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Female Ejaculation

The thrill of him ensnared me the moment I saw his name light up my cell phone screen, just like it always did. By the time I arrive at his door, hand hesitating before pressing down the lever that I’m always surprised to find unlocked even though I know he’s expecting me, my pulse stutters at my throat and I can feel it burning up my skin.

Come over. It wasn’t a request, but then again it never was. He didn’t ask, he commanded. And I always obeyed.

The door swung open on a dark room, and I pressed forward without turning on a light. I knew my way around now well enough to side step the table to my left just inside the entry and to turn right before the wall forced me to do so. I didn’t need to see, I could follow the path I already knew and the trail of electric tension that buzzed hotter against my skin the closer I got to him. I felt it before I saw him, the heat of him I couldn’t quite explain. His back was to me at the counter and he was cooking something. He wore sweatpants, no shirt and his dark hair damp and curling against his skin. I imagined the way it must be falling across his forehead and nearly sighed his name. I wanted to, but he’d told me not to speak.

When I reached him, my hands went to the small of his back and his muscles relaxed immediately at my touch. I pressed a kiss to the dark tattoo at his nape, smiling as I inhaled his spicy, clean scent.

“You’re here,” I felt more than heard him say, the rumble of his voice vibrating through my chest that was pressed against his back. I shivered, nodding with my lips still against his skin. On impulse, my tongue flickered out, licking at the wings of the inked bird. He rumbled again, something between a groan and a grunt as he turned from whatever had his attention on the stovetop, arms going around my waist for a moment before dropping to my hips, then my ass and hoisting me up against him in a single fluid motion.

The first kiss was soft and sweet, but hungry. The tension in his body returned but now it wore the name anticipation. I felt the heat of him more clearly now as he invaded my space and I welcomed it. He set me on the counter, using a hip to make space for his body between my knees. Warm hands splayed across the small of my back and my rib cage as he nipped my bottom lip, “Okay?”

This was the way he asked for permission- permission to command my body, invade my mind and overwhelm my senses. Permission sought without fail each time we met like this, and that I eagerly granted with a murmured, “okay” that folded neatly into our kiss. I felt the curl of his devilish smile against my lips as his fingers pressed into the hook of my bra, releasing the clasp as he tugged both the bea and shirt over my head and discarded them carelessly. I smelled the single of something burning and my eyes snapped open, suddenly anxious about the discarded material so close to the open flame of the burner and I tipped my head to glance discreetly.

He noticed, and two fingers came under my chin, tipping my head to meet his gaze roughly, “Eyes on me only, darling.” His words were kind but his voice was a low warning, reinforced when he added on a growl, “I’ll burn the whole house down before your attention will stray again.”

“Yes sir” I murmured. His eyes went liquid with pleasure and he moved his hand from my chin to tangle in my hair, gripping and tugging softly at the roots as he kissed me again.

I heard the click of the burner shutting off and then both of his hands were on me- one in my hair, one drawing circles against the hip he gripped, his chest against mine and, web tasarım as he shifted forward even closer, his hard length against me through the barrier of both our clothes.

My nipples were already hard but they felt electric when the contact increased and I arched into him with a soft moan, looking for more. The awareness of him consumed all of my senses when I felt the rumble of his chuckle against me. The heated battle of tongues gave way to rough scrapes of his teeth and gentle suckling caresses as he moved across my jaw and throat, sucking a little too hard behind my ear until I knew it’d leave a mark. I didn’t doubt he knew it too.

His open mouthed love bites found their way across my collar bone and by the time he reached my breast, mouth closing around my nipple as his tongue swirled, I was a whimpering mess. My hands were against his back, gripping until my nails dug in and dragging just a little.

He released me, moving to the other breast but only offering a quick lick before blowing cool air across the sensitive peak of the neglected nipple. I splayed my hands, fingertips pressing across his ribs until my palms met on his stomach and I started to slide them down toward the waistband of his joggers.

“Please. More.” I murmured when he tipped his hips back and away from me, continuing to only press light kisses to the bottom curve of my breast.

I arched into him, trying to close the space he’d created and his head snapped up, brow lowered and voice thick with desire and authority, “When I’m ready.”

“You are ready,” the muttered words slipped from my mouth as my hand traced the front of his sweats and brushed the outline of his hard cock. He sucked in a breath, eyes screwed tight in what I’m sure was a mix of pleasure and irritation. I flinched before he spoke, knowing my backtalk was going to earn me punishment.

He stepped out of my reach and my body ached at the lost contact. I bit my tongue to prevent making another mistake and met his stare with a submissive tip of my head, eyes trained on his through the veil of my lashes as I note the curl of his lips- smug and sexy.

“Get down.”

I did as he instructed, feet barely touching the floor before he gripped my hips and pulled my forward until we were so close our lips would touch if I tipped my head up just a little. I didn’t.

“Did I give you permission to touch me, darling?” his voice was light, a whisper that sent a heated spark straight through me, setting every nerve on fire for him. Only for him.

“No,” I murmured, trying to keep my voice small and submissive. His brow arched expectantly.

“And what do you call me?” he asked against my lips as his hands slid across my hips until he gripped my asscheeks lightly, waiting.

“Sir.” I wondered briefly if I was supposed to say sir, sir but then he was squeezing my ass, tugging me against him and grinding his hips forward so his length pressed into my belly. I dropped my head until my forehead rested on his shoulder as he released me briefly- only to find his way beneath the waistband of the leggings I still wore. The heat of his palms seared my skin as they danced across the fleshy part of my ass toward the backs of my thighs. He didn’t stop until his hands met where my thighs did and he swept a single finger across the damp crotch of my panties. He hummed his approval but didn’t apply the pressure I hoped for as he teased me through the thin material and let his fingertips dance over my sensitive flesh. I kissed his collar bone, returning the open mouthed suckling he’d given me as I waited web tasarım ankara for him to decide what he wanted next. Maybe I could sway him, I thought, as I rocked against his palm so that his cock pressed more firmly against me and my mouth nibbled softly at the hollow of his throat.

He sucked in a ragged breath, momentarily lifting the edge of my panties and I thought he might finally touch me. But I should have known better. Again, he withdrew his touch and my body screamed for his as he did so.

“To the bedroom, darling. These,” he snapped the waistband of my leggings against my hip, “off. Everything off. Wait for me in bed.”

“Yes sir,” I nodded, but he wasn’t looking anymore as he turned toward the cabinet. I didn’t waste time to see what he was doing and took measured steps to his bedroom- three planks at a time as I tried to steady my breathing and the anticipation coursing through my body. I did as he asked, removing the rest of my clothes as I crawled between the sheets into his bed. The scrape of the sheet was exhilarating and it took every ounce of self control I possessed not to touch myself while I waited. I could feel the slick excitement and the pounding of my heart between my thighs, and I imagined my nipples were hard enough to cut glass. My skin practically buzzed with wanting him.

He kept me waiting much longer than I would have liked, a lazy grin on his face and a mug of tea in his hand when he finally strolled in.

“Good girl,” he said, his voice now smooth and in control, “Now let me see you.”

I peeled back the blankets and the chill of the air managed to tighten my impossibly hard nipples even more. He stood over the bed and sipped his tea as his gaze raked over my body. His actions were unfazed but I didn’t miss the jerk of his still-hard cock in his pants or the flare of desire in his eyes as he took me in.

He set the mug down and knelt on the bed next to me, pressing my thighs apart with the gentle pressure of one hand, “All of you.” he emphasized until I parted my legs willingly and let him see me. The sound of satisfaction he made low in his throat was unmistakable when he was how wet I already was for him, and he smiled, eyes soft and affectionate as they returned to my face for just a moment before he snapped back into the moment.

“So pretty,” he murmured, his hands drifting across the insides of my thighs. I was no longer sure what it was I wanted but I wanted- no, needed- something to happen. I rolled my hips toward him, and he laughed, “Eager, are we, darling?”

I made a sound with the rapid nod, and I could feel my pupils dilating as he leaned closer until I could feel his hot breath against my wet skin.

“Tell me.”

“P-please, sir. Please touch me.” I whimpered.

“With what.” his gruff tone stripped the ask from the words that sounded a lot like a question, and then he was touching me, the tips of his fingers parting sensitive folds and collecting moisture that he swirled around my clit. I gasped, taken by surprise at the sudden action that stopped as rapidly as it was initiated and he was speaking again, “Like that? Or maybe like this,” he rumbled as his head dipped between my thighs and his tongue followed the same pattern his finger had just taken. I couldn’t stop the moan that slipped past my lips as my back arched, anticipating his retreat and trying to keep his mouth against me.

“Uh-uh” he admonished, breath hot against the inside of my thigh as he peeked up at me through sooty lashes and blown pupils of his own. He was nearly as gone as I was, high on the pleasure of pleasuring me and cheeks flushed with his racing heart, as he breathed, “Patience. At least, if you want this.” His hand went to the front of his sweats, gripping his shaft and squeezing once.

“Mmm.” I licked my lips. I very much wanted that and instinctively reached out for him, aching for the weight and heat of him against me, “I want to touch you, sir.”

He nodded once but didn’t move, so I sat up until I could reach his waistband and I wasted no time in tugging down his sweats and briefs to the middle of this thighs, gripping his cock firmly in case he changed his mind. He was hot and hard in my hands, velvet soft skin stretched across steel desire and his hand gripped mine in place firmly for a moment, silently asking me to wait. I did.

When he released my hand, I twisted my wrist, creating a spiraling motion across his shaft as my thumb pulled the beaded liquid at his tip down and across the underside of him. He sucked in a breath again, surging forward until our bodies met belly to belly, my hand still wrapped around him but trapped in stillness between us.

“Fuck” he swore against my throat as he panted and left messy kisses everywhere he could reach. It had been too long for him too, I mused. He’d only been gone a couple weeks but from the sound of it, he’d waited for me. I would have grinned proudly if the scratch of his chest hair against my nipples hadn’t snapped my attention back to this moment and this moment alone. His hips rocked forward, pressing his cock through my hands once before he spoke against my skin once more, “Let go.”

I did, hands going around his waist and pressing into the small of his back, the tops of his asscheeks, anywhere I could reach that would bring him closer to me because he’d been driving me a little too crazy for a little too long and I just wanted him inside me. For a moment, I thought he may give me exactly what I needed as he lined our bodies up, pressing his length between my folds until I moaned his name and he retreated, leaning back onto his knees and letting me admire his body as he reached out, dipping a finger into my wetness again and bringing it to my lips, “Suck,” he commanded.

I took his finger into my mouth, hollowing out my cheeks around it like I would his cock and tasting myself. I didn’t look away from his eyes as I did.

Without warning, he pistoned forward, knees splayed wide as he pulled my hips onto his lap and plunged into me, tight and unexpected. I made a sound somewhere between a yelp and amoan, the sudden onslaught of pleasure and surprise overwhelming me as I rocked into him, his finger still hooked into my mouth and hand gripping the side of my face.

His rhythm was quick and jagged, and I rolled my hips up to meet him on every thrust as he filled me and retreated. Everything inside of me screamed his name, every cell on fire for him and him alone. When his hand slowly drifted from my face to my throat, his grip sure and firm and far more in control than the motion of his hips, I screamed his name out loud, orgasm overtaking me at the absolute onslaught of sensation. His hand around my throat and his cock inside me, I came undone for him and he followed me over the edge of infinity. We got lost in each other as I felt the heat of his withheld orgasm paint his possession inside my body. We rode it out mindless until the waves slowed to a gentle roll and he lay beside me, arms wrapped tenderly around my stomach and kisses peppered across my shoulder and cheek.

Sated for now, he smiled tenderly through heavy eyelids and rested his head against my shoulder.

“Thank you, baby.” he murmured sleepily as he settled against my side. I smiled, dropping a kiss amidst the curls on his forehead, spellbound and satisfied.

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