Roommate Ch. 03

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I thought he’d suffered enough. But we’d reached a crossroads. Would I rather have his blowjob lips wrapped around my cock, lipfucking me, tonguebathing me? Or would I rather have his big, thick blond fuckstick filling my tight little asshole, massaging my prostate until he made me paint the ceiling with my boy-juices? Both sounded good. So I mumbled a quick “Be right back,” to fish in my closet for a condom and the bottle of lube in the special box where I kept my toys.

I laid back down on our increasingly rumpled bed and exhaled. I looked at him and said, “Okay. I want you to tonguefuck me. I want to feel your mouth all over me.” He was all too eager to oblige, one arm beneath the pillow my head was resting on, his tongue and mouth sucking and exploring my mouth, my neck, his free hand roving all over my body, downwards, neck, nipples, arms, abs, parting my thighs.

“You’re so smooth,” he whispered. “I’ve never been with an Asian guy before. Actually you’re only the second guy I’ve ever been with.”

I rolled my eyes. “Mmm. First time for everything, blondie. Keep manhandling me.” He responded by kissing me, cupping my balls and slowly making his way up the shaft, gripping it with his hot hand, using his thumb and forefinger to smooth my juices down from the head, and then a long, tortuous trip down from the head. He was making me fuck his hand with my own freeflowing precum as the lube.

“Oooooooh, that feels nice. Yeah, play with me. Jerk me off. Yeah. . . long, slow strokes. Ummmm,” I breathed.

He was soon kissing his way down, sucking on the hollow of my throat, lightly biting a nipple and swirling a tongue around it, a furtive flick of the tongue into the navel and then, light kisses down the groin, pausing, before engulfing my entire length in the heat and wetness of his mouth, trying to deep throat me.

“Aaaaah, yesss! That’s. . . mmmm. Aaaaaah!” I gasped, kaynarca escort eyes shut tight with pleasure. He swirled his wet tongue all along the sensitive underside of the shaft, up and down, lips forming a tight, wet ring around the head and shaft, moving up and down, up and down, driving me wild with the sensations. One hand was working between my nipple, pinching and squeezing, and the inside of my thigh. Another rough, hot hand was caressing and tugging on my silken, bloated ballsac.

“God! Yesss! Keep doing that . . . keep eating me! Keep eating my cock!” I babbled. With my manmeat stuffed in his mouth, he just hummed in response. The vibration was incredible and made me even harder, if that was possible. “Gonna cum soon. . .” I warned.

He stopped.

“Mm-hmm. I think *somebody* liked that,” he smirked. He let me slip deliciously from his lips and moved back up to slip me the tongue, to share my juices with me. I could taste myself on him, that tangy pre-cum taste I was so familiar with. And with his weight on me, his hard cock pressing and leaving a slick trail on my tummy, I thought there was only one other thing left to do.

“Maybe I did! But now I think it’s time,” I whispered in his ear, “I wanna feel your prick all the way inside me. Fill me up with your cum.” I felt his stiff cock lurch in response. Quickly, I reached over to grab the condom and the lube, and in a few seconds had wrapped his big dick in latex and spent half the bottle thickly coating his fuckrod and flooding my asshole with it.

I laid back, and pulled my thighs and ankles up. “Come on. Stick it in me. Fuck me hard.” I concentrated on relaxing the muscles inside and helped him guide the head of that long, fat hardon to my puckered rosebud, and I opened myself to him. Tried to anyway. He got just the tip of the head in.

“Unnnnnngh! It’s so big! Hahh,” I groaned küçükyalı escort softly. It was, as I said, pretty thick and that plum-like head was so hot and big. Did I mention it was big? If it wasn’t for the lube. . . .

“Do you want me to–“

“No! Keep going. Use mini-fucking motions to spread the lube. Unhh. Slowly first. Holy . . . AHHH.” I felt that enormous, hot, latex-shrink-wrapped, mushroom-like head pop past the sphincter and that delicious, stretching, filling feeling take over. “Aahh. Ohh. Yeah! That’s — unh! Keep going! Bottom out . . . in me. I wanna feel . . . you all the way . . . inside me.”

He groaned and gasped, thrusting forward into me. “Ah! you’re . . . so tight. Feels really good. Ngh!”

I was so well-lubed that with a few strokes that monster prick soon reached past my prostate, with my legs thrown over his arms, his weight pushing into me, until I could feel his bush pressing up against my ass. I was so full with his cock, that delicious thick, hammerhead slowly plowing deeper inside me. I had never been so full.

“How’s that? Am I hurting you?” Such a nice boy.

“Hells no! Ohh god, that’s good.” I was practically drooling.

And then he began to fuck me, slowly, at first, then faster.

“Unh. . . unh. Yes. Oh god, it’s so good. Yeah, fill me up. fill my tight little ass up with your big fucking dick! Shit that feels good. Yeah! Yeah — uhhh! Harder. Fuck me harder! Oh yessss!” He was fully on top of me now, jamming downwards into me.

I gasped with each thrust, which threatened to go deeper and deeper in me, filling me up, rubbing my male g-spot each time, making my own stiff cock vibrate, with each thrust, forcing a small gasp or moan out of me.

Before too long, all I could hear was the wooden dorm bed creaking rhythmically, the sounds of flesh slapping against each other, our periodic grunts sancaktepe escort and gasps, the wet sound of his fullness pounding in and out of my man-cunt: all the telltale sounds of fucking.

Probably our neighbors would hear, maybe they were even listening next door, beating off to our hot fucking right now, and we’d get some smirks tomorrow, but who cared. That glorious golden line of feeling started to reach up from my groin, into the belly, and up, and up. . . . the world blurred.

“Oh gaaaahd.” I breathed, “You’re fucking me so good. Ohh god. I’m gonna. . . I’m gonna . . . cummmmm! Aaaagh!”

I don’t know what it was, since I wasn’t touching myself. Maybe it was the interminable pounding of a thick cock filling me up so deep in my ass, repeatedly stroking my deepest, most sensitive areas with each deep push forward, but, I think I saw black stars on a white background when I came. I came so hard I sprayed my chest, even my mouth and nose with hot ropes of sticky cum, made all the more powerful with my sensitive ass clamping rhythmically on his thick, long fuckmeat as my cock spasmed.

“Oh shit, that’s so tight! Ahh. . . unhhhh!” he moaned. My orgasm set my ass clamping and spasming all around his cock, which probably sent him over, because a moment later he jammed that brute in me with once last great, grunting, gasping thrust, and froze there, his own swollen rod pulsing in turn, over and over again, flooding the condom with his hot load, that large penis firmly trapped deep in my canal, before collapsing over me with all his weight.

It was a breathless second before he finally rolled off, pulling slowly out of my slick, well-fucked ass. He pulled off the condom and tied it off, throwing it in the wastebasket under the desk. I grabbed a towel to dry us both off and to wipe the cum off my chest and face and whatever lube was leaking out of my gaping ass.

He was still gasping. “Hahhh. Wow.” I shut him up by rolling on top of his naked, hot, sweaty body and kissing him.

This was going to be one hot semester.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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