Sex Toy Uh Oh!

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Big Tits

This is my Sex Toy Uh-Oh! It happened to me a few days ago. Told someone and they wanted me to post it. First my sex toys, then I’ll tell you about the big ‘Sex Toy Uh Oh!’

The Rabbit: ordered it online after a friend raved about it.

Bnaughty Unleashed: like a small vibrating egg you put inside and a wireless control. My X BF got it for me. Look it up online, surprised me with it! (That’s another story!)

Big black rubber penis looking dildo with suction cup on it: got it as a gag gift from a friend

Rubbery butt plug that can vibrate and has this inflate pump thing: from my X BF, and I didn’t even know what is was… LOL. (Even another story!)

Purple Vibrator: got it at the sex toy party, has a vibrate knob on end of it.

The one I have, for the story is:

I was out with a few friends this past Friday night after a long work week. They picked me up and we went to a local club and danced, had drinks, danced, and had probably too many drinks. At least I did!

They dropped me off back at home after our fun night. I let myself in and realized ‘wow! I am very drunk and very horny!’ I knew I had a fun night out, got a few looks from some younger guys, and had on an outfit that I thought was pretty sexy and that is always a turn on thinking you really look good in something, you know? I had a red and silver halter-type top on that was low cut in the back, a really kewl black lacey/silver choker, a black mini skirt (not too crazy), and a pair of black stiletto heel sandals with the ankle straps.

I walked in, fought with the ankle straps to take off my heels, almost lost my balance a few times and gave up. I decided to go upstairs and change. I walked upstairs to me bedroom, went in and in my drunken horniness, decided ‘I was going to bring out one of my sex toys and use it!’. Instead of my usual Rabbit I went for the closet and opened the box I have in there and, in my horniness grabbed the gag gift I had got once from a friend. It was a big bağdatcaddesi escort black hard rubbery dildo that was in the shape of a penis. It even had balls on it! LOL! It was about 12 inches long and was very thick! It had a suction cup on the bottom of it.

I pulled it out, looked around my room, and decided to go downstairs. I walked through my livingroom and into my kitchen/dining room. I had an idea. I have wooden chairs around my table and thought about suction cupping it to one of the chairs and lowering myself down on it. I had doubts it would even fit, but I was so drunk and horny, I think I was just trying to prove something to myself, which is a turn on to me in itself. LOL.

I turned around one of the chairs and suctioned the big black penis dildo to it right in the middle. I still remember how crazy it looked sticking straight up! I was very horny and wet but thought about needing something to lube it with, if I was actually going to try this, to make it easier. I have a few things upstairs in my bathroom, but didn’t want to walk back upstairs so I opened my kitchen cabinets. I found a bottle of vegetable oil…LOL… go ahead and laugh!

I took the vegetable oil bottle out and walked back over to the suction cupped penis on my dining room chair. I screwed off the lid and poured a little in my hand. I rubbed it on the black sex toy. I decided more would be better and tried pouring it on the big black fake penis to coat it and make it easier. Being drunk, I poured way too much out, and did coat it well. I also got some on my shirt, which I knew would stain, and also the chair because drunk people don’t know when ‘enough is enough!’ and I was pouring it…LOL

I still had the outfit I had worn to the club, now with an oil stained shirt, and pulled my panties off under my skirt. I worked them down my legs and over my heels that I had given up fighting the straps on. I remember climbing over the chair, with a leg on each side, and looking beykoz escort down and thinking ‘how in the hell is this even going to fit?!?!’ I thought ‘if it doesn’t fit, I am going upstairs and using The Rabbit!

I was in a straddle over the chair and lowered myself down on it. I felt the tip against me and pushed against it. I felt it push against me and after moving myself around and against it, I thought ‘this might hurt a bit!’. I lowered myself down on it more…. Go go go… and felt it finally push inside my vagina stretching it, and now it was inside me! I was soo horny and felt the pressure of how thick it was stretching me out, and for me, it was a turn on.

I stood there on my high heels, and straddling a big black dildo with the head inside me. I tried to slide down onto it getting more inside me. I realized if I leaned forward a little bit and put my hands on my thighs, I could lower myself down in it slowly. It felt totally wild and I never had anything that big inside me, which was a turn on, in a weird way.

I actually got it about half way inside me. I never measured this sex toy, but I would say it was 12 inches long with 2 inches or so of it is the balls. I was about half way down and had 5 of the 10 inches inside me! Trust me! I felt the whole 5 inches! That was where I stopped.

Against good judgement, I decided to try a little more! The things you do when you are drunk and horny! And girls are just about as bad as guys!

I had my hands on my thighs near my knees, and just saw my oil stained shirt, legs on each side of the chair, still in my heels, and my mini skirt hiding everything from view.

I pushed myself down against the big black fake penis inside me and that’s when it happened!

As I was lowering myself down on it I went to move my right leg closer to the chair. I must have gotten vegetable oil on the floor or it ran off the chair from me not being careful. My heel slipped and slid on the oil and kicked caddebostan escort out away from the chair! I threw my hands down to the chair to catch myself, but being off balance, my other leg kicked back and away from the chair!

It happened sooo fast! As my one heel slid on the oil and out from the chair, my other leg kicked back and I went down on it!!! I never got a chance to get my hands down on the chair, if it was even possible! I remember the sound of the heels on my linoleum floor as I got impaled, literally!

I remember screaming out loud, as I sat totally flat with my ass on the chair!!! I remember trying to breathe as my legs were kicked out, arms at my sides with fists clenched, mouth open and eyes closed and watering. I had instantly taken the other 5-6 inches and now had it all inside me and the black balls of the sex toy up against my ass!

I actually sat there for a minute, it was weird, maybe shock, and felt the toy all the way inside me. I am not sure what felt more weird, how stretched I felt or it seemed like it was IN my stomache, that high! I was like, totally frozen!

It took me a minute to get my footing again, Which was tough in my stiletto heels, drunk, and totally tense. I put my hands on the chair and started to lift myself off of it. What was insanely weird was, as I was lifting myself off it, and felt it sliding out of me, and how DEEP it was actually INSIDE ME! I pulled off of it, to an oily squish sound, and actually fell to the floor and checked myself to see if I was bleeding or hurt. I didn’t see anything or feel anything as I lay there on my kitchen floor. I just kept thinking ‘how the hell did that just happen?!?’ over and over…

I crawled into my living room and sat against my couch finally fighting my heels off. I looked over in the kitchen/ dining room and saw it still on the chair and thought ‘OMG! That was thing all the way inside me!’ I would have never thought possible.

I woke up the next morning, barely able to walk. I had friends talking about guys who were ‘big’ and ‘rough sex’ and them feeling it, or having a hard time walking the next morning. I guess this was similar. Today is Sunday, and I still feel it!

Lesson: never mess with big black dildos and vegetable oil while drunk!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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