Lovers Meeting

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After texting all day between him and me I am so wet that I have to sit on a towel. It has been sooo steamy that once I dropped my iPad and was leaning over the back of the couch because my legs had turned to jelly. It was only a few minutes before I would get the message that he was on his way and I was going to sit in the hotel foyer. I was wondering if relieving my anxieties and need would be a good idea, should I quickly mas… Beep! Yikes! no time – and it’s better if he’s watching me. Downstairs for a short wait. A quick peek in the mirror tells me that for someone who is midway between thirty and forty and who spent two hours getting dressed and prepared, I look pretty good. Downstairs it is. My favourite ottoman is free to perch on while I keep an eye out. I read and play games on my iPad while keeping a watch through the glass doors. Beep! I look up and see him. It’s been a few weeks and I’ve been longing just for this…

“Hey beautiful.”

Followed by the most perfect kisses… It is scorching from the first touch of his lips to mine as we’re both starving for sexual release. We don’t stop touching and kissing until we’re outside my suite. After me fumbling for my key and his feeling me up, it takes a little time to get inside. The door closes behind us. From thighs to breasts I’m pressed up against him and feel his iron hard erection. I can’t think, my my brain’s blood supply has pooled between my legs. When he’s finished kissing my mouth he works his way down the side of my face and along the tops of my breasts, all the time murmuring about how much he wants me. He walks ataşehir escort me to the bed and lays me on it, then climbs on top of me. Holding my hands in his he puts one leg either side of me, pinning me to the bed. Then starts kissing me again. Oh Heavens! It’s explosive! He uses one hand untie the front of my dress and it is quickly removed. All I can think of is his touch and how it makes me respond. With my newly freed hand I unhook the strap from my bra and pull out my breast which is caressed, kissed, teased. The moisture between my legs is making my knickers wet and I can feel it running out of me. I am mewling with absolute desire and I arch my back which makes him take my nipple in his mouth and caress it with his tongue. I am suspended in time, the outrageously exquisite sensations are holding me in place underneath this man.

He stops. I’m free falling through space as the bonds that held me in place have slipped. Then he starts on my other nipple and I’m drowning in insane pleasure. He’s savouring every moment of this as much as I am. I can feel his erection through his jeans and I want it in me so bad I can’t stand being empty. I say nothing though, he is in complete control. He lets my breast go and kisses a trail down to my crotch and stops there. He leans over me and whispers in my ear.

“Touch yourself.”

My fingers run over my abdomen and then between my legs where I am saturated. I can feel it through the fabric of my white lacy knickers. My fingers rub the fabric and I hear his breathing change as he takes his clothes off, although I have kadıköy escort bayan my eyes closed I know he’s watching me. I tease him by slipping my fingers inside my underwear so he can envision it. He’s imagining my actions and he’s all fired up, I feel my knickers being taken off me and I raise my hips slightly to oblige him.

“Open yourself for me.”

I spread my labia with my fingers and I feel his ever so slightly touching my clitoris. He lubricates his fingers with my liberal supply of my honey and slowly slips one inside me. My arms fall to my side and I clutch the bedsheet out of pure lust. I need to be fucked, desperately need to be fucked. I say nothing because I cannot speak even though I’m screaming the words in my head. All that’s coming out is unintelligible noise. I feel explosive as he slips a second finger in my pussy and brushes my clit with the pad of his thumb. Oh God, I’m on fire! He’s watching me writhing and hearing the mix of yearning and desire in the animal noises coming from my mouth… I can’t stay still, the noises are matched by my writhing with pure carnality. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take without dying of pleasure… then he ups the ante as he gently touches my clitoris with the tip of his tongue. It was ever so slight but ohhh… so powerful. I slip my stockinged legs over has shoulders and my hand rests on the back of his head in a gentle caress. I feel his fingers slide out of me as he kisses my pussy with the same sweet perfection as he kisses my mouth. His fingers slide back inside me and he watches my every escort maltepe movement. He can see my eyes roll back in my head and he stops. I feel a light kiss on my face and open my eyes, struggling to focus. He’s leaning over me. He teases my lips open with his fingers and I lick my honey off them.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”


“What was that?”

“Oh yes, yes please!”

He rolls me over and kisses my back. Oh God! I bite my finger as he works his way down and I feel his cock working its way inside me.

“Oh God you’re so hot and tight!”

The slow, rhythmic movements are like the gentle waves at the beach that swirl around my feet. He’s holding my hands and I can feel his kisses on the nape of my neck. My pelvic muscles tighten as I feel his withdrawal. He rolls me over onto my back and re enters me.. As he does we embrace and we kiss.

“You feel so good.”

My legs wrap tighter around his waist and my foot runs up to just underneath his shoulder, my hips angle upwards and if it’s at all possible he is further inside me. Pure, unadulterated passion has us fused together as we move with an intensity that is beyond anything known to humankind. As the tension builds we both become completely nonverbal, letting our touches and kisses speak for us. Is there any better language? I can feel the rhythm changing as he gets closer to orgasm and I can feel completion building inside me. As I feel the changes in us happening I let out a stream of French “mon doux amour, je viens!” and I feel the orgasm rip through him. He kisses me lovingly as he holds me. There’s a mix of happy and sad for us because we don’t have long together. He has to go soon and then tomorrow I catch a flight back home which makes me want to cry but for the time being we’re entwined. I feel completeness because I’m where I belong – in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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