Practicing For Him Ch. 02

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Her practice sessions continues:

They had driven separately to dinner so after she was more composed, he told her he had some errands to run before returning home. She was a little surprised but as she started to ask, he smiled and gave her a quick kiss, reassuring her ‘she would like his surprise’. But, in the meantime, she would find further ‘instructions’ for her at home.

Her eyes instantly became alert as her mind began to wander at what he had in mind now. His words echoed through her mind that he had whispered again before he left…”You are learning quite well baby.” She smiled as she drove home and walked into the house which was now lit throughout. She wondered as to ‘when’ he had returned home.

As she walked in the door, she heard soft music playing from the bedroom. Walking slowly she noticed a note placed on the bedside table. Hesitantly but anxiously, she began to read:

“My dear, our evening has only just begun. Your instructions are as follows…first you are not to remove the vibrating toy from within your pussy. I want you to remove your clothes and then adorn your body with the clit vibrator…oh yes, there is a place to attach the egg inside you to this as well. Next, I want you to wear the articles I have placed over on the chaise lounger that awaits.”

Her eyes lifted to see the articles he referred to…then she continued reading…

”Then my dear, you are to have another glass of wine. Light the candles and turn the lights down low. Turn the switch on the camcorder that I have set up…”

She again looked up in surprise at the stand with the camcorder on the opposite side of the room. Her eyes widened for he had never done this before and she could feel herself blushing. Again she continued canlı bahis to read:

“Ahhh I can imagine you are very surprised but I want to capture every delicious moment of you. So with that…lie down on the bed…and pleasure yourself….for me. The only stipulation is…you are not allowed to cum. I want you to bring yourself as close as possible….only. Ahhh yes, one more thing….as you lie on the bed, reach under the pillow and put the surprise on too. Do not disappoint me my dear.”

She couldn’t believe that he wanted to tape her…how was she to come so close to release and not be able to cum.

Rising she began to disrobe and he body began to shake with anticipation. She eyed the camcorder that stood ominously in the corner of the room. She had to admit that it did excite her a little to know that he would witness this for himself.

She reached for the clit vibrator and began to fasten it and could feel herself already becoming aroused. She then reached for the red lacy panties and quickly released they were crotchless. Never had she worn these before and had to look at herself in the mirror. Then she reached for the short lace top that rose just above her tummy. She enjoyed the feel of the lace and took the red ribbon and pulled up her hair…still it cascaded down to her shoulders.

As instructed she turned the lights down low, lit the candles, and went to get her glass of wine. She had finished it by the time she came back to the bedroom. He knew exactly how to make her anticipation grow as her inhibitions slowly ebbed away. She stood looking at the camcorder and slowly walked over to it. With a deep breath she switched it on and walked to the bed. She reached under the pillow and found a red blindfold. She smiled bahis siteleri and now really felt vulnerable as she slipped it over her eyes and adjusted it.

She lay back comfortably as the wine seeped through her leaving her warm and tingly. Was it her imagination….or was the music now a little louder? It was sensuously enticing her as she licked her lips and began to rub her breasts. Instantly her nipples peaked…easily seen through the lace…as her fingers lightly touched first the left nipple…circling….slightly pinching….to retreat to the right nipple and repeat the same procedure….as her other hand too began to rub at the same time. Now both hands teased and rubbed her breasts….ahhhhh she sighed as her hips began to slow undulate with the music. Still she pinched them…feeling herself getting closer by this simple act. Did he truly know just how sensitive her breasts…her nipples were? Did he know it was hard not to cum by rubbing them?

She stopped pinching and squeezing…and began to take deep breathes as she softly massaged and caressed them now….and allowed her hands to begin roaming over her body. She reached and turned on the clit vibrator and instantly could feel the tingles throughout her pussy and deep within. Ahhhhh she moaned softly….mmmmm it felt so good. Her hands continued to caress her body while her legs opened wider…she could feel how wet she was becoming….the vibrations becoming more intense when she turned the control to high speed. She gasped at the sudden and unexpected speed….as her hips now moved round and round. Her hands now feverishly roamed her body…pinching her nipples and then roaming back down to her legs and up between them…her moans were as soft as whimpers as she felt the passion rising higher…the need….for bahis şirketleri release. It felt so good as both toys caressed and teased her pussy…her hips rocking to and fro.

Music was forgotten …lost somewhere in her realm of ecstasy as one hand rubbed her smooth pussy lips that were now so wet…hips thrusting hard against her hand as the clit vibrator continued to bring her closer and closer. Ahhhhhhhssss and mmmmmmssssss became louder and louder as she slid her finger inside….then another. She knew she would not be able to hold off…she didn’t want to….she couldn’t….as her fingers pushed the egg deeper inside and she rubbed her special spot within that would make her cum quickly. She did not care now….if she were suppose to cum or not…she had to as her moans grew louder still…fingers working faster….faster…harder. “Ahhhhh oooohhhhh baby…I …I…have…to…cummmm”….she called out to him as she continued to tease her wet pussy and nipples. “Aaahhhhhhhhh yeeesssssss ooooohhhhh ..” she moaned and her body writhed in total submission to her fingers as suddenly wave after wave plummeted throughout her body…her pussy juices coating her fingers….so warm….as she continued to bury her fingers within as her pussy grabbed and sucked them inside. Again and again she cum…crying out and moaning.

Finally …as the waves slowed died away….she lay there with perspiration beading her body…her breathing hard and gasping. It was only then…that she remembered the camcorder. She started to lift the blindfold and rise from the bed…but was slowly pushed back down into the softness…and her arms stopped from removing the blindfold. She was stunned! And she blushed profusely as she realized that he had been here…watching….hearing.

She did not know however, that this was one of the most erotic times he had ever enjoyed. Watching her get so lost and caught up in her self pleasure.

He whispered close to her ear, “Exquisite my dear…now, my turn.”

(to be continued)

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