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She pulled into the parking lot and saw his truck sitting there. She smiled when she saw him. She parked her car, locked it and got in his truck. She leaned over to him and kissed him quickly, a friendly kiss, if it happened to be viewed by anyone sitting in the parking lot. They had to be careful, for even though her heart belonged to him, they each shared their name with another. Some might say this was wrong, but they knew it wasn’t, for love is something that only a very foolish person walks away from.

He drove to a rented motel room, just a little ways out of town. They had been in this same room before. He had already been in the room earlier and turned the heat on. The floor was warm as she slipped off her shoes and walked over to him. Their conversation stopped as she put her arms around his neck and they could kiss away from public view. His mouth took hers and their tongues sought each others. She could feel the warmth of his body as he pulled her close to him and their kiss deepened.

His hands roamed over her body, remembering each part of her. She could feel him touching her breast through her clothes and opened her legs to him as he moved downward to rub between her legs through her jeans. Never once did he stop kissing her, their lips would be swollen and tender later, but neither of them cared, they only wanted to drink from each bursa escort other.

She felt his hand slide underneath her blouse, and shuddered as he rolled one of her nipples between his fingertips. It firmed quickly under his touch and sent small waves of passion throughout her body. He lifted her top and pushed her bra up, his lips leaving her mouth to suck on first on nipple and then the other. She moaned then, her heat rising, her body remembering other times they had been together. She arched toward him and began to touch the growing budge beneath his jeans. Stroking him as he suckled on her breasts. She felt his hand slide under the waistband of her jeans as his hands cupped her ass and pulled her closer yet to him.

“Sweetie, we have way too many clothes on here”, he softly said to her. He lifted her blouse over her head and removed her bra. His fingers found the button on her jeans and then the zipper, with a small tug they fell to the floor and she stood in front of him in only a pair of silky pink panties. She stepped away from the pile of clothing and pulled his shirt off, tossing it over a chair. Suddenly she was in his arms again and he held her tightly. She could feel his skin warm against hers, his heart beating in tune with hers and in that minute in time the world outside was gone and all that was left were the two bursa merkez escort of them.

She fumbled with his belt, and he quickly removed his own clothing and lay her gently on the bed. For awhile, they enjoyed laying there, kissing and touching each other. Then his fingers parted her lower lips and he slid one inside of her. She was hot, and wet. Hungry for him. He put another finger inside of her and used his thumb to rub her clit. He knew she was swollen with desire, and it wouldn’t take long until she reached climax. Quickly he moved his fingers in and out of her, his thumb continuing to circle her sensitive button. She cried out and he felt her begin to cum in his hand. He moved quickly and replaced his hand with his mouth. His tongue lapping at her wetness, and sucking gently on her until she came again and again. He turned her over on her belly, barely letting her catch her breath, before his mouth began it’s trail of kisses over her shoulders and down her back. His tongue flicked at her ass until her body opened for him there. She felt his tongue inside her asshole, and hot fire seemed to build inside her body. His fingers slipped inside her pussy again and he pumped and licked her until yet another release overtook her.

He turned her to her back again and straddled her. The tip of his cock was just inside bursa sınırsız escort her pussy as he began to rock against her body. He watched her face intently. His hands kneading her breasts, his tongue searching for hers as he kissed her over and over again. He saw the dreamy look in her eyes and knew she was his. Her body shook again this time he felt her cum not once but twice. One more time he lowered his face between her legs and drank her release. As he did, she climaxed yet again in his mouth.

This time she forced him onto his back and her tongue began to work on his cock. It was like being encased in warm velvet as she sucked and licked him. His excitement was intense from feeding on her passion and the feeling of being in her mouth was enough to put him over the edge. His white, hot lust spilled into her mouth, splashing against the back of her throat and she took all of him.

He pulled her to him, holding her close. It was then he remembered that sometime in the mist of their passion, they had said “I love you”. It was the first time that either had heard the other say it. The first time the words had been spoken aloud. He cradled her to him, feeling her soft body against his skin, smoothing her hair from her face. It was then her body began to tremble. It scared him at first. fearing that something was wrong with her, then realized that it was only the aftermath of the passionate love-making. Her body shook as he held her reminding him of a small earthquake. They lay together then kissing each other gently and holding each other for the small stolen minutes in time that they had. And cherished each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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