Midnight Rendezvous

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I woke disoriented, my eyes opening slowly trying to remember who and where I was. I looked around and remembered finally. I was with my friends safe and sound in their house. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I slowly crept from my bed to go to the bathroom and go into the kitchen to get a drink of orange juice. He was sitting on the couch, watching a movie of some sort.

I smiled at him and walked in unsteadily as I was still half asleep. I grabbed a blanket out from under the coffee table in the corner and came to sit down on the floor next to the couch. I leaned my head back against the cushion and reached my hand up for one of his, my security in a way. I found myself starting to slip back towards sleep as I felt his hands start to massage my shoulders, I focused on this because this was one of my most favorite things to have done to me. I reached for his other hand and brought it gently across my face. I moistened my lips and felt his fingertips with my tongue. Again he brushed his fingers bostancı escort across my lips and this time I took one of his fingers into my mouth and began to lap at it gently.

As I rolled it around in my mouth I began to create suction with it and was finally trying to suck his whole finger into my mouth as I felt his other hand beginning to slide down my left breast. His hand reached my nipple and I began to suck more vigorously on his finger. I could hear him draw in his breath deep when I sucked really hard, and I knew he was going to have a massive hard on shortly. So I switched hands and this time took his whole thumb and part of his palm into my mouth and forced my throat to relax and began sucking on it as he began to push it in and out of my mouth. I moaned into his fingers this making me incredibly wet and wanting him so bad my legs were trembling.

I tugged on his hand a final time and invited him down to the floor with me. I looked down the hall towards his bedroom to ümraniye escort bayan make sure that his wife was sleeping soundly. I could hear her snoring softly. I felt safe again and my hands wrapped around his upper body and I held him tenderly to me,

My hands began roaming and I reached down towards his hard cock and felt the massive hard-on I had created in him and grinned to myself. I knew I had to do something about it, so I began massaging his stiff cock through his shorts and when I thought he couldn’t take it anymore I unzipped them and reached my hands through his underwear and began toying with him. I watched his eyes roll to the back of his head with pleasure and again was pleased with myself. I felt his hands began to go across my stomach and down to my soaking wet panties. He slipped a finger inside and I could almost hear him thinking, “damn she’s wet.” I knew I was, my panties were dripping. I moaned softly when he began to stroke my engorged mound and began stroking kartal escort him more in earnest. I wanted to make him cum first.

I held my breath and began vigorously working him, he and I heard a noise and we both jumped, He zipped his pants up quickly and I continued to massage him through his shorts because I wanted to feel him cum in my hand. I jumped slightly when he inserted two of his fingers into my tight wet hole and almost came right then as I was so hot and aroused for him. I felt myself on the edge and I gripped his stiff prick tightly in my hand as I came intensely and felt the waves of pleasure wash over me for almost a full minute. He continued to work my wet hole until I couldn’t take it anymore and squeezed my legs tightly trying to stop him from stroking me.

I continued to stroke his stiff prick as it hadn’t lessened any and was still as hard as a rock. I held him in my hand and worked him back and forth trying to keep him going… Finally he pulled my hand away and said, ” You better get back to bed before she wakes up.” I thought about this for a moment and leaned over, and whispered, “I love you.” And left the room and went back to bed unable to sleep. I came back out about 40 minutes later and come online to chat…

More to follow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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