Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 04: Final

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Welcome to the hot, steamy and hilarious ending to ‘Spoiled Princess Hates Camping’, a kinky comedy set in 1994.

Madison resolves to change herself and be less spoiled and selfish, but will it last? Can Davo, the brash, loud Australian achieve his goal and bed Madison? How about country girl Kate and Davo’s New Zealand friend Travis? Find out by reading the fourth and final chapter.

As with the previous chapters, the story series contains strong ribald humor both sexual and non-sexual, and coarse language. Opinions expressed about homosexuals do not reflect those of the author. Only characters aged 18 & over are involved in sexual activity, and all events and characters are fictional.

Please enjoy the conclusion to this story series.


THE following morning was a bright sunny day, and contrasted with the overcast weather of the previous two. Madison awoke with a new outlook on life. From now on she would be nicer to people, less demanding and selfish, and would be grateful for her privileged life. The girl had grand plans of doing volunteer work and donating to charity, but she knew that these had to wait until she got back to New York. For now, she had to get through today, and be nice and helpful to her relatives.

Madison started with positive thinking as again she and Kate started off the day by visiting the female facilities as usual, to go to the toilet and shower. Madison resolved that she would not say one word about the bathroom facilities today, and succeeded.

After drying off after her shower, Madison took out her clothes she would be wearing for the day. She put on her panties – white bikini-style panties with pink flowers – and then encased her firm breasts in a matching bra. She put on a white-tee shirt, and over this a pink, baby-doll dress that came down to her knees. She had two reasons for wearing this; the first was that they were going into the town and she wanted to look nice, and the second was that her friends had always said how sweet Madison looked while wearing it. Now Madison wanted to be as sweet on the inside as she looked on the outside.

Stepping out of the shower in bare feet, Madison sat on a small bench, her knees slightly apart allowing a view of her panties up her dress to put on her white ankle socks and white sneakers. The teenager then brushed her blonde hair, and as she was putting it back into a pony-tail with a pink scrunchie, Kate stepped out of the shower she had been using.

Kate was barefoot and in her underwear. Her huge breasts were restrained by a white cotton E-cup bra, and she wore pure-white, full-brief panties. “The floor got a bit wet in there,” she explained, reaching into her bag for her clothes.

Madison watched her cousin put on the lilac tee-shirt from the other day, and then the same patched jeans she had worn on the first day, adjusting them around her big bottom. Kate slipped her feet into a pair of open, flat-heeled red shoes, her toes poking out under the straps that held them in place over the arches. Finally, she tied her long dark hair in a pony-tail with a bright green scrunchie, and placed a yellow baseball cap on her head.

This was Madison’s first real test. Kate was a walking fashion disaster; a lilac tee-shirt too tight for her tits, patched blue jeans that made her butt look even bigger than it was, red shoes, a bright green scrunchie and an equally bright colored yellow hat, all of which looked terrible together. Madison thought to herself, “Kate is allowed to wear what she likes as long as it doesn’t offend public decency, if you don’t like it Madison, don’t think about it and don’t say anything to her.”

“You look nice today, Madison,” Kate commented.

Madison smiled sweetly back. “Thank you, you do too.”

Kate looked mildly surprised as she searched for sarcasm in her cousin’s voice, and found nothing. The two girls headed back to the tents, meeting Davo and Travis on the way as they headed up to the showers. Madison was as polite and friendly as Kate as they spoke for a few minutes, before heading off in opposite directions, the two young guys walking off with puzzled expressions at her change in mood, demeanor and manners.

Madison conversed politely with her relatives at breakfast, and even sought out John when he was on his own to apologize again over what she had said while hiking. John accepted the apology tersely and dismissively, and while Madison was disappointed, she knew it might take a while to make up for things.

Bob and Anna looked amazed when Madison without being asked began to wash up the breakfast dishes, and were just as surprised when Madison entered the car to go on the day’s excursion without so much as a word of protest.

In the car, Madison ignored Kate’s left breast as it rubbed against her, and Dylan as he sat opposite her, Madison feeling his eyes upon the hem of her dress at her knees. Their destination was a small museum in the town. Madison did not much care Pendik Escort for museums, although she did enjoy attending snobby, upper-class art gallery events in New York. However, as part of her attempt to become a better person, she was determined to make the best of it, and upon arrival, behaved politely and respectfully.

Again, Bob and Anna could not believe what they were seeing as a relaxed, and seemingly happy Madison browsed around the museum. The husband and wife went to one side to discuss the strange turn of events.

“Can you believe how well she’s behaving this morning?” asked Bob. All he wanted was a peaceful vacation, but Madison had prevented this so far.

Anna was more suspicious. “Madison wants something, that’s for sure. Carol said Madison can act all sweetness and light when she wants to get her own way. Maybe she wants me to give her cell phone back to her?”

“Maybe,” Bob agreed. “Although, I have seen Madison put on the nicest girl in the world act before, and that was different to the way she’s acting now. Perhaps she’s decided to grow up and behave?”

His wife laughed. “Don’t count on it. If Madison is still acting this way tomorrow, I might start to believe it. Madison wants something, and it’s just a matter of working out what it is. It’s awful to say this about my own niece, but I don’t think Madison is capable of being generous, kind and caring. She’s just too spoiled and selfish.”

Madison had not heard this conversation, concentrating on how else she could be nicer to people, when a feeling in her digestive system told her she needed to answer the call of nature. Madison looked around for a female bathroom, and seeing the sign, walked towards it. At the same time, Kate had felt a similar feeling from her digestive system, and likewise walked towards the bathroom from the other direction.

The female bathroom was just a single toilet and sink, and Kate and Madison reached for the door at the same time. Normally Madison would have demanded to go first or just pushed her way in, but today she stood back and with a polite smile, said to Kate, “You go first.”

“Thank you,” said Kate, uncertainty on her pretty face and in her voice. She stepped into the ladies’ room, turned on the light and closed and locked the door, Madison seeing the green ‘vacant’ on the external lock turn to a red ‘engaged.’ In the bathroom, Kate pulled down her jeans and panties to her ankles and sat down on the toilet, her toes and red shoes poking out from under her jeans.

As the sound of Kate urinating echoed around the bathroom, she puzzled as to what was up with Madison. She was so different today it seemed eerie, unfamiliar, and wrong. Kate got some toilet paper and dried her hairy pussy. Kate’s toes curled up as she began to empty her bowels, and as she unwound some toilet paper to wipe herself, she again tried to figure out what Madison’s angle was. Like her mother, Kate decided that Madison must want something, and was just putting on an act.

Madison waited patiently outside for the five minutes Kate was on the toilet, mentally reprimanding herself when she found impatience entering her mind. In the bathroom, Kate finished and stood up, pulled up her panties and jeans and flushed the toilet, before washing her hands. She opened the door for Madison, who thanked her and stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind her.

Initially, Madison felt annoyance at the odor that lingered around the toilet from Kate’s poo, but as she lifted her dress and slid her panties down to her ankles, she reminded herself that Kate couldn’t help leaving a toilet smell behind her. Madison sat on the toilet seat and urinated, wiping her smooth pussy when she had finished, then allowed her rectum to relax and felt relief as she began to poo. Getting some toilet paper and wiping her bottom, Madison noticed the smell of her own poo combining with that of Kate, but unlike when she had first arrived on the camping vacation, took it in her stride and accepted toilet smells as just a normal, natural thing, and a minor irritation of the day.

Outside in the museum, Kate still puzzled over why Madison would thank her for something as minor as holding a door open for her, and ran into her two brothers. “Where’s Madison?” Dylan asked.

“She’s gone to the ladies’ room,” replied Kate.

Dylan’s imagination filled with the image of his pretty blonde cousin sitting on the toilet, her dress hitched up and her panties around her ankles, her knees apart to show off her pubic hair and her pussy and said, “Do you think she’ll be a while?”

“How should I know?” asked Kate. “Why would you ask that? Do you spend hours thinking up weird or dumb questions, or do they just come to you at the time?”

“Nothing, it’s just that John and I wanted to talk to you when she wasn’t around. We were wondering if you’d noticed anything different about Madison this morning?” Dylan queried.

“Her acting all nice?” asked Kate. “I think Anadolu Yakası Escort she wants something.”

“Yes, but what?” asked John. “It’s not like she’s being nice just to Mom and Dad, but she’s being really nice to everyone.” Like his father, he hoped that Madison would now behave and they could have a smooth vacation from today onwards.

“Yeah, she just thanked me for holding the bathroom door open for her just then,” said Kate. “That really isn’t Madison at all. Maybe she’s just improved her acting ability to get her own way, or maybe she is trying to be nicer, but I’m not sure. Madison never does anything unless it benefits her.”

“You know what I think it is?” asked Dylan. “I think Madison’s getting her period.” Dylan said this in a voice loud enough to be heard by two middle aged ladies, who glowered over.

“Shush,” said Kate, indicating with her hand to tone his voice down. She noticed John’s uncomfortable look, knowing that her older brother disliked any talk of menstruation. “What are you talking about now, Dylan?” she asked.

Dylan grinned and with an inside voice this time, said, “Most girls normally get in a bad mood when they get their periods. Like you, you’re okay for three weeks and then the fourth week it’s PMS time and you’ll snap anyone’s head off for looking at you the wrong way, cry over spilled milk and eat chocolate like it’s going out of fashion. Then out comes the things you purchased in aisle six, the hot water bottle and the pain killers in the pink box.”

Kate blushed and sighed sarcastically. “Thank you for observing me so closely when it’s my time of the month Dylan, and reporting so thoroughly.”

“You’re welcome, Sis,” replied Dylan, pleased that he had made his sister and brother both feel awkward.

“So, what does this all have to do with Madison?” asked Kate.

“Perhaps with Madison her PMS works the other way around?” Dylan suggested. “She’s normally bratty, unpleasant, rude, selfish and demanding. So when it’s her period, maybe she turns into a really nice person for that week?”

Kate thought this through. “Well, I can’t think of a better theory, so I’ll go with that.”

“Me too,” said John.

The siblings glancing across to the engaged ladies’ room, where behind the locked door, Madison had just finished pooing. As she completed wiping herself, Madison used the last piece of toilet paper and an empty cardboard tube remained on the holder. Madison stood up off the toilet and flushed it, then pulled up her panties and smoothed down her baby-doll dress. She washed her hands, adjusted her pony-tail in the mirror and exited the bathroom.

Normally, Madison would have left the bathroom with no toilet paper so it became somebody else’s problem, but with her revised attitude to things, thought she should take care of it herself. As she walked to the reception desk staffed by a gray-haired lady with glasses, Madison recalled with shame how she had behaved one Saturday morning a few weeks ago. She had used the last piece of toilet paper when she had been to the toilet for a poo, and ordered the maid, who was busy with something else, to restock her bathroom with paper.

The maid, disliking the teenager’s tone and attitude, had not done this immediately, but as Madison sat in her expensive skirt and blouse waiting to go out with her rich friends, the girl again felt the need to poo, and returned to her bathroom at haste. Seeing no toilet paper on the roll when she needed a poop, something the pampered princess had never encountered before, sent Madison into a spin, and she berated the maid at the top of her voice for not obeying her instructions. It had never occurred to Madison to use another bathroom, or get toilet paper herself. And when the maid had gone to obey Madison’s demands, the spoiled teenager had snapped, “Don’t worry about it!” Madison then grabbed a big handful of facial tissues from the box, taking them into the bathroom and slamming the door closed, before pulling down her panties and sitting on the toilet to empty her bowels for the second time that morning, and using the tissues as toilet paper.

Still, this was the old Madison, and the new Madison was different she told herself as she approached the lady at reception, who smiled welcomingly. “How can I help you?”

Madison returned the smile. “I just went to the bathroom and I used the last of the toilet paper. Could you please get me some more so I can replace the toilet roll in the ladies?”

“Thank you, Miss, that was very responsible of you to do that,” said the receptionist, as she opened a cabinet and handed Madison a new roll of toilet paper.

“Thanks ma’am,” said Madison, taking the new toilet roll back to the ladies, placing it onto the holder and disposing of the empty cardboard tube into the bin, before turning off the light. She was satisfied that she had done the right thing, especially when a young couple passed by, and the red-haired girl went into the ladies’ bathroom İstanbul Escort and closed the door. Had Madison not been responsible, the poor young woman would have been inconvenienced by finding no toilet paper when she needed to use the toilet.

John, Kate and Dylan had watched this very rare display of thinking about other people by their cousin, and all were amazed. Dylan said, “I can’t believe Madison actually uses toilet paper.”

Kate and John rolled their eyes. “I can promise you that she does, Dylan,” said Kate. “But that was odd, her doing the right thing like that. She didn’t have anything to gain by that personally.”

“Is Madison capable of selfless, good deeds?” asked John.

Kate shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe she is?”

Madison joined Kate and they continued the excursion to the museum, before returning to the campground in the early afternoon. Madison was keen to help Anna and Kate make some sandwiches for lunch. She wasn’t very good at it, in fact she was so bad that she was actually more a hindrance than a help, but the effort was there and genuine.

In the afternoon Davo and Travis stopped by with a football, and they, Bob, John, Dylan and Kate threw, passed and kicked it around in a hybrid of American Football, Australian Football and Rugby. Madison did not really join in, but had fun with her aunt watching, and she especially enjoyed watching Davo in his tight tank-top and shorts jumping up and down, his muscular body on display. In her panties, Madison felt the tingling between her legs.

Then Davo invited her to come across and kick the football. She would have rudely refused only a day earlier, but now took the football and kicked it as Davo had directed her. Dylan, seeing that Madison was still wearing her dress, positioned himself to catch the football. As soon as Madison lifted her right leg to kick the football, her dress flew up, Dylan seeing the white floral panties that covered her crotch.

As everybody drank some orange drink, Bob and Anna looked at their niece, unable to believe the change in the girl. They only hoped that she stayed this way for the remainder of the vacation.


“I said I’m not going!” Madison said, her arms folded in defiance.

“Madison, you are going to dinner with us in town tonight, and that’s it,” said Anna.

“I already said I’m not going. What are you, deaf?” Madison raised her voice.

Bob pointed at the van. “Madison, you will get in the car now and stop being stupid.”

“I am not going, and you cannot make me go!” Madison yelled the words, and with arms folded, glared at her fuming aunt and uncle.

“The way you are acting Madison, I don’t want you there, but we are not leaving you here on your own,” said Bob.

It was now early evening, and Madison had not lasted a day without behaving like a spoiled brat. The problem concerned the family dinner plans for the evening. Normally, city girl Madison would have loved to have gone out for dinner, but what her aunt and uncle had planned was just too much for Madison’s dignity, and upon insistence that she accompany them, Madison had reverted to type.

The restaurant that the family planned to visit was a Country & Western theme restaurant, where the staff all wore costumes and associated music filled the establishment. It seemed that one could throw the bones from one’s ribs or T-bone steak that formed one’s calorie-saturated meals into spittoons, and if one did not feel like doing this, one could ride a mechanical bucking bull or take a drink in an authentic Wild West saloon bar. Worse, far worse, the staff would all boot-scoot at various times and if one was a paying customer and also wished to boot-scoot, one could join them.

“Dad, it’s okay, I’ll stay with her,” came Kate’s voice. She emerged from the tent wearing a white blouse, a blue floral knee-length skirt and black, ankle-length boots, with her long brown hair now loose down past her shoulders.

“No Kate, you shouldn’t miss out because of your cousin,” said Bob.

“I’d love to go Dad, but I’m getting a migraine aura,” said Kate. She took her glasses off momentarily to rub her forehead, and then replaced them. “I don’t think I could take the bright lights and loud music in the restaurant.”

“Oh no, you need to stay here and rest then,” said Anna. “Have you got your medication?”

Kate nodded. “Yes, it’s in my purse.”

Anna felt Kate’s forehead. “I’ll just get you some things you might need.” She went over to the main tent, ran a washcloth in cold water and retrieved a bucket, then sat Kate down in a chair, putting the damp cloth on her daughter’s forehead and placing the bucket at her feet.

“Thanks Mom,” said Kate. “You have a good time tonight.”

“We will, you just get better,” said Anna.

“We’ll bring you something back for tomorrow,” said Bob.

“Thanks Dad,” said Kate, closing her eyes.

“Would you like something, Madison?” Bob asked, to which his niece glowered and turned away.

“I thought not,” said Bob. He turned to John and Dylan. “Come on let’s go now so we’re not waiting for a table too long.”

Bob, Anna, John and Dylan got into the van, John driving this time with Dylan in the front, and drove away, leaving Madison and Kate behind.

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