Strict Old Principal

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I grew up white trash in a small town out in the middle of nowhere. I hung out with all the wrong kids at school. I was in trouble often and just did enough to pass my classes. All the teachers, guidance counselor and principal at school told me I was smart and wasting all of my potential.

After graduation I continued working at the local Walmart. I had started out as cashier but loved doing the carts. It seemed that it was a hard position for the management to fill because people didn’t want to be outside in the cold and rain during the winter or in the extreme heat during summer. I would leave my blue-tooth earphone in, covered by my long hair, and just listen to my heavy metal music all day. I was out of sight of my managers and as long as all the carts were collected and I did the occasional delivery for an old customer I didn’t get shit from no one.

One late afternoon, not half a year after high school graduation, I was called to the service desk to do a delivery. It was for Mrs. Mattenhausen the former school principal. Our town had one school that was K-12. Mrs. Mattenhausen had retired the summer between my junior and senior years. She had become widowed a few years before that. I had known her discipline for twelve years. She was a very strict and proper principal. She always dressed in old school dresses and wore corsets underneath. Mrs. Mattenhausen was very different from the new, young, progressive lady that replaced her.

Although Mrs. Mattenhausen was born in north Texas she came from old Prussian stock and spent her childhood growing up in Germany. Her father was a General in the US Army and he was stationed Germany for most of his career. He enrolled here in the local German school and she even went to college there. I guess that is why she still had a slight German Accent.

Kids that were a few years older than me used to talk about the paddling and ruler across the knuckles that she used to dish out before they were banned by the state. Once they were banned she used the confinement stall and after school frequently for punishment. I was very familiar with both.

The girl behind the desk had informed me that Mrs. Mattenhausen had just bought a new 60″ TV and could not bring it home. I picked it up from the loading dock and took it to Mrs. Mattenhausen’s house. She was waiting for me on the porch when I arrived.

“Ricky, please be a dear and put my old TV into the trash bin before you install the new one.” She ordered.

“I sorry Mam, I am not supposed to unpack and install the TV. I am just supposed to carry it inside for you.” I replied.

“I know Ricky, but I will make it worth your time and you will be tipped nicely.” She said, “No one needs to know. It will be our little secret.”

“OK, Mrs. Mattenhausen.” I replied and followed her inside to the living room where the old TV was still çekmeköy escort sitting.

I carried her old TV, out to the trash bin for her and then wheeled the trash bin to the curb, since it was Tuesday and Wednesday was her appointed trash pick-up day. I then carried the new TV in, unpacked it and assembled the stand. We then hoisted it up on to the wall cabinet and I spent the next twenty minutes hooking up the wires and programming in the channels.

While I was working Mrs. Mattenhausen made small talk with me. She asked me if I liked working at Walmart and I replied that I did.

“But they couldn’t possibly pay you much.” She insisted,

“I know, but I get enough.” I replied, “I am not motivated much by money but cart collection lets me have freedom from authority that the other workers don’t have.”

When I finished Mrs. Mattenhausen gave me a glass of lemonade and while I drank it informed me that she didn’t have enough money at the house to tip me.

“I will tip with with something that motivates you so much more!” She stated with a sinister expression. “How would you like to fuck me?”

I was in shock and could not answer.

“I still have your notebook from high school, with all your dirty drawings in it.” She shocked me out of my trance. “I can make it public or I can let people know that you used to jerk off in the confinement stall!”

“What are you talking about Mrs. Mattenhausen?” I asked in a shocked voice.

“Oh, you didn’t think that I could smell the seaman and see where it leaked down the wall in the corner every time after you finished your confinement session?” She stated smugly. “In all of my career, I never had a student so bold as to jerk off in school and leave his mess to be discovered!”

She had me and she knew it. Despite the extreme embarrassment I started popping a boner and she noticed that too!

“I will take that as a yes.” She stated as she leaned over the sofa and flipped her dress up onto her back. “Now take off your pants and fuck me good! I have not had sex since before my late husband got cancer and died.”

I stood transfixed. My cock was so hard it was painful. I could not take my eyes off of Mrs. Mattenhausen’s backside! There she was, a retired woman, at least in her mid sixties, still fit, leaning over the back of the sofa with her dress bunched up on here back and her ass sticking out!

She was probably about 5’10” and 160 pounds. Her gray hair was collected in a tight bun on the top of her head. Her white skin was contrasted nicely with the black lacy panties covering her ass and the deep burgundy garters that held up her stockings. I was surprised because her ass was not wrinkled as I would have expected, like her face was.

“Pull down my panties and stick it in already!” She commanded.

I didn’t make enough money cevizli escort at Walmart to support a girlfriend so it had been a while since I had gotten any. I decided to take advantage of the situation and quickly took off my pants and shoes.

My hands shook as I pulled down her panties and inhaled her rich womanly aroma. I pulled her ass cheeks apart with my hands and although they were not firm like the younger girls that I had been with they felt soft and good in my hands. I lined my pecker up and pushed it at the opening of her pussy. With a few thrusts it was in and I couldn’t believe that I was fucking my old principal! I was so embarrassed and turned on by all of this and she was so wet that I came heavily after only a few more thrusts.

I pushed in deeply feeling her soft ass and thighs melting into my abdomen and crotch while I unloaded about six good spurts deep into her snatch! I then just held her tightly as I enjoyed the post orgasmic bliss.

“Is that all you have in you Ricky?” She jolted me out of my reverie. “I can already feel it getting soft and I have not had my orgasm yet!”

“That is your problem Mrs. Mattenhausen.” I replied. “This was supposed to be my tip. You forced it upon me since you didn’t have the money!”

“Ricky, that is not the way to address an older woman.” Mrs. Mattenhausen stated with calm authority. “Now since I have not had my orgasm yet, either you get hard quick and fuck me some more or you eat me to climax!”

“No way!” I yelled. “I am out of here!”

“Well then, I am going to have to call 911 and say that you raped me!” Her statement made me freeze in my tracks. “Whose version of the story do you think they will believe with your seed running out of my vagina?”

I was scared shitless.

“It doesn’t have to be like that Ricky.” She said softly but with an incredible amount of assertiveness in her voice. “Just eat me to climax and no one needs to be the wiser.”

I burned with humiliation and hated her guts at that moment but knew that I did not have a choice. Even though I did not have a criminal record, the Sheriff knew me well and I could never compete with her forty plus years of outstanding service to the school and community.

She had turned around and had her ass resting on the back of the sofa. I could see a big jungle of gray bush on her lower abdomen and was repulsed.

“Come on Now Ricky.” She grabbed my head and pulled me down. “Consider this clean up

duty for all the sticky messes that you left on the confinement stall walls.”

As I looked at her tangled mass of gray pubic hair I almost got sick from the shame that I felt deep inside. I could smell the raw pungent smell of our recent mingling and it turned me on. Parting her matted bush I could see the raw, light pink, glistening, wrinkly folds of her gash. It was the erenköy escort first time I ever saw a real pussy up close and it enthralled me! I lifted her hood up exposing the clit and started sucking on it. I had read that this was the way to give a girl an orgasm.

“My dear Ricky!” Mrs. Mattenhausen chided, “Don’t you know it is bad manners to go strait to sucking the clitoris? You are supposed to tease a woman first. Make her juices flow. Build up some anticipation in her! Now lightly lick my outer labia folds. You should pay me for these lessons!”

I did as she instructed. The shame burned seep down in my stomach but I knew that I was in the place I was meant to be. Down on my knees paying homage to a stately woman’s freshly fucked pussy! My cock was already rock hard again but I hid it from her view. I wanted to serve her orally!

I could smell her rich odor and taste her wetness even on the outer labia and was thrilled when she directed me to lightly lick up the center of her slit. It had a slightly sour body taste to it that was not bad. I lightly licked from taint to hood about a dozen times before she instructed me to go deeper. I worked my tongue in the bottom of her slit. I could feel her long pubic hairs tickling my nose and cheeks and that is when I felt the first glob of my cum drip out and onto my tongue. It was a rich bitter taste and I just swallowed it down. I reinserted my tongue as deep as it would go and I felt much more running out and into my mouth. I could not believe that I was eating my own seed and actually enjoying the taste. I burned with shame but knew that I was addicted!

I collected a bunch of my slime in my mouth and removed my tongue and just nuzzled her wet slit with my lips as I swished the cum around my mouth analyzing its flavor. I swallowed and attacked her cunt with a vengeance! I knew she loved it because she grabbed two handfuls of my hair and pulled me in tight! Mrs. Mattenhausen moaned loudly and pulled me up slightly directing my mouth to her clit. I dug into the hood and licked it lightly and when it was uncovered I started sucking on it.

Mrs. Mattenhausen orgasmed violently pulling my face tightly into her gash by her tight hold on my hair. I felt so proud of my accomplishment that I just kept on sucking and licking her nub even though she had calmed down. It didn’t take much more and I could feel her pulling harder on my hair once again as she had an even stronger orgasm and filled my mouth with a fluid! I just swallowed and continued to lightly lick her.

“That was divine Ricky!” She moaned in a trance like state. “Maybe you are good for something after all!”

“Yes Mam.” Was I could mutter as I pulled up my pants and made my way to her front door.

“Don’t be a stranger Ricky.” Mrs. Mattenhausen called after me. “My phone number is listed if you have a need to meet up again.”

That night I jerked off twice reliving what I had done with my old principal Mrs. Mattenhausen.

Each time I ate all of my cum, licking it off of my fingers. Deep down, I knew that I craved her dominance and that I would be going back to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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