Only One Night

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This is my first time writing an erotic story. Please feel free to send suggestions. I am considering making this the first segment, and writing a couple more to keep the story going.


I want to go back in time, change our trajectories, and follow the path that leads me crashing into you. I want to know what it would feel like for you to take my hand, to kiss me in public, without any thought of others. But in our world there is just us; which is how it has to be. I can relive every moment in our world with clarity. The thoughts repeated over and over until they become permanent fixtures in my memory. Small perfect moments over the course of a decade.

I’ve never been able to fully clear my head of the thought of you. Even when we’ve gone through periods of lost physical connection – years even – the feeling is still there. It’s something that I can’t shake, that carries through distance, through time, through life changes for better or worse. Your mouth, your hands, your body’s pressure against mine… Even the thought creates a desire in me that has yet to be fully realized.

What would it be like to have one night together? In my head it goes like this.

I ask you to find a way to have a night out of town, and somehow you manage it. We talk about where to go, what to do with a new-found and short-lived freedom. Recalling old fantasies we decide to drive to the beach. The drive goes faster than we both expect, as we fall into easy conversation. This is one of the things that makes our situation different… Yes, we have an incredible physical attraction, but we also truly enjoy each other’s company. You make me laugh, and I feel at ease in your presence. I run my fingers casually up and down your thigh as we drive, feeling the pleasure of being allowed this small act of familiarity.

We arrive at a small coastal town and discuss the merits of a beach-front hotel. We decide to keep it simple, and settle on a small place within a few blocks of the ocean. We book our room and both of our minds jump to the same thought… What happens now? Before the gravity of our situation has time to sink in, I voice my suggestion of finding a place bursa escort to eat. You smile with a bit of relief, as we push the inevitable out a little further.

Faced with a dearth of restaurant options, we decide to instead pick up some sandwiches and a bottle of wine at the grocery store. Fighting my bias against screw-top wine bottles, I give in to the convenience of not having to purchase a corkscrew as well. You grab our bag, and we start walking towards the beach. The sun is already starting to set, and although the gathering grey clouds have not yet produced rain, the air holds a chill. I quickly slip my hand into yours, pushing aside the self-conscious thoughts that immediately present themselves. I remind myself that we are different people here, that this is a natural action, and I lightly rub the back of your hand with my thumb to reassure myself. You are real. This is real. We are here in the moment.

We sit with our backs against a sun-bleached log, staring out across the expanse of darkening ocean. We are close enough that our shoulders and legs touch, and I lean into you, maximizing the contact. As we unpack our grocery bag, I realize that we forgot to bring glasses for the wine. You chuckle and make a remark about drinking straight from the bottle. Which is what we do. You put your arm around me, lightly squeezing my hip. I lean my head onto your shoulder, close my eyes, and listen to the sound of your breathing mix with the sound of the crashing waves.

Back at the hotel room I’m jumping up and down, rubbing my hands together, trying to warm up. You come up to me, fold me into your arms, and slide your hands up the back of my shirt. They are freezing, and I give an unexpected little scream, and push you away. You laugh, pull me close again, and move your hands to the exact same location. I gasp, but remain composed this time. As you run your hands up and down my back they begin to warm, and I lean closer into you. I move my arms up and around your neck, and look up into your face. I hold your gaze, smiling at the thought of nothing in particular, savoring the feeling of your body pressed into mine. You stare back at me bursa escort bayan and tell me that I’m beautiful. I smile self-consciously, avert my gaze for second, and then look back at you. “Thank you,” I say, and for a minute I feel the warmth that those words create. I love to hear them from you.

Your head dips slightly, and I raise my face to meet you. Our lips touch softly, and you pull me closer. I exhale quietly and find your mouth again, this time with increased urgency. Your hands run down my sides, coming to rest on my hips. My hands are at the back of your neck; one pulling you closer, and one burrowing into your hair. My mouth opens to you, and you move your hands from my hips up to my arms. You hold them tightly, and I can feel heat moving from your body to mine. With one quick movement you turn me, placing me firmly against the door. I run my hands down your back, find the hem of your shirt, and slide my hands up and inside. I lightly rub your skin as your mouth moves from my lips, to my ear. The heat of your breath, combined with its heightened tempo, makes me moan lightly. You kiss down my neck, sliding your hands down my arms, to my hips. Without pausing, you slide the fingers of one hand under my shirt, running them along the smooth skin of my abdomen. I push you away momentarily, and you take a step back. I smile at you, and without moving my gaze, I lift my shirt up and over my head. You watch it fall to the ground, but do not yet move forward. I wait for you to look at me again, and slowly reach behind my back. I unhook the clasps of my bra, and then slowly slide the straps off of my shoulders, one after the other. I hold it to my chest for a moment, watching your face, and then let it fall away as well.

You move towards me, but I hold my hand out and tell you to wait. I smile slightly as I watch you decide whether to listen, or forego my instruction completely. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you raise your hands up in mock surrender. I watch your face as I begin to unbutton my jeans. Your eyes shine with anticipation as you watch me slowly push them to the ground. I step to the side, and your eyes follow bursa bayan escort my every move. You are looking at my face, watching my expression. I look down at my nearly naked body, and your gaze follows mine. I slide my hands down my hips, catching the fabric of my one remaining item of clothing. As my hands move further down my legs, it does the same. I slowly stand back up, and raise my face to look at you. I’m fully exposed, and I remain motionless as you take in every line and curve. Your eyes say that you want to devour me.

You take a step toward me, and I press my back up against the door. The cool wood sends a chill down my naked spine, and I shiver slightly. Your mouth goes straight to my chest, and your hands grasp my waist as you take one of my breasts into your mouth. My fully exposed body stands in stark contrast to your covered skin, but somehow this heightens my arousal. You drop down to your knees, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me into you. Your lips move down my abdomen, moving slowly, savoring the taste of my skin. Your hands move from my waist, trailing down, moving behind me. Then your hands and mouth move in one motion, pulling me into you. You free one hand to grab my thigh, lifting my leg up slightly to balance on your shoulder. I press my shoulders against the cold wood of the door and arch my back, using both hands to pull you further between my legs. You start with your tongue on my clit, alternating between flicking gently, and sucking.

You bring your hand up to assist, and you moan into me when you feel the warm wetness just below your mouth. You slowly run a single finger around the lips, as you continue to use your tongue on my clit. I quietly moan as you slowly slide a finger inside me. I arch my back further and thrust my hips into you, forcing your finger deeper inside. I feel your body tense, building an urgency that’s reactive to mine. Your pace quickens, sliding your finger in and out while using your mouth to bring me to the edge. My hips begin to rock with the movement of your hand, and my breathing becomes quick and shallow. I start to make small sounds that I can’t control as the intensity builds. Something like a half moan escapes me as I say your name, arching my back and grabbing your shoulders. I feel like I’m falling and floating at once; my legs become weak and I have to hold you for support. I close my eyes, moan and shudder, finally sliding down to meet you on my knees.

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