Supermarket Fantasy

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It’s a dull Wednesday evening when I find myself at the supermarket. I’d chosen to come do my shopping in the late evening to avoid the hustle and bustle of the rush hour. Wednesday nights always seemed this dull to me, so why not get a few chores out of the way like buying groceries for the week. While browsing in the frozen food isle, I see you picking out some frozen vegetables. You’re wearing a pair of gray gym shorts and a tank top, but the curves of your ass catch my eye and I can’t help but stare as you bend over to pick up an item.

As you turn around to put the frozen veggies in your cart you see me staring. Embarrassed at having been busted, I give you an ashamed smile as I roll my eyes at my own foolishness – as if to ask for silent, innocent forgiveness. You look at me skeptically until I catch a devilish gleam in your eye, and the corner of your mouth tweaks into a sinister knowing smirk. I smile back as you shift your weight to give your butt a very subtle shake before you turn back away from me walking down the isle. As you come to the end and start to turn the corner you look at me again and catch me still stealing glimpses of your ass and hips. You make a very soft, subtle kiss with your lips and tilt your head, beckoning me to follow you to the next isle.

I obey.

You stay ahead of me, pretending not to know I’m there as you saunter down the isle shaking your hips with every step. I pretend I’m still shopping as I randomly drop items into my own cart, all the while dreaming of how I’d love to bend you over on your stomach, pull down your pants, and slide down your panties with your ass in my face…

In the pet food isle you pick up a large bag of dry dog food. With the bag in your arms you look over your shoulder to make sure there are no other shoppers around and that you have my attention. You see me smiling, patiently waiting to see what you’ll do next. You smile back and then bend over to put the bag of dog food at the bottom of the grocery cart. Before you stand back up you look at me and slide your right hand up the inside of your leg, along the inside of your right thigh until you reach your crotch. You slowly rub up and down your pussy through your shorts, then you pull your hand out from between your thighs to give your ass a hard slap. The sound startles you; you didn’t intend to do it so hard that it could draw attention. You look around as you stand back up, half embarrassed until you realize that we are still alone. You glance at me again out of the corner of your eye, flash another knowing half-smile, then turn around and push your cart around the next corner.

We continue our naughty glances and displays throughout the store every time we find ourselves alone on an isle. At this point I have my left hand in my pocket, trying to squeeze my hard-on as subtly as I can whenever you look at me. When you are done shopping you make your way to a checkout lane and I follow in line behind you. As you empty your basket one item at a time, you look into my eyes, smirking and licking your lips. Now that you’re facing me as you lean over to grab groceries out of your cart, you make sure to bend low enough for me to get a good long look at your breasts and ample cleavage. I can barely contain myself. After you’ve signed the credit card slip, you scribble a phrase on the back of your receipt. Before leaving with your groceries you turn to me.

“I believe you dropped this,” you say to me courteously. I dumbly accept the folded scrap of paper and unfold it as the cashier tallies up my groceries. Scrawled across the back of the receipt are the words “follow me home.” My mouth goes dry and my breathing becomes heavy as I contemplate the possibilities. I watch you walk out the front entrance to the supermarket after glancing at me one last time as if to confirm your not-so subtle intentions. I pay for my few groceries, mumble some barely-coherent pleasantry to the cashier, and hastily walk outside of the storefront.

As I make my way to my car, I’m frantically looking around to spot you in your gym shorts and tank top. I reach my car before I’ve found you, start it up, and make my way to the main entrance to the grocery store parking lot. For a moment I think it was just a prank and you’ve already left. I’ve lost you; I’m devastated. Then I see you waiting in your jeep at the stop sign. My heart jumps and my cock stiffens in my shorts. You smile at me and balıkesir escort nod for me to follow.

Again…I obey.

After a short drive of only a few miles, you pull into your driveway and I park across the street. I wait frantically for you to give me some sign of what to do next. You step out of your car with an armload of grocery bags and enter your house without so much as a glance in my direction. After a short pause you emerge again, though only to collect a few more bags to take inside, and still without recognizing my presence. I’m so horny and excited with anticipation I can’t contain myself, and yet I’m dismayed that you have yet to acknowledge me. Finally you come back out to your car a third time, grab the bag of dog food, look at me waiting in my car, and wave for me to come over. I turn off my car, get out and cross the street. Once you see me coming you head on into the house but you leave the front door open for me. When I approach the door I hear you call to me from another room.

“Lock the door and come in here,” you call out. I do as commanded and make my way into the living room where I heard your voice. You are standing with your back to me. Having just removed your tank top as I enter the room, you’re now in your bra and gym shorts.

“I worked out earlier,” you say, “and then I ran a bunch of errands so I’m really sweaty.” Your mouth is pouting playfully and I can see the lust in your eyes.

“I don’t mind,” I say as straight-faced as possible, but filled with hunger and desire.

“I didn’t think you would,” you say as you pull down your gym shorts. “I’ve never really done anything like this before with a stranger.” Whether this is the innocent truth, or a well practiced lie means little to me now.

“Neither have I, but right now I don’t care,” I say.

With that you bend down over the middle of the couch. Your knees are on the cushions and your grab the top of the backrest with your hands. Then you push your ass in the air as you turn your head back to look at me over your shoulder.

“This is what you’ve been staring at for the last half hour, come and get it.”

I swallow hard, turned on but also slightly intimidated by your forwardness. I approach and bend down on my own knees on the floor in front of you. Your ass is in my face, and I can see lines of sweat and maybe other moisture in your panties around your crotch and thighs. You are wearing white panties with little pink flowers on them. I can smell sweat, and the sweet smell of your pussy. I can feel you giving off heat. My head is spinning.

“Kiss it,” you say as you give your hips a shake.

“You want me to kiss your ass?”

“Don’t act like you don’t want to.”

I bring my mouth up to your ass cheek and give it a soft kiss through your panties, lightly dragging my lips across the cotton material. I love the way you smell.

“Hmmm,” you moan, “but now more towards the center.”

I’m about to respond with more questions when you reach behind you with your right hand and grab your right butt cheek, pulling it apart from your left.

“Kiss me again,” you say.

I move my mouth closer to the center of your ass and kiss you again through your panties. I can smell the salty earthiness of your asshole, different from your pussy. I’ve never done this before but I can’t help myself but to play along. You push your ass back into my face as I kiss, and I can hear you draw in breath. I see you hook your thumbs into the waistband of your panties and slowly start to pull them down. I startle you by grabbing your hand and throwing it away. I want to do this myself. You gasp but pull your hand away and stick your ass a little further in the air. With my face inches away from your butt, I slowly pull down your panties, inch by inch. The crotch of your panties sticks in your slit as I reach your pussy. You shift your weight and move your thighs slightly more apart to allow me to continue. As I pull them further down your thighs you first lift one knee, and then another to let me remove the panties from your body completely.

“Mmmm…smell them,” you purr.

I’m incredibly tuned on by this command but I feign surprise.

“You want me to smell your sweaty panties,” I ask coyly?

“Screw it,” you say, “shut up and do it. Smell how hot I am right now.”

Your boldness only turns me balıkesir escort bayan on more, silencing any leftover inhibitions and fueling my now raging desire. This is all so hot, so naughty and maybe even dangerous. I bring the crotch of your panties up to my face and breathe in deeply. I see the same half-smirk flash across the corner of your mouth as you watch me over your shoulder smelling your creamy panties. I feel some of your warm, sticky wetness on the tip of my nose as I bring the cotton away from my face.

“Now,” you whisper as you lower your head back down to rest on the back of the couch, “lick my pussy please.”

You don’t have to tell me twice. I put my hands between your thighs and slide up towards your crotch, gently pushing your thighs apart as I do. Softly I kiss your pussy lips and find them already well coated with your juices. I slide my tongue along the length of your slit to your clit, and then back up again. You’re so wet, and moaning; your asshole is in front of my nose.

Normal inhibitions and senses of propriety have no place in this situation. We have both given in to powerful, animal lust. Sinful and nasty, immediate and necessary; at this point we are all grunts and moans and slurps. I’ve never been more aroused in my life. I find myself surprised by how wet and creamy your pussy is. Your crotch is red, the flesh slightly raw from my beard, and my own face is damp and well coated in your wetness. Noticing that you’ve rested your face flat against the back of the couch and brought both your hands behind you to pull apart your ass cheeks, I relieve your arms of this responsibility and replace your hands with my own. You bring them up near your face to grip the couch cushions as I massage your bountiful ass cheeks, pulling them apart.

The skin around your butt is pale, with obvious tan lines. Your crotch and ass is stubbly, telling me that you shave but haven’t in a few days. None of this matters. I can’t get enough of you, your taste and scent. I swirl my tongue around your clit again, and when I trail it upwards along your slit, this time I bring it all the way up in between your ass cheeks stopping short of your tight pink asshole. I want to see how you react. I hear you gasp but also feel you buck your hips, pushing your ass into my face. I realize that you want me to lick your asshole. I have never done this before, but your obvious pleasure and eagerness to engage in such shamelessly filthy behavior easily overrides any trepidations I might normally have. I flick my tongue across your asshole and hear you let out a whimper. I smile to myself, and do it again.

“God yes,” you moan to yourself. “Don’t stop.”

I swirl my tongue in slow circles around your tight hole, using the thumb of my right hand to tease your clit at the same time. Your pussy is practically dripping all over my hand and wrist. My tongue around your asshole starts to move faster and with more pressure, although my thumb on your clit maintains a steady rhythm. You start to whimper more loudly and regularly and I can tell you’re going to cum soon. Despite my own arousal and eagerness, I make an effort to keep a steady pace on your clit, only speeding up ever so slightly as you start bucking your hips harder back against my thumb and tongue. I can hear your hands grip the leather of the couch tighter as your body begins to shake.

The rigidity leaves your body as you shiver and lay flat against the couch. I remove my tongue from your ass and give one ass cheek a kiss, and the other cheek a slap. You giggle and exhale with exhaustion. I realize that in my enthusiasm to pleasure this total stranger in such a lewd and primal way, I am still fully clothed, having never even masturbated while licking and rubbing you.

You seem to notice this fact at the same time, as you sit up and grab my wrist to pull my onto the couch. I take a seat as bidden while you kneel between my legs, pulling down my shorts and boxers in the process. My hard cock springs forth when released, slapping against your smiling lips. This appears to both surprise and please you, and I sigh gratefully as you grab my shaft and slap it against your lips and outstretched tongue several more times.

I don’t have to say a word; you seem to know what you’re doing and we’ve passed the point where speech is necessary. I am grateful that you seem as eager escort balıkesir to please me as I was for you. With one hand you’re massaging my balls while the other slowly strokes my throbbing dick. You purse your lips and kiss and lick at the head of my cock before sliding your tongue down my shaft towards my balls and then back up again. I’m trying to relax, to sit back and enjoy this for as long as you’re willing to do it, but I’m so worked up at this point my body is fighting me. My hips are thrusting involuntarily as I try to fuck your mouth in a desperate attempt to reach orgasm. Luckily you anticipate this and maintain a slow and deliberate pace to drive me absolutely wild.

For a while you take your lips away and just stroke my cock with both hands while gazing up at me lewdly. Then for a while you slurp down my dick, taking me all the way down your throat and then out again, over and over. When you feel my balls about to twitch you pull me out of your mouth altogether and nibble and suck on my balls — all while flashing my a devilish grin anytime I catch your eyes.

It doesn’t seem long before you have me reduced to a whimpering, moaning mess. I’m dying to cum; its as if my life depends on it. You make the silent decision to go ahead and finish me up.

You look up at me and say “Are you ready to give it to me? I want your cum baby, I want it all over me.”

One of your hands is back to massaging my balls while the other is furiously pumping my shaft, up and down. After every four or five strokes you take me in your mouth, sucking my dick and slurping loudly to make sure there is plenty of lubrication. Faster and faster you’re pumping, and I can see the eager, hungry look in your eyes. You really do want me to cum, you really do want it all over you.

“I’m gonna cum,” I manage to moan as I gasp and whimper. The feeling of your hand massaging my balls is almost too much to bear.

“Yeah baby, give it to me,” you reiterate once again.

You seem to want it almost as bad as I do. I grab the back of your head to fuck your mouth the rest of the way, which only amounts to about four more thrusts. You oblige enthusiastically, taking me out of your mouth when I start to cum so that you can jack me off with your hands and squeeze out every drop of my load. My cum erupts in long thick spurts, some landing in your hair, on your lips, some on your chest and on your cheek. You smile and sigh with relief along with me as you lick your lips to catch some of the cream that landed around your mouth. I squirm erratically in fits and starts as you continue to pull on my shaft, slowing your stroke to pump out every last drop until I’m a quivering puddle of sexual release.

Still stroking my twitching cock, you rest your head on my bare thigh as I lean my head back on the couch to catch my breath. We sit there together in this position, both of us covered in sweat and eachother’s cum, and the glow of primal satisfaction.

After a few minutes you rise, still wearing only your bra. I think you’re going to go clean yourself up and put some clothes on, but instead you grab a notepad and pencil from an end table and sit down beside me. You flash me that delicious smirk with the corner of your smile again, and write some numbers on the page before tearing it out and handing it to me. I smile back at you and manage to nod in agreement. Still looking at me, you reach down between my legs and give my softening cock a squeeze as you bend down to place a kiss right on its wet, throbbing tip.

That’s when you get up and start collecting your clothes off the floor. I pull my boxers and shorts back on and stand up to make my way out. I fold up the phone number you wrote for me on the notebook paper and put it in my pocket. It seems obvious to me that now that we’re both glowing in the satisfaction of pure carnal release, neither of us knows quite what to say. Grateful for the gesture you made in writing out your phone number, and the vague promise it suggests of future meetings like this one, I smile and make my way towards the door. You appear to be content to leave it at that: a wordless acknowledgment of success and a willingness to avoid any awkward conversation, when I hear you clear your throat as I reach the door. I turn back around.

“I go grocery shopping every Wednesday night around this time,” you say to me with that dangerous smile teasing at the corner of your mouth.

There’s nothing for me to do but smile and nod in understanding, already imagining our next encounter and wondering how it could possibly be as hot as what I’d just experienced. I walk out the door and shut it behind me before walking back across the street to my car.

Perhaps Wednesday nights don’t have to always be so dull after all.

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