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My very first knowledge of what has become a long time addition to enjoying sex is likely to have been before first reading about ‘locker room’ and its old socks smell in Playboy Potpourri in the August 1976 issue. This is the place I remember specifically reading about this 70s sex drug, though it was not presented in that fashion exactly. It is not really an aphrodisiac per se, since it is by far most seductive to use when already thoroughly turned on. Among other things, as it turns out, because the effects are enhanced through drinking and smoking.

Sheri Lee is the actual provider of the first poppers I ever inhaled. With my first girlfriend on a warm summer evening, five of us sitting outside in a brilliant cloudless night, our first year of college past. The other man was a friend I had been jacking off with for several years, though we never touched.

She took out the bottle, and said she was going to do a hit or two, and we could share like we had the couple of bowls earlier in the evening.

I did my first hit, following Sheri Lee’s example of breathing in deep, one nostril pressed shut. Then holding it long as possible, feeling a throbbing state beginning to grow from my chest. Holding my breath like smoking a bowl of grass, as we had already done. The effects kept growing, looking at a full moon, fell back, amazed at the pure intensity. Also aware of my girlfriend falling under its spell as she did a hit after me. Neither of us developed anything like a headache, a sometime side effect.

That first time had no sexual overtones, though it certainly did provide an introduction. My first bottle of Rush, with its distinctive red lightning bolt symbol against a yellow background, was bought at a head shop. A long vanished place filled with records, bongs, and various other markers of the late 70s, a fairly decadent age to be growing up in. Jacking off with Penthouse, that second time using Rush was explicitly sexual, and extraordinary.

It made time and sensation stretch as orgasm grew inexorable, turning me into a pure cock before cumming so good and hard. Enjoying an orgasm that was made gloriously more intense by the power of that particular scent while stoned, looking at hot porn. Accompanied by the realization that this was would be something to share.

After several more delightfully intense jack off sessions, with a lot of dirty talking, the bottle’s effects were fading a touch – and shaking the little ball made no difference. A problem easily solved by buying a new bottle. Back then, the proper ways to prolong the scent’s potency were unknown, and an opened bottle soon lost its entrancing edge. However, we knew not to come into contact with the liquid, and that it was flammable. Along with the obvious fact that spilling it would be hard to clean up.

We finally had an opportunity to use it a couple of days later, after getting stoned, undressed, and horny before sharing our first mutual hit. Kissing unrestrainedly, pressing lips and tongues probing without restraint, grinding like pure animals, turned into total sluts. The power was unbelievable as we became so uninhibited, minds lost in an ocean of sexual sensation.

After riding that first mutual wave, I lay on my back as she bent down, breasts hanging gorgeously. I opened the bottle and breathed the scent in, feeling her hand around my shaft, guiding it towards her lips. Of course the first contact between her soft skin and my stretch cock head was fantastic, but the sensations spreading from my chest were signalling that something new was going on.

This was the first time experiencing getting sucked under the spell from the brown bottle, and it was unbelievable, at least as fantastic as the first time she had sucked me off after our senior prom in a ‘papa-san’ wicker chair at her family’s house. Now though, the intensity kept building, words pouring out after exhaling – “Oh fuck .. so good .. deep .. fuck yes .. don’t stop .. suck me .. hot mouth .. deeper .. god yes .. slow .. so good .. fuck yeah.”

As she continued to go down on me, it felt as if my cock were growing endlessly to seemingly infinite size, surrounded by infinite yielding sensations. Existing in a universe utterly centered on a still expanding cock, so rigid and throbbing, covered in her warm wet mouth, time stretching. Riding the waves of almost orgasm, finger inside her wet cunt, her sucking reflecting how turned on she was getting.

She turned and lay back, legs open, right hand spreading her glistening swelled cunt lips after I had pulled my finger back. Sliding my slick cock head over her yielding wet softness was heavenly. She began shaking the bottle as my cock kept moving over her slit. My face moved near hers as she opened the bottle. We shared the scent before she closed the bottle.

Breathing out when she did, feeling her hip motion starting to grow real slutty, positioning Ataşehir Escort her wet hole to be filled with cock. My cock was soon going past her open pussy lips, the sensation of entering her feeling fantastic.

“Fuck me .. hard cock .. fuck me .. fuck my cunt .. fuck hole .. cock .. hard.” My words were much the same, soon turning to primal grunts as we started to slam together, then grinding, rigid cock deep against her slick pubic bone, both of us acting like animals, using pure instinct.

We kept fucking face to face, her legs on my shoulders, our expressions completely turned on. This time, I offered the bottle to her, letting her experience the effects alone. In part to keep from cumming too fast, because I knew she would want to be ridden. It soon became obvious that she loved being fucked hard that way, in the same way I loved getting sucked. She began to talk really dirty, a side effect that adds to the fun – “fuck me .. fuck me hard .. cock hard .. fuck cunt .. fuck me .. fuck cunt .. pound it .. fuck yes .. hot cock .. fuck hole .. deep cock .. fuck me.”

Our minds were now utterly between our legs, totally turned on. We knew each other well enough to know that the next shared hit would be the one that would push us into glorious orgasm. She began to press her wet pussy hard against me, just as the hit began to build in strength, resulting in an unbelievable grinding orgasm, cock starting to pulse, cum filling her wet pulsing sheath. As deep as possible, both of us greedy for ever more intimate contact as waves of hot cum pumped into her squeezing cunt.

Over time, we learned other techniques while enjoying poppered sex, such as sharing hits by kissing, or breathing out as the other breathed in, enjoyable variations stretching the mutual pleasure for minimal effort. Kissing was especially addictive, both of us feeling the other turn into a complete slut. Poppers do require care, which tends to be a bit contradictory to their effects. Basically, the fluid should never touch skin, and the bottle should be closed tightly after each hit.

We found that when kneeling, horny cock inside her eager cunt, we could do a simultaneous hit, this becoming our preferred position for sharing the decadent magic of the brown bottle. These sessions became the times to start fucking like animals, her beneath me on hands and knees, her wet open cunt being pounded, holding her hips, seeing her gorgeous ass slam against me, both of us total sluts.

Nothing lasts, and after parting ways, I enjoyed poppers with my next two girlfriends. Getting head was still the best sensation, though tit fucking my second girlfriend’s luscious large breasts was fantastic. Feeling her envelop my cock, pressing each gorgeous full breast, sliding them over my cock as I lay back. Losing myself completely in the sort of hot intense sex that poppers provides.

That second girlfriend was not as enthusiastic, but still enjoyed doing a hit with me and fucking like sex possessed animals, grinding so good, wet and deep, just giving in to the sensations of using someone for primal pleasure, knowing that the same was true for them.

By this time, Rush and its competitors like Bolt or Thrust were only found in adult bookstores or sex shops. As the relationship ended with my third girlfriend, I began to experiment a bit, having become more knowledgeable about the information swirling around poppers, most of it related to gay sex. Especially gay group sex, which was a real turn on as a fantasy. After buying bi mags at the same sex shop I was buying poppers, the result was amazing, even after 5 years of using poppers.

Of course such bookstores had video booths, and I had masturbated inside them using poppers. However, the booths were not cheap, and in the mid-80s, the selections were generally limited. It was great jacking off to video porn using poppers, but not consistent. Unlike buying several hardcore magazines, going home and getting really stoned before opening the new bottle of poppers, often cumming twice while looking at the pictures.

After the experience of getting off repeated looking at that first bi magazine using poppers, I took the next step. A couple of visits later, when buying poppers, I went into the gay section. I was in a bit of daze, very turned on, with that certain empty chest feeling that arises when starting to do something involving preparing to get off.

Many of the mags on sale were uninteresting, but the mere fact of being in the gay section, cock pressing along my jeans, was enough to start to find a few enticing covers. Including one with a threesome, front and back showing hot pictures. The mags were generally shrink wrapped, but I had bought enough over the years to have a feel for what was being offered.

And this magazine, after being picked up from the rack and looked at, seemed perfect. It showed Kadıköy Escort a threesome, all with hard cocks while having shared sex, truly enticing gay porn. Group sex involving other men has always been a fantasy, and gay group sex like this is so clearly not faked, with all the hard cocks in view. Plus, I like looking at cock when horny.

I bought the customary poppers with that first explicitly gay mag. At home, soon starting to enjoy one of the hottest jack off sessions of my life, already horny from what I had done, buying gay porn. The bowl enjoyed now, along with the glass of wine, played a certain role, obviously. But opening the magazine, it was immediately clear that the trio was talented and turned on. Each picture was an amazing thrill, especially when starting to to use rush while looking at explicit pictures of bareback gay sex. My first orgasm probably happened in the opening pages, but the pictures were so intoxicating that it made no difference.

Orgasm was no reason to stop stroking, still so deliciously hard and horny, looking at three men have hot sex with each other. I came two more times before even reaching the last page, and one more time when concentrating on the actual individual pictures. Though that was a true high point, things were also changing by then.

In the later 80s, it became very hard, then impossible to find poppers, leading to a multiyear pause in using them. In which a very long term relationship developed, including a major relocation.

One that led, starting in the mid-90s, to finding those little brown bottles of magic again, even if only rarely obtainable. By now, storage had become much better, along with learning that only a small amount of poppers is as effective as a larger amount – with two bottles, the use can be drawn out several times longer than just a single full bottle being repeatedly opened. Especially if the ‘storage’ bottle is kept in an air tight container in the freezer.

The Internet began offering ever more porn during this time, along with practical information. Including, odd as this might sound, the idea of public video gloryholes without women involved at all. My first experiences decades beforehand in porn booths did not involve anything like a gloryhole. Not that the concept was unknown, as one of the hottest pictures I had ever seen was of a man at a glory hole wall, clearly getting sucked as he gripped the holes to each side, taken inside a gay sex club.

After knowing what to look for, gloryholes became a growing interest, especially involving porn, cock sucking, and poppers. Pressing against the wall, a stranger’s mouth going down on me, the intensity was irresistible. Discovering just how hot gay sex is with poppers was not a surprise – wanting to keep having such fantastic orgasms was the surprise. Including finding out that cock sucking using rush is just as fantastic as getting sucked.

My male sex experiences became more public, and did not involve poppers at all. Discovering the baths was truly glorious, with it taking a while to get comfortable going to a place full of naked horny men. Over time, poppers have become part of what makes a bathhouse so irresistible, though it took years for my interest to become public.

During those several initial months getting acquainted with the delights of uninhibited male sex at the baths, poppers were not part of those visits at all. Though having a reputation as being part of decadent male group sex, it was only after a number of visits that I saw a poppers bottle for the first time, in the common shower area near the lockers.

From that point, not precisely hiding what was going on, I began to use poppers alone, leaving a booth and going to the porn area, for example. It was a while before seeing another bottle. Poppers are not exactly common, and not everyone is interested anyways, but there are more than enough fans of the magic scent at the baths it turns out. I use a small black bag to hold condoms, lube, and poppers (and often a camera – handled discreetly, and often not used anyways).

As it turns out, no one cares about men having sex with poppers at a male only sauna, of course, but one never knows the rules for something that has an interesting legal status where I live, nor what the owners of the bathhouse might think.

Experience has shown that the idea of kissing to share a hit, or breathing out near someone so they can breathe in, seems essentially unknown. Sometimes, particularly with someone already enjoying poppers with me, I do breathe out in someone’s direction when getting sucked. Sometimes, the effect is definitely there, a certain irresistible sluttiness showing itself while sucking cock.

To be honest, poppers are one of the primary reasons why condoms are no longer involved with cock sucking. I was very cautious with such encounters at first, always Bostancı Escort using condoms, but when using poppers, it was much easier for a cocksucker to take advantage of my state. Either by ignoring my saying “condom” as their mouth surrounded my wanting cock, or by taking the condom off. Of course it soon became common to fill a stranger’s mouth with my naked cock after doing a hit, not caring about a condom at all.

Or to take his naked cock in my mouth, as going down on a man after doing poppers is as hot as getting sucked. To be honest, it is simply incredibly addictive to suck a stranger’s hot cock as the poppers turn me into a total slut, mouth filled with a stranger’s glorious hardness, as over the years, it has become ever more common to be able to deep throat a man after breathing out, being face fucked so good.

The steam room, possibly because of the heat causing the scent to be better vaporized, can be an amazing place to do poppers. This was the first place I actually shared someone else’s poppers openly, until then having always used poppers in a cabin, alone, before looking for sex. Not the best way to enjoy poppers, unless you are lucky and find some man to go down on your cock immediately – something that happened often enough.

This first time in public, however, involved male group sex and poppers. A fantastic experience, all three of us using poppers, feeling my cock being sucked with another man’s after sharing a hit, kissing and playing with each other’s erect nipples. It was equally fantastic to do a hit then take two cocks into my mouth at the same time, kneeling, becoming a complete slave to desire, stroking my rigid shaft as each man played with one of my aroused nipples.

I have fucked other men while using rush, always with a condom. That remains an important line not to cross, and I remain very cautious in terms of poppers and temptation. Particularly considering how easy it was to stop using condoms when enjoying oral sex. Some share the poppers, though not all. The ones that see the bottle and ask about using them are precisely the sort of sluts that have sex with multiple partners without thinking about it – which makes them so tempting too.

Really riding a man with your cock is irresistible, down on his hands and knees in front of you, opening the bottle so he can breathe in, then doing the same, closing the top and just letting go. It is really hot to make a man’s cock jet cum as you stroke it while fucking him, riding him as you orgasm hard, balls grinding against balls, total sluts wanting to get off so good with each other.

I have also been fucked, rarely, each time an amazing experience before even thinking about using poppers. But the first time was incredible, having been fucked so good in several positions, breathing in deeply while on my back. I returned to jacking off as he fucked me, soon feeling like there was a cock inside my stroked cock, expanding as it fucked.

There seem to be two basic styles of using poppers. The first, the one personally used for decades, is to breathe in and hold the scent as long as possible. The other method is to breathe in and out repeatedly with the bottle open. The first method is good for preserving the popper’s potency, along with making it easier to close the bottle, and the pleasure of the building intensity is stretched out. The other method does not seem to offer any particular advantage in my opinion, even though it is the most common way at the baths.

Formulations have changed over the years, making it difficult to compare the effects as they changed over the years. About the only constant was the pellet found in Rush bottles, though to be honest, it has been several years since buying my last bottle with its distinctive wrapper.

On my last stop in a city where poppers, like weed, is always available, I stepped into a leather shop in the red light district. This was not my first time in such a place, but it had a certain charm, one that made my cock stir, even before asking if they sold poppers. The man behind the counter smiled, and said “we sure do.”

“Fantastic – I’m interested in them, but do enjoy variety too.”

Another younger man, also an employee, had moved to the end of the counter, was grinning, saying that poppers were a lot of fun. As we chatted, a couple of other men joined, as I asked about the various formulations available, Then picking the one recommended for its slow building intensity, first by the man behind the counter, then hearing several other men describe its effects the same way, comparing with each other using certain shared brands. I also bought a familiar large bottle of Jungle Juice, very pleased to have gone shopping like that, being quite enjoyable sharing information about poppers with other men who knew exactly what was being talked about.

After getting home and high, I started watching some hot porn, getting horny, then did a hit of the new poppers. And was overwhelmed by how good they felt, building slowly. The effects brought me back to those first times, and I came pumping helplessly as the poppers turned me into a jack off slut – as they have done so often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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