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Youssef is sitting at his desk whilst I’m lying on his bed, reading a book. I look over and see him frowning and sighing at his laptop screen, me I grin to myself as an idea pops into my head. With the corner of the page folded, I close the book and place it on the bed, swinging my legs to the end and standing up. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his shoulders, my head resting near his as I place gentle kisses on his cheek.

“Mmm baby you look so stressed, maybe you should relax for a little and try again later,” I say in a soothing tone, feeling his shoulder sag and relax into my touch. He hums in agreement and spins in the chair so that we’re facing each other, placing his hands on my hips.

“Come here babygirl,” he says as his hands pull me to his lap, making me straddle his thighs. My hands slide into his hair as I lean in, kissing and licking his neck and up his jaw before placing my lips against his. He moans as the contact and parts his lips to kiss me deeper. I feel his tongue trace across my bottom lip before sliding into my mouth, tasting and exploring as I moan into the kiss.

His hands squeeze my hips and bring my closer to his body, not breaking the kiss as one hand travels up my body. He cups my breast and rubs his thumb over my nipple, feeling it slowly harden and poke my t-shirt. I feel his hand slide back down and finger the hem on my top before deciding to rub his fingers against my bare skin. I break the kiss and pant, trying to get my breathing back to normal.

“Take it off baby,” I whisper, my lips barely touching his as he starts to pull my top up. I lift my arms and he pulls it off, gazing down to look at my breasts. My nipples illegal bahis get hard in the cool air and at the lustful gaze Youssef is giving me. I feel my cheeks warm as he looks up at me, his hand going to the back of my neck and bringing me in for a deep but short kiss again. He breaks the kiss and drops kisses along my jaw, down my neck where he health sucks and licks, marking up the sensitive skin.

I can’t help the moans that leave my mouth, my hands fisted in the back of his hair as he gives one last kiss to the mark then moves down. Lips press against my collarbone and then further down, my nipples begging for attention from his mouth. I try to guide his head but he shakes his head no and continues to kiss all over my chest, pressing kisses and giving little licks to my breasts but not touching my nipples.

A desperate whine followed by a gasp fill the air as his mouth closes around my left nipple, his wet mouth sucking and licking it, flicking his tongue over the hard nub again and again. I tug as his hair as his hand cups the other breast, the thumb and forefinger pinching my nipple, giving a small tug as he keeps sucking on the other one.

“Fuck baby, that feels so good,” I praise as he lets go of my nipple, gently blowing on it to make it harder. I shiver and he switches to my other nipple, lavishing it in the same pleasure as he did the other. My hips rock slowly, trying to move closer to the ever-growing bulge in Youssef’s trousers so I can grind on it. I feel my panties get damp, my excitement growing with each flick of his tongue against my nipple.

He lets go of my nipple and looks up at me, my hands guiding his head up to kiss me again. His illegal bahis siteleri hands slide down to my hips again, one hand moving to the front of my panties to feel how wet I am. “Fuck, baby you’re so wet,” he groans as two fingers start to rub my clit through my panties, making me gasp. My clit throbs and I feel myself get wetter, my hands slide down from his neck down his body till I can pull the top up. He takes the hint and lets me pull it off before he goes back to rubbing my clit.

I reach down and rub my hand against his bulge, making him moan deep in his throat. I slip my hand over the waist band of his trousers and boxers, tugging on them so I can get to his hard dick. “Let me stroke your cock baby,” I breathe out, hearing him say fuck under his breath at my words. I slide off his lap and watch him push his clothes down his hips and legs, his cock popping out and I bite my lip at the sight.

“Take off your panties babe,” he says, already pushing the scrap of fabric down my hips, watching it fall to the floor. I kick them away and straddle one of his legs this time. His hands grip my hips and I groan as my pussy makes contact with his leg. I lean in and kiss him as I start to slowly move back and forth against his leg, rubbing my wet pussy on him. My hand cups his neck before traveling down his chest to his stomach before reaching his hard dick.

I grasp him in my hand and start to stroke, my thumb rubbing under the head as I feel him throb. He moans into the kiss and whispers “Fucking hell, Ammara,” against my lips, his hands cupping my ass to help me rock against him. I tug of his bottom lip with my teeth, thumb swiping over the head of his canlı bahis siteleri dick and feeling his slit dripping with precum. My hand moves again, stroking him with the added lubrication, feeling his vein throb against my fingers.

His hands squeeze my ass cheeks and forces me to grind against his leg harder, my clit rubbing in just the right way that has me breaking the kiss and dropping my head to his chest as I moan loud. “Fuck I need to cum,” I pant under my breath, hearing him breathe hard as I don’t stop stroking his cock.

“Do it baby, cum for me,” he groans as I start to rock even faster, my hand jerking his cock faster as he digs his fingers into my ass harder. I lift my head up from his chest and lean in to kiss him again, our lips pressing together before we both part them and kiss deeper. My hand grips his neck, fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck as I feel my orgasm building up.

“Fuck Youssef, I’m gonna cum!” I moan it out as I break the kiss. He makes me grind even harder, my pussy clenching up before I start to cum. I gasp as it hits me, my body tensing as I feel my pussy clench over and over, covering his leg in my cum. I bring his face back to mine and kiss him, stroking faster, my throb brushing over the tip of his cock.

I can feel him panting against my lips, his dick getting impossibly harder as he whispers “Shit baby I’m gonna cum.” I feel his cock jerk then he starts to cum. His cum shots out his cock, painting his chest and getting my hand covered in it. He moans as I keep stroking him through his orgasm, his head dropping back as his body shakes slightly.

My thumb gives one last swipe over his tip before he hisses and I let him go, pressing small kisses to his lips as he wraps his arms around my waist. He kisses away from from my lips, across my cheek and down to my jaw. He hums and brings my body even closer to his, just relaxing in the afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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