My Cousin and Her Cam Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Sophie’s voice was calling me from my sleep, I tucked my head under the covers trying to ignore her.

“Wanna see my pussy sleepy head? It’s dying to say good morning.”

That grabbed my attention, so I dragged myself up and reached for my pad. Sophie’s pussy filled the screen, or should I say, gaping hole, she obviously had her own pad sat right between her legs. Her fingers were holding her lips open, then she moved them back and forth, “Hello Katie, my love.” she was pretending that her pussy spoke to me.

She moved a finger up to tease her clit, “This is quite sensitive this morning, I wonder why that is?” And she giggled, but she didn’t stop playing with it.

I could already feel a tingle in my pussy, my fingers dived down and straight between my lips.

I heard Sophie, “I can hear that, a kind of squelching noise, you must be really wet, is that because my pussy is so close, is it because you can see every detail of what I’m doing?”

I groaned, “Oh Sophie, open your hole again, let me see while I wank myself looking at you, then please put your fingers in, as many as you can.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever tried more than three before,” she held her lips open wide again, I saw everything, shit! It did look good. I wanted to reach out and touch, it looked so close. Then she bunched four fingers and pushed at her entrance, with no real effort, they slid in. Then she was squeezing her thumb alongside the fingers, I saw the folds stretching to take her. The knuckles disappeared inside but she continued pushing. My God! I thought, as she went in up to her palm. Sophie eased her hand back out, before thrusting hard and back in and she began to wank her whole hand in and out. “I could get deeper but I can’t reach, it’s too awkward,” she said, “but it feels fantastic, why don’t you try.”

I got four in okay and then part of my thumb, but I wasn’t as supple as she was and I couldn’t manage anymore, but I did agree that it felt great. And it felt dirty, I loved it.

We were both wanking furiously until I realised my mum was calling up to me before I heard the stairs creak.

With a quick “Mum,” to Sophie, I pulled the covers back over me and the Ipad. I tried to look all sleepy as mum opened the door. “You going deaf, Katie? I’ve been calling you for ages,” she looked closely at me, “Are you feeling okay, your face is very flushed, not going down with something are you?”

“I feel fine, mum, my drink went down the wrong way, is all, I’ll be down shortly.”

I got my pad back out, Sophie was still there, curled up laughing, “You got some catching up to do girl, I finished. Take a look at how my hand has stretched me.” I got a nice close up of her soaking wet pussy.

“Come on then, let’s see you getting off now, I’ll give you something nice to look at.”

She lay on her side with her ass facing me then angled her pad to face her holes. I could see her fingers between her legs, holding her pussy lips open. “Would you like to see me stick a finger up my ass, lover?” She didn’t need an answer, I saw her licking her fingers, then reach to caress her ass hole. Then she pressing at her entrance, I saw her shuffle her hips a little before her finger started to disappear.

I saw her grimace, her finger came Starzbet back and her hand went out of shot, When it reappeared it held a tube of lotion, she put the nozzle to her hole and squirted some out. Then she pushed the nozzle inside the entrance of her hole and squeezed again. When she dropped the tube, I could see the white cream all around but also it was oozing from her ass.

Her finger went back, she gave her hole a little rub, then her finger disappeared all the way in. Seconds later, she had added another and just as easily, that one too was gone. “Is that sexy for you baby?” She asked me, “do you want me to try another?”

I was absorbed, wanking myself for all I was worth, as I watched her fingers playing in her pussy and her ass hole, “Yes, Sophie, go for it but be quick, I’m nearly there.”

She didn’t waste time with three, instead, just as she had earlier with her pussy, she went for the lot. I watched her struggling, her face looked pained, but she kept on pushing. Then her whole hand was slowly pushing her hole wider and wider, as it began to disappear inside.

“Fuck! Sophie, you dirty bitch, I fuckin’ love it!”

Her face now looked less pained, as she started to fuck her hand in and out. I could see she was also wanking her pussy again.

“Katie, hurry up, I’m gonna cum again,” and then, “oh, how I wish it was your hands fucking me Katie, please fuck me hard, Katie.”

I was so turned on by watching Sophie filling her holes that I knew that a climax to beat anything I’d ever experienced before was about to hit me, and, oh boy, did it ever. My pussy dominated my body, it convulsed in throbbing waves, my brain driving my hand, like a piston, in and out of me. I heard myself screeching, I knew it was too loud, but I just couldn’t control it. It was Sophie’s voice shook me back to reality, “Katie, Katie, are you okay?”

I nodded weakly to her, the worried look leaving her face. “It’s me that should be asking you that Sophie, how the fuck did you get almost your whole wrist in your ass, did it hurt?”

“Well actually, it did at first but then it was okay, I want you to try it on me next time. Hey, and I tell you what, that’s the first time I’ve cum twice in ten minutes. I loved knowing you were watching me, it’s such a turn on.” She was gabbling now, “and when you got off, it was just totally awesome, I’ve never seen anything so intense.”

“Sophie, you’ve turned me into a perv, you know that?”

She laughed, “I know and it’s totally brilliant, pervy me and my pervy cousin, I love it!”

“Speak later, Soph, I need a shower.”

“You’re still looking a bit flushed love, you sure you’re okay?” My mum asked after I was sat at the breakfast table. “Were you arguing with Sophie earlier? I could hear a lot of noise,” she continued.

“No, we’re fine, just silly girlie stuff.”

I saw my mum studying my face, careful girl I thought, she’s not stupid.

She told me she was going into town, shopping etc. Then she had some association meeting that would last all afternoon. She’d be home shortly before dinnertime.

I washed my breakfast dishes, tidied a few bits away, then went back to my room to dress.

It no longer seemed necessary to bother going into my closet to dress, besides I realised that I wanted Sophie to see me. I checked my pad, no Starzbet Giriş sign of her. I hesitated, should I wait for her, or should I just get dressed? No, I’d wait, I decided. But first I fetched my cam.

I propped myself sitting up, with my back against the pillows, my cam standing on a book by my toes. I opened my dressing gown, spreading it wide to expose all of my body. I’d never really studied myself before.

With my knees bent high, I spread my legs until I had a nice clear view of my pussy lips. Reaching down, I opened them with my fingers, pulling them wide so as I could see inside. Shit! It looked sexy. I felt that very familiar tingle. I watched closely as I teased my clit, seeing it slowly emerge into life. I tweaked at it harder, feeling myself getting excited. Fuck! I needed something inside me. I found my hairbrush on my bedside table, gave it a quick lick, then pushed inside my hole. It had a long, quite thick handle and I quickly found that it went deeper than anything I’d experienced before. I still played with my clit as I wanked the brush faster, back and forth in my vagina.

Sophie’s voice interrupted my dirty thoughts, “Hey Katie, you might have waited for me before you started fucking yourself.”

I had to let go of my clit to change my pad and bring Sophie into view, “I was waiting for you but sort of got carried away when I took a look up my pussy.”

“Well, don’t stop on my account. My brush is too small to do the same as you, I gotta go and find something.” Then she disappeared.

I slowed the fucking of my pussy and let go of my clit, I didn’t want to make myself cum until she was back.

When she came back in view, she held two aerosol cans, they were large with rounded domed lids. “I’ve got one for each hole,” she exclaimed,

“No Sophie, don’t put one of those up your ass hole, what if the lid comes off, it’ll be stuck inside you?”

“Oh fuck! I hadn’t thought of that clever clogs, I know! I’m going for a peek in mum’s drawers.” Soon she was back, “Look what I found, isn’t it awesome?” She held up a huge dildo for me to see. Actually, it was the first time I’d seen one. This was massive, shaped like a giant cock, or so I imagined.

I had stopped fucking my brush as I watched her. She got her lotion tube again, then spread the cream all over the dildo, she turned her ass to face me before coating her hole liberally, teasing some inside.

She stayed with her ass in view and touched the tip to her hole, I saw her pressing but nothing seemed to happen, her ass wouldn’t open.

“You need to stretch it open a bit first Sophie before you try that fucking great big thing.”

“You’re right,” she said bringing her hand up to push a finger in. She worked it about a bit, before adding another, worked again, then added a third. Now the hole looked larger. “I’m gonna try again, you watching this lover?”

“Too right, I am, but promise me you’ll be careful.”

The dildo came back, she held it next to her fingers, out they popped and she pressed the head in their place. I could see her hole spreading as very slowly she tried to get the dildo inside. The head began to disappear, “She screamed out loud, “Oh fuck! That hurts.”

“Sophie, stop now, it’s not worth hurting yourself.”

She ignored me completely, the dildo slowly started to enter, Starzbet Güncel Giriş I could still hear her groaning, but she didn’t stop. Then it was in, more and more was going inside her ass, with a final push and another squeal, it disappeared deeper, her ass hole stretched unbelievably wide.

She stopped moving, I saw her trying to relax, she still had a pained look on her face. Then she was fiddling with the end of the dildo and I realised it was a vibrating one. She turned the end and immediately it began to sort of rotate in a circle.

“Oh my God,” she said, a look of triumph replacing the pain, “You need to feel this, Katie, it’s fucking amazing, Oh, hang on a moe. I’ve still got the other hole to fill.”

I had begun to brush fuck my pussy again as I watched. The aerosol can was pushed, none too gently, in her pussy hole.

“Katie, can you see? I’m fucking my ass and my cunt, shit it feels good,”

I’d never heard that word spoken before, I found it excited me, that’s if I needed any more exciting.

“Turn around Soph, so I can see you fuck your cunt.”

Once she faced me, she began to push the can deeper and even deeper, almost the whole fucking can was disappearing, then she was wanking it in and out.

“It’s no good, Katie, I’ve gotta have this fucking great big dildo in my pussy..”

I could see her slowly easing it out of her ass, then she removed the aerosol can as well. The dildo seemed to fit between her pussy lips easier than it had her ass. But still, it was a tight fit as slowly she pushed it in, I saw the rotating tip just before it went inside of her.

She was beaded in sweat, as she rode the huge cock. She had knelt on the bed and she was raising her body up and down, I watched her pussy lips following the motion as they pushed outwards and were then pulled back in. Fuck! I was so excited, I wanked my brush as fast as I could, working at my clit as I felt my climax approaching.

“I’m gonna cum any second, Soph, are you with me yet?”

“Yes lover, I’m ready, count me down.”

I started at ten, slowly counting downwards, I only got to four when she wailed, “I’m cumming, oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I hit zero, and my orgasm timed itself perfectly, “I am as well Soph, I’m cumming with you.”

When I opened my eyes, I saw her lying on the bed on her side, the dildo still vibrating away inside her, and still, she writhed. Finally, she reached to switch it off but left it where it was.

She grinned at me, “Was that good lover, or was that just totally something else?”

“I wonder where your mum got the bloody thing from, you’ll have to have a look and see if there’s a name on it somewhere, then you can Google it so as we can order two, I could get them posted to Nan’s address, I’ll tell her it’s a Christmas present and I didn’t want it delivered to home.”

“Brilliant idea, I’ll get right onto it,” Sophie answered.

“Anyway, when can you come over to mine? Stay for the weekend maybe, don’t you think that would be cool? We could get to touch each other properly then, I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it, especially if we can get our own big cocks by then. Hey, don’t forget to wash that and put it back before your mum finds it missing.”

“Seems a shame to have to put him away, I did so enjoy him in me.”

“And I enjoyed watching him, especially when he was in your ass. I’m not sure I could manage that but I’m going to practice with something and get ready to try.”

“Okay lover, you can flash your parts at me later, if you’re still up to it, bye for now.”

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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