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He sat in the car around the corner from her house. It was starting to get dark as he’d parked up. He was a little early, which gave him a good excuse to wait some more before getting out, but really it was another excuse to put it off. He’d come this far, surely he had to go through with it? Besides, she had given him the option, coffee or… something else. All he had to do was say the word. It was too late for coffee, but he just didn’t have the nerve.

He also wondered what she would think of him. It was surprising they had come this far without showing a face picture. He’d shown everything else, and she seemed to think he had an attractive body. Was he her type though? What was her type? He didn’t seem like the other guys he’d seen trying to flirt with her on that website. If they have coffee he could find out, perhaps it would save an embarrassing put down.

They had chatted online for a few months. They were in a similar situation in that they had kinky appetites but little experience. The difference was that she was single, and female. She held all the cards. They had got on well, flirting and enjoying each others company. It was rare to find a connection on a site like that, mainly used for hook ups and kinky selfies. Most people were either only into getting likes and shares, or wanted sex immediately. He didn’t find any attraction in either, previous people he had chatted with felt so shallow. Thankfully she wasn’t like either. It was nice to chat with a real person.

Over time it became apparent that she was the one in charge. She said it didn’t come naturally to her, it was something she wanted to try. It seemed natural to him though. As they chatted more it was clearly her with the most experience, she knew how to make him want more. He found himself thinking of her at entirely inappropriate times. He kept looking back over her photos, the things they had discussed. He loved her figure, sometimes he would sit at work daydreaming about touching her and find himself hard. She knew this, and teased him with it. He’d seen her in underwear and wanted more. She deliberately hadn’t shared, leaving it to his imagination. He so wanted to get her undressed.

After a month or so of chatting she had taken to insisting on being called mistress. Particularly with anything erotic, she would correct him if he didn’t. He was her sweetie at first, it was cute. More recently he had become her slut, and while sweetie was a cute name, slut made him feel like her slut. It was appropriate, he would do whatever she asked.

She was strict too. As time went on there were punishments if he didn’t address her correctly. At first she wanted him punishing himself with a spatula from the kitchen. She had clearly enjoyed the photos of his red bum cheeks, insisting on him being more forceful. It had become apparent that he had enjoyed the punishment as much as she did, so she had stopped asking. Now it was edging. An edge for every time he forgot to call her mistress. He deliberately missed it off sometimes as he enjoyed it, but at times she wouldn’t let him cum at all after edging. It was so frustrating, but it kept him eager and she seemed to relish his desperation.

He had spent the last Friday night on his knees for her. His punishment initially was to edge 5 times, again for not addressing her correctly. She sensed he was toying with her, so created something new. Hours he’d had to spend, his face buried in his wife’s shoes, licking them. All the while having to stroke to climax then wait until he was soft again. His cock was red from all the playing when she finally allowed him to finish. Cruelly though, she’d insisted it was inside a shoe and he cleaned up after himself with his tongue. He hadn’t been able to do it. He hadn’t told her. She already had the next punishment lined up she said, the same but with dirty underwear instead of shoes. The day after she had sent a photo of her feet, with a request he do the same in person. He hadn’t been able to get it out of his mind.

During the same period she had been exploring her submissive side too. It was something he might have liked to explore but realistically had no experience in. He ended up living vicariously through descriptions of her meets. He would wait patiently while she had a date, wondering what she was doing. On her return they would discuss it, how she was tied, spanked and teased by another. She would send photos of her cute bum looking red from someone else’s hands or toys. He would bursa eskort ask questions, what was it like? How did it make her feel? She would always answer, perhaps to tease him further or maybe it was good for her to discuss it with someone. He was banned from touching himself when she was on a date, making him even more eager to find out details.

All the time they had talked about meeting. At first he had been clear it wasn’t an option due to his situation. He’d been in this position before though, and had regrets before. It had become clear over time that she was different to the others. There was more trust. He felt comfortable discussing anything with her, and she seemed turned on by it all. She clearly wanted to see him in person, but there was no pressure from her. Eventually she had offered, come for a coffee. You decide if you want more. They could chat as friends, and if he felt comfortable he could let her know by calling her mistress. That seemed safe, just a coffee… but damn he wanted to be her slut.

He walked to her door, still nervous as he rang the bell. Hello? or Hello Mistress? The door opened promptly and she greeted him. Seeing her in person made him even more nervous but she must have felt the same way. She looked unsure, not surprising considering she hadn’t seen his face. He had to introduce himself, but what should he say?

“Hello” he said finally, slightly embarrassed by how his voice sounded so nervous.

“Hello” she smiled back. “Come in”.

They sat in her kitchen. He had bought wine and she poured it for them. They sat opposite each other at her kitchen table. The conversation flowed, but they didn’t mention anything naughty. It was in her eyes though. He was nervous, constantly thinking about her as his mistress. Did she find him attractive? Did she want that too? She seemed to. As they discussed things more she could tell he was in a dilemma and he sensed her enjoying him squirm.

She was very attractive, a skirt down to her knees was rising up as she sat opposite him. Her clothing was close fitting, highlighting her womanly curves without being too tight. She stopped trying to pull it down to cover her thighs and as it gradually ascended, exposing her smooth legs, he couldn’t help but stare. Whenever she caught him looking she smiled, her innocent face questioning his wandering eyes.

She left the room, excusing herself for a moment to deal with something. When she returned her bare feet were now in patent leather heels with enclosed toes. She slowly but deliberately walked in, shoes clicking on the floor. He felt his pulse quicken. She sat opposite again smiling, again neglecting to adjust her skirt. Was she wearing knickers? Would the skirt rise up and expose her nakedness? There was a moment of silence which she seemed to enjoy, drawing it out while maintaining eye contact. He looked away, but she reached across and put her hand on his. “Still just hello?” she asked as he looked up again.

“Yes” he replied quietly. Her eyes still hinted at the question though, and again he looked down at her feet. He looked up again, heart racing. “Yes mistress” he finally replied.

She sat back in her chair. It seemed she didn’t need to say anything, they both knew what would happen. He stood, looking around checking for the curtains being drawn. Slowly he undressed as she watched. He felt he was getting hard as he did. She sat in silence watching, looking all over, face not giving anything away. He neatly folded his clothes and left them on the chair he had vacated. Finally he removed his underwear and stood before her, cock standing erect.

There was a moment when she didn’t say anything, just sat. He realised what she was waiting for and slowly got to his knees before her. “Good” she smiled. She got up and walked around him, stroking his shoulders, running her hand over his back, down to his bum. She lingered there, holding him tight. Her fingers cheekily spread his cheeks before retreating. As she returned to her chair she was smiling.

She sat again, her feet together on the floor. She looked down at him then her feet. He slowly moved forward, went to lift a leg towards him with his hands. “No, bend down” she insisted. He leant forward and placed his lips on her shoes. He kissed both of her enclosed toes before looking up at her. “Edge” she demanded. He took his cock in his hand and held it, before leaning forward again and stroking while kissing.

He kissed all over her shoes, from bursa escort her toes to her heel. As he started licking he played faster. The smell of the new leather was intoxicating, and underneath the smell of her. He imagined what he must look like on his knees before her, totally under her control. The smells and thoughts were driving him wild. He murmured into her feet, groaning slightly.

“Stop” she commanded. She pushed away with her feet. “Up” she insisted again. He sat back on his feels, hands by his sides, cock hard. She removed one shoe and lifted the foot up for him to lick her sole. She forced her toes into his mouth and he sucked eagerly, tongue flicking between her toes.

With her other foot, she gently pushed the toes of her shoe against his balls and upwards. He gasped, lifting up away from it. Her foot followed, squeezing his balls against him. Still he sucked. She smiled at his reaction.

Her other shoe slipped off and she placed them both on the floor again. “Again slut” she insisted. He got down on his knees again, face against her feet. This time the smell of leather was gone, it was all her. He explored all over, between her toes, under her sole. He got lost in the sensations as he was bent over stroking again. Soon he was pulling himself quickly, groaning again. She let him go a little further this time. God it felt so good to be doing this, so naughty, so….dirty.

When she stopped him again she stood over him and told him to lie back on the floor. He obeyed. The fact that he was on the cold kitchen floor, spread uncomfortably, only added to the eroticism. She sat on his chest, looking down. “I’m going to explore your body with my fingers. You are going to lie still, arms and legs spread. If you cannot lie still I will not be amused. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress”, he replied.

She reached down and tied a scarf around his eyes. Then she got off, the weight off his chest allowing him to get his breath back. She roughly arranged his arms and legs. He lay waiting. Her fingers touched his ribs, gently stroking up his side. He fought the impulse to squirm as she did, she could feel he was trembling slightly. Next she did the same the other side. It was very difficult not to react. She moved down to his thighs, stroking inside them with the pads of her fingers. He didn’t find this as sensitive and perhaps it lulled him into a false sense of security. When she reached his feet and deliberately tickled his soles he was unprepared and couldn’t help but flinch from her touch.

He heard her tut, then felt her over him again, sitting on his chest. She removed the blindfold and shook her head while smiling wickedly. “you’ve earned yourself another punishment” she said softly. She looked at him, hair hanging down the sides of her face, him pinned under her. She was clearly considering her options. “But not yet” she finished.

He watched as she lifted her skirt to expose her plain cotton knickers. She sat up, moved one knee forward then the other until she was positioned over his face. His view was filled with her thighs and knickers as her skirt dropped over his face. She slowly sat down. Her pussy and his mouth were separated by the thin cotton. He inhaled, could smell her through the material. It seemed he could feel her dampness on his face.

He attempted to ease his tongue onto her, to tease her with it. She sat down firmly, pressing him down denying his attempt. He reached up, to hold her off but she slapped his hands away. He rested his arms by his side again and attempted to breathe normally. She was totally covering his mouth and nose with her knickers, her weight fully on his face. He felt her rock back and forward slowly. All he could see and smell was her. Her taste was in his mouth. It was so erotic, he felt he was harder than ever, but he couldn’t get his breath under her. He was starting to panic a little as she eased off to let him get some air.

Again she sat, and ground herself into him. Again he got lost in being totally overwhelmed by her, all his senses overpowered by her sex. She rocked harder this time, and her knickers were definitely looking damp. Perhaps it was from his mouth, but he could taste her on his lips.

After a few attempts of smothering and release, she shifted forward. Her knickers were still on his face but now his mouth was almost between her bum cheeks. His nose still rested against her lips, with the cotton now clearly moist and clinging against bursa escort bayan her. She pulled her skirt up and slipped her fingers into her knickers. He could breathe now but it wasn’t easy, which was fortunate as she soon became lost with her fingers a blur in her underwear. Still it was all he could see, all he could smell and taste, his arms useless by his side. Her thighs pressed against his ears but he could still hear her gasping and moaning as she brought herself off pressed tightly against him.

He felt her thighs tremble as her fingers reached a frenzy then slowed. She dropped forward as she came, and his face was covered in her now soaking underwear. Again he struggled to breathe, but it was not deliberate on her behalf, she had simply lost herself in the moment, unable to support herself. He was so overwhelmed, so helpless, so completely submitted to her.

She climbed off, breathless herself. “Turn over” she ordered. He complied, the hard floor uncomfortable as his hard cock pressed against it. He heard a drawer open. She returned placing something firm and wooden against his bum. “Time for your punishment” she declared. Quickly there was a sudden stinging slap as the spatula beat down on his cheek. She paused, teasing him with the suspense, before hitting the other cheek. It was stinging, the pain didn’t immediately subside, but it felt so good.

As she progressed over his cheeks the heat and pain built up. He had to bite his lip to keep from crying out. Still she slapped and it seemed like pain on top of pain. It was too much, he was starting to fear the next impact. “Stop…please stop” he begged eventually. She paused.

“How do you address me?” she asked, resting the spatula firmly on his burning cheek.

“Please stop mistress” he begged again.

“Good boy slut” she replied. “Stand up”

He complied. His arse was stinging red and his cock still standing firm. She walked around him again, still dressed and seemingly immaculate as she was when he arrived. She ran her fingers over his bum, smiling at her handiwork, before returning to stand in front. She grabbed his balls firmly, squeezing. “I suppose you want to cum?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes please mistress” She raised eyebrows at him. “Yes please mistress, may I cum now?”

“Good boy” she replied, sitting in the chair she had when her arrived. She placed her feet in front of her again. “Cum on my cute feet my little slut” she ordered.

He got on his knees again, his cock so desperate and sensitive. He took the tip between his fingers and teased, looking her in the eye. In no time at all he was reaching climax, eyes now closed, mouth open. He positioned himself over her feet and moaned loudly, shaking as his juices splashed over her toes.

He looked down at her feet. From the ankles down there were large splashes of cum. They were dripping down between her toes, over the sides of her feet, onto the floor. He looked up at her, suddenly unsure now he had climaxed. Just like before at home, the idea seemed less appealing. “Lick” she ordered.

He moved his face closer, and tentatively tasted his mess from her toes. He paused, but she reached down and shoved him forward. He worked more eagerly now, licking and sucking, knowing it was turning her on. He cleaned all over, up to her ankles, between her toes. When he’d finished her feet glistened with moisture. His mouth had a distinct salty taste of sex which was unfamiliar to him. He sat back on his heels.

She moved her feet to the side. “Clean the floor” she said impassively. Again he leaned forward and moved his tongue over the hard floor where he had dripped from her toes. It felt so humiliating, yet so very erotic. When he sat back she was smiling. “Good, thank you”.

She asked him to dress again, they both knew he had limited time before he would be missed. As he reached for his underwear she stopped him. She reached under her skirt and removed her knickers, still soaked with her juices. She was careful not to expose herself. She took his boxers from his hand and replaced them with her underwear. He smiled, putting them on, enjoying the sensation of her wetness against his satisfied cock and still hot bum. He continued dressing as she watched. She stood and walked over, holding him. “Thank you mistress” he whispered, before kissing her softly on the lips.

She looked up, holding him. “Don’t assume you can cum every time you visit” she stated, looking him firmly in the eye. He felt his cock twitch against her at the idea of her control again. “I have other uses for you, but tonight you were a good little slut” She smiled at him, releasing her grip, leaving his imagination running wild again about the next visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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