My Next Job Experience Pt. 05

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Working away one Friday morning, I felt a presence behind me. I checked my mirror. To my surprise, there was Henry, taking a quick look down my low cut top. I had worn a very sexy bra that day. It was a sheer demi that showed the tops of my nipples. Bill had instructed me to wear this one as it was one of his favorites. He was planning on having me stay after work to help him with a “project.”

Henry didn’t linger long, he moved around to the front of my desk quickly.

He said “Cindy, I’d like you to have lunch with me today if you have no other plans.”

I asked, “Who else is coming?”

No one, it will be just the two of us this time.

What time?

I’ll pick you up at noon.

I’ll be ready.

Marie came by about 10 and wanted to talk.

She told me that this was her last day. She had gotten a job at a large corporation. More money and better benefits. “I’ll never forget what you did for me. Someday I hope to repay you.” she said to me.

I was stunned, she was the only person there I considered a friend, except Henry.

Henry was there promptly at noon, just like always.

I said on the ride “I hope you didn’t ask me to lunch because of what you saw this morning.”

“God no, I just happened to glance down, I tried to move away as fast as I could.”

He asked “I’m sorry for looking, but do you always dress like that?”

I replied, “not always.”

We chatted more, just about life in general, then arrived at the restaurant.

We had a couple cocktails before ordering, I needed them.

We ordered lunch, and yes, another cocktail.

As we ate lunch, the conversation turned to work. That usually didn’t happen. We normally only talked about life.

Henry asked me “does Bill have anything to do with the way you dress?”

I said “I don’t know what you mean.”

Henry explained “the girl who’s place you took had quit because she said Bill had required “sexual favors” from her. I was skeptical, so I asked the other girls, they denied Bill asked them to perform sex acts for him.”

I was now half in the bag and said “I like the attention I get. Did you like what you saw?”

Henry blushed and replied, “actually, being a man, I did, you are very nice looking. I remember when we first had lunch, watching you bounce and seeing your nipples turn hard when you laughed. I assumed you weren’t wearing a bra. I enjoyed that very much.”

I said, “I had wondered if you noticed. I was actually wearing a 3/4 cup bra that exposed my nipples completely. Did you ever wonder what they looked like?” Oh my god, the booze was really hitting us.

Henry said, “many times.”

I excused myself to use the ladies room. When I was finished, I decided to be naughty, and removed my bra. I bent over and looked in the mirror, making sure Henry would be able to see my nipples. No problem there, you could see all the way to China. I pinched them a little to get them erect.

I returned to the table and looked at Henry, making sure he was looking, before I sat down. While sitting back down I leaned over extra far, watching Henry’s eyes take in the view. I told him, “now you don’t have to wonder any more!” His smile said it all!

Henry blurted out, “I almost forgot the reason I wanted to have lunch with you. I’m selling the company. I thought I’d let you be the first to know, but don’t tell anyone.”

“But why” is all I could say.

“I want to travel the bahis şirketleri world. See all the places I’ve dreamed about, without worrying about business. I’ll have plenty of money for the rest of my life.”

We chatted, finished lunch and a few more cocktails.

The valet brought Henry’s car around. Henry opened my door and said, “I’d love to touch your breast, if you don’t mind.”

I took his hand and pressed it against my tit. “I’m glad you want to.” It felt so good as he massaged it very gently, tweaking my nipple just a little.

When we got in the car, he asked, “do you want to return to work or would you like to spend the afternoon at my condo?”

“I have nothing pressing at work, the condo sounds like a great idea. You need to call Bill and let him know I’ll be back late.”

I unbuttoned my blouse to give Henry easy access to my tits and slid over close to him. He enjoyed the ride, playing with my tits, as I could see, by the bulge growing in his pants. I unzipped them and pulled his cock out. It wasn’t very long, but I could barely get my hand around it as I stroked it.

We got ourselves together and headed to the elevator going to the top floor. Once inside, we kissed for the first time. His tongue probing my mouth, his hands under my skirt, inside my panties, gripping my ass, pulling my pussy against his hard cock. The elevator stopped at the first floor. Before the doors opened Henry moved his hands and I pushed the front of my skirt down. The doors opened, confident we were ok, we stayed where we were, I was behind Henry. Two men got on going to the 3rd floor and moved passed us, to the rear of the elevator. We heard a little cackling from them.

They exited, smiling as they passed us. I moved to the front to close the doors.

Henry said “oh my, your skirt didn’t fall down in back, with your panties still down, they had a clear view of your ass.”

I said “I hope they enjoyed it, but not as much as I hope you do.”

We entered the condo and Henry made us a drink. He put on some soft music and we began to dance as we slowly stripped each other. As we danced, I could feel the girth of his cock pushing between my legs, thinking about feeling his cock inside me, I felt a rush and came for the first time.

Henry lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. As we danced to the music, I slowly worked my pussy onto his massive, very erect cock. I fucked his cock and could feel my clit rubbing against the top of it. I melted into his arms, my naked tits against his chest, as I came again.

Henry felt my wetness and was massaging the inside of my pussy with his cock, pushing his cock in and out. He thrust his cock all the way in, his hands on my ass, pulling my pussy tight against him. I felt him pulsing inside me, the warmth of his cum filling me up.

We went to the bathroom, our juices running down my legs and cleaned up.

We laid on his bed, Henry playing with my tits, there was something different about his touch. It was very gentle, but still firm. He started fingering my pussy while I massaged his cock back to life. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, licking his head and playing with and sucking on his balls. He turned and started licking my clit as I sucked on him. Henry expertly ate my pussy, he was very skilled. I moaned and came very profusely, bucking my pussy against his mouth. He came almost immediately, filling my mouth with his enormous bahis firmaları amount of cum. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and some ran down my cheeks.

We retired to his Jacuzzi, it felt great. I reached over to play with his cock and I was surprised to find it was hard again already. I straddled him and lowered myself over his manhood. We made out and fucked for a long time, while he fondled my tits and sucked my nipples, before he shot his load into me.

We got dressed and headed back to work, arriving about 4:30. He dropped me off and told me he’d be in on Monday to give everyone the news.

I had a hard time keeping it to myself, but I didn’t tell anyone.

When everyone left for the weekend, Bill called me in to his office.

He said “Well Marie has left us. I hope you had a nice lunch, you must have had a lot to talk about. Now, why don’t you take that blouse off, so I can see that nice bra.”

I removed my blouse as told. My nipples were protruding over the top of my bra. Bill walked over and took each tit in his hands, massaging them and sucking on my very erect nipples. He had very soft hands, I could tell he never did any physical labor. After my afternoon with Henry, his touching me still felt good. He removed my bra, letting it fall to the floor. My skirt was next, I stepped out of it, as it also hit the floor. As he pushed my panties down, he lingered at my swollen pussy, fingering my clit and finger fucking my pussy, before pushing them off.

When he dropped his pants I could see his cock was already standing at attention. I reached over and slid his boxers down. Getting on my knees I took his cock into my mouth, running my tongue around his head. I sucked him as I played with his balls, and fingered his ass, knowing that is what he liked best. I wanted his cock in my ass. I looked up and said “please fuck me in my ass.”

Bill said, “Get up and bend over my desk. I’ll fill that sweet ass with my cum.”

Bill stood behind me, rubbing his cock between my pussy and ass. He first put it in my very sensitive pussy and pumped me a few times before sliding his cock up to my ass. He lubricated his cock with his ever handy KY. He inserted the head into my ass and I started fucking his cock with my ass as he stood there. I fucked him faster and harder, while I fingered my clit, feeling his cock penetrating deeper and deeper into my butt. Bill began fucking my ass furiously. I had a gut wrenching orgasm as Bill’s cock emptied it’s load into my ass.

Bill said, “Projects complete, time to go home for the weekend. By the way, Monday, wear that dress from Jeff’s with your sexy bra and thigh highs again.”

Bill didn’t know what was coming Monday, but I would dress as he ordered me to.

Monday morning I put on my 3/4 bra, lace panties, thigh highs. I stood there for a second before putting on my dress, looking at my nipples, fully exposed in this bra.

My co-workers told me Henry was in Bill’s office.

Bill called us all into his office. When I entered, I could see Henry smile at me, I knew he remembered the dress and what I told him was hidden under it.

Henry was very blunt. “I have sold the company to our competitor across town. Your jobs are safe until they finish their survey of duplicate responsibilities. I can’t guarantee anything beyond that. The factory workers will all be absorbed if they agree to join their union. That’s all.”

Bill looked very upset, kaçak bahis siteleri he knew he wouldn’t have a job anymore. Everyone else returned to their desks looking dejected.

Henry stopped at my desk and asked, “Did you dress the same as before?”

I smiled and told him I had.

“How about lunch?” he asked.

I replied I’ll be ready.

Henry picked me up promptly at noon, as always.

On the ride, he informed be it would just be lunch, as he had meetings with the new owners. He said “I hope I can make you laugh again.”

I said, “Why don’t we skip lunch and go to your place. I’ll be glad to show you what’s under this dress as I undid the top buttons down to my cleavage.”

“Great idea, dessert first!” he said.

Arriving at Henry’s condo, we headed for the elevator. As soon as we got in, I undid more buttons, forgetting about the last elevator ride. Sure enough, the elevator stopped at the main floor, and before I could cover up, a middle aged man entered, my nipples pointed right at him. He smiled and said “very nice Henry.”

Henry said, “Hi Phil, this is a friend, Cindy. Cindy, this is my neighbor, Phil.

I pulled my dress together and we chatted going up to our floor. Phil seemed nice enough. I whispered in Henry’s ear “Do you think Phil would like to watch me strip for you? He has already seen my tits.”

I’ll ask, “Phil, Cindy is going to strip for me. She would like to know if you’d like to watch?”

“Who wouldn’t like that.” Phil smiled at the idea. “I’ll stop at my place and get a bottle of wine. Don’t start without me.”

Henry closed the room darkening shades and turned on the spots over his fireplace. The room was dark except right in front of the fireplace. Henry turned on the main lights and moved two chairs so they faced the fireplace but would be in the dark. Phil came, he and Henry went to the kitchen to pour us a glass of wine. We sat on the couch and chatted for awhile drinking our wine. Henry turned on some soft music and motioned for Phil to sit in one of the chairs. He then turned off the main lighting and sat next to Phil.

Henry said, “I think we are ready for the show.”

I got up and stepped into the light. the way the lights shown down on me, I couldn’t see Phil or Henry. It was very eerie.

I started to dance, as sexy as I could, having never stripped like this before. I pulled one arm out of my dress, as it was already undone down to my waist. I held it up under my arm as I slid my other arm out, holding that side up also. I let one side drop, and as they cheered me on, I dropped the other side. My tits were completely exposed now. I pushed my dress down and it fell to the floor, showing them my lacy panties, to more cheering. They were sheer enough so I knew they could see my bush. I turned around and slid my panties off. I heard a “nice ass” comment from Phil. I spread my legs and bent over so my pussy and ass were in plain view. I wiggled and gyrated to the music, from the whistles, I assumed they liked what they were seeing.

I knew Henry was short on time. I walked over to them in the dark, I could see they both had their cocks out stroking them. I took Henry’s cock in my mouth and sucked him while I stroked Phil’s cock with my hand. Phil got behind me while I sucked Henry and thrust his cock into my pussy, fucking me for all he was worth. They both came at almost the same time, shooting their cum into my mouth and pussy.

We cleaned up and Phil thanked me as he left.

Henry drove me back to work.

At the end of the week, we were all let go by the new owners. I never saw Bill or anyone else after that. I did keep in touch with Marie.

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