Online with Sara

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The Homecoming game and dance were on Friday and Saturday, so when Sunday came around I bet you think I was just glad to stay at home and rest up? Wrong! I wasn’t an old fart who needed rest. I was more than ready to keep the party going. But Eric said he couldn’t.

He told me (I’m using my whiny tone here) that he needed to stay home and study all afternoon and evening because he had mid-terms coming up. Well, excuse the hella out of me! Like Mr. Perfect still wouldn’t ace every test just like he always does without studying.

I don’t want to sugarcoat it here… I was pissed! I mean I usually couldn’t see him during the week because of football and everything, so all we had together was the weekend. I was actually wondering if my charms were beginning to fade as far as Eric was concerned and I was losing him to somebody; but that’s a different story.

So anyway, after I had my little blowup at him over the telephone on early Sunday afternoon, I didn’t hear anything more from him on that day. I realized I wouldn’t unless I called him, which I was still too angry to do. Eric knew better than to call me, when I was pissed at him. Mwahaha! So I found some stuff to do. I watched Mtv for a while; you have to remember this was five years ago. And I worked some on my writings. I bet you didn’t know I wanted to be a writer – haha!

In the evening I went online and began surfing around looking to get into trouble. I love hentai and every once a while you see these lengthen your penis ads. Have you ever seen those? They show some guy supposedly after taking the pills or using whatever the exercises or machine they are selling is and he has this obvious plastic prick that’s about fifteen inches long! They’re hysterical! Mwahaha.

Suddenly the instant message box came on.

Eudora: Hey, Sara is that you?

It was Eudora. Remember the girl who rescued me after the football game fiasco? Well, if you don’t, go back and read ‘The Homecoming Game.’ Mwahaha!

Sara: ‘Yeah, it’s me. What’s up?’

I can be so banal when I’m online.

Eudora: Are you okay? I was worried about you after the game.

Sara: ‘Oh yeah, I’m great. Btw thanks a lot. I don’t know what would have happened without you coming along. Those people were getting kinda weird.’

Eudora: Hey, np. That was de bomb what you did. You saved the game!

Sara: ‘Aw, I wouldn’t go that far.’

But I was eating that shit up with a silver spoon.

Eudora: Plus, it was so funny. I was rolling around laughing. What are you doing online anyway? I’ve never seen you on very much.

Sara: ‘Oh, Mr. straight A’s Eric has to study for mid-terms. He hasn’t got bahis firmaları time to play.’

Eudora: Oh, bummer. Sounds like he has his priorities twisted.

Sara: ‘Mwahaha! Yeah, I think you’re right.’

Eudora: Hey, you wanna do something?

Sara: ‘Like what? I haven’t got much money to go out.’

Eudora: Oh, I can’t go anywhere on Sunday night. Is anybody around?

Sara: ‘What’d you mean? Is anybody at my house?’

Eudora: No, where’s your computer?

Sara: ‘It’s in my bedroom.’

Eudora: Btw call me Eud, all my friends do. Are you alone in your bedroom?

Sara: ‘Hang on a minute.’

Eudora: Okay.

As I went to lock my bedroom door, I had more than an inkling where this was headed and I was becoming excited already. Eudora had shoulder length black hair, beautiful dark brown eyes and stood five foot plus. She possessed a tight little figure, weighing about ninety pounds and had wondrously fulsome breasts. The young woman was extremely pretty and I’d always thought her lips appeared eminently kissable. I’d always desired to run my hands all over her hot body, but the opportunity had never presented itself.

I returned to my seat in front of my computer and informed her I was alone. Eudora proceeded to tell me that she would send me a picture of her, but only if I promised I’d never show it to anyone else. I of course quickly swore to God, the Pope, and the Holy Mother Church that I wouldn’t show it to anyone – hehe.

Eudora quickly sent the picture along and I downloaded it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a picture of Eud stark naked! Oh man, she was way fine. I hadn’t been wasting my time lusting after her. She was standing with her hands on her hips, legs spread apart, as if she were saying – here I am, can you deal with it?

Sara: ‘Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous!’

Eudora: Aw, thanks, you’re making me blush. Is there a pic of yourself you can send me?

Sara: ‘I’m not sure. Let me think for a minute.’

The problem was there were no pictures of me in the nude ever taken, except those taken by those middle-aged pervs and they didn’t give me any extra prints. Mwahaha! Then I suddenly remembered that picture of me riding Harley that Kristine had taken. I stood up, moved to my desk and took it out of where I had hidden in my drawer.

Sara: ‘Sorry, hang on, I have to scan it.’

Eudora: Sure, I can hardly wait.

I placed the pornography on the scanner and that’s what it was pornography, and copied it in a minute and then sent it to her. I could certainly tell when Eud received it because

Eudora: Wow! wow! wow! That’s so hot. Is that the lifeguard guy?

Sara: kaçak iddaa ‘Yeah, that’s him, he was good too.’

Eudora: Hehe. I bet. I’ve always fancied him some myself.

Sara: ‘Haha, yeah, but he was kinda stupid.’

Eudora: Who cares? Look at the size of his prick!

Sara: ‘It was a monster, alright!’

Eudora: What are you wearing?

Sara: ‘Just a halter top and a pair of cut offs. What are you wearing?’

Eudora: Nothing, I’m naked.

Sara: ‘Hehe, just the way I like my women.’

I quickly removed my outfit and then said,

Sara: ‘Ok, I’m naked too.’

Eudora: Are you looking at my pic?

Sara: ‘Yep, are you looking at mine?’

Eudora: You’re beautiful, you know?

Sara: ‘You’re very hot yourself. What are you doing?’

Eudora: I’m kissing you passionately and sticking my tongue way down your throat.

Sara: ‘Oh God, that’s good, I’m running my hands all over your hot little body. I’m kissing you back. Our tongues touch and it makes me shiver. I put my arms around you and run my fingertips up and down your back, giving you goose bumps.’

Eudora: Oh yeah, I’m running mine all over you. I work my way down from your hair, caressing your neck, your chest, and down to your tits. I squeeze them gently.

Sara: ‘Mmmm… that feels nice.’

My head fell back. I began to rub my hands all over my body. It felt so good, much better than if I had just done it without any stimulation. I couldn’t help but to touch myself in the manner Eudora was describing. Closing my eyes I imagine my fingers are hers, rubbing them gently over my breasts and then down to my lower belly.

Eudora: Now I’m sucking on your nipples and they’re getting much bigger. I followed my hands with my lips, kissing my way down. When I get to your breasts, I kiss them, before taking one of your nipples into my mouth. It gets hard immediately.

I began to rub my nipples really hard and pinched them until they arose. I then fingered my pussy lips until my vagina completely opened in invitation.

Sara: ‘I’m kissing you all around your cunt. I’m feeling your breasts and twisting off your nipples between my fingers. How does it feel?’

Eudora: Oh, it feels great. Let’s go over to your bed. I guide you over to your bed.

Sara: ‘Ok, I’m tonguing your clit now. It’s getting real hard.’

Eudora: Oh God! It feels so good. I’m slipping a finger into your cunt and slowly working it and out; and then another one as your vagina expands to accept it. You’re beginning to writhe on my hand and I slid my last two fingers in.

It was then I went over to my dresser and pulled open the bottom kaçak bahis drawer. I took out the pink dildo I had hidden there. I sat back down at the computer, spread my legs as wide as they would go. I was already getting wet. I put the head of the dildo against my vagina and began smearing my wetness around. Initially the artificial penis felt cold, but it warmed to my body temperature quickly. Oh God! It was so good. That thing was not only long, but it was super wide. My cunt walls formed around it like a suction cup. I’m surprised I could move it in and out at all. I’ll say this for Eud. She was really good at this. I knew she had to be playing with herself too, but she kept sending me messages. It was all I could do to type one handed once in a while.

Eudora: I’m continuing to work my fingers in and out of you. You still stimulating my clit, right?

Sara: ‘Yeah. It’s getting real hard.’

Eudora: Okay, while continuing with my fingers in your pussy, I’m tonguing your clit. God, I love your body so much. You’re making me so hot. I can’t stand it. I remove my fingers and lay my naked body down against yours and we begin to rub our pussies together.

Sara: ‘I love you, Eud!’

I did love her right then as I continued to plunge the dildo into myself over and over, harder and harder until suddenly I was moaning softly while cum leaked all over the dildo. There was so much of it that it became difficult for me to hold on to it. I must have literally blacked out for a moment from the intensity of my orgasm.

After I regained consciousness, I sat slumped exhausted in my chair staring blankly at the floor. I finally raised my head to the screen and noticed that Eudora had typed Hello? a number of times. Giggling softly to myself, I was finally able to write:

Sara: I saw, I conquered, I came. Mwahaha!

Eudora: Haha! Sara, you’re a trip. I came a while ago.

Sara: God, you were excellent. We’ll have to do this again.

Eudora: Sure, but you were great too. And I really dig your picture.

Sara: Oh yeah, don’t let anything happen to that.

Eudora: Ok, I won’t.

A knock came on my door. “Sara,” my little sister called out, “Mom said come to dinner.”

“Ok, I’ll be right down,” I replied.

Sara: ‘Shit, I have to go eat.’

Eudora: Ok, it’s been fun and Sara?

Sara: ‘What?’

Eudora: Remember to wear some clothes to dinner.

Sara: ‘Mwahaha! Ok, see you at school tomorrow.’

Eudora: Ok, bye.

Sara: ‘Bye.’

In honor of Eud, I not only wore clothes to dinner, I wore some panties too, but first I pushed that dildo that was still hanging from me all the way up and then I slipped my black panties over it. They were old and a couple of sizes too small to help keep the dildo from slipping out and I left it like that all evening. God, that felt good! Mwahaha!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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