Sex on Legs Pt. 03

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Last instalment found our hero pondering on the positive position of being in an open marriage to the point that his procrastination and pre-occupation of thought very nearly caused him to pass on the possibility of pounding some pussy.

Excuse me, I was thinking of peas.

It has been revealed that he is really only in this to keep his wife happy. So much so that he had never actually taken in the body of the girl he’s planning to have relations with. Turns out he was in it for the face and the cheeky attitude.

To his surprise, his potential friend with benefits, Natalie, trains at the same gymnasium as he. Being upfront as she is, she requested a lift. Which turned exceptionally distracting. A distraction with a very abrupt ending. Safe to say though, Natalie was not the only one that got a ‘Lift’ from the trip.

If that was too cryptic he ended up being teased into having a huge erection and has only just now managed to make it into the gym after having to enter and get changed while trying to hide said erection.


I felt a little embarrassed when I first started talking to Natalie. She revealed that she’s been thinking of making a move on me for quite some time but as a rule doesn’t mess around with married guys anymore.

Obviously she knew I was married because I always have my ring on at work and I buy coffee from her every damn morning but what made me embarrassed was when she revealed that she wasn’t sure I was married to begin with because I never wore a ring to the gym.

I had zero clue that she went to the same gym as me. It made me feel like kind of a dick really.

I don’t set out to ignore people when I go there but I do get incredibly focused on what I’m doing to the point that I block out pretty much everything and everyone. I mean I’m not a douchebag about it, I’ll always be aware of right of way, I don’t steal and try not to bogart equipment, but for the most of it I’m stuck in my own head just having fun.

And I do get people coming up to me occasionally, offering a compliment or trying to get advice. I’m polite as fuck about it to the point that it tends to disarm people. More than a few walk away thinking I’m a basket case I’d imagine.

“Hey bro do you compete?”

“Oh no, I’d probably end up against someone like you and get laughed off stage.”

“How do I grow arms like you man?”

“Do whatever exercise you like the best, just make sure you always have fun and enjoy what you’re doing!”

I don’t do it to be a dick, like I told Tim at the office, training isn’t the most important thing in my life and I really only do it for the novelty. Heck I spent about 2 hours last week swinging around on the monkey bars and trying to see how high I could jump!

The only people I ever really have conversations with are some of the older folks there who are always over in the stretching area. So, as I said, I felt like a dick when Natalie tells me she’s been checking me out for ages and I didn’t even know she existed outside of the downstairs café in my building.

I contemplated all this as I changed into my shorts and baggy t-shirt ready to train. I decided to make a point of watching her today and showing interest in what she was doing.

By the time I had hit the gym floor and was loading up a bar, Natalie was already drenched in sweat. She stood at the end of some battle ropes supporting her heaving upper body against her thighs with slightly shaking arms. The shape of her delts and triceps bulging out when she finally settled the shakes and locked her arms out.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. And I hadn’t even seen what she was doing yet! The simple fact that she seemed to have worked herself up to that point in such a short amount of time for someone who appears so fit, told me that she didn’t bother holding back with her training.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to try very hard to keep track of Nat through our workouts. While we may have gravitated towards and away from each other with each varying exercise, she was always easy to locate from the intense energy she exuded. Also, turns out she’s a bit of a grunter.

I surprised myself that I hadn’t noticed it before. I must be more focused that I thought!

Or she was putting it on for my benefit. And if she was, it was working.

I had to finish more than a few sets early to move away from her and cool down a little. Walking around the gym with THAT kind of lower body pump wasn’t on my agenda any time soon.

She also seemed to be making a cheeky effort of going to the farthest water bubbler in the gym ensuring she would have to cross paths with me frequently. And for some reason she always managed to drop her towel or needed to check her shoe laces as she passed. If I thought I got a good look at her arse in the parking lot I was sorely mistaken.

She even straight up just ran into me one time while being ‘distracted’ by changing songs on her ipod. Her hand was up to stop her impact canlı bahis very quickly though, groping at my chest as she collided and making a point to feel all up and down my shoulder and arm as she apologised.

This was next level sly shit. It made me again question who was the normal one around here! Is this how people behave? Is this part of the human courting process?

Watching her train, the effort, the intensity, the sounds, I know I said before that I never really had much of a libido even after the treatment but now… Man did I want her. Bad!

And as immediately as the thought popped into my head, a picture of my wife floated by and I started feeling ashamed.

I know! I’m allowed! What’s wrong with me?! Clearly I’m attracted to this sexuality oozing athlete of a woman, I have the green light to bury my cock inside her from both my wife and I think it’s a safe bet to say from herself as well, so what the fuck is holding me back?

I was staring again. Real bad this time. Just standing there slack jawed in the middle of the weights room boring a hole right through Natalie’s hard sexy body with my laser-like gaze.

It took me a moment to realise Natalie was staring at me too but not with a vague zoned-out look, she was staring at me with a predatory hunger while she caught her breath. Her chest heaving, head tilted forward, looking like she was about to sprint across the room and sink her teeth into my throat.

I felt a stir, I felt a hot flush rise to my face but more alarmingly, towards my cock.

I panicked. I reached down and grabbed my water bottle and towel and, in that same awkward stiff legged walking fashion from the parking lot, I made my way towards the change rooms as discreetly as a man could with an unchecked growing erection, managing to tread on only one foot and shoulder check two people whom I really hope heard the apologies I shouted over my shoulder.

The gym I; we, go to, is a pretty decent sized facility and very new. Other ones I’ve seen have dedicated male/female locker and bathrooms but this set up is a little different. The lockers are at the front of the gym just after you clear the counter and adjacent to that is a big hallway section full of doors. Each one is either a toilet or a shower cubicle both with enough space to change in. There’s also a big bench seat that runs through the middle in case all the stalls are full and you need to change but aren’t shy about it.

Today I was shy. I also needed to stall for time to let some localised inflammation go down so after I snatched my bag from the locker I made a B-line for a shower.

Most days I’ll shower when I get home but I always carry a change of clothes and a towel in my gym bag in case Sam wants to meet somewhere after training and I don’t have time to get home.

I decided that maybe a shower here wouldn’t be such a bad idea today. A cold one obviously.

The only shower cubicle available was one of the disabled ones. They were pretty spacious and had handrails and grip pads in the shower but it wasn’t exactly a shower. Just a huge wet-room with a spray head on a flexi hose in the corner and a semi-circle curtain that covered the space. I decided to make the shower quick in case anyone who actually needed this type of shower arrived because I’m a nice guy like that.

I started warm, planning to acclimatise myself to the cold but I ended up lost in the sensation of the water rushing and splashing off my face and body.

I should probably mention that the other strange but I guess practical thing about the disabled showers, other than the shower space being big enough to fit a person in a chair and their care taker, is that the lock can be opened from inside and outside in case someone has a fall.

Not great for security but it’s a pretty honest place.

The water was so good and so distracting as it rushed over my ears I didn’t hear the door unlock. Or open. Or close. Or lock again.

In fact the only sense that something may have been wrong, was a rush of air against my ankles as Natalie threw her gym clothes on top of my pile sitting next to the curtain.

I was so deeply lost in thought that I didn’t register her presence until her firm body pressed against my back. I jumped a little and wiped the water from my face. Looking down I saw her hands slowly stroking up and down my abdomen. Her fingers bending to rake across its grooves and rises.

A soft sigh came from behind me and she pressed firmer against my body, contouring hers to mine as best she could.

“Sorry” she said over the rush of the water, “Every other shower was in use and I was so sweaty after that workout. Besides I didn’t think you’d mind if I snuck in.”

My own hands stayed on my head as I talked over my shoulder. “And you simply couldn’t wait until I was done?”

“I figured if I gave you a hand you’d be done quicker. Then I could have my turn.”

I mulled over what she was saying before I replied. “Are… are we still talking bahis siteleri about showers or?”

Her hands had slipped lower while I was talking. Both flat palm slipped down the grooves of where my abdomen joint my groin, her fingers slyly slipping into the grooves of my muscles and heading further south to slide against the insides of my thighs. One hand managed to make its way back up to claw at my abdomen again, while the other seemed to had gotten side tracked and veered inwards, slipping beneath my balls and cupping them lightly, before grazing over the root of my cock and coming back up to my abdomen.

“Dunno muscles, you tell me.”

I groaned a little at her tease of a touch.

“What do you think you need a hand with more hmm? Finishing your shower? Or just plain old finishing?”

I lowered my arms and reached behind me in a slow deliberate motion with one arm, the other of my big hands sliding across one of her forearms as she stroked away at my abs.

My trailing hand made contact with firm, hot, water slick flesh and I glided my calloused palm around to rest on Nats thigh. She responded with a light coo and a further pressing of her body on my back. My other hand slid up her forearm to encompass her own and slowly, teasingly, I guided it towards my groin.

“Mmmm, you know I was happy to help either way.” Her palm laid flat as it slid down and back up the length of my swelling cock “But I was kinda hoping you meant this type of finishing.”

After a few more glides of my length with her flat palm her hand finally closed around my shaft in a firm downward stroke forcing a louder groan from my mouth and a breathy sigh from hers.

My trailing hand groped at her firm thigh and slid up in time with her own ministrations, finally landing onto one of those luscious firm buttocks. The hard globe almost fitting entirely in one of my big hands. I sunk my fingers in against the tightness of her flesh and she gave a little yelp of surprise like back in the parking lot. My hand palmed and kneaded at her arse on auto pilot with memories of her breast in my hand on the drive here clashing with the sensations of what was currently happening.

Water rushed over our bodies while we both groaned and murmured, I twitched when I felt the prickle of her hair pressing against my neck, her spare hand reaching up to claw and grip at my hard chest. Her lower hand meanwhile had settled into a steady rhythm of slow firm stroking, forcing my cock to bulge out obscenely on the down stroke. I looked down to watch the show of her hand working its magic. I’m not sure if she was increasing her grasp with each pump, if it was just my own growth under her ministrations or a combination of both but her now iron grip was making her stroking a painful affair. My cock bulging and distending almost beet red as she stroked out, returning to a more normal flush of colour on the way back but still swollen larger than normal when at this point.

Mind you it was a pain I was not about to bother complaining about.

I did become more vocal though, gasping and letting a groan from gritted teeth as she stroked. Her spare hand had come to rest on my chest unmoving and it took me a moment to register that she was matching my own grip on her buttock. In comparison to my reddened cock my chest had some distinct white patches where her nails had sunk in.

“Fuck me are you going to get hard anytime soon or do you just keep fucking growing?!”

I released my hand from the heaven of her arse reluctantly as she pulled away and looked around me to observe her handiwork. I wish I had a camera down there to capture her gorgeous face, I’m guessing she wore a stunned expression because she had managed to pause on the down stroke and just stare for a while.

The sound of water hitting the floor and our bodies filled the room and I gritted my teeth against her grip for as long as possible. When I finally made to object against her stalwart choking of my member my face was almost as red as it was and I spoke through gritted teeth.

“Nat… I think you might be doing damage down there.”

She dropped my cock like it was on fire and looked up with a hand on her mouth before apologising. “Oh god I’m so sorry I just-“

I rested a hand on her hip and took in a few deep breaths while I recovered from almost having my dick choked out. “It’s ok you don’t need to-“

“No I mean really I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to make my fingers touch and didn’t realise it was going to grow so much.”

“Really its ok, I’m sure it’ll recover. Eventually.” I settled my breathing down and took a moment to observe her naked body. Most women tend to step out of active wear and everything just kinda falls back into place. The clothing seems to be designed to lift and hold things in a pleasing way but with Nat, it almost seemed like the clothes were holding her back!

Her hips seemed wider than I remember seeing, but that was probably due to her waist seeming narrower. bahis şirketleri The outline of abs while sitting turned out to be an impressive but sexy outline of muscles that led upwards to those full enticing breasts I remember from our car ride.

My other hand found its way to her hip and her own hands slipped up my arms to rest on my neck as we each stared at the others bodies through the gap.

All my objections seemed to have disappeared by that moment. I had this long standing thought that I was a good faithful man who wouldn’t dream of betraying his marriage vows. Who really only entered into this agreement of an open marriage just because he had his wifes happiness in mind. She stuck with me so I’ll stick with her kind of thing. Sex never really was a huge thing to me anyway I got my kicks from other stuff.

But now, with this hard bodied… sexpot? Resting in my hands, it seemed like the shower had washed away more than my sweat.

I leaned in slowly towards her luscious lips, a hand coming to rest on her jawline.

Then she moved in for the kill.

Her mouth was on mine faster than I anticipated. Her thick lips pressing hard against my own, that oddly thick tongue spreading my mouth open and invading deeply.

She groaned into my mouth, I responded in kind. My tongue massaging hers. The two muscles slithering slickly against each other, fighting in and out of one another’s mouths to see which would house their passionate exchange.

Bodily I responded the only way I could think of and I yanked her against me, our slick forms creating a wet splash, a meat on meat slapping.

She writhed against me as we kissed, my hands roamed her firm body, eventually reaching my prize, the athletically hard globes of her arse.

I was pulled deeper into the kiss by wet handfuls of my own hair until she filled her hands with the bulk of muscle around my neck and bounced into the air.

My hands stayed on her arse and the wet meaty sound of body on body rang out again when her crotch slapped against my lower abdomen.

If I thought her grip was like a vice then I have no idea how to describe the strength of her legs as they wrapped around me.

Somewhere in my subconscious I muttered a prayer of thanks to whoever had the foresight to place non-slip tiles into the disabled shower room.

Our oral duel barely broke stride, a moment of surprise passed over my face as she lept onto me but the hunger in her eyes quickly swatted it aside. Here in my arms I held a fiercely aroused woman and – perplexing enough to myself – the entirety of her lust was aimed squarely at me.

Our mouths locked again, the two of us continued our arousal fuelled groaning. My fingers fought to sink into the hard muscles of Nats amazing arse. Her own hands were both anchored around my neck and roaming over my shoulder and arm.

It seems ridiculous to say anything that I did here and now was bold but, I felt it bold when I scooped a hand closer inwards, my fingers reaching between her thighs and grazing at the outer lips of her wet pussy. Her groans became a little less frantic as my fingers slid the length of her folds. Settling to a needy moan. The position of her hips changed too, grinding forward and back with my movements.

With gained confidence, I moved my fingers further inwards of her thigh, gently I circled my fingers around her opening, occasionally parting her lips and grazing upwards with a deliberately slow stroke. Even her kissing had slowed down and eased in ferocity.

I slowed my own circling in time with her kisses and my fingers paused, pressing up firmly against her pussy but not moving. Her kissing had stopped and she rested her head against mine, eyes closed, the only sound our panting at the rushing water. The only movement was her own hips, subtly grinding against my now still hand, her thighs flexing and relaxing with her grind, trying desperately to make my digits penetrate her.

With our foreheads touching she groaned, “Would you stop being such a fucking tease and just gimme what I want?”

I laughed, “You gotta say the magic word.”

I guess I expected a desperate plea. Maybe a soft cooing, even to have her keep grinding harder in a desperate attempt to catch me off guard.

Instead she caught me off guard with a hand splaying around the front of my neck, doing a terrific job of trying to choke me.

I couldn’t stop the surprise from showing on my face.

Through gritted teeth she spoke, a cold intensity in her glare which seemed totally out of proportion to what she was demanding.


I couldn’t have fought back even if I wanted too. She had flipped a switch in my brain that I didn’t know was there. Her “choking” was pretty meaningless, given the girth of my neck in relation to her hand size, but the effect of the attempt seemed pretty strong!

I slid two fingers up to the second knuckle into her warm opening eliciting a satisfied moan. Pumping my wrist I drove them in and out at a steady tempo. I must have done the right thing because I was rewarded with a smile.

“Mmmm fuck that’s it! Now, spread your pinky out and let it rub against my clit as you move your fingers in and out ok?”

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