Pool Buddy Ch. 03

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The summer was off to a great start. It was going to be one of those summers where the weekend weather was perfect and the usual summertime showers usually happened during the work week. That made for two fantastic weekends with Erica, my new pool buddy. Last weekend was even more fun when Erica invited her neighbor Mari over to join us for teasing in their new microkinis.

The long Memorial Day weekend was upon us and Erica was going to be free for all three days. I invited her to spend the weekend with me so that we didn’t waste any time driving back and forth.

Our plans for Saturday were to take a trip down to the beach to check out the activities sponsored by the local radio stations (volleyball, free samples of Red Bull, etc.) We headed down to the beach around 11AM to get a head start on the crowds that probably would result. The beach has a large “family friendly” area where most of the activities and crowds exist. We were going to take a look at the holiday activities and then head further up the beach to a more remote area. Leaving everything in the car, we picked up some free samples of PowerAde handed out by girls in a Jeep and then headed to where a crowd had gathered. The PA system was belting out music as eleven girls were lined up on the pier for a bikini contest. The radio station DJ was hosting the event and calling the girl’s names to cross the stage to the hoots and hollers from the crowd. The contestants were mostly drunk college girls and only three or four of the girls wore thong bikinis. The crowd responded enthusiastically when the thong girls bent forward and waved their asses in the air. Erica and I grinned at each other and shook our heads. If the crowd only knew of the extreme bikinis that Erica liked to wear; she would blow the rest of the girls off the stage.

Wanting to spend some quiet time tanning together, we got back into the car and headed about 2 miles up the beach to a less populated area. This beach area allows cars to drive on the sand, so I headed north a few hundred more yards and parked at a lightly populated stretch of beach. We had to make three trips to the car to haul all of our crap down near the water’s edge. I set up two beach chairs with our cooler and radio in between. The water there is usually pretty disgusting and we had no plans of actually getting wet. We were a small distance from the other beach goers to give us some privacy. I sat down in my chair and pulled out a Stephen King novel to read while Erica sat on her towel on the sand. I was curious to see what microkini she was wearing and I knew it wasn’t going to be too extreme to be worn out in public. I was happy to see that she had chosen a metallic gold mini thong from NVR Strings. I gladly watched her get situated in front of me while she lay on her stomach to begin tanning her back side. Erica untied her top and let the strings fall aside, paying no attention to her breasts as they protruded from the side.

What a wonderful day. I cracked open a beer and dived into my book. After fifteen or twenty minutes, Erica decided to flip over and tan herself topless. It is a rare occurrence to see anyone topless on the beach; it isn’t illegal, but it mostly draws stares. I looked around our little area of the beach and those that noticed didn’t seem to care. I even got a smile from a girl sitting nearby. I got tired of sitting so I joined Erica on the sand and continued reading a little bit more. Getting bored with the book, I put it aside and briefly fell asleep in the warm sun.

Waking up, I saw that Erica had replaced her bikini top and was watching the waves roll in. I had managed to cover my legs with sand so I got up and headed towards the water to wash off them off. Returning to our towels, Erica had a huge grin on her face.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Oh nothing,” she said. “I was just noticing that the girl over there to the right of us was checking you out while you were by the water.” She motioned to our right.

“How could you tell she was checking me out?” I asked skeptically.

“Well my first clue was when she gave me a thumbs up sign, pointed to you and nodded in approval,” Erica said.

“Aw, you’re just making that up.”

“You don’t believe me?” Erica grinned.

“Nope, I’m not usually the subject of admiration,” I said.

“Take a look for yourself then.”

I glanced over to my right and noticed the girl sitting slightly behind us. She flashed me an embarrassed smile and then turned away.

Erica said “I’m going to go over and say ‘Hi’.” She stood up, slid on her sandals and sauntered over to where the girl was lying. It looked to me like Erica introduced herself and began talking. Both girls flashed a gaze in my direction and then the girl nodded her head. She stood up and began collecting her things as Erica gave her a hand. They came back towards our chairs, Erica grinning from ear to ear.

“Mike, this is Jill,” Erica said, “And Jill, this is Mike.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said,

Jill smiled and briefly looked eryaman escort downwards as I shook her hand. I could already tell that Jill was very shy and not usually the type to meet strangers on the beach. She spread out her towel next to Erica and timidly sat down. She was still wearing a loose T-shirt and shorts over her bikini, but I was immediately drawn to her exposed limbs. Her tan skin caught my eye, but the muscle definition of her arms and legs was fantastic. Jill was a very small girl; couldn’t weigh more than one hundred pounds wet, but it must have been all rock hard muscle under that T-shirt. Jill had a warm smile that quickly faded when talking. She was cute, but not too terribly good looking either. She seemed to lack self confidence.

“So, what brings you to the beach today, Jill?” Erica asked.

“I come here by myself most weekends,” Jill started. “I like the peace and solitude of the beach here.” “It’s too crowded down there,” as she pointed to the family beach.

“So what do you do?” I asked.

“I was a senior at Creek High and I’ve been accepted in the Engineering program at Ohio State in the fall,” Jill said proudly. “I’m the only one from my circle of friends to go out of state.” “The rest are staying around the area to take classes.”

After a moment of silence, Jill asked “Erica, where did you get that tiny bikini?”

“Do you like it?” Erica said. “Mike just turned me on to this whole new world of tiny bikini manufacturers.” “We’ve actually started a microkini club at his pool to have fun teasing each other.”

“REALLY!” Jill exclaimed with surprise. “What do you do?”

“We purchased about a dozen microkinis and we’ve been spending weekends at the pool trying them on.” “They usually don’t stay on very long before we get too worked up and start having fun.”

With a relieved look on her face, Jill began to undress. She removed her shorts and T-shirt to reveal a G-string herself, a tiny little red and blue thong. More surprising was the condition of the rest of her body. It was sculpted, defined, and overall rock hard. “I like to show off my body,” Jill grinned.

“Well that’s IS quite a body to show off” Erica said and I agreed.

“I’ve never been much in the looks department,” Jill said. “And I’ve never been in the ‘IN’ crowd at school.” “About two years ago, I started going to the gym and I found my thing.” “I work out now four days a week and I’ve really got myself into shape.”

“You do look fantastic,” I said. “You’ve earned it with all of the hard work at the gym.”

“That’s right,” Jill smiled, “And now I want to show off!” she laughed.

“If you’re interested in joining our little microkini club, then come on over tomorrow.” I said.

“I think I may take you up on that offer,” Jill said. “I wouldn’t mind teasing the guys at the beach with a smaller bikini.” “Then when they hit on me, I can just blow them off and leave them wondering!”

Erica grabbed a grocery receipt from her purse and scribbled my address on the back. “Just show up anytime tomorrow, we’ll be at the pool.”


Sunday morning started bright and hot. It would be another good day for the microkini club.

“Do you think Jill will show up today?” I asked Erica as I swept the pool deck.

“I don’t know.” “She seemed a little too shy to show up and hang out with us.” “But on the other hand, did you see her light up with confidence when she stripped down and flashed that tight little body of hers. Wow! A totally different person.”

“Maybe a little more confidence will get her over her hump,” I said. “When she finally opens up, there is a nice personality in there.”

Erica sat down in the chair next me and said, “Yea, she probably could use a little more self confidence.”

Once again the weekend started like usual; music, beer, snacks and suntan oil. Erica decided to wear a new microkini from WickedTemptations. It had a metallic triangle top with a matching set of metallic booty shorts. The shorts were only two or three inches wide all the way around, so her ass cheeks were barely covered. The shiny metallic fabric revealed the existence of some sort of smaller micro thong underneath.

I settled into my book again and Erica went inside to check her email when I heard a car pull into the driveway. A few seconds later Jill came peeking around to the backyard.

“Am I too late?” she asked.

“Not at all, actually,” I said. “I just sat down.”

“Is Erica here?” Jill asked sheepishly.

“Yep, she just ran inside to check her email. She’ll be back shortly. Can I help you carry anything?” I asked.

“No, that’s all right. All I brought was my beach bag.”

“Let me get you another chair. Would you like something to drink? We have a fridge full of beer or wine coolers.” I said.

“Well,” Jill paused, “I usually don’t drink too much. But maybe I’ll try a cooler.”

“Alright.” I dug into the fridge and gave Jill a drink, then grabbed another chair and set it beside ours.

Just then sincan escort Erica came out of the doorway and said “Hiya Jill! I’m glad you made it. I hoped that you would show.”

“I’ve actually been looking forward to it since we talked yesterday on the beach. I’ve been intrigued by these microkinis and want to check ’em out,” she said.

“Come over here and take a look in my bag,” said Erica. “We’ve accumulated a few micros so far. See if there’s one that you’d like to try.”

Erica dumped her bag on the picnic table and began to pair up the tiny tops and bottoms. Jill’s eyes grew wide as she picked up a tiny bikini bottom and held it in front of her. “Wow, these are tiny!” she exclaimed. Jill finally chose a white 457 Wickedweasel microkini and matching top. “I’m going to try this one, if that’s OK.”

Erica said “That’s a great one. The fabric becomes completely sheer when wet, so you’ll practically be wearing nothing at all.”

Jill grinned wide and went into the house to change. I looked at Erica and said “I think she may be a new member of our club. She didn’t seem phased at all.”

One minute later, Jill reappeared from the house wearing the tiny white microkini. “Well guys, what do you think,” smiling and striking a pose.

“You look great!” I said. “That micro looks good on you – your body is a great showcase to model it.”

“Yea, you look cute,” Erica said. “I’m jealous of your fit little body. I feel fat compared to you.”

“Oh, don’t be stupid,” Jill said laughing.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll take a dip in the pool and cool off a little.” Jill said.

“Go for it,” I said. “I may join you later”.

Jill grabbed one of the floats on the pool deck and slowly walked down the steps into the water. I sat down in my chair and watched Jill. Splashing some water on the top of the float to cool it off, she hopped up onto the float and situated herself. Being wet, the white fabric of the bikini became entirely transparent, showing Jill’s beautiful body. Her pussy was completely bald, not even a wisp of hair apparent. Two little pink nipples protruded through the bikini tops without even a hint of a tan line present. Jill pushed off from the wall of the pool and spun into the center of the pool. She smiled towards us and said “The water is fine.”

Erica said “You look really cute in that bikini. Maybe I’ll join you too in a little while.” She then walked over to the side of the pool and said “I have a new special micro bikini to show Mike. Check this out Jill.”

Erica proceeded to shimmy out of her metallic booty shorts while still facing Jill in the water. With her back to me, all I could see was the back “T” of her G-string. Jill’s face lit up and she said “Wow, that’s tiny. I think Mike will like it.”

Erica slowly turned around to reveal a micro-microkini, a clitini. It consisted of a small triangle of material only a half inch wide on all sides. It was covering only her clitoris area. The bottom string separated and exposed her pussy lips. After two previous weekends lying in the sun, her pussy lips had become almost as tanned as the rest of her body. She sauntered in my direction and said “By the goofy smile on Mike’s face, I’d say he likes it too.”

Erica sat down in the chair next to me. I stared down at her pussy and gladly took notice of her pussy lips being separated by the bottom string of the clitini. I also noticed that her pussy seemed to shine a little bit. “Did you get a bikini wax?” I asked.

“You noticed,” Erica smiled. “I went to the salon that Mari mentioned last week.” “It was quick job and now I am completely hairless.” “Feel how smooth it is.”

I reached over and laid my right hand gently on her warm pussy to feel the smoothness of her skin. “That is smooth.” “I like that clitini a lot too.”

“Oh, it’s fun,” Erica exclaimed. “Whenever I walk, the fabric rubs against my clit and I get horny.” “I think I’ll have to wear these as underwear all week long.”

I grinned and left my hand on Erica’s pussy while I picked up my book and continued where I left off. Erica similarly rested her hand on my swimsuit and took a long sip of her drink.

I stayed in that position for a few minutes until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I slowly slipped my finger into her pussy and withdrew it again and again. She closed her eyes and sighed with relief as I continued to slowly finger her hole. I moved my wet finger under her clitini and started drawing slow circles around her clitoris. Erica’s started to massage my dick, which was growing stiffer with excitement. I whispered to Erica “I want to fuck you now, but I don’t want to scare away Jill.”

Erica said “I don’t think she’s scared.”

I looked up and noticed that Jill had floated over to the side of the pool near our chairs and had been watching us for some time. “Would you like join us?” Erica asked.

Jill quietly said, “Oh, that’s OK.” “You two look like your having fun and I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Don’t be silly, batıkent escort come over here and join us,” Erica said.

“Well, I’ll just watch the two of you, if that’s OK,” Jill responded. She pulled herself over to the pool steps and walked out of the water to where we were sitting. She stood before us dripping wet, her microkini completely transparent. She curiously watched me finger Erica’s pussy.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join?” I asked.

“No, I’ve never done that before.” Jill said softly. “I’m a virgin.”

“That’s OK,” said Erica. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” “But if you are curious, we can show you.”

“Maybe just a little.” “It looks fun, but no sex please.” said Jill.

“Alright, we can respect that.” I said.

“Have you ever given someone a blowjob?” asked Erica.


“Well let me teach you.” “I think Mike is a willing participant,” Erica said.

Erica got up and took Jill’s hand a led her closer to my chair. Erica knelt down on my right side and Jill on my left. Erica pulled the top of my swimsuit down and exposed my semi-hard dick.

“Mike’s got a good sized dick, so we’ll have fun.” Erica said. Jill just stared. “Go ahead and take it out, it won’t bite.” said Erica.

Jill reached down and lightly touched my dick with two fingers, afraid of hurting something.

“No, you have to get a good grip on it, use your whole fist.” Erica said and grabbed my shaft in her right hand and pulled it free. I stood up a little from my chair so that they could pull my swimsuit down and take it all the way off. I sat back down with Erica still holding my shaft.

“The first thing to realize is that it’s not delicate.” “You can play with it all you want and you’re not going to hurt it.” “If you get too rough, he’ll let us know.” Erica said. “Now go ahead and hold it like you mean it.”

Jill reached forward and took a hold of my dick with her left hand. She stared down at it in amazement. “Wow, I didn’t realize that it would feel so warm.”

Erica continued. “Good, now don’t let go.” “You can use your other hand to grasp his balls too and get an idea of what they feel like.” Jill’s other hand carefully held onto my balls as she began to smile again.

“Right now, Mike is still a little soft,” Erica said. “Once you begin working on him, it will grow even bigger and harder.” “Go ahead and stroke your hand up and down his dick a little bit and give him something to think about.” Jill’s hand started slowly moving up and down the length of my shaft. As the lesson was proceeding, I gently took one of each girl’s breasts in my hands to fondle. Erica smiled at me. Jill was momentarily shocked, but then relaxed and enjoyed the sensation.

“Now for your mouth,” Erica started, “Your tongue is a very sensual organ.” “It can move in many directions at once and it is quite sensitive to touch.” “Let’s lick him now.”

Erica leaned forward and licked the head of my dick. Jill stopped stroking but continued her hold on my shaft. She moved her hand down to my base to expose the full length and to still hold it so it was standing straight up.

“Now you try,” Erica said. She backed off as Jill leaned forward and gently licked the tip of my dick. She kept licking it like as Popsicle as Erica said “Good, go ahead and lick up and down the length of the shaft, like this.”

Erica leaned in next to Jill and licked the right side of my dick from the bottom to the top. Jill watched and then did the same on the left side. Soon both girls were licking and slurping and fondling my dick and balls with all four hands. I was in heaven. For a few minutes both girls continued licking and giggling with delight.

“Now the rest of your mouth,” Erica continued. “You know that you there isn’t any blowing when you give a blow job, it all about sucking.” “Put you lips around his dick and take as much of it into your mouth as you can.” “The more you do this, the better you’ll get.” “Just keep your tongue moving, your mouth sucking, and your hand stroking his dick all the time, like this.”

Erica bent down and slowly took the entire length of my hardened cock into her mouth. She then began a fantastic blow job while Jill looked on in anticipation. “OK, now you try it,” Erica said.

Jill bent down and took a good portion of my cock into her mouth and began to suck it like a pro. She picked it up quickly and was soon giving me a great blow job like she had done it before. “Look at that,” I said to Erica. “She picked it up well.” “Must have been a good teacher,” I smiled.

I let Jill continue sucking my dick for a few more minutes. I noticed that her bikini top was drying out in the warm sun, but her microkini bottom was wet, now drenched in pussy juices. I asked her “Are you having fun?”

“Hell yes,” she exclaimed. “I’m so fucking horny right now.”

“I can tell.” “I can care that if you’d like” I said.


I stood up and led Jill over to the pool float that was sitting on the deck. “Lie down here,” I directed her. Jill lay down on the float and I centered myself between her legs and began licking her pussy through her wet bikini. Erica came up next to me and continued gently stroking my dick to keep me hard while she watched me licking Jill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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