I’m scared. I don’t want to lose you, and I don’t want to lose Marianne, and I want to be the best damn nurse there is, and I’m scared I can’t do it all.”

They stopped walking, embraced each other, and Billie wept on Corky’s shoulder.

“Billie, Billie, Billie,” Corky said softly, if Marianne loves you half as much as I do, you can have us both, and become a fucking brain surgeon too, if that’s what you want to do. Dry your tears and trust me, and trust Marianne, and for pity sake trust yourself.”

“One more thing,” said Billie, sniffling. “I don’t want to be your teacher any more. Please don’t call me ‘teacher’, okay?”

“Sure,” Corky said, “no problem. But help me understand this. What’s wrong with being my ‘teacher’? I thought it was pretty neat, myself.”

“Just look at us,” Billie continued, “I’m a basket case. I’m falling apart, and you’re putting me back together. You don’t need a teacher, what you need is a girlfriend, and I want to be your fucking girlfriend, you wonderful idiot, not your teacher!”

“I think that can be arranged,” Corky murmured, as their lips met and they shared a deep kiss, oblivious of the curious pedestrians passing them by.

It was Friday night and Billie had Marianne on the phone. “So now what do I do?” she begged. “Just tell me, what the fuck do I do now?”

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