Mary’s Education

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Mary was a student. She had been attending university for three years and was finally working her way through her final year. She couldn’t believe it! After working so hard for so long, she was finally going to graduate. These were the thoughts running through Mary’s head as she walked to campus one blustery fall day. It was halfway through the fall semester, and she was on her way to meet her advisor. He had asked her to come meet him without giving a reason, but she assumed it was to do with some class changes she had made. It was late afternoon on a Friday and the campus was quiet as she walked through the stately buildings. Hopefully this meeting wasn’t because there was a problem with her application to graduate. Mary frowned, thinking Professor Mark Fougere, her advisor, had been very mysterious when he requested the meeting with her.

Mary was just short of five foot nine, with shapely legs and a long stride. She was by no means skinny, but her shape was attractive — bordering on the voluptuous. Her breasts were large and her ass was firm and round. While she often envied girls with smaller, skinnier bodies, Mary did appreciate that she got her fair share of attention from men. As much as she liked to portray that she was a good girl, strictly on the straight and narrow, Mary was actually a very sexual young woman. She loved sex, and her powerful sex drive had often caused her problems with respect to focusing on her studies. Sometimes she would get so horny in class she would have to go to the bathroom and quickly bring herself to orgasm, while other times she would go to the bar and attempt to find someone to satisfy her wanton desires. Mary thought with a smile about all the sex she had been having over the past year or so. The stresses of school had been driving her wild and she had spent weekend after weekend having raucous sex with various strangers to deal with her problems. Despite still feeling stressed, Mary had recently made a promise to herself to focus on her studies and try to forget about sex. So far, she had been doing okay, but her sexual energy was unfortunately not all being absorbed by her academic focus, and Mary found herself having a harder and harder time concentrating on school. But today she was going to, Mary thought as she walked into the arts building. Her thick brown hair was bouncy and flowed as she walked confidently down the hall. She was wearing a tight sweater dress that was short and showed off her figure, but she was wearing it with tights and boots so she figured it was appropriate. Today was strictly business.

Mark Fougere heard her boots clicking down the hallway. At least, he hoped it was Mary who he could hear coming. Mark was forty years old, still fit and muscular, as he considered keeping his six foot two body in great shape a top priority. He wasn’t married and his fellow female colleagues had tried again and again to land him. But Mark Fougere was very preoccupied with his student, Mary. He groaned slightly as he thought of her round ass, her large bouncing tits, her thick flowing hair, and how they would all look if he was fucking her tight cunt from behind. As much as Mary tried to keep her sexuality a secret, Mark had discovered through a mutual acquaintance just how much of a slut Mary really was, and today was the day, he decided, as his cock twitched in his pants. Today was the day he was going to use what he knew to his advantage.

Mary appeared in his open door. “Hello professor,” she said smiling, pausing in the doorway.

“Mary, hello,” Mark replied seriously, taking in her short dress and the way it clung to all her curves. “Please come in.” Mary walked into his office and took a seat, but left the door open. For a moment, Mark hesitated. Was he really going to do this? Then Mary leaned over to set her bag down and all hesitation left him as her tits swayed provocatively. He got up from his desk and walked around to close the door. Mary sat up a little straighter. He had never done that before. Now they were alone, and no one could see anything that was happening in the office. She felt a little shock run through her pussy as her mind automatically imagined what could happen. But no! She pushed that thought out of her mind. She was focusing eryaman escort on her studies, she reminded herself, and imagining Mark Fougere bending her over the desk was counterproductive to that plan.

“Mary, do you know why I requested this meeting?” Mark asked as he walked back behind his desk and sat down. Mary shook her head.

“I figured it was about the class changes I made recently,” she said, looking a bit confused. She realized Professor Fougere was looking very serious.

“Not quite, Mary,” he said. “In fact, not at all.” Time to drop the bomb, he thought, as he took in her questioning look, her eyes wide, lips parted. As he paused, her tongue ran over her top lip, seemingly involuntarily, but with such sexuality that Mark felt his cock pushing unhappily against the constraints of his pant. A wave of anger shot through him as he thought about the effect the slut in front of him was creating. He took a breath and began. “Mary, recently a story about you was related to me by a good friend, and frankly, that story concerns me.” Mary looked even more concerned as he continued. “I was under the impression that you were taking your studies seriously, but the things I heard made me question that impression.” Mary felt nerves swell up in her stomach. Had she accidentally plagiarized something? Was she being accused of cheating? Then it all became clear.

“Mary, the friend who told me these things was one Brian Black. I believe you are quite well acquainted with him?” Mark watched as comprehension dawned on Mary’s face. In a rush, Mary was thrown back to a weekend about two months previously. She had been out on the town and had been picked up by an older man — older than she had initially thought, although it had turned out fantastic. The forty-one year old man had been pleased he still had the stamina to satisfy an eager twenty-year old slut, and they had spent 48 unreal hours fucking all over his apartment and in the office he worked from on the lower level. Even with Mark staring at her in disgust, Mary couldn’t help but feel a rush of arousal as she remembered the way Brian Black had bent her over his desk, and fucking her hard and pulling her head roughly back, had demanded to know who her daddy was. Mary momentarily forgot the seriousness of the present situation and her eyes closed involuntarily and she smiled remembering the way he had growled at her.

“Who’s your daddy, you dirty fucking slut?”

“You are, Mr. Black, you are, please fuck me daddy, fuck me harder..”

“Yeah you like being fucked by my big cock don’t you, you dirty little girl? You like being fucked by your daddy’s cock?

“Oh yes daddy, yes, yes, please don’t stop fucking me, pound your little girl’s pussy! Ram me harder!”

He had fucked her so hard, she remembered, saying that dirty little girls needed to be punished with their daddies big hard cocks, and when he had started spanking her too, she had experienced the longest and hardest orgasm of her entire life.

“Mary!” She was snapped back to the present by Professor Fougere’s sharp tone. “Do you think this is funny?” Mary wiped the smile of the memory of her fucking session off her face and realized, with some horror, that Professor Fougere knew all the details of that tryst.

“Professor Fougere, I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize details of my private life would get back to you.” Mary was embarrassed but a little bit defiant. He couldn’t seriously punish her for what she did in her personal life. “I do try to keep my personal life separate from everything else, but I guess it’s a small city.” Mark looked at the haughty look she was now wearing on her face. The dirty slut! She had obviously just been reliving her fuck session with one of his friends, forty-one years old, no less!

“Well Mary, I’m very disappointed. I’m beginning to understand why your grades have been suffering this year…”

“My grades have not been suffering!” Mary interrupted in anger. How dare he!

“You’ve obviously been distracted,” Mark continued, standing up angrily.

“I have NOT!” Mary jumped up, her eyes meeting his defiantly.

“And I realize that the distraction is not a result of some innocent concerns escort eryaman over graduation as I originally thought, but because you’re thinking about how you can get the next thick cock to pound you!” Mark came out around the desk as Mary began to protest.

“How dare you speak to me like this!” Mary was so angry she didn’t notice how close Professor Fougere was to her.

“I will speak to you any way I want, you dirty little slut,” Mark growled. Suddenly he closed the remaining distance between them, shoving her up against the closed door, holding her hands above her head and pressing his fully hard cock against her crotch. Mary gasped in shock. Was this really happening? Mark held her wrists against the door with his left forearm while his right hand stroked down her confused, beautiful face, down her slender neck. He grabbed her throat, and pushed her head up. “Dirty sluts like you need to be punished,” he said huskily, staring into her wide brown eyes. Mary nodded wordlessly, staring back at him. Still holding her in place with his firm body, he dropped his mouth onto hers and kissed her roughly. As he did so, Mary let out a soft moan and pushed her hips into his, feeling his large cock pressing against her with excitement. Mark knew at that moment, he had her.

Letting her hands go, he grabbed her ass and lifted her up, still kissing her hungrily. She wrapped her legs around him and he carried her the short distance to his desk, depositing her roughly onto the polished surface. She really was a good little slut, he thought, as she waited for instructions, looking up at him expectantly. Brian had told him how much she loved getting fucked roughly and how submissive she really was. Mark’s cock grew somehow even harder as he thought about how he was going to fuck this young, tight piece of ass.

“Turn over,” he ordered, and Mary obediently flipped onto her stomach so she was bent provocatively over the place where he graded her papers, her ass up in the air. He placed a hand on the small of her back, pushing her to make sure she stayed there, while he tore off her tights with his other hand. He slid his hand up the inside of her smooth thighs, finding with a short intake of breath her scantily covered, soaked, shaved pussy. Pressing his hand into her slit, he elicited a moan from Mary. He pushed aside her tiny thong and found her clit, fingering it a little roughly for a moment. To his surprise, Mary gasped and moaned and shoving back against him, squealed as an orgasm rocked through her. Mark had never seen anyone come so quickly in his life. “You dirty slut,” he said admiringly. “You like your professor playing with your clit?”

“I love it so much,” she breathed, pressing back into him again. “Please, professor, make me cum again.” Mark’s cock got even harder as she begged him. Quickly, he undid his pants, releasing his cock from it’s constraints. He didn’t know that he’d ever been so turned on. Mary was wriggling beneath the hand holding her on his desk and begging him for more. “Please, professor, fuck me, I want to feel your big cock inside me so bad, so bad, please I need it!” But Mark wasn’t quite ready to fuck her. He wanted to punish her, he wanted to make her his slut, wanted to get back at her for all the times he had gone home and jerked himself off thinking of her curvy, sexy body when all this time she had been fucking men just like him. He pushed up her dress, making like he was preparing to enter her, but instead he landed a harsh slap on her upturned bottom.

“Ohhh!” Mary half cried, half moaned.

“You will fucking thank me for each one of these, you little bitch,” Mark ordered. “Understand, slut?”

“I understand professor,” Mary breathed, catching on quickly. “Thank you professor!”

SMACK! His hand met her bare skin again. “Thank you professor!”

SMACK! “Thank you professor!”

SMACK! “Thank you professor!”

Mary lost count of how many times he spanked her. Her ass was on fire, tears were streaming from her eyes and her pussy juices were running down her leg — the vibrations of his strong hand on her ass was getting her so close to cumming again. He smacked her again, and there it was. Mary yelped and moaned eryaman escort bayan as another orgasm racked her body. “Oh professor, thank you, thank you!” Wave after wave of intense pleasure flowed through her body. Mark couldn’t believe it! The little whore had cum just from being spanked. He lost control. As her orgasm ended, Mark shoved his cock roughly inside her. Her tight cunt gripped him hard as he pulled back and rammed her again and again. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up and back. “You really are a slut, aren’t you Mary?” he asked.

“Yes, professor,” she responded with difficulty. His huge cock was hurting her as he slammed it in and out of her tight pussy over and over.

“Only really dirty sluts come from being spanked, you know that Mary? So you must be a really dirty slut. Tell me what a slut you are!” He let her hair go and her head fell back down onto his desk. He leaned down over her, continuing to hump her pussy relentlessly, one hand holding her down by the neck.

“I’m such a slut, professor,” Mary moaned obediently. “I love having your big cock in my tight little pussy, love having you fuck me like this, using me as your own little slu-ut OH fuck!” Mary yelled as he buried his cock even deeper into her, triggering yet another orgasm. It was too much! Her professor was giving her the best fucking of her life, his huge cock making her cum over and over. His hand around her neck, pressing harshly into her throat was making her feel even more helpless and his domination of her was so hot she continued to cum longer than she ever had before. Mark pulled his cock out in the middle of her orgasm. He was going to take the dirty slut’s ass. Using her own juices, he smeared her little pink pucker and felt her tense a bit. “Please, professor,” she begged as he positioned his cock at the entrance. “Please, please don’t fuck me there, you’re too big, no! NO!” She protested as he began to push his huge dick into her tight ass.

“Shut up, slut,” Mark said. He knew perfectly well that Brian had fucked her ass good, and Mark’s cock was only a bit bigger than his friend’s. She was just being a lying slut. A wave of anger rocked him at the thought that she was protesting so much and he slammed his cock into her ass ruthlessly. Mary screamed, and quickly Mark reached forward and covered her mouth. He paused and let her ass adjust to his size for a minute, whispering in her ear. “Shut up slut, don’t pretend like you don’t love have your professor take your ass.” He started to move in her again, and Mary couldn’t help herself. While it had hurt a lot when he slammed into her initially, her ass had been well fucked by many men, and she loved it. She nodded and he uncovered her mouth. “I knew you loved it, you little slut,” Mark said. “Now beg your professor to fuck your ass.”

“Oh professor,” Mary moaned, “please fuck my ass, please. I love feeling you buried deep up inside me, please fuck my ass hard and make me cum again, please!” Mark needed no more encouragement. He started ravaging her ass relentlessly. He was getting close to cumming himself, having had about all he could take of the situation, which was so wrong, but so hot. He reached down to Mary cunt and slid two fingers into her tight pussy while he played with her clit. Within seconds he felt her pussy walls contract and watched as she threw her head up and howling with pleasure came one more time. He had made this dirty slut cum so hard, and with that thought, he realized he was about to cum.

“Oh fuck slut,” he moaned, “here it fucking comes!” He slammed into her ass and shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her bowels, grunting with pleasure for what seemed like a full minute. Mary was still cumming when he started shooting his cum into her ass and as she felt his cock dump a huge amount of cum into her ass, her orgasm continued with his, lasting so long she thought she was going to pass out from the sheer, unabated ream of pleasure. Finally both their orgasms began to subside and Mark collapsed on top of her.

“Oh my fucking god,” he said in disbelief. He couldn’t believe the fuck session they had just had. His cock slipped out of Mary’s ass and she sighed contentedly.

“Professor Fougere, I have wanted that for so long,” she whispered. Mark smiled.

“Me too, Mary,” he said. “Now that you’re my fuck slut I’m going to pound your tight pussy and ass every day until you graduate, you little tramp.”

Mary shuddered with arousal at his words. It was going to be a great year.

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