Sierra Pt 5 – No sex in this one

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I want to preface this next part by saying that I am very protective over my family, friends and the people I care about. This will come to play later in this story. This is all true, I am not exaggerating or making anything up about this incredible woman and the time we spent together. Me telling this story is my way of reliving and sharing the beautiful time we had together.

When I left that morning, I felt warm and cared for. Sierra and I were really becoming intimate and not just lustful. When I wasn’t with her, I was thinking about her. I never thought I could feel this way about anyone but a biological female. But, I was and I felt weird in a way and so comfortable in another way. She did things that showed me that she cared like making breakfast and my lunch and then coming to my work and basically marking her territory, lol. BUT, some of her comments or lack of comments still had me curious about her past.

All day Wednesday I was a little nervous on how that evening was gonna go, I wanted more than anything to hold her in my arms but the conversation ahead was going to be difficult for her. Mid-afternoon she hadn’t stopped by work so I took that as she was still at my house. So I called my home phone (this is the 90’s, lol) and the answer machine picked up and escort izmit I said babe you there and then I she picked up the phone. We talked for a moment and she told me she ran home to get clothes and toilettries and came back. She said she was just watching a movie on the couch. I told her that I would skip the gym today and I would be home around 530 and would bring dinner with me. On the way home I stopped at Popeyes and grabbed a bucket of chicken and drinks.

When I arrived home, I ran up to the apartment and used the bathroom and told her to get a dress on or some clothes on that we were gonna go down to the park on the intercoastal for dinner. It was a beautiful evening with 75 degree weather and a slight breeze, and the humidity was low that day.

When she was ready we drove about 2 miles down the coast to the park. We went down into the park and found a picnic table right next to the water. We sat and watched a couple dolphins and manatees in the water while we made small talk. Eventually she couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked me what I wanted to talk about.

I kissed her and held her tight to me and told her that she was safe with me and could tell me anything, that we all had a past and we had to accept that in order to move forward together. She just looked at me izmit escort and her eyes began to get watery. I wiped her eyes and told her that she was safe again and didn’t need to cry. She took a deep breath and turned back to the water and just sat there for a moment in silence. She told me about her teenage years and knowing that she was gay and felt more comfortable as a girl than boy and at first her dad didn’t really accept her. He wasn’t ugly with her but wasn’t accepting of it. She said that her father is a little better now but still has a hard time with it. She proceeded to tell me that she had met an older man that had money two years ago and he fell in love with her and offered to pay for her transition surgeries.

She had been with him for the past two years up until a couple months before I met her. She left him because he had become to controlling and mentaly abusive. The only time she was allowed to leave the house was when he was with her and she could only see her family once a month. She said that she snuck out of his house one day and never returned and her parents set her up with the apartment here in Cocoa Beach. She said this guy was in his 50’s and had millions and had an ego from hell and she had to leave regardless of the money.

I sat there izmit kendi evi olan escort listening to her, getting more and more upset and protective of her. I asked her if he knew where she was and she as far as she knew he did not, but she always is nervous and looking over her shoulder. Tears are running down her cheeks the whole time she is telling me this story which only made me more upset. I took her face in my hand and turned her to me, and wiped her cheeks with my palms and held her face and kissed her ever so gently. I promised her that I had her back and she would always be safe with me.

Sierra knew very little of my background except that I was former military. She never knew the violent side of me, she had never seen me get mad or in a fight. I had to explain that part of me to her in terms that she understood and that she had no reason to fear me, but I wanted her to be aware of that side of me. She still had this “not quite sure” look in her eyes so I told her to hold my hands and take a good look at them. When she did, she saw that my knuckles had scars in them and some of my fingers were misaligned from fighting, and then her eyes showed understanding. She leaned in and said thank you and kissed me deeply.

We sat there in the park until after 10 pm and just talked and held each other. It was actually the cops that kicked us out because it was getting late. We went back to my apartment and fell asleep together.

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