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Roxy looked at her computer screen, she stared at the blinking messenger tab on the taskbar. She slowly clicked to bring it up all the while scanning the area around her to make sure her boss wouldn’t notice her brief dereliction of duty to check on her personal life. Roxy scanned the message from Ryan238 once more, he wanted to meet in person, she thought about it for more then a few minutes but couldn’t decide if she really should. She closed the message abruptly when the phone rang a prerecorded voice came on the line and in frustration she slammed the phone down with more force then she intended.

“So who’s got you pissed?” A man in his 50’s with glasses came around the corner at that moment.

“No one sorry Steve, it’s these damn telemarketers don’t even give you a chance to say no anymore.”

“Well anyway what are you still doing here, it’s time to go?” Steve looked at her.

“It is that time already isn’t it! See you tomorrow?”

“Probably not going to try to avoid the pinheads, I mean our esteemed benefactor.”

“Good luck.”

Roxy walked out into the fading sunlight, she hardly noticed men turning their head to follow her walking away. Standing at five foot six and with such a curvy frame it would have been hard for the men ogling her to believe that she could handle the kind of crass working environment she did. Her long tuzla escort blonde curled locks fell over her back and across her ample breasts. Razor wit, quick analytically thinking, smooth talking just a few of the attributes that allowed her to play in a mans world.

Roxy reached into the pocket and pulled out the key to her red VW Beetle. The men staring at her watched as her stiletto heeled knee length black boots covering her black jeans disappeared into the car first, then the rest of her. She turned the key and Maroon 5’s “Moves like Jagger” flowed from the speakers.

Once home Roxy drew up a warm bath and settled into it, she scrolled with her finger over the different posts by people on her social media site, she looked at pictures of friends and their babies, reading about friends who lost relatives, their disappointments and their victories all laid out for the world to see. Yet with all the lack of privacy she knew that there were secrets that even her friends would never post, secretes like hers.

She shut off all the lights and fell asleep. Suddenly she set up with a jerk, her face was drenched in sweet, and her breath came in ragged gasps, she clutched at her chest. She flicked on the light and noticed the blonde six foot four broad shouldered man lying next to her. A pang of guilt flooded her and her checks burnt crimson red as she realized tuzla escort bayan that she had been dreaming once again the same dream. She turned off the light and moved slightly away from her husband, her hand slid slowly down her body her own touch so familiar but also soothing. Her hips rocked lightly as she ground them into the palm of her hand, she closed her eyes and his face filled her mind. Her breath and pulse quickened, she pulled the pillow to her face and bit into to stifle the noise that threatened to escape her tender lips.

“Do you mind if I cut in?” His deep voice pierced the air.

Roxy froze in place having been so close. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up”

“Mmm well something’s are worth waking up for!” The blonde rolled to face his wife and he slowly caressed her body knowing where to linger and where to trace faint figure eights and she moaned softly.

His hand replaced hers and she kept her eyes closed, his slow ministration was torture at first, he quickened his pace till he could feel her pressing into him her legs clamped down onto his hand as her body quivered. Once the shivers subsided she playfully pushed him so he was laying flat, her hand reached down.

“It feels like maybe you need me to tend to a little something?”

“Little?” the man said in a very deep voice.

She straddled his body and allowed escort tuzla herself to be fulfilled, she pressed forward and laid her head on his chest, he played with her hair and they moved in unison.

“Damn, it’s already 5:30 in the morning, I am so sorry for waking you up.”

“You never have to be sorry for waking me up for that.”

“You enjoyed it?”

“I don’t know what has gotten into you recently but I’ve not had this much fun since we first started dating.”

Roxy was happy that it was pitch black in the room so that he couldn’t see her checks once again turn bright red, this time though not from enjoyment but shame.

“Well if you figure it out before me please let me know would you?” Roxy quipped.

The very well toned man rolled over to his side and promptly fell asleep. Not being able to sleep anymore Roxy got out of bed and went to the computer.

“Have you thought anymore about meeting me?” It was an offline message from Ryan238

Roxy shut off the computer and went to wash off the sweet in the shower. The hot water flowed over her body and burned like the guilt she felt for even having thoughts about cheating on the man she had been married to for three years. Yet she couldn’t help but to feel a certain excitement dreaming about the possibilities. She switched the shower head to pulse, the water drummed against her, she reached up and pulled the removable head from its holder. Her appetite had become almost insatiable, she pressed the shower head against herself and she felt blissful as she shuddered leaning against the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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