Sue’s Awakening Ch. 04

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Sue was feeling restless.

It had been just three and a half weeks since her teenaged lover Jimmy’s father James had coerced her into a blowjob under threat of exposing her affair with his son. She in turn had audiotaped her encounter with James, during which she had goaded him into saying some awful things about his wife that she could in turn likely use to ruin his marriage.

She had heard nothing from James since then but had had Jimmy over three more times for sex over that time span. But it had now been a week since she’d last been fucked and she was feeling a craving on this Thursday evening. She was enjoying a post-dinner glass of Merlot at the table on her back patio and considered climbing into bed for some fun with her new rabbit-style vibrator.

As she sat she heard the faint sound of the doorbell ringing inside the house. Assuming it was some kid selling magazines ignoring her “no solicitors” sign or some similar nuisance she decided against looking into who was at the door. Moments later she heard footsteps coming up the driveway, then saw her neighbor Pete Davidson from a block up confidently striding toward her in a blue striped golf shirt, khaki shorts and mandals.

“Hiya Sue, what’s going on?” Pete said in his friendly, well-practiced salesman’s tone.

“Not much; just relaxing a bit,” she replied, toasting him with her wineglass. “What’s new with you?”

“Well I don’t know if you know, but we had an in-ground pool built this spring.” Sue was very aware of it; she saw the work in progress on her walks and suffered the loud noise of the excavation and other work along with everyone else in the neighborhood. She also thought the Davidsons were idiots for spending a bunch of money on an outdoor pool in the Chicago area, where it could only be used for a few months during the year.

“I noticed some kind of big project was going on over at yours,” she said, trying to keep the annoyance she felt out of her voice.

“Yes, well… We know some neighbors weren’t too happy about the early-morning noise and everything. And we want to make it up to everyone on the street by inviting all of our neighbors over this Saturday for an all-day pool party. We’ll have lots of food and drink, including dinner. Nothing too fancy, just burgers and hot dogs from the grill probably. Plus beer and wine.”

“That sounds nice. What time?”

“We’ll kick things off around two in the afternoon and keep going until the police break it up,” Pete said with a laugh. “Do you think you can make it? I know Ashley would love it if you could stop by. We’ve been neighbors for years, after all, and she feels like she barely knows you.” Sue thought that was a funny remark; Ashley had always had an air of haughty disdain around her, barely acknowledging her with a wave when they passed.

“Sure, I think I can come by. Can I bring anything?”

“Just your sexy self,” he said with a friendly wink. “And if there’s a particular beer or wine you especially like I don’t think anyone would mind you bringing some.”

“Okay, I’ll try to make it over, Pete. Thanks for the invite!”

“That’s great, Sue. We hope to see you there. I’ve gotta go make a few more stops now,” he said, waving good bye before turning and strolling back to the sidewalk.

As Pete walked away Sue wondered what had occasioned the invite. She wasn’t on the best of terms with her neighbors; she generally kept to herself, which led some to think she was aloof. She’d also heard from her married neighbor Steve, who she’d had sex with several times a few months ago, as well as Jimmy that some of the dads were rather vocal about their appreciation of her physical attributes and that some of the local moms weren’t pleased that the single female homeowner tended to wear low-cut halter tops and short shorts that flattered her buxom figure when doing her yardwork and such. She quickly found herself growing wet at the thought of the men’s lust and the women’s envy and went inside to enjoy some alone time.

* * *

Saturday afternoon came around quickly and Sue found herself pondering which bathing suit she should wear. She’d purchased two of them the day before: a relatively modest black one-piece and a much more risqué red bikini. She’d found herself drawn to the two piece after happily finding that her new attention to her diet and renewed dedication to working out had led her to drop five pounds in the past three weeks. She realized that she was far from skinny but she knew her full rack and nicely rounded rear would look great in the bikini, even if she only wore it in a hot tub or some similar semi-private situation.

Looking out her living room at the bright sunny day she saw Tom and Sally Latimer and their two teenaged children walk by on their way to the pool party. Sally was wearing a one-piece under her cover-up while their 13-year-old daughter Meghan wore a tankini that showed off her taut young midriff. Feeling the small ribbon around her midsection that she hadn’t entirely worked off yet, Sue decided to err on the side of caution tuzla escort and wear the more conservative swimsuit.

She walked over to her bedroom to change, apprising her nude body in the mirror. Her breasts remained her best feature, full and surprisingly firm for a woman in her mid-40s, though her ass was looking better than it had in years thanks to all that time spent on the elliptical and stair machines.

Sue was still getting used to her newly trimmed pubic area; she’d had a full bush her entire adult life until she’d begun trimming it after Steve had made a crack about how Marlin Perkins might be afraid to venture into her wild kingdom – not that Steve hadn’t enjoyed tasting her and sliding his cock into her on multiple occasions. She liked the look of the small triangle-shaped patch despite her general aversion to change.

She was keeping up with her hairstylist more the past several months as well, adding highlights to her usual auburn tint and opting for a more stylish look that required a few minutes of maintenance each morning.

She stepped into the black swimsuit and pulled the straps up and over her shoulders. She adjusted her breasts, wondering how the crowd at the Davidsons’ would react to her front and side cleavage. She looked down, saw that her trim job kept all of her pubic hair inside the confines of the high-cut suit, which showcased her hips while covering most of her ass. She looked good, she decided. Sexy. She was going to try to unwind and enjoy the day and not care what Ashley and her friends might think of her.

* * *

Three hours later, Sue had unwound a bit *too* much. She’d drank the better part of the bottle of Reisling that she’d brought, then several Long Island iced teas.

She was excited to see that Jimmy was at the party and that he’d brought along a friend who also looked to be his age, a well-built young man with a Marine Corps tattoo on each of his arms. But even through her alcoholic buzz she knew it would be inappropriate for her to do more than say hello to the young man if she wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Still, seeing the two of them and the attention that Jimmy’s friend was drawing from the teenaged girls and moms alike was ramping up her desires.

Steve saw how clumsy Sue was getting the more she drank and was growing concerned about his neighbor. He noticed that some of the moms were whispering amongst themselves and pointing at her – both because she had clearly overindulged and because their husbands and sons were ogling her, looking a bit too long at her cleavage and the way her nipples poked through her suit when she emerged dripping wet from the swimming pool. Their brief affair had come and gone quickly but he still considered her a friend and didn’t want to see her become estranged from the neighborhood.

Steve went to the beverage area and grabbed two plastic bottles of ice-cold water, then walked over to Sue and offered her one. “You should probably drink this; you don’t want to become dehydrated in this heat.”

“Well, aren’t you the gentleman?” she replied coquettishly, opening the bottle and sliding it past her lips and tilting her head back to take a drink. “Say, where’s that wife of yours? I thought she would be here with you.”

“She’s off on a three-week project on the west coast right now. She decided that rather than fly back each weekend that she’d see more of northern California while she had the chance to do so on the client’s dime.”

“That’s smart of her.”

“I think it’s good for both of us to have a bit of time apart,” Steve said, not mentioning how his wife’s being away gave him the opportunity to spend more time with his new lover Kay, who’d spent several nights in his bed in the past few weeks. While the sex with Kay had proven to be sweet and loving, at the moment he found Sue’s cleavage very enticing. “Are you okay, Sue? You know this combination of heat, sun and alcohol is really hard on a body.”

Her face and chest flushed in response, curious about his word choices, very cognizant of the fact that his hazel eyes were spending as much time checking out her body as they were looking her in the face. “I’ve got to admit I’m feeling a bit drained from the heat.”

“Would you like me to see you home?”

“Sure. I should probably lie down for a while.” At that, Steve led Sue toward the gate, nodding at a few friends and giving a shrugging “whatcha gonna do?” look as he helped to steady her.

“Thank you for your help, you’re such a good guy to watch out for me,” Sue remarked several times as they slowly walked the 400 feet or so back to her home, a modest-sized ranch of the sort that was rapidly being torn down and replaced my McMansions as the suburb they lived in became an increasingly desirable place for young families to settle in. Steve mumbled demurely about how he was just trying to be a good neighbor while Sue held onto his right arm for support, her left breast rubbing against him several times.

“Say, do you like my swimsuit?” Sue asked seemingly out göztepe escort of nowhere when they reached her house.

“I do. It’s very flattering.” He paused. “I think you look great in it.”

“Do you…do you want to see my other swim suit?” Steve was surprised by the question. Was she coming on to him?

“I shouldn’t. I…I should get back to the party, I think.”

“Oh come on. It’ll just take a quick minute,” Sue said, pulling him by the arm up her driveway and to her back door. She reached under a flower pot, produced a key and unlocked the door to the kitchen – the very room where they’d had their first encounter not all that long ago. With a turn of her head she beckoned him inside her house, then pointed to a kitchen chair. “Just wait here. I’ll be right back.”

As he waited, Steve reflected back on his first time with Sue. He’d been helping her with a range of chores around the house while his real estate business was slow and she was beginning summer break at the college she taught at. He’d gone commando one morning and made a wisecrack when he caught her looking up his shorts while he was up on a ladder. Moments later they were inside the house, where he directed her to sit up on the counter and masturbate for him before she blew him and they fucked on this very table. He found himself growing hard in his swim trunks at the memory.

True to her word, barely a minute after they’d entered the house Sue returned to the kitchen in a very revealing red bikini that barely covered her nipples and pussy. Steve was stunned at how the woman who had been so demure not all that long ago now took such evident pride in her body. He didn’t know how or why, but her confidence had clearly grown, as evidenced by the fact that after a brief pause in the archway between her kitchen and living room to show off her figure Sue closed the short distance between them and straddled his lap.

“I’m thinking you like what you see?” she said with an amused smirk as she ground against his burgeoning erection.

“Very much so,” he replied, wrapping his arms around her and running a hand up to the back of her neck to bring her mouth to his for a boozy kiss, tongues twirling as she continued to move her hips against him. Steve kissed downward, along her jawline and then down to her neck before continuing to her enticing cleavage as she leaned back slightly. “Fuck, your tits are magnificent,” he muttered as he licked and sucked at her flesh, nipping at her hardened nipples through the thin material of her bikini top, sliding a hand beneath the fabric to touch her.

“Yes, just like that,” Sue moaned, feeling her labia aligned perfectly around his head, the barest bit of penetration taking place through their swimsuits. She kissed around his bearded face, brought her mouth to his ear, whispered hoarsely: “I need to feel you inside me.”

She stood, took him by the hand and guided him through the dining room and living room, then down the hall to her bedroom. Steve took Sue in his arms as they stood next to the bed, kissing her once more while his right hand slid down and underneath her bikini bottoms, finding her much less hairy than the last time he’d been with her. He also found that she was practically dripping, saw that she’d left a damp spot on the red fabric.

He lightly pushed her back onto the bed, then pulled his trunks down and stepped out of them. Her eyes widened as he pushed her legs apart and eagerly shoved aside the small strip of fabric that was covering his target. He skipped the usual preliminaries and roughly thrust inside her, thrilling to the ease with which her warm, wet womanhood yielded to his surging cock.

Sue gasped at the sudden entry, her excitement elevated by the kink of being fucked while still in her bikini, of once again being with a married man instead of a silly boy. She lifted her hips to meet him on each down stroke as he established a steady tempo. She thought about how while Steve’s average-sized cock didn’t stretch her quite the way Jimmy’s seven-incher did, his motions were better and more varied. She giggled thinking about the old sports cliché about how technique can be taught but size can’t.

“What’s so funny?” Steve asked in a rough whisper.

“Shhh, shhh, it’s nothing,” she replied. She felt herself being drawn out of the moment, needed to up the intensity. “Talk to me.”


“Talk dirty to me.”

Steve thought a moment, not wanting to go too far, knowing from experience that sex talk was a delicate thing. “God, Sue, you feel so fucking good.”


“Your pussy is so fucking tight.” He balanced himself on his left arm, ran his right hand over her right breast, pulled the bikini top down, exposing it. He rubbed against her hard nipple, gently pinched it, applying just enough pressure to pleasure his neighbor. “And your tits are just fucking amazing. God I love these titties of yours, Sue.”

The more Steve talked, the more aroused Sue became. Even just a few minutes in she found herself approaching orgasm. üsküdar escort She reached down, rubbed her engorged clitoris, ran small circles around the small nub of flesh. “Oh, Steve…”

“That’s it, Sue. Let yourself go, you sweet little fucktoy.”

The combination of her buzz, the friction of Steve’s cock, the sensations on her clit and *that* word sent her over the edge. “Yes, yes, I’m your fucktoy, Steve! Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Play with your toy!”

Steve thrilled to her climax, marveled at the sensations as her pussy spasmed around his length, the radiant smile on her face as she took her pleasure. She seemed like a different woman than the one he’d experienced several months before, more sure of herself, more aware of her body. Clearly she’d broadened her horizons since their previous liaisons.

Sue practically panted as she wound down from her climax. Steve slowed in response. “No – keep going. I want to try to come again.”

“Roll over,” he instructed, pulling out for a moment, then pulling her bikini bottoms off. She got on all fours and he kneeled behind her, then took hold of her bikini strap with his left hand as his right guided him back inside her. He slapped her ass with his right hand several times as he used her strap to pull her toward him as he began a series of fast, hard strokes into her depths.

“Oh my god, yes, ride me ride me,” Sue exclaimed as Steve took her, her heavy breasts rapidly swaying in time with his thrusting. She felt his hands move over her body, felt him grab her breasts roughly, suspending their motion as he palmed them, her nerves firing from her sensitive nipples down to her pussy as he rubbed them through her top.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Sue, but I love being inside of you,” Steve muttered, his voice gradually increasing in volume. “I feel like I haven’t been this hard in years!”

“Give me that dick, Steve, give it to me give it to me,” she intoned as his hands slid down to her hips, holding onto her firmly as he rotated his own hips, constantly changing angles inside her, reaching every part of her womanhood.

“Take it, you sweet fucktoy. Fuck, Sue, you’re just so fucking wet.”

“You feel so good inside me. Don’t stop.”

They continued on in a frenzy of friction, the room rapidly filling with the sounds and smells of their activity, both sweating as their orgasms approached.

“I’m close, Sue,” Steve muttered, slowing down in the hopes of delaying his ejaculation. “Too, too close.”

“No, keep going keep going I’m almost there…”

“Fuck!” Steve exclaimed as a final hard thrust brought forth the first of a half-dozen hard pulses as he began to fill her with his seed.

“Yes!” Sue shouted as she began to come for the second time, so aroused that she imagined she could feel each blast of Steve’s cum as it filled her. He continued thrusting until he was spent, then collapsed against her back, arms wrapped around her midsection in an awkward, sweaty embrace as he kissed the back of her neck, then rolled the both of them over onto their sides, breathing heavily.

“That was great,” Steve said once he’d caught his breath. “You seem like a whole new woman.”

“Well, I’ve been practicing with a new…partner,” she offered.

“Anyone I know?”

“Um…I’m going to plead the fifth there,” she said, her blush a tell that it was someone he knew.

“I won’t pry.”

“Good. Because I won’t tell.”

Steve laughed gently into Sue’s back at her coyness, happy that she was getting some sexual joy after so many years of doing without. A moment later she let out a soft snore.

“I should probably get going,” he said quietly. Getting no response from the sleeping Sue he gathered up his trunks, walked back through the house, found the key where she’d left it in the lock and locked the back door up before leaving the key under the flower pot and walking back home to take an early evening nap on the couch.

* * *

Several hours later Sue woke as dusk was descending. She was momentarily confused as to why she was dressed only in her bikini top and why the bedding was so wet around her midsection, then remembered that she’d just enjoyed the best sex Steve had ever given her. Yet she yearned for more, so she reached over to the smart phone that she’d neglected on her bedside table all day.

She was unsurprised but disappointed to find no one had texted her all day. She wondered what Jimmy was up to. A moment later, she found herself texting him.

What r u doing?

Still at the party.

Where are your parents?

Outta town all weekend.

Wanna play?

Come by the hot tub in a bit?


She got out of bed, put her bikini bottoms back on and then went into the kitchen and downed a tall glass of ice water. Deciding food would be a good idea, she also made herself a quick sandwich, eating it over the sink. The headache she had feared she would wake up with hadn’t presented itself, and she looked forward to getting her fill of Jimmy’s long, thick cock. She paced around the house for a few minutes, then put a wrap around herself before leaving the house and crossing the street and walking a few houses down to the Norton residence, where she let herself in through the gate in the tall wooden fence.

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