Lust In the Lab

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Simon was jolted into consciousness by the sound of the Mass Spectrometer behind him beeping loudly to signal the end of a run. The side of his face was hurting from where he’d rested it on his folded arms on top of the lab bench.

He groaned, he’d been working for over eighteen hours now and it was increasingly hard to find the will to rouse himself to put on the next set of samples. He looked across the bench to find Sue looking back at him with a smile on her face.

“Rise and shine young man, if we get this last set of samples run, we can go home tomorrow.”

Home: it seemed a long way away both in distance and time. How long had they been here? Three, four days? Simon couldn’t remember exactly. Twenty hour working days and four hours’ sleep a night would do that to you.

He’d known it would be a shitty job when they’d asked him to do it but the overtime pay was just what he needed to help save up the deposit for his first house so he reluctantly agreed.

Apparently, someone had been dumping toxic waste into the water system up north somewhere and he had been sent with Sue to process the huge batch of samples they’d collected to see what was in it.

As of right now, they’d found approximately six times the square-root of bugger-all after laboriously processing a Mother-Load (new official unit) of samples. This did little to help Simon’s mood. But at least they’d be going home soon. Perhaps Simon could play for some sympathy with Sarah. They’d only been out a few times but there was definitely a spark between them. Simon resolved to give her a call as soon as he got back to see if she wanted to hook up.

His mood brightened slightly, Simon grabbed a tray of the samples that Sue had been preparing and began loading them into the auto-sampler for the Mass Spec. He’d been a bit wary of Sue to start with. He’d never really spent any time with her before now but she had a bit of a reputation as the office Cougar. The fact that Simon was in his early twenties and just out of university and she was about fifty only seemed to put him more in the “at risk” category as far as his peers were concerned.

“You’d better watch out for her mate.” Pete had warned him jokingly. “She’ll eat you alive.”

By all accounts, she’d gone through a somewhat public and messy divorce about five years ago and this had triggered a change in behaviour. She’d hit the gym pretty hard and her improving self-image had turned her into something of a sexual predator. Actually, that was a bit of an exaggeration. Simon always imagined that a real Cougar would portray an unshakable aura of self-confidence but he now realised, having spent some time with her, that there was an air of vulnerability about her hiding just below the surface.

Simon actually began to feel a little guilty at some of the conversations he’d been involved in back in the office with people joking about her and how you had to watch your back in case she tried to jump you. He’d never understood why men were considered macho for talking about their sexual exploits but women were considered sluts for the same thing. He found sexual assertiveness an attractive quality in women and Sue was certainly that. In fact, had their genders been reversed, Simon would probably have been considering a sexual harassment complaint from their last few days together.

He’d had to put up with a full range of suggestive remarks right up to comments that were just down right obscene at times. But it was always just tongue-in-cheek enough that he could laugh it off.

It didn’t help that her hours in the gym meant that she was now equipped with what could only be described as a killer body. Women of any age would have been proud of her tight stomach and slender legs, not to mention her full breasts and toned ass. And she knew it. She never missed an opportunity to show it off. Her clothes were always styled to show off her physique; a bit extra cleavage here; a flash of thigh there. She took delight in bending over to give you a great view down her top and then holding your eyes to let you know that she’d seen you looking.

As the hours of sleep deprivation took their toll on Simon, the veneers of social etiquette were slowly being peeled away and he found it harder to avoid openly leering at her when the opportunity presented itself.

Like now.

Sue was cleaning up some sample jars and was bending over the sink on the lab bench. The tailored white blouse that she was wearing had several buttons undone and it was gaping open invitingly as she scrubbed. Simon could clearly see the cups of her lacy white bra as they clung to her jiggling mammaries. He’d been staring at them for a while before he realised that she was watching him with a knowing smile on her lips.

“See anything you like?” She asked playfully.

Simon was fed up with being cowed by the woman so decided to call her bluff for a change.

“Yes actually, I do.” He replied seriously. “Why don’t you get them out for me?”

The look on her face was priceless; pendik escort the mask of confidence slipped to expose uncertainty and insecurity. But she recovered herself quickly and tried to laugh it off.

“I don’t think you could handle me young man.”

But Simon was enjoying having the upper hand for once and wasn’t going to let her get away so easily.

“Who said anything about handling? I’m quite capable of looking without touching.”

Again, a moment of uncertainty from Sue but she obviously still thought Simon was bluffing and decided to call him. Drying her hands quickly she began tracing the neckline of her gaping blouse with the middle finger of each hand. She used the motion to spread the fabric wider so that most of her upper chest was exposed. Simon could see her bra straps and the swell of the tops of her breasts.

“So you’re telling me that you could sit there quietly and watch while I stripped in front of you and you wouldn’t feel the need to touch?” Her voice had switched to a dangerously seductive tone.

Simon was suddenly a bit worried that he’d bitten off more than he could chew but he wasn’t the sort of person to back down from a challenge and he wanted to see how far he could push her. Oh yeah, that and the fact that her body was damn fine and wanted to see more of it.

“No problem.” He tried to sound unconcerned and was pretty happy that he’d succeeded despite the fact that the blood rushing to his groin was making it uncomfortable to sit on the lab stool.

Sue’s fingers were now busy unfastening buttons until the blouse hung open completely. She let it drape over her curves as she resumed exploring her own flesh with her hands. There was now plenty more territory to explore and Simon was treated to a view of her toned stomach for the first time.

“So you don’t see anything that tempts you then?”

“I didn’t say that.” Replied Simon truthfully. “I see plenty to tempt me. But I’ve got strong willpower.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I’ve worked hard on this body. I’d hate to think it wasn’t up to scratch.” Her busy fingers now parted her top and it fell from her shoulders before she shrugged it off completely.

“I don’t think you need to worry there.” Simon said, admiring her willowy physique as she resumed stroking her nearly-naked torso.

She shot him a genuine smile and raised an eyebrow at him. “Flatterer.” She accused. “You’re just saying that to try and get me naked.”

“True.” Simon agreed. “But why would I want to do that if you didn’t look good?”

She paused for a moment, as if trying to find fault with his logic.

“I can’t argue with that.” She conceded. “Perhaps my legs will put you off.”

She bent at the waist to remove her shoes and socks. This left just her pert butt sticking up above the lab bench. She obviously realised this because she wriggled it suggestively for him while she worked.

When she straightened up, her hands immediately went to her belt and she withdrew the article in one pull. This allowed her jeans to sit even lower on her hips and Simon could see where the tight muscles of her lower abdomen formed the top of a “vee” that descended below the waistband.

Sue slowly unbuttoned her jeans until he could see the tops of her white panties and then hooked her fingers into the pockets and pushed them down. She had to rock her hips to help work the tight material over the curve of her buttocks. She bent again to push them all the way off. This time, Simon’s view was even better as he was able to watch her jiggling cheeks swing freely with only the briefest of thongs to hide her modesty.

Damn but she looked good. Her skin was smooth and faintly tanned and her muscles were toned without losing their feminine curves. Sue straightened again and walked around to Simon’s side of the bench. He felt his pulse quicken as she approached. Her walk suggested three inch heels even though he knew she’d removed her shoes; she clearly knew how to strut when she wanted to.

With no furniture between them, Sue turned slowly on the spot so that he could take in the view unimpeded. Then she closed the distance between them even more.

“So, what do you think?” Sue’s mouth was dangerously close to his ear and she only had to whisper.

Simon had to gulp down lump he suddenly found in his throat before he could reply.

“Very nice.” He practically squeaked.

Sue smiled again and Simon suddenly thought he understood how a male preying-mantis must feel as she straddled his legs and leant her bum against the bench. There were mere inches between them now and Simon could smell her – she somehow managed to smell good even after having been stuck in the lab for most of the day.

“How’s you will-power holding up?” Sue’s voice was teasing.

Simon wasn’t sure what the correct answer was to that question. Despite his physical desire to lay his hands on this fine specimen in front of him, another, stronger, part of him realised that there were boundaries maltepe escort to their little game and to over-step them would be a mistake.

“I’m holding up in the face of strong adversity.” He replied.

Despite Sue’s face of mock-disappointment, Simon could tell that she too understood the unspoken rules of their game and he had the feeling that he’d played the right move.

“That’s a shame.” She pouted. “I guess I’ll just have to play by myself then.”

Her hands were working again, this time they went behind her and unfastened her bra before returning to slide under each cup so she could massage a globe with each hand. Sue’s eyelids drifted partly-closed as she enjoyed the sensation.

She paused briefly to shrug off the bra completely and Simon was finally able to see her magnificent chest in all its glory. He was amazed at how firm her breasts were and they were topped off with a pair of small, puckered nipples. He got a sudden urge to lean forward and take one in his mouth.

Sue must have noted his reaction because she leaned slightly forward so that they were inches from his face.

“Mmm.” She moaned as she rolled her nipples between fore-finger and thumb. “I can feel your breath on them.”

Simon was surprised to learn that he was breathing at all at that moment and he certainly couldn’t think of a response. It didn’t seem to matter though, Sue was pretty much just giving him a commentary now and she didn’t seem to need any prompting.

She leaned back against the bench and her right hand descended past her tight navel to slide over her panties.

“Ooh.” Sue shivered. “Very sensitive down there.” She explained, tracing her fingers very lightly over her mons. Soon, her left hand joined in and the pressure became firmer. Simon could just about make out the shape of her pussy lips when she pressed the fabric of her panties in the right way.

Sue’s breathing came in short gasps now and her fingers slid up momentarily so that they could slip under the waistband. Her eyes drifted closed and she moaned. Simon could see the top of her neatly trimmed bush where her thong bulged out to accept her busy hand.

Sue obviously decided that she wanted better access because she quickly tugged the underwear down her slender legs and hopped up onto the bench leaving them on the floor. She shuffled back slightly so that there was space for her feet to rest on the edge and she lay back with her knees up in the air. She was directly in front of Simon which meant he was in prime position for the view that she presented when she spread her knees wide for him.

Her arousal was clear to see; her lips were invitingly open and glistened with her juices. Simon could smell her musky scent as her fingers returned to their task of gently caressing around her eager snatch. He could tell that she was teasing herself because her hips were subconsciously bucking to try to force her sensitive flesh harder against her hand.

“Tell… me.” Sue gasped. ” What you want… me to do” Talking was clearly a really struggle now.

“I want you to finger your pussy for me.” He said simply, knowing it was what she wanted to hear.

“Like this?” She panted and slid a finger inside. As she pulled it out again, Simon could see it was slick with her juices and he noted how her lips clung to it almost as if they were unwilling to let it go.

“Yeah, like that.” He encouraged. “I think you deserve a second finger.”

Without hesitation, Sue worked two fingers into her waiting hole. This time, Simon detected the faintest resistance and he could see her lips having to stretch a little to accommodate them.

“Mmmm.” Sue mumbled. “Feels good.” She began working them in and out with increasing speed. Sometimes she twisted them round to change the point of friction. Simon could hear small squelching sounds and her hips were working to get the deepest penetration possible.

“I’m gonna touch my clit.” Sue managed to explain. “When I do… I’m gonna cum… so hard… Ready?”

But Simon had an idea. ” Hang on a minute.” Sue didn’t look like she could, but her fingers slowed a little. “Try this first.” Simon requested and reached for a large test-tube from a rack nearby.

It was about an inch across and the glass was thick enough that he knew there was no danger of it breaking.

Sue’s eyes widened when she saw what he was suggesting. At another time, she might have refused but she was so far gone that the naughtiness of the idea made it too tempting to resist.

She took the tube in her left hand and reached between her legs to press it against her dripping pussy. The rounded end of the tube pressed against her soaking lips and Simon could see just how much bigger it was than the two fingers she’d just been using. With her fingers coated in her juices, Sue was unable to grip it enough to push it in; her hands kept slipping. The length of the tube meant that she couldn’t reach forward enough to push on the end either.

She was getting kartal escort more and more frustrated as she tried and failed to work it into herself.

“I need help.” She finally conceded. “Please. It’s gonna feel so good inside me, I can tell.”

Simon decided that this wouldn’t be breaking the rules since he wouldn’t actually be touching her directly. In any case, he really wanted to see her pussy stretched wide by the glass.

“OK, hold still.” He took the end of the tube in his right hand while Sue spread her lips for him with her hands. “Tell me if it’s too much.” He said.

And then he began to push. At first, he thought it wasn’t going to work. It just seemed too wide for her.

“Push harder.” Sue encouraged. “And twist a bit.”

Simon did as instructed and he felt her tight entrance yield to the intrusion. Suddenly, it slipped inside and the resistance disappeared so suddenly that it plunged a couple of inches in before he reacted and eased up.

Sue grunted and squirmed against the new sensation. “God!” She exclaimed. “So big.” She gasped.

“Too much?” Simon checked.

“No.” Sue replied. “Feels great. More.”

Simon was happy to oblige and he turned his attentions back to his task. The tube was buried a couple of inches into her dripping snatch and the glass walls meant that he could literally see how her flesh was stretching around it.

He gently began moving it in and out, twisting it gently to get it coated with her juices. With each forward stroke, he went a little deeper until he had worked at least six inches into her.

“Still OK?” He asked.

“Uh huh.” Was all Sue could manage.

“Tell me when it’s deep enough.” Simon worked it even further in. Another couple of inches and he felt it bump up against her cervix. Looking at her face, he saw Sue’s eyes and mouth wide open in a soundless gasp at the sensation. He backed off a bit and held still until she could breathe again.

“Shit!” She announced. “I’ve never… felt anything.. like that before.”

“Too much?” He asked.

“Intense. But good.” She replied. “I think.”


“Yes. But go gently.”

Simon slid forward again, this time more carefully until he bottomed out. After holding still for a moment, he pulled back about four inches.

“Mmmm.” Sue was clearly enjoying herself. “More.”

Simon slid forward again. This time, he pulled back as soon has he hit her cervix and kept going back until he nearly popped out of her. Without a pause, he worked it back inside.

He repeated his slow but full-length strokes, gradually picking up the pace. Sue was completely losing control. Her head was rolling from side-to-side and she was making unintelligible sounds.

“Touch your clit for me.” Simon reminded her.

Sue showed no sign of acknowledgement except for her hand snaking forward to work her love button. There was no introduction, no teasing, she just went straight into a rapid circular grinding against it.

As predicted, this sent her spectacularly over the edge. Her body spasmed so hard that Simon thought she’d launch herself off the bench. He was also worried that her contractions would break the glass to he pulled the tube from her quivering pussy.

As he did, her juices literally gushed from her snatch forming a small puddle on the bench. Eventually, her tremors subsided and her hand fell from her crotch. She lay back unable to move except for the occasional twitches that ran though her whole body.

Simon placed the tube to one side and realised just how tired he was himself. He sat back down and rested his head against his hands to recover. The last thing he remembered was Sue’s eyes opening and the look of sheer satisfaction in them…

Simon was jolted into consciousness by the sound of the Mass Spectrometer behind him beeping loudly to signal the end of a run. The side of his face was hurting from where he’d rested it on his folded arms on top of the lab bench.

As he jolted himself back into reality, memories came crashing back. Startled, he looked across at Sue. She was watching him.

“Wake up sleepy-head.” She chided. “Looks like we’re finished here. That was the last run.”

Simon wanted to say something but couldn’t think what. It couldn’t have been a dream, surely? Everything still seemed so vivid; he could practically still smell her musky scent as she writhed in front of him.

But now, with her standing so normally at her usual position the other side of the bench from him, it was seeming increasingly harder to imagine. He was so tired that he could have hallucinated anything.

“Are you OK?” She asked him. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I’m OK. Just tired I guess.”

“Well, time to head back to the hotel.” Sue sounded genuinely relieved to be finished. “That’s us finished. We can go home tomorrow.”

“Great, that bed’s going to be so comfortable!” Simon could hardly wait.

They walked to the door where Sue seemed to remember something. “Oh, before you go, you’ve still got some cleaning up to do.” She pointed back to the bench and left him to investigate.

There, sitting where he’d left it, was a large test-tube that was coated with suspicious looking juices.

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