Mr. Jenkins and Me Pt. 04

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Before we went out for dinner, we needed to get a few things done. In the bedroom, I had the pleasure of watching Terry’s reaction as I treated him to a reverse striptease. I slipped the garter belt around my waist, and slowly pulled my long black stockings up my legs, attaching them to the garters. I pulled on my flame-red demi-cup bra, and then I laced up my flame-red tanga style panty around my hips, covering the small amount of skin that it hid. He was wearing only a pair of zebra-striped bikini style briefs, and I could see his hard, excited bulge, tenting them up, and was glad to see his positive reaction.

“Tonight, I want to see that again, this time in the reverse order. I want your beautiful body naked for my viewing, and love-making, pleasure!” he growled sexily.

As I sat back with a smile, I watched him get dressed, in black dress slacks and a burgundy dress shirt, he looked very hot.

Next up, I gave him my car keys, he took one of his garage door openers, and in a couple of minutes, I heard the garage door open. He carefully drove my car into the empty space next to his Alfa Romeo convertible.

He escorted me to his car, and soon we were on the street. He told me that we were going up the coast about 30 miles, to the best seafood restaurant he had ever been to, called Luigi’s Italian seafood trattoria, that offered a splendid view of the rugged coastline, and was secluded, and well away from the school where we were teacher and student. I was very glad, I did not want MY teacher to get into trouble for satisfying his horny 18-year-old student’s lust.

Once we were away from his neighborhood, we dropped the top of his convertible and reveled in the feel of the mild ocean breezes as his sporty Alfa Romeo nimbly handled the curves of the coast highway.

Entering Luigi’s, the atmosphere was very romantic, candles, dim lighting, perfect. The owner, Luigi Campanella, came forward to take care of us.

“Mr. Jenkins, Buona sera, so good to see you again! And to see your lovely lady, a true Bella signora!”

Taking my hand in his, and kissing it lightly, he said to me, “Lei è una bellissima signora.”

He said, “Follow me, I have your favorite table ready!”

Luigi pulled out my chair for me, I felt very feminine, very much a woman as I was seated. The table had the largest window in the restaurant, with the best view of the coastline, and I could see the sea crashing against the rocks, sending up sprays of foam as the setting sun dropped lower to the west. He presented the menus and told us that he would wait on us personally.

As we looked at the menus, I asked him about how Luigi knew him so well, and what did the Italian phrases mean.

Terry smiled, and said, “Buona sera means good evening. And you were very complimented, bella signora means beautiful lady, and Lei è una bellissima signora means you are a very beautiful lady.”

He smiled at the smile that lit up my face, and continued on, “When I started teaching, I was at the high school that is 10 minutes north of here. His two sons were in my class, they had only immigrated a year earlier, and they were having a bit of a rough go, what with the language and culture change. I became more of a mentor than a teacher, helping them with the language and culture changes, I wanted them to succeed. My mentoring paid off, they graduated isvecbahis yeni giriş with honors from high school, and both then graduated summa cum laude from UCLA. Luigi has never forgotten how I took the time to help his sons out.”

I smiled as Luigi returned with a bottle of champagne, and it was hard to say which was more bubbly, the wine or his personality.

“Would you like me to make you my special dinner, Mr. Jenkins? You are your bella signora will love it!”

“Sounds great, Luigi! You always whip up a fabulous creation!”

“Benissimo, very good!”

The dinner was exquisite, Caesar salad prepared at the table, fresh lobster in a decadent creme sauce with penne pasta, and the two most decadent desserts ever created Tiramisu and Zabaglione.

Luigi saw us to the door, and said, “Buona sera, Mr. Jenkins, and Miss Lowson, please, don’t be a stranger, you and your bella signora come back very soon!”

When we left the restaurant, the sun had set completely, the night was still warm enough, and we again enjoyed the top-down drive back to Terry’s house.

While he went out to the patio to remove the hot tub cover, I went into his bedroom. When he came looking for me, I smiled as I told him it was now time for a regular striptease. I clicked on a bedside clock radio and tuned it until it came up with some music with a slower, sexy beat. I let my body sway to the beat, and slipped my fingers through the buttons, opening my dress completely and letting it fall off my shoulders. Clad only in my sexy, racy undies, I turned my back to him, slowly swaying my hips back and forth to the beat, letting him feast his eyes on my sexy rump. I pulled at the bows, and my panties fell away, and I turned to let him see my pubic triangle. His pants were tented way up, and that made my heart thump. I continued, slipping off my demi-cup bra, unhooking my stockings, sliding off my garter belt, and peeling off my stockings, until my body swayed in front of him to the beat, letting his eyes feast on my nudity as I slowly turned, letting him get his visual fill of both front and back.

After I eagerly stripped him naked, his rock-hard prick making me growl with desire, letting the anticipation of what we would do build-up, we went out to the hot tub. His backyard looked out over an open field, so we casually strolled out onto the patio naked. It felt great to be naked and free outdoors.

There were two large bath towels stacked next to the tub, and he stepped into the bubbling hot water. Turning to me, he held me as I stepped into the water, making sure I didn’t slip. I noticed the digital thermometer read 102 degrees, and it felt like it. I gave a squeal of pleasure as I felt the hot water caress my body as I lowered myself into the steaming waters.

“That feels so good,” I whispered. “I still have a few knots and minor aches from last night’s game, and it feels so good to have the hot water to soak them away.”

“That was an awesome game, and you are an awesome captain. I couldn’t take my eyes off you, the way your gorgeous body just flowed and moved with the action.”

“It felt like your eyes were a physical touch on my body like you were making love to me with your eyes, and it took all of my willpower to not masturbate myself last night after I went to bed. It was a struggle, but I was determined isvecbahis giriş to save my next orgasms for you, and I’m so glad I did.”

He smiled at me, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the soothing heat of the water surrounding me. I started to drift, the feeling was oh so lulling.

I suddenly felt Terry’s body right next to me, as he took me in his arms. I opened my eyes to see his face above me, his lips closing in on mine. I felt his lips press against mine, his lips opening my mouth, and I gave myself up to the passion of his lips and tongue against mine. His tongue was dancing around my mouth, my lips, making my pussy start to churn. Breaking the kiss, he lifted me up, sat down in the seat I had been in and pulled me down so I was sitting on his lap, facing away from him. He wrapped his arms around my belly, holding me close. I felt sizzles of pleasure along my skin as he planted a line of kisses up and down my neck, along my shoulders, up and down the back of my neck. His kisses were making me shiver with pleasure, and I felt the rock-hard bulge of his passion engorged cock against me.

I heard him whisper in my ear, “Let’s go inside, baby.”

My legs felt a bit rubbery, he helped me out of the tub and wrapped a giant bath towel around me. Taking another one for himself, he wrapped it around himself as he closed the hot tub cover and latched it down.

In the bedroom, we let our towels fall away, and we were once more lovers naked to each other’s gaze. His eyes glittered with passion as he took in every curve, every angle of my body, I gazed at his form, in great shape, and his towering 8-inch cock, rock hard and standing up proud, ready to lovingly ravish my eager body.

On the bed, Mr. Jenkins again gave me a wonderful, extended session of foreplay, licking, kissing, and stroking my body everywhere, until I was whimpering with desire. He maneuvered me into a sixty-nine position, and I could again feel his very talented tongue slide deep inside me, and lick all my sizzling inner flesh.

Just before taking him in, I growled, “Oh yes Teacher, you’ve made your little cocksucker of a student more than ready for your next load! Fill my mouth, give your cocksucking student another big, thick load, I want to swallow every drop of my sexy Teacher’s load!”

I slipped my lips over his cock head, shaped my mouth to make it the ultimate gripping hug, and thrust my head forward, taking him in right to the balls in one swallow. I was able to relax my throat muscles, and I felt his cock hitting the back of my throat. Oh yeah, I felt like a nasty little cocksucker, a horny little student who’d do anything to get a passing grade. I quickly got into the rhytnm, sliding my wet lips up and down, swallowing him down to the balls every time, eagerly deep-throating his hard, sexy cock. I felt his mouth settle firmly around my straining clit, feasting on my pussy, and as his tongue came out to run over my twitching clit, again and again, I felt my pussy pulsing wildly as my orgasm slammed into it, my cunt gushing juices, that Terry was eager to drink down. Just after I came, I could feel his cock starting to pulse wildly, and his cock let go, he spewed a thick, rich spray of sperm all over my tongue, filling my mouth, and giving me a tasty load to swallow.

Relaxing in his arms, it didn’t take long, he was isvecbahis güvenilirmi a very virile, lusty man, as I saw his cock rising again after a very short rest. Watching him get hard again started my pussy churning.

“Ooh, Terry, your cock is so hard again, so fast! You must be very horny! Just as horny as me, your little cocksucker of a student, I’m very eager to see if I can fuck my way to an A!” I giggled.

Getting back into the spirit, Terry growled, “So, my little cocksucker of a student, you now have your B, and if you fuck as well as you suck, you will get your A, very soon! Let’s find out if you are as good a fucker for the teacher, as a cocksucker for the teacher!”

I lay back, horny as hell at his sexy growls, spread-eagled, and parted my thighs wide for him, my syrupy pussy upthrust and ready for him, he got between my legs, and I felt his hard cock penetrate me, sliding in deep, his full eight inches going in balls deep, the top of his cock head just touching my cervix.

“Oh yeah, right there, that’s where your cock should always be,” I sighed. “Ram me, Terry, give your horny student a good, hard fucking, and fill my horny pussy with your load!”

Terry was eager to do so, and he started to fuck me, his stiff cock sliding in and out, again and again. He set a rhythm, and he rode me, pulling back slowly, and pushing in again, his grunts of pleasure telling me how much he was relishing the feel of my tight pussy wrapped around his cock. I started to moan with pleasure and brought my legs up and around his waist.

“Oh yes, that feels so good,” I whispered. “Keep fucking my burning pussy, teacher, make your horny slut of a student cum, give me the thick gush of teacher’s load!”

He started to fuck my pussy faster, his throbbing cock sliding into me again and again. Terry reached down and cupped the cheeks of my ass in his hands. I felt his fingertips teasingly running around the rim of my asshole’s tight pucker. I squealed, the pleasure of having my asshole teased propelled me faster towards the climax. His grunts mingled with my moans and pants of pleasure, as I felt myself nearing orgasm. My tight hugging sheath milked greedily at his cock, urging Terry to let his load go, to flood my horny cleft with his sizzling sperm.

I could feel my orgasm rushing at me, and I grunted, “Yes, fuck your student, fuck me, let your load go, give me that load, fuck me to an A, I’m cumming, oh fuck, YES!”

I let out a howl of pleasure as my pussy spasmed and wrenched wildly, clamping tightly around Terry’s hard shaft.

“Yeah, oh fuck yeah, my little hotboxed student, you have your A baby, oh fuck, YEAH!”

He grunted, I felt his cock swell up, nudging open the top of my cervix, I let out a squeal of pleasure as I was parted oh so deep, and I felt his explosion deep inside me as we came together, his cock pumping a flood of cum deep into my womb. I could feel my pussy spasming wildly against his cock, milking him, sucking every last drop out of his balls, and into my eager depths.

We flopped down in a heap, spent and very satisfied. As I drifted, I smiled, should send Jenny Fusaro an anonymous thank you note. She was the one that made it possible, though I’m sure she didn’t design it that way. Otherwise, I’d just be at home, rubbing my horny pussy to get some temporary relief while dreaming about Terry making love to me.

As sleep came closer, I felt Terry’s warm arms around me, his voice at my ear, whispering, “Sleep well my beautiful Tanya, we still have most of Sunday for more lovemaking.”

I drifted into a very contented sleep, with a big smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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