Summer Feast

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It’s a glorious but sweltering summer morning and I’m sitting in the den in my pajama bottoms, drinking my coffee and trying to read the paper when you arrive for your daily workout. Reading is going to be tough. You’re nude except for a purple headband, purple legwarmers and your white Reeboks.

I watch appreciatively from the sofa as you spread a mat on the floor, admiring your bare ass and the fall of your blonde pony tail on your back. Feeling my eyes upon you, you turn and smile, saying “Now keep your mind on your business, buster. I need my exercise.”

I smile back and sip some coffee.

For the next 10 minutes you bend and stretch, your pert breasts bouncing sweetly, your gorgeous, sexy pussy with its narrow blonde strip of pubic hair thrust at me each time you lean back and rotate at the waist. I pretend to read, but I can’t. You’re gorgeous and this summer heat is making me intensely horny. So is the fact that one whole wall of our den is made of sliding screened doors that afford a view of the backyard. Anyone who comes around the back of our house will be treated to quite a sight…and that’s exactly what happens while you are busy doing sets of situps.

“Oh, sorry! Am I interrupting something?”

It’s your best friend Kimberly.

“No,” you puff in mid-situp. “It’s just too hot to wear clothes. Come on in….”

“I’ll bet he likes this,” Kim says, sliding open the screen and stepping in. The sound of hissing cicadas in the trees outside fills the room.

“He’s supposed to be reading,” you say, standing up and wiping sweat off your cheek as I smile at Kim and nod. Kim is cute in a kind of pixie-ish way — lithe, with short dark hair and dark eyes.

“Well, I brought the books you wanted,” she says, holding them out.

“Thanks,” you say. “Do you want something to drink? Ice coffee or something?”

“Oh, no,” she says. “But I was wondering if I could borrow your camera. I’m going on a hike on the rail trail today and mine’s fritzed. You mind?”

“No, not at all,” you say and you head over to the closet to fetch it, spending the next few minutes chatting with Kim, both of you totally comfortable with your nudity.

“You know,” she says at one point, “they have a nude aerobics class over at the health club.”

“Really?” you say. “We should take it….it feels seks hikayleri good to exercise naked…” Then you glance at me. “But there’s probably a bunch of fat, hairy guys there staring…”

“Hey, who’s fat and hairy?” I ask indignantly.

You smirk and Kim says, “Nah, it’s women only. But the instructor’s a guy. Cute, I hear.”

“Oh, really?” you say, glancing back at me, putting a hand on your hip and cocking your ass just so. “Well, then…”

“Well, I should let you get back to your workout…but I’ll see if my schedule’s free….”

Kim leaves and you resume your exercise, running on the treadmill, working with light hand-weights and looking absolutely delicious as you work up a good sweat. I can’t keep my eyes off you. I love the way you look naked, especially your wide hips and muscular thighs, and those legwarmers add a real erotic touch. My penis is stiff, creating a distinct bulge in my pajama pants, but you don’t seem to notice. You’re totally in the zone.

After an hour, you stop. You’re panting and your face, neck and chest are glowing pink from exertion, the way they do when we make love.

“I’m sweating like a pig,” you say leaving the room. I rise and watch you go into the kitchen where you fill a glass with tap water and down it. You don’t seem to notice me and head off to the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

I stand outside debating my next move. I want to have passionate sweaty sex. There’s nothing like making love in hot, summer daylight — it makes me feel so extra horny, so alive — and I know you’ll be willing when you come out after your shower. But I love your body when it’s sweaty and glistening as it was when you finished your workout.

The toilet flushes and a few moments later, I hear the shower come on. My cock is aching. I can’t resist. I open the door and step inside.

You’re standing in front of the full length mirror, taking off your headband but still wearing your leg warmers as the water runs in the shower. Your sneakers are lying on the floor. Our eyes meet in the mirror as I come up behind you and press myself against you lightly.

“Well, look who’s here,” you say.

“Uh huh,” I say, cupping your breasts in my hands as I kiss your neck, licking at the salt.

“Mmmm,” you purr as I nibble at your ear and lightly brush my fingers over your pink, pebbled nipples, hardening them. Sliding my hands down to your hips, I kiss your shoulder and slowly drop to my knees, my lips coursing down your moist back, leaving a trail of kisses as I make my way to your ass.

“I don’t think you should go there,” you say softly as I kiss one soft, firm warm butt cheek.

“Oh? Why not?” I say, nuzzling my face against it as my hands caress your hips.

“Well….I…” you say, with coy exasperation.

“Well you what?” I ask, running my tongue up the curve of your butt to the place on your back just above the crack. I tease and probe and you shudder. I’m madly in love with your ass.

“You know. Figure it out.”

“I don’t know,” I say, kissing your ass again.

“I just took a poop,” you say.

“So?” I ask, my tongue softly descending into the valley between your cheeks.

“So…well…I might not be…” and your voice trails off as my palms roam over your ass, spreading your cheeks slightly.

“So, I love the taste of your ass,” I say, my tongue darting in.

“Ooooh, this is so dirty,” you sigh, pushing your rear back into my face, which is surrounded by wonderful, soft, firm warmth. The scent is musky, deeply erotic, the skin between your cheeks slick with sweat. I run the flat of my tongue the full length of your valley, and you gasp as it crosses your anus. The taste of salt and musk fires me with intense lust, which is matched by yours when the tip of my tongue begins to work its way into your hot, sexy pink asshole.

“Oh god that’s so good,” you sigh, your hand urgently reaching back for my head and pulling it harder into you.

“Tastes so good,’ I sigh, running my hands down the front of your thighs and over your legwarmers as I eat out your ass.

Reaching back with your other hand, your pull your asscheeks wider. My tongue goes deeper into your funky tight hole, licking at the smooth inner walls. You’re moaning in deep pleasure, so I run my thumb lightly over your pussy lips. They’re swollen, and open easy. You’re extremely wet and my touch makes you cry out.

So I work your pussy with my fingers, sliding them in and out as I tongue-fuck your ass. You moans are intensifying, and when I say, “I want you to come” you do — fiercely bucking your rear into my face, your legs and breasts shaking, your head tossed back. After your ecstasy subsides, I give your sweet anus one last lick and kiss.

When I stand up, you turn around with fire in your eyes and yank my pajama bottoms down. They fall all the way to the floor and I step out of them, my cock fully erect, the big head gleaming with precum. You grab my hand and take me with you, just a few steps so you can sit on the toilet while you make love to my swollen penis with your mouth.

I gently caress your cheek and hair as you use the tip of your tongue to taste the salty clear liquid on the tip, then you kiss my erection, from the head and down the shaft, pressing your face into my balls before taking me into your mouth. I gasp at the sensation. “So good,” I say as you take me deep, sucking hard.

I watch you in the mirror and you look so sexy with my hot, hard cock in your mouth. Your hand pumps the rock hard shaft as you lick the underside of the head, sending me to the brink of orgasm. You sense it and stop, grabbing me by the hip and turning me around. I feel your hands on my ass, your breath on my anus, and then your tongue. My cock is standing straight out, throbbing, ready to release its hot cream at the next touch. You moan and lick, your tongue nudging into me. I realize that I, too, have not showered since yesterday, but you are feasting on my most intimate place the way I feasted on yours. The sensation is indescribably erotic.

Your tongue in my anus, you grab my cock and stroke hard once…twice…my orgasm overwhelms me, leaving me almost blinded with pleasure as thick spurts of semen fly, splattering onto the floor. Some flows over the head and onto your fingers and you smear it the length of my shaft as you continue to squeeze and stroke and urge the hot cream from my trembling body as your tongue works in my ass.

My orgasm over but my penis still hard and glistening with cum, you turn me around and begin licking it clean. A firm squeeze yields several thick drops of pearly liquid that you take onto your tongue as I watch. “Mmmmm,” you say, looking up and smiling. You give my cock a kiss and stand up from the toilet. A quick kiss and you are peeling off your legwarmers.

“Time for a shower,” you say, your voice winded by lust. The water has been running all this time and it feels wonderful as we step in. The glorious summer day and more lovemaking awaits us as we will spend much of the day nude, savoring each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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