Meg Pt. 02

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Classroom Sex

Meg was always an early riser, and even though she’d stayed up late the night before, she still woke as the sun began to peek through the blinds. She got out of bed to get a glass of water and check her phone. She had put on a t-shirt and panties last night (she didn’t like sleeping completely naked), but her legs were bare, so she put on a hotel bathrobe as well to combat the chill from the too-efficient air conditioning.

Luke was sound asleep, one arm flung out to the side, his lips parted.

Meg sat in an armchair and pulled out her phone. She was surprised to have a message from Alex on Facebook.

“Hey, I realized I still had you blocked from when we broke up. Anyway, I’ve unblocked you. It was good to see you. I’d like to catch up over drinks sometime if you’re up for it.”

Meg opened his Facebook profile, which she hadn’t been able to do in years. There weren’t many posts to catch up on, and more often than not, other people were posting on his page, sharing a photo of him or wishing him a happy birthday. There were photos of him playing drums with two other young men on guitar and bass. There were photos of him hanging with a group of friends, some of which Meg recognized from high school. There were photos of him with girls, too, but those seemed to end at least 6 months ago.

As Meg scrolled through the years, she found pictures of them.

The first was a photo of the last dance they had attended together, Homecoming. Meg wore a navy blue dress. The picture cut off at the knees, but she guessed she wore heels, because she stood as tall eryaman orospu numaraları as Alex. Normally, Alex was an inch or two taller than her. Alex looked incredibly awkward, posing in front of the fireplace, with a tight-lipped smile as he looked into the camera. He wore a bright white collared shirt and maroon tie.

Further past was the photo from the spring fling they went to together. She wore a white dress with yellow, teal and blue polka dots. In the photo, Meg looked at the camera, but Alex was looking at her. He wore a black and gray striped button-down shirt. His hair was past his shoulders, but it was brushed neatly, not scraggly like it was on a normal day. She remembered when she’d first stepped onto the dance floor, feeling so stiff and awkward.

She’d said, “I’m not a good dancer.”

And Alex had said, “Of course you are, you’re a musician. You just have to feel the rhythm.”

So she’d blocked out everything except the music and found the rhythm, and in that moment, she didn’t care what she looked like, she just let herself feel the moment, and his eyes looked at her with such strong passion that she needed to look away to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Meg sent him a message in reply: “I’d like that. I’m living in Woburn right now. I’m out of work every day at 5.”

She didn’t expect an answer right away; Alex had sent his message at two in the morning, and he had never been a morning person.

Meg went to her Facebook home page and started scrolling through pictures from last night. While the professional photos ankara escort wouldn’t come out for a few days at least, photos her family members had snapped were already being posted. There were a few of her with all her cousins, Sophie in the center of them all. Someone had taken a picture of their table; Kirk sat on one side of her, and her sister and brother-in-law were on her other side. There were also photos of her on the dance floor. Kirk was in a few, but most of them had captured her dancing with Luke.

Luke started to wake. He rolled over in bed to look at her. She had the shades open just enough to let a few rays of sunshine in.

“Hey,” he said. He rubbed his eyes.

“Hi,” she said.

“Do you have family stuff this morning?”

“I know some people are meeting for breakfast, but we’re doing a barbecue for dinner, so I’ll see everyone then. My family is boring before they’ve had their coffee.”

“So you can stay in for a bit?”

“Absolutely,” Meg said. She got to her feet and walked past him to the closet. She slowly removed her bathrobe and hung it carefully in the closet. Then she crawled onto the bed and knelt beside him. He ran his fingers up and down her thigh. Then all of a sudden he pulled her down on top of him, kissing her on the lips. She laughed as she fell on top of him. There were more close-lipped kisses, and Meg knew that Luke must be as self-conscious about his breath in the morning as she was, but she didn’t mind. It gave him time to kiss along her neck, her collarbone, that spot behind her ear.

Soon elvankent escort she felt his erection through the blankets. She suddenly just wanted to feel a penis inside of her, so she grabbed a condom and he quickly put it on. He sat up while she got on her hands and knees and he entered her from behind. She let out a moan as he slowly pushed all the way inside her, his hips grinding against her bottom. She held onto the headboard as he started moving slowly in and out. One of his hands roamed from her hip to her ass, touching all the smooth skin along her back.

As he found a rhythm, his hands settled on her hips, and he moved faster. Meg hoped the walls were soundproof, because she couldn’t hold back her cries. Her back spasmed as she came against him. He slowed a little to let her catch her breath, and then he pulled out. She turned to look at him. He stood at the edge of the bed, and he grabbed her hips, pulling her backwards and back onto his penis.

The angle was a little deeper against the bed, and Meg soon fell into orgasm again. She bit into the fluffy white comforter to muffle her sounds as Luke pushed inside her. His fingers gripped her thighs tightly, and she suddenly wanted him to grab her so tightly she would bruise.

She had just relaxed from her second orgasm when Luke came inside her with a cry of “fuck.” He slowed, pumping slowly as his semen was caught in the condom. He slowly pulled out of her and kissed a spot on her lower spine. He lay down again and Meg flipped on her back to lay beside him. Her limbs tingled and her mind wandered to nowhere in particular, drifting thoughts of her family dinner, her work week, the smell of her breath.

She was taken out of the spell when her phone buzzed. She got up to check it.

Alex: “Meet you at 6 this Wednesday?”

Meg: “Sure. Just tell me where.”

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