Mean Laureen

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My plane touched down just after supper. I had been away at meetings for several days and I was very excited to see my Laureen again. My girlfriend is my fantasy. Olive skin, wide hips, perky breasts and the sweetest face; she never failed to keep me satisfied, to keep me coming home. I’m 6 feet tall, husky; nothing “pretty boy” about me, sort of the tall dark and handsome kind, with a face that looks like it’s been hit hard a time or two and hands that were like big meaty clubs. I look rough and tough, but one look in my eyes and it was plain to see, this little lady had me wrapped tightly around her delicate little finger.

Laureen is about 5 foot 4; 130 pounds of woman, with a strong back, strong legs and the prettiest feet I have ever seen. She’s growing her rich, dark hair out, and it looks amazing when she is all done up to go out. She met me at the airport… all done up. I smiled as I walked towards her. My cock jumped and twitched. The other men in the lobby were all stealing looks at her ass, at her full, upturned breasts and I was a proud man. This is what I had to come home to, life is good.

We both have kids from former relationships and our visitation schedules have been set up so that our kids are with us at the same time and every second weekend, we have an adult weekend. I’d been gone for a week to board meetings and as I returned home on this fateful Friday, we had no kids and I was as horny as a moose in rutting season. I felt like uprooting trees and howling at the moon. I stood in front of my lady and she put a gentle hand on my cheek. “Easy now. Hold on for just a while longer and Momma will take care of her man.”

I grunted. My nostrils flared. I wanted to fuck her right there on the turnstile. I wanted to rip her clothes from her body. I wanted to pick her up high into the air and drop her on my angry cock. “I missed you baby.”

“There, there now. I got what you need. Come with me.” She turned and walked out of the reception area and into the airport towards her car. I followed several steps behind. I loved watching her walk. Her posture was amazing; her back so straight and proud. Her hips were hypnotizing to all who watched her walk. I swore I could smell her pussy. She turned to look at me over her shoulder and gave me the look and said just loudly enough for several business men standing nearby to hear, “Come on Big Fella, don’t keep me waiting. I got an itch that needs scratching… very hard.”

The man next to me coughed and smiled. I turned to him and smiled like a man who just received an unexpected inheritance. He shook his head and said with a sigh that betrayed everything that was running through his mind, “Buddy, I wouldn’t keep that waiting long if I were you.”

My grin got bigger. “Dude, you have no idea.” The automatic doors opened with a swish and we slid into her black Corolla and sped out of the parking lot.

“Let me see it.” She reached across the console and squeezed my cock. It was hard, straining and ready for her. I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock as she drove down the highway towards the city. My cock was slick, wet, leaking precum. I was primed for work. She wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock and squeezed. Her purr told me she had waited just as long as I had and tonight, we could both make as much noise as we wanted. She rubbed her finger over the end of my slick cock and brought the liquid to her mouth and sucked it slowly. I felt the heat build inside of me. I reached over and squeezed her right breast, giving it a small shake, appreciating its weight, its supple firmness. She gave a grunting laugh as she looked at me. We both laughed. We knew.

She pulled into the Delta parking lot and it was only then that I realized that we were not going home. “Got us a suite baby.” She said in the sweetest, most innocent voice she could muster. We both smiled. We both knew, there was nothing innocent about what she had in mind. “I feel like making a mess that I don’t have to clean up in the morning.”

“You’re the gaziantep escort bayan boss baby.” I followed her through the lobby of the hotel and into the elevator. When the doors closed, the bags hit the floor and I pinned her to the wall. My hand was in her hair and I pulled her head back and crushed her lips in a kiss. She moaned as I forced my tongue between her silken lips, searching for her bubble gum tongue. She bit my lips and I swore at the sharp pain. She laughed. I spun her around and grabbed her by the throat and whispered into her ear. “I want to fuck you right here, right now.”

She sounded breathless as I grabbed her pussy through her pants and squeezed. “Wait baby, just wait.” My tongue licked the perspiration from her neck. She was hot. I was building to a desperate frenzy. I felt like sparks could be seen jumping and crackling from our bodies from the sexual energy.

The bell chimed and the door slid open. An older couple was standing there. We straightened our clothes, I grabbed my bags and we moved out of the elevator around the couple. The woman flushed as I moved past, but the old guy had a smirk on his lips. We heard giggling as the doors closed. It was obvious what was going down here.

We hurried towards our room. 369. Foreshadowing. I had no idea. Laureen fumbled with the key card and it fell to the carpet. I was on her, my arms around her waist, my teeth biting her shoulder firmly, gently. I growled into her ear. 5 seconds and I’m gonna fuck you against the wall in this hallway. She giggled nervously. She knew I was serious. She hesitated. She thought about it. We both giggled as the green light on the lock glowed and she bolted through the door. Her excited giggle was like a starter pistol. My bags hit the floor and the door clicked shut behind us and I was in dead run behind her for the bed. I caught her in mid air as she jumped for the bed and pulled her into me. Her arms were around my neck and her legs wrapped around me as our lips met.

I lifted her up into the air and growled. “I missed you baby; so fucking bad.”

Her face was flushed with urgency. “Shut up, shut up shut up.” She was out of breathe. “I need to be fucked so bad right now. My clothes feel like they are burning my skin, Take them off, help me; hurry.” Clothes hit the floor; hit the wall; like they exploded off our bodies. I pulled her to me. My arms coiled around her waist; my head buried into her neck, I sucked on her skin, inhaled her smell. She pulled my hair hard and grabbed me by the face and smashed my lips with hers. She was almost groaning as her hips moved as if they were possessed and her pussy had a mind of its own, with a single minded mission to seek out my cock and devour it.

I threw her onto the bed and she bounced. I caught her by the ankle and pulled her back to me. She clawed at the blankets trying to escape with an excited, maniacal giggle like somebody who is two steps ahead of the boogie man as they run for the door in the dark; panicked, scared, excited. My powerful hands pulled her to me and she turned to look up at me as I grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her to the edge of the bed; towards my straining cock. I threw her legs over my arms and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her onto my cock. It forced its way into her. My cock burned from her heat and she threw her head back, closed her eyes and moaned.

I pushed against her until I could go no further, but I wanted to. I wanted to keep pushing until all of me was inside of her. She looked up at me. “Baby, it hurts. I’ve wanted this so bad, my pussy was aching. Fuck me. Pleassssse, just fuck me.” I looked down at the woman I love, squirming with need on my cock and that’s exactly what I did.

I fucked her hard and steady; my hands holding her firmly as my cock pistoned in and out of her writhing body. Her head turned from side to side as I filled what had felt so empty this past week. Sweat rolled down my face, forming into drops on my nose and then fell to splash on her heaving breasts. I growled like an animal as she dug her nails into my skin. Drops of perspiration formed on her cheeks, on her upper lip; her face flushed with heat, her hair stuck to her forehead.

I bent down and licked her neck, tasting her saltiness. I licked down her chest and grabbed her breast and sucked her nipple hard into my mouth. Her hand entwined in my damp hair and crushed my lips down into her breast. She whimpered as she looked down at me. Our eyes locked as my tongue circled her nipple. I let go of her arm and sucked at her moist skin, sucking a path between her breasts. My cock pulled out of her grasping pussy as I kissed across her abdomen. She whined in complaint until my searching lips sucked over the narrow landing strip of pubic hair and I reached her swollen pussy. I sucked her into my mouth.

My tongue parted her folds and savored her taste. Laureen has the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever encountered. I could spend and entire day in bed sucking on that pussy and be completely satisfied. I loved licking her. I loved the smell. I love the way she moved when she was building up to an orgasm. I put my hand on her belly and could feel the tension there as she moved around under my tongue. I loved the sounds she made as the urgency built up and her orgasm grew ever closer. Her legs squeezed my head and her hands were entangled in my hair, both wanting to push me away and pull me closer. My tongue danced around her spot and it was there. Her back arched and her cry gave me tingles as the orgasm tore through her body. I lapped up her wetness, drinking her orgasm. My face glistened with her cum.

“Oh my God, that was so quick.” She panted. I smirked with pride. She pushed me away with her feet and she turned to climb up the bed. Not fast enough. I caught her. “NO, baby, I’m too sensitive.”

I just growled and pushed her face into the pillow and spread her legs with my knees. Her brown loveliness winked up at me. “My turn.” I buried my face between her round ass cheeks and my tongue found her rosebud. All the fight left her as she sunk into the comforter with a groan. My tongue in her ass had control of her now. Her arms were above her head and she sucked on her arm as my lips and tongue had their way with her ass. I loved when she sucked her arm during sex. I always envisioned another woman in bed with us, her arm wrapped around Laurs shoulder as she fed my lady her breast.

I moved up her body, kissing my way up through the cleft of her ass, up her spine, to her neck. She purred. I slid my cock between the slick globes of her ass and Laureen squirmed. The smile on her face told me she was ready again. I turned her over and found her lips. I reached down and guided my cock into her pussy once again. I then moved my legs to the outside of her legs, pushing her legs together as I moved up her body. Her arms wrapped around my head as I sucked on her shoulder. I move above her, my cock sliding through the length of her pussy.

“Right there. Baby, you know what I need. Right there.” I fucked her steadily; long slow strokes that had her in heat again fast. I fucked her harder as her need grew. I could feel it coming as her pussy clenched and spasmed on my cock. “Oh baby, Ohhhh baby. I’m close.” I stayed true, not deviating in the slightest, giving her what she needed and then she was there, moaning and writhing underneath me, our bodies sliding against each other slickly, covered in sweat and cum as she peaked and her orgasm was torn from her like doll torn from her hands as a child, desperate fingers trying in vain to hold on but with a moan that came from somewhere deep inside of her. She crested and I stroked smoothly until her orgasm played out.

She was breathless and her face serene as she savored the afterglow. I smiled; satisfaction after a job well done. I climbed off of her and walked to the head of the bed. She smiled as I presented my cock to her, shiny with her essence. She lowered her head onto my cock until her nose was brushing my pubic hair and the head of my cock jumped and twitched as the swallowing action in her throat milked the head of my cock. She growled and patted the bed beside her for me to lie down. I did as I was commanded and she crawled between my legs; her lovely brown hair falling across my legs as she sucked my cock. She slid her hand across my balls, her nails gently raking my most sensitive part. She knew what I liked. I felt a finger sliding lower, circling my backdoor. I felt the pressure as she pushed and I accepted her into me with a moan. Slowly she slid her finger into me as she sucked my cock and stroked me with her other hand.

She rose, my cock sliding from her mouth with a pop. Laureen turned away from me, turning her back to me as she slowly threw a leg across my lap and sat on my cock, her ass looking like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen as I watched my cock slide in and out of her; her pussy clutching my cock as it pulled away, and giving way as I entered her. She pulled my knees up towards her and leaned forward. I could feel her finger at my opening again and she slid a finger into me again. I felt another finger enter me and stretch me. I loved it. I wished that she had her long black buddy with her, strapped to her and pounding me, taking me, dominating me as she filled me.

She pulled her fingers from my ass way too soon and my groan let her know, but she just giggled. She lay back against me, reclining atop me with her legs stretching out beside my legs, her back resting on my chest. She lifted her hips and my cock slid from her pussy. She reached behind her back, between us and guided my cock to her rosebud. I didn’t move. I let her take care of this part. She slid my cock up and down the crack of her ass until it found her opening. She slowly wiggled her hips until my cock entered her ass. I reached around and cupped both of her breasts and squeezed firmly and sucked on her neck as she sunk down on my cock and I was balls deep in her tight, hot ass. She raised her hips and slammed them down again, impaling herself on my cock. My hips moved to meet her. Her nails dug into my hands as she squeezed her breast with me.

We bucked and squirmed as my cock dug into her ass. She turned my head and kissed me. “I love feeling you in my ass baby.” The tone of her voice was husky and filled with wanton desire. She was feeling sexy and I was feeling the first tendrils of my orgasm crawling up the insides of my legs.

“I’m gonna spill my seed in your ass baby. Would you like that?” I moved my hands to her hips and fucked her ass harder as my orgasm built in strength.

“I want to feel it baby.” She hissed as she felt my urgency building. I was moaning as I tried to hold back the tide. She squeezed her breast with one hand and her finger was working furiously on her clit as I rose to fill her ass. “Wait for me, I’m so close.” She hissed. I groaned as the impending hurricane of my orgasm lashed the shores with a furry that would not be contained.

“I’m coming baby. I can’t hold on.” I could feel it in my balls and the cry that built in my chest was torn loose as my cock contracted. I heard her cry and knew she had reached that pinnacle with me and with the first splash of my orgasm deep inside of her ass, her orgasm rolled over her and I held her tightly as we bucked and rolled together in the sweaty sheets of our $400 dollar a night suite.

Our panting subsided and she rolled off of me and collapsed on the bed. I just lay there trying to catch my breathe and slow my heart which I could see beating in my abdomen and all of my pulse points. I rolled over and turned her head to mine. Her eyes were closed and the most content grin graced her lovely lips. “God I missed you Baby.”

She purred, “Mmmm, I missed you too Stud.” We drifted off to sleep naked in our bed, neither one of us noticing the sun through our window as it did its slow slide into darkness. I dreamt of my Lady. I dreamt of her body. My dreams were fevered and darkly erotic. I had no way of imagining as I lay there in dream land, that my woman had a plan for the night, that would address all of those bad, bad dreams.

(I love you Baby.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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