Meet Me For A Rendezvous

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At work one day, you receive a telegram. Curiously opening the envelope, of course expecting bad news, you are delighted by the invitation that you’ve received…it says “meet me at the cabin at 7:30 tonight…don’t be late!”

Hurriedly, you finish your work, and grabbing your things, rush out the door, glancing at your watch. Damn, only three hours to be there. Racing to your car, you throw open the door and jump inside. Starting the engine, you race away from work and towards the scenic mountains only a few short hours away.

Upon approaching the cabin in the dark, you notice that the cabin is strangely dim. Knowing that you had a rendezvous there in just a few moments, you thought it would’ve been much brighter inside the tiny, secluded log house.

Parking the car, and switching off the engine, you glance tentatively at the cabin door, waiting anxiously for me to throw it open and run out to greet you. But, the door remains closed.

Opening the car door, you step out, stretch and walk towards the porch, wondering what could be happening. Reaching for the door knob and twisting it, you push the door open to glance inside the cabin…

…Before you is the darkened living room, lit only by dozens and dozens of burning candles. You enter cautiously, stepping quietly into the room and closing the door behind you. Further into the room, you see a small table set up in the center of the room, two tall candles burning in it’s center, empty plates and glasses adorning each side. A bucket of ice, with a bottle of wine, chills on a stand next to it. Calling my name, you wait for my answer…

…When you receive no response, you walk to the table and look down over it. You see a small note placed on one plate. Picking it up, you read it’s contents. It says, “take off your jacket and sit on the couch…close your eyes!”

Removing your jacket, you hurriedly sit on the long couch, settling comfortably into it’s plush thickness. You close your eyes and wait…

…Before long, you feel my hands slide over your shoulders and across your chest, wrapping snugly around you. My lips brush lightly across your earlobe, my breath warm against your skin. Your hands reach up to caress my arms, rubbing them softly. “Can I open my eyes?” you ask.

“No” I tell you, “Not yet.”

I bury my lips in the valley between your jaw and shoulder, kissing your neck softly, my tongue darting out and licking the skin lightly.

I move my mouth to the tender skin on the back sincan escort of your neck and kiss it tenderly, again licking it lightly. I can feel you shiver under my arms.

Reaching my fingers up to the top button of your shirt, I slowly slip it from the hole, and open the next button. Sliding my hands inside the open collar of your shirt, I run my warm fingertips over your hot skin, feeling your heartbeat racing under my palms.

You turn your face towards mine, your eyes still closed, and seek out my warm lips. I lean in and touch your lips lightly with my own. I dart my tongue out to taste your lips and you eagerly suck it into your mouth, drawing it’s slick warmth deep inside your mouth. You reach up with one warm hand and cup my jaw in your palm, pulling my face closer for a deeper kiss.

Slowly moving over the back of the couch to settle lightly on your lap, I again kiss you. You cup my face with both hands, tilting your head slightly to deepen the kiss. My fingers move to the buttons of your shirt, and once again, begin to slide each button from it’s hole, kissing each new piece of exposed skin. As the last button slides free, I pull the bottom of your shirt free from your pantsline and draw the shirt off your shoulders, kissing your collarbone and shoulders lovingly.

You lean forward to let me pull your shirt off and drop it to the floor…your breath quickens as your chest brushes mine and you realize I am wearing nothing on my chest. My nipples brush across yours, the nubs become hard and erect from the contact.

Wanting to open your eyes, I again tell you no. Your hands slide up my sides to cup by tits in your palms. Your squeeze them lightly, weighing them with your hands, fondling the hard nipples with your fingertips. I moan in pleasure. I can feel your cock growing harder in your pants as it presses urgently against my most sensitive spot.

Moving my hands to the button of your pants, I slide it free from the hole and grip the zipper with my fingers, slowly sliding it down. I reach inside and touch your cock, it’s hardness throbbing against it’s confines.

Taking your hands from my tits, you reach down and grasp the waistband of your pants, and with me still atop your lap, you lift your hips and slide them down. I move a little to let them pass under my hot body, and you kick them aside.

With no clothes between us, you now know that no cloth covers the lower half of my body either, including my hot pussy. Your sincan escort bayan hands go to my hips and begin kneading the soft skin. Your hard cock settles between my legs, pressing hard against my wet pussy. I moan softly and wiggle my hips a little. You inhale sharply and also moan, grabbing my hips fiercely to settle my movements.

Sliding slowly down off your lap to settle on my knees before you, I take your cock in my hand and begin to stroke it firmly. My hand squeezes it lightly, the slow stroking making your skin hot. Your breathing halts as you wait for what is to come next.

With much deliberate slowness, I lean down and tenderly kiss the head of your cock. Your body jumps, a moan escaping from your lips. Smiling evilly to myself, I open my hot mouth and engulf the head. Again you moan loudly. I can feel your hand settle on the back of my head, pressing lightly.

My hand leads the way as I open my mouth wide and slide my hot mouth down the long length of your cock, my nose settling against your belly. Your cock presses firmly against the back of my throat as my the muscles contract around the head.

I begin to move my mouth up and down the full hard length of your hard cock, my hand stroking in place of my mouth when I move up. I press my lips together to make the O of my mouth tighter against your cock. I can feel you start to raise and lower your hips in time with my mouth and hand.

For several moments, my mouth bobs up and down on your hard pole, feeling it thicken inside my mouth. Your moans urge me on, to feast hungrily.

I feel your hands at my shoulders, pulling me upwards to straddle your lap. Asking again if you can open your eyes, I tell you once again, no. Putting your hands on my hips, you lift my body and settle my wet pussy just above your erect cock.

With slow deliberateness, I lower myself down to sheath your long cock with my hot pussy, moaning loudly as each inch enters me. I put my hands on your chest to steady myself as I rock slowly back and forth, your cock sliding effortlessly in and out of my wetness.

You lay your head back on the back of the couch, moaning loudly, and begin to thrust your hips in time with my movements, our bodies meeting together in intimate spots. My head falls back, my long hair touching my back, as I arch towards you.

You can’t stand it anymore…you open your eyes and look to my face. Your eyes are filled with lust and passion as you drive your cock escort sincan harder and deeper in my pussy. The obvious feeling of ecstasy passes visually across your face and it makes me move more urgently on top of your cock.

You lean up and take a swollen nipple between your lips, sucking on the hard nub like a starving man. Your mouth moves to the other nipple, performing the same torture. We move together in unison, the ripple of orgasm about to flood our systems. My breathing slows as I can feel the riptide begin it’s ascent.

Pounding your cock harder and deeper inside me, our bodies slapping hard together, skin against skin. Again you lay your head back as you too feel the riptide flowing. My pussy muscles begin to constrict as I can feel the orgasm starting. Your cock begins to swell as it also assaults you.

We move faster together, our rhythm almost manic in it’s rapidness. Your hands on my hips urge my body faster in movement. I can’t stand it anymore…I’m gonna cum soon. The swelling of your cock intimately stretches my sensitive hole, making the orgasm come quicker.

You grunt and thrust your cock hard into my pussy, our bodies slapping together. The waves of orgasm sweep over our senses, driving us harder to reach the pinnacle.

We move faster and faster as the climax finally hits…our breathing stops, the colors before our eyes swirling brightly, the air suddenly thin and hot.

I arch my back as you thrust one final time into my pussy, filling me with your load of hot cum. I cum simultaneously, my juices flowing freely over you.

As the orgasm begins to fade, my exhausted body falls against yours, our sweat soaked skin rubbing hotly against each other. I rest my head on your shoulder as your strong arms wrap around my back and pull me tighter to you.

As our breathing slowly returns to normal, you grab a blanket and wrap it around us, the air suddenly chilly against moist skin.

I lift myself slightly, feeling you slide out of me, and stand, taking you by the hand and going out on the porch. We go over to the swing in the corner of the porch and you stretch out across it’s length.

Reaching up and taking my hand, you draw me down to settle in between your outstretched legs, back to belly. You settle the blanket around us once again, and wrap your strong arms around my shoulders and waist. I wiggle against you to get comfortable. I can feel the growl of your soft laughter against my back as you tell me that if I don’t stop doing that, we might be making love again…real soon. I lean my head back against your chest and laugh.

As we finally get settled, we look out over the lake at the mountains and all the beauty, drinking our wine and anticipating the next session that will inevitably happen this night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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