Love at First Sight

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This was it, the last one of the day. All of the previous five houses that I had looked at today were completely not what I was looking for so I wasn’t holding out much hope that this one would be any different. “Wait until I catch up with that estate agent.” I thought. I glanced up at the numbers on the doors as I walked past.56, 58…aha…number 60. I opened the gate and walked through, closing it behind me. The front garden was obviously well kept with some pots and hanging baskets. A wind chime floated in the light breeze, causing its metallic tune to softly ring out. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

The door opened slightly on its chain and a woman’s face peeked through. “Hi I’m Mr James to view the house.”

The door closed and I heard the chain being released allowing the door to be opened fully.

“Hi, please come in.” came the voice behind the door.

I walked in to the hallway and heard the door being closed behind me. I turned to see an attractive looking lady, probably late thirties -early forties, elegantly dressed in a black top, mid length black skirt, small heels and sporting a tired look as if she had done this a thousand times recently and was expecting the same outcome.

“Please, follow me.” she said.

I followed looking at hall as we made our way into the living room. It was a nice size, fireplace, bay window, sofas etc. I followed as she walked on.

“This is the kitchen.”

I laughed absent-mindedly.

“Oops sorry.” she said. “It does kind of stand out that it is a kitchen.” And for the first time she smiled. Looking back on it now that’s when I knew, but at the time it was more of a breaking the ice moment.

A short tour of the rest of the house followed, me making nodding gestures and pleasant utterances about the size of the rooms, the decorations and then all of a sudden we were back in the hallway in what seemed less than five minutes.

I looked at her and was about to say thank you and make my exit when she asked, “You look shattered Mr James. Would you like a drink before you go? Tea, coffee?”

“Thank you.” I replied. “Tea would be great and please call me Neil. Mr James makes me sound like a teacher.”

She smiled again, but this time it was a different smile, more welcoming as if I was now more than some bloke looking for a house.

We went to the kitchen and she began to make the tea. “You are not going to buy the house, are you?”

It was more a resigned statement of fact rather than a question.


“Oh, please call me Ellie”

“Ellie, it’s a lovely house, it really is but i think you and I ought to change our estate agent. This is the sixth house today he has sent to visit that is really not what I am after so I can only presume that he has been sending round other inappropriate buyers?”

I already new the answer i was about to get.

“Yep, you’re about the twentieth in the past two weeks.”

She walked over and sat opposite me at the breakfast bar, placing my drink in front of me together with a sugar bowl.

“So I am going to propose a toast…to new estate agents!!”

We clanked mugs.

“To new estate agents.” I repeated.

We both laughed and it was like the burden of the whole world had removed itself from her shoulders. More relaxed now I could take in her features. The cute smile, the well-defined cheekbones, the lovely long blond hair, the shiny now sparkling eyes but also the sense of sadness behind them.

“So what is it you do Neil? I will assume you not a teacher.”

“No.” I laughed, “I am just your run of the mill salesman but it is a proper product, none of this double-glazing-insurance rubbish that gives us all a bad name. I sell sports equipment right the way up from sports socks to weight machines.”

Ellie nodded as if in approval that I was not some fly-by-night.

“Well Mr Sports Salesman, can I be so bold as to ask if you have eaten yet? I was going to make some dinner anyway so you wouldn’t be intruding and I’d be welcome of some company.”

She blushed as if realising that she may have come across as being a little forward, but the blush was short lived as i answered the question with a friendly smile.

“I’d be delighted to accept your invitation, Ms House-Seller.”

She laughed and got down from her stool and made her way over to counter. kartal escort The way she glided over the kitchen floor had me transfixed as she moved about the room, her heels tapping over the laminate surface. She sure was the most attractive woman I had seen in a long time.

“Would you like anything in particular Neil?” she asked glancing up at me. “Food I mean.” she clarified as she smiled cheekily at me.

I chuckled. “And how did you know that I would take that question to mean anything else?”

I put on my best innocent look.

She laughed loudly and I smiled back.

“I will have whatever you are having Ellie.”

I winked at her and she smiled.

“Ok, go through to the living room and make yourself comfortable. I’ll rustle up something.”

“I’d much rather watch you.” I said cheekily.

“Scat, go on, you silver tongue charmer of a salesman…you have been banished…go” She pointed the way.

“If i must.” I sighed as if mortally wounded. As I walked off I laughed loudly “Missing you already.”

I heard Ellie giggle as i made my way out of the kitchen.

Once in the living room i looked around. On a table by the sofa sat some pictures mainly of Ellie but some with another girl. Over the hall hung a picture of this same girl in her graduation gown and diploma. I hadn’t heard Ellie enter the room.

“Oh that’s my daughter, well step-daughter actually. And yes before you ask her father is no longer around. And yes before you ask, it was his secretary.”

I smiled “Sorry, i wasn’t prying and i have noted your mind reading skills. I was actually wondering how someone so young as you could have a daughter?” I stood there innocently.

“Cheeky bastard” she mumbled and then laughing retreated to the kitchen. I laughed and sat down. In no longer than a couple of minutes Ellie returned with two plates of chicken salad and sat down next to me on the sofa.

“Oops the wine” she said as she got up

“Oh, none for me please. I have to drive home and you know what the police are like.”

She looked at me smiling and questioning.

“Ok, Okill have white please. Gee I crack so easily.”

Ellie returned with two glasses and the bottle. I smiled at her.


I looked up “Funny name for a wine”

“Oh ha-ha. That’s the name of my step daughter.”

“She looks like a credit to her step-mother.”

Ellie blushed. “Smooth git! You can tell you are a salesman. Anyway, you know enough about me, my marital status and some of my past. Your turn Neil?”

I paused “I’d have thought you’d have known, what with your mind reading powers being so good.”

I cowered as she playfully slapped me on the arm, both of us laughing. “Ok, I am 29. Have been married once to, well how can I put it, ah yes..the bitch from hell. Left me three years ago for one of her students to go travelling around world. Best thing she ever did for me. I’ve lived alone since, had one serious-ish relationship that lasted four months or so until she got bored of reading magazines and doing her nails and wandered off into the sunset.”

“So you are off women then?” Ellie said

“Oh no far from it. It’s just the two serious relationships I’ve had previously haven’t been the right ones. Don’t get me wrong, i haven’t lived like a monk but I’m not the kind of bloke to hang around night clubs picking up airheads with short skirts that think the ONLY way to a man’s heart is to swallow when necessary.”

I stopped unsure as if i had gone too far with my descriptiveness.

Ellie looked at me and nodded “Yes, but that is the first way.”

She winked at me and smiled that wonderful smile and I was transfixed. We spent the rest of the meal chatting about our lives, our past loves and also laughing a lot. Before long we were sitting closer on the sofa, Ellie had curled her legs under her and I was leaning back into the sofa utterly charmed by this gorgeous woman.

I glanced over at a clock on the mantelpiece and realised that I’d been here for over three hours.

She must have seen me and said “You’re going to tell me now that you have to go and that I should call you cab coos you have drunk to much?”

“You don’t write that psychic column for the local newspaper do you?”

“Right you Bastard” she shouted and took a pillow from under her and lamped maltepe escort bayan me playfully around the ear with it.

“Ouch, ouch.” i feigned as if mortally injured.

“Oh shut up, you big softie. Here, let me patch up this mortal wound for you.”

With that she leaned over and placed a kiss on my cheek. I turned my head and looked straight into this woman’s eyes and the sad, tiresome look that I had seen earlier had gone. What I saw was a happy, sensual, sexy woman and I decided in that moment that I had to kiss her.

I leant towards her and gently placed a lingering kiss on her lips which I felt part. Sliding my tongue into her mouth, hers met mine and we kissed. Not a kiss just for the sake of it, but a deep, meaningful kiss and we kissed and kissed and kissed our arms wrapped around each other, our tongues exploring, dancing.

After what seemed like too short a time we broke the kiss and Ellie smiled “I’ll cancel the cab then.”

With that she took me by the hand, turned off the light and took me upstairs.

Immediately as we got into her bedroom we kissed, deep and passionate as before but this time more wanting, needing. My hands roamed over her back, to her ass and then to the hem of her skirt. My hands lifted it slightly, and then running them over her nylon covered thighs. She moaned into my kiss as if to say, “Don’t stop.”

Over her stocking tops my hands wandered higher until i felt the silk and warmth of her panties. My fingers probed, feeling them drenched. I felt her hands tugging at my shirt, releasing it from the confines of my trousers. Her hands deftly opened my trousers and unzipped the fly, allowing her to delve into my boxers and find her prize.

All the while we kissed and my fingers probed, moving her panties to one side I slid a finger inside her wetness and her grip on my hardness tightened.

She broke the kiss and whispered “Later lover I will swallow, but I have got to have this in me NOW.”

This was all it took. We shuffled quickly over to the bed and literally fell onto it kissing our hands roaming. I pushed her skirt up over her hips, revealing those black stockings that accentuated her legs. She pulled my trousers down to my knees and followed that with my boxers. There was no time for anything else. I wanted Ellie so bad. I moved over her and she moved her panties to one side with one hand and guided me into to her liquid velvet with the other. If anyone had walked in they would have thought I was raping this woman as we were virtually fully clothed but we were both overcome by a mutual desire to please the other that i was beyond caring what it looked like.

All i knew was i wanted to please Ellie, to love her, to take her to places she had never been. Her legs wrapped themselves around me, pulling me deeper and deeper into her. We kissed, our hands all over the others body, the only sounds were our combined moans. My hard cock was now being pulled deeper into her slick, smooth pussy as our movements became quicker and quicker. I felt her breath quicken and I knew she was close. I began kissing her neck whispering in a low voice how wonderful she was, how sexy she was.

“Please don’t stop Neil, please.” Ellie moaned.

I had no intention of stopping.

“I need all of you Neil, take me..shit…yes Neil…yes..yes….”

Then she screamed as she came, a scream of ecstasy, a scream of passion. I pushed harder and faster, riding her through her orgasm and knowing that mine was soon to follow.

As if she read my mind again she said “Cum in me Neil, i need to feel you explode in me.please Neil.”

I felt her pussy muscles squeezing my cock on every deep thrust that I made and her legs pulling me in, her stocking tops grazing over my hips driving me crazy to the point where I could not hold back any longer. I pushed deep and hard and then felt my cum surge up and out of me, deep into her warm welcome pussy. I felt spurt after spurt flow into her and she milked every last drop.

We must have lain like that for a few minutes, our breathing returning to normal just wrapped around each other. Our arms holding us together, her legs holding me within her even though I was now only semi hard. Not a word was spoken but then none were needed. I felt her legs loosen and we began to disentangle overselves. We looked at each other escort pendik beaming and then kissed again.

Ellie broke the kiss and laughed.

“Whatcha laughing at?” I asked.

“Look at the pair of us. I have just had the best orgasm of my ENTIRE life, the best sex I have EVER had and not once did we think to get undressed. I mean, you haven’t even seen my tits yet!!”

We collapsed in fits of laughter, her skirt still over her waist, and my trousers roughly around my knees.

“Well it’s your fault,” i said. “Wearing stockings like that. I couldn’t concentrate on getting any of your other clothes off.”

“See, told you there were other ways to a mans’ heart. And if it’s that what drives you wild and makes you fuck like that, I’m gonna wear em’ all the time when you are around.”

“Like I’m gonna stop you.” I retorted smiling.

She leaned over, kissed me and then whispered. “Lets get out of these clothes then and into bed and yes before you ask I will keep them on and don’t even think about making a sarky comment on mind reading.”

With that she winked at me and began undressing.

“I’m gonna start with my top and bra.”

Off they came in record time and she stood there hand on hips, topless, her skirt hitched up and her stocking tops clearly visible. She looked so sassy and so extremely sexy.

“Bloody hell.” were the only words I could say

Ellie laughed “Well come on then, last one with clothes on is a ninny!!”

I lost on purpose cos I had to see this beauty undress. I undressed eventually and we both slid under the sheets together. My arm went around her shoulder and she snuggled into the crook my arm and body. I looked down at her and smiled. She smiled back, sighed contentedly and nestled back into me.

“Neil?” she asked


“I’m going to say something that I may regret and the only saving grace is that if you get up and leave, you will be leaving me with the memory of the best four hours of my life. So are you ready for this?”

“I’m all ears but before you begin let me say yes I do believe in love at first sight, yes I do believe in fate and yes I do love you too”

The only word i heard before she kissed me was “Bastard”.

The kiss lasted for ages and ages and i could feel myself getting harder by the second. I leant over and kissed her shoulders and then lower. My hands roaming over her tits, rolling each nipple between my fingers. I kissed each one in turn, suckling, nibbling and then moved back up and kissed Ellie again.

I felt her hand move to my cock as we kissed, stroking it back to hardness.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to do.” Ellie said, breaking the kiss.

There was a twinkle in her eye as she winked at me and then her head moved under the covers. I felt her tongue trail over my chest, stomach and then onto my cock, her lips kissing it and then slowly sliding down it and then back up. She moved her position so she was kneeling to the side of me and then i heard a muffled “Touch them, i know you want to.”

With that she engulfed my cock, her mouth and tongue performing sexual magic on it as my hands roamed over her nylon covered legs. I was being driven crazy and I was enjoying every minute of it. My hands seem to encourage Ellie to suck harder and faster and I knew she was turned on as much as i was. She was moving faster now and I could feel myself growing in her mouth. She sensed this too and brought her other hand up to massage my balls as if to coax the cum from them into her mouth. I bucked my hips instinctively as she worked her magic.

“Ellie, I’m gonna cum…oh yes Ellie..i’m cumming…cumming now.”

And with that she clamped her mouth over my spasming cock as I erupted inside her mouth. I could feel her throat swallowing everything I gave her as spurt after spurt came from my cock. When she was sure I was finished she licked my entire cock from top to bottom and then kissed in gently on the head before resuming her position nestled into me.

She kissed my softly on the cheek and giggled “You look like a cheshire cat”

“And you look like you have had the cream, my love”



She looked up at me, seeking assurance, which i was only too glad to give.

“Ellie, I’m not going anywhere and I will be here with you as long as you want me to be here. On one condition though?”

Ellie looked puzzled for a second and then smiled.

“Ok, I’ll always where them and I’ll always swallow.”

She kissed me and then muttered “Bastard.” as she draped her arm over my body and nestled into me all content and happy.

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